MNN. June 27, 2013. Our spirituality is based on giving greetings and thanks to the system that makes life on Mother Earth possible. Our people always had natural economics, all coming from the land, water and air. We first need nourishment to sustain ourselves. Our people were hunters, fishermen, trappers, gatherers and farmers. We always had a predictable steady supply of food. Then we could conduct other matters. Our ceremonies are based on this natural economy. 

Inca and Aztec grew crops on island sized floating rafts.

Inca and Aztec grew crops on island sized floating rafts.

Today it is impractical. The animals have been slaughtered. Our lands have been divided up and polluted. Plants, medicines and trees have been sickened since the coming of the Europeans to our shores. Many of the fish cannot be eaten because they are poisonous. 

Genetically modified organisms GMO is an organism whose genetic material has been altered. Through modern biotechnology plants and animals can be changed through insertion and deletion of genes. Genes are being inserted from another species, supposedly to repel infections, grow larger more quickly, change color, or whatever. This looks like the beginning of genetically modified human organism to replace the natural people. No one can confirm the long term damage altering nature. Our Mother Earth will clean it all up!

To weaken us, we have been made dependent on the European people for modified food, artificial support and life-ways. To strengthen our bodies and minds we have to relearn how to provide for our people in the normal natural way. Creation gave us a mind to think so we can survive.  

hydroponicsToday very little of our land is under our control. In Haudenosaunee territory economic enterprises have been formed to look at old, new and emerging technology. Hydroponics is the growing of food with water without use of soil, developed by the Aztecs 2,500 years ago. One acre of land can grow 400 acres of food, using green houses and the power of the sun, without pests, insects or genetic modification.  

Technology can produce foods which do not conflict with our principles, culture or traditions. If we can survive to the 21st Century, we can become one with our land and all our relations again.  

Economics is important. Let us be thankful for what has been given to us and ask for nothing. With the good memories that our ancestors passed down to us, we can help ourselves, our children and unborn generations. United we are powerful. 

monsanto salmonMonsanto Corporation represents the unnatural. We will put them out of business when everyone remembers how to use their memories. We will all become natural again. 

“Onkwehonwe” means ‘human beings forever’. When we are long gone our memories will continue. Our minds can create a world in which they will survive. They will look back at us with respect for doing the right things. Or they can see Indifference, failure or shame because we did not have the courage or conviction.  Let us not be guilty of neglect. They will look back at us with pride. Joni Mitchell reminds us of the true goal of the natural way; “Now they stood beside the treasure, on the mountain dark and red. Turned the stone and looked beneath it; PEACE ON EARTH was all it said.” One Tin Soldier

Video: GMO A Go Go!

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MNN. JUNE 11, 2013. The Bilderberg Group that secretly met in Watford UK is a private international policy summit of the wealthiest people in the world. Bilderberg Association is a registered UK charity that takes “donations” from BP, Goldman Sachs and other multinational corporations. They plan to control the world, i.e. (the price of oil for everyone, who is the next victim in the war program, etc.).  Attending are the IMF, European Commission officials, a dozen other heads of corporate states, transnational CEOs, international bank bosses, corporate media owners, BP, Google and Amazon. Media is invited so they will not report on anything they are doing. UN institutions like the World Bank, World Trade Organization and politicians from the US, Canada, the UK and the EU are always there. 

Martin Rowson cartoon 8.6.2013

They control all the global collateral accounts in the world including the ever growing $300 trillion Indian Trust Fund.  

PlutocracyThey believe they own everyone and everything in the world because they have the most money. They have monetized everything. They control all the banking and dollars. They run the finances, the world economy, direct the world’s food supply and technology and decide presidential “selections”. 

Canada and US governments are theater to continue the illusion of freedom to the masses. No matter what, this bunch of power hungry gluttons make decisions behind closed doors, until we take away their money machine. All the elected politicians are selected and do as the Bilderberg Group directs. 

incestBilderberg is an annual general shareholder meeting of the inbred plutocracy. The Bilderberg Group, in conjunction with the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, are the three pillars of the control grid that make up the “triumvirate of evil”. These few hundred people have been the only impediment to peace on earth. As Joni Mitchell sang;” We are stardust, Billion-year-old carbon. We are golden, Caught in the devil’s bargain And we’ve got to get ourselves
Back to the garden” We are Stardust   
and we will have peace on earth..


As David Rockefeller said about Bilderberg: Rockefeller’s Bilderberg remarks. “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.”

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UN Big Bully




MNN. Apr. 23, 2013. The truth about Canada is coming out Is Big Bully Canada also writing the “anti-bully” legislation currently at the UN? In 1998 the National Archives of the University of Quebec, revealed that John Humphreys of McGill University wrote the 48 articles in the UN draft declaration. He was the first UN Commissioner of Human Rights. A strenuous conscious strategy by the Canadian government tried to stop the declaration. Canadian Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent, said “We don’t like it and we’re going to stop it”.  Canada played a subversive role with little regard for human rights. The document boldly stated everybody is equal before the law. They had an abiding fear of economic and social rights for people, especially Indigenous. 

Canada, liar pants on fire!

Canada, liar, liar pants on fire!

Canada refuses to respect Indigenous jurisdiction and our true traditional governments. It criticizes human rights violations overseas and refuses to deal with human rights violations here. 

Stolen property, no matter how many times it is resold, is still stolen property. Canada is wealthy because they steal, extract and sell our resources. They made themselves the illegal trustees of our ever growing $70 trillion Indian Trust Fund, the biggest trust fund in the world. They criticize China, Indonesia, Syria, Iran and others for what they have been doing all along. Canada has been questioned about its human rights violations and genocidal policies. It always sidesteps the question internationally and in its own courts. 

Canada refuses to acknowledge the real Onkwehonwe. The first principle of the rule of law is a right to an impartial neutral party to mediate disputes. Canada refuses to subject their criminal relationship with Indigenous nations to a third party. 

Canada disdain for UN.

Any nation that questions Canada’s genocidal policies is threatened through the UN and other corporate structures. They will use whatever it takes, to protect the bankers’ hegemony over the people and the land.  

Canada’s system is a plutocracy, whoever has the most money makes the rules. Canada was designed and built as a corporation that sits on stolen land, without the permission of the Indigenous people. That is the reason for Canada’s disregard for all international agreements that protect the environment. 

Truth and justice will light the “Red Road” back to legality. Corporation of Canada is nearing the end.   As Joni Mitchell sings: “They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum. Then they charged the people a dollar and a half just to see them. Don’t it always go to show, that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. They paved paradise. They put up a parking lot.” Big Yellow Taxi

What happened to parking lots?

Alberta’s future.

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MNN. Apr. 6, 2013. Gunboat diplomacy is forcing colonial policy on Indigenous through military power and direct threats until we comply. “Sign here or you’ll starve!”. The BIA in the US and Indian Affairs in Canada are military centers for worldwide operations. Money is laundered through Indian communities. Why did Prime Minister Harper suddenly announce his plan to “privatize” all Indigenous lands? To make us less accessible to scrutiny! 

"Take the money, or else!"

Chief: “Sign here and look the other way!”

In US Supreme Court decision Lara v. USA, Justice Clarence Thomas said that, as far as he could see, there is no evidence that the indigenous people ever gave up their sovereignty or any of their land. Federal Indian law and the Indian Act are schizophrenic and, as long as this is not dealt with, there will be chaos. 

not followedIndian Affairs in Canada and the US were both part of the War Departments. In mid-1980s an employee in Indian Affairs Minister David Crombie’s office in Ottawa was recruiting people of Indigenous ancestry. A secret operation was being established throughout the Western Hemisphere headquartered in Mexico City. 

Canada is not resisting the US takeover of the Indigenous territory called “the Northwest Passage”, and our resources there. In 2005 the top CEOs, cabinet ministers and military brass of Mexico, US and Canada had a secret meeting at the Fairmont Springs Hotel in Banff.Banff 2005 The US has infiltrated the army, police forces, government and corporations. The Canadian Airborne Regiment that defends northern sovereignty was disbanded. 

In 1990 gunboat diplomacy brought in the military invasion of the Mohawk of Kanehsatake. The US wants the rare mineral, “niobium” that lies under the community. This metal strengthens and lightens industrial metals for military hardware and rockets for outer space exploration. The September 29, 2006 border summit in Tucson revealed that Boeing Aircraft got $20 billion to develop the satellite virtual electronic wall over the Canada-US border. 

tontoCasinos in Indigenous communities allow unmonitored money and agents to pass through Indian reservations, which are under “federal jurisdiction”, into covert activities. Casino money is not overseen by the Bureau of Indians Affairs or Department of Indian Affairs. Billions were funneled to finance illegal activities.  

The colonial government declares that a band or tribal council has “mismanaged” their funds. The community is taken over. People are sent in to run everything. Indigenous people are told nothing. The corporate band council chiefs are now either court appointed politicians or compliant Indians who do what their team of Indian Affairs advisers tell them. It’s their gravy train of unaccounted money, placed in off-shore accounts. They just have to look the other way. 

The Indian Affairs program is meant to keep us demoralized, ignorant and dependent. These corporate conglomerates need to victimize us to control politics, police, military and economies of Canada and the US. 

The economic royalist bankers think there is no alternative to a few taking something for nothing with armed government support; to inequality and injustice, competition and division; conflict and suffering. Then putting the stolen money in secret off shore accounts. The Canadian model of world government is now being implemented in India. Countercurrents As Joni Mitchell sang: “And so once again, oh, America, my friend. And so once again, you are fighting us all. And when we ask you why, you raise your stick and cry. And we fall. Oh, my friend, how did you come to trade the fiddle for the drum”. The Fiddle and the Drum

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