MNN. July 16/13. Idle No More was a grassroots Indigenous movement until it got incorporated in January 2013. The owners are shareholders and are now part of the foreign corporate grid structure that controls us and our possessions. The settlers can become part of Idle No More, decolonize themselves and help stop the genocide. Idle No More is governed by the foreign corporate hierarchical structure of Admiralty Law, the law of commerce. It can get a bank account, be taken over by anybody through 51% purchase of the shares. The bankers will take control, if they haven’t already. All corporations exist to generate profit for the shareholders.

Women have everything we need. Incorporation is slavery..

Women have everything.  

Idle No More can sue, buy, sell property, make contracts, pay taxes, even commit crimes. It protects the owners from personal liability for debts and obligations. Tax receipts can be provided to foundations and government bodies for donations to their enterprise. Like all corporations, annual meetings are obligatory.

MNN is an advocate of the real law of the land, Kaianerehkowa/Great Law of Peace. We have never been idle in all our existence. True Indigenous nations are the independent sovereigns of Onowaregeh/Great Turtle Island, and keepers of the law of peace.  

All corporations are controlled by the bankers. Those who remain with Idle No More Inc. can’t fight an entity they have become a part of. It makes no sense.

It will be easier to get money from our enemies.

It will be easier to get raise funds. 

The corporate band council sell-outs are the same. They work for and get paid by the Corporation of Canada. These traitors will be brought before their people to answer for their treachery. 

Idle No More awakened settlers to the genocide. Now they can follow the white roots of peace. If their minds are clean, they can follow the real law of the land, the Kaianerekowa. They are welcome to take protection in the shade of the tree of peace with us. As the band “Show of Hands”  points out ; “When the Indians, Asians, Afro-Celts It’s in their blood, below their belt. They’re playing and dancing all night long. So what have they got right that we’ve got wrong? Seed, bark, flower, fruit. They’re never gonna grow without their roots Branch, stem, shoot They need rootsRoots

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IDLE NO MORE Canadian trade-mark data

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The database was last updated on: 2013-07-09




FILED: 2013-01-10

FORMALIZED: 2013-01-14

APPLICANT: Jessica Gordon, 7 Vanier Crescent, Saskatoon, S7L 5J8, SASKATCHEWAN

TRADE-MARK (Word): Idle No More


WARES: (1) catalysts of blankets mugs, clothing placards

SERVICES: (1) providing education

CLAIMS: Used in CANADA since October 26, 2012.

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Filed 2013-01-10
Created 2013-01-11
Formalized 2013-01-14




3 thoughts on “IDLE NO MORE INC.

  1. I took a picture of what appeared to be, to my mind, the most impressive and most important media coup of all time. I am talking about the Idle No More which appeared graffiti on the billboard at the corner of Bloor and Spadina. Was that real? I am really hoping I wasn’t being bamboozled. I have the picture I took and would like to post it somewhere for people to see it. If it was actually a real piece of graffiti, I want as many as possible to see it…

    Love and Peace

  2. did not know this…thanks for the update – excellent article. So, i guess INM is walking the same path as those church going ‘apples’ over at the AFN. The lame dick excuse they use about ‘raising money’ does not hold water either – payoff money from the corps to keep their mouth shut and tow the Corp of Canada line. Pretty sad state of affair for the INM movement.

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