MNN. Oct. 25, 2013. US President Obama has been caught cyber stalking 35 world leaders and millions of others worldwide. He was caught with his eye looking through the hole in his shithouse wall! Like any sick voyeur, he is trying to induce fear. He is a predator who wants control and have secrets or embarrassing information about his victims. A voyeur gets a kick out of looking at other people’s suffering or distress.  Obama wants to know what everyone is doing, like back in the “hood”.

Obama's war room and peeping throne.

Obama’s war room and peep pot!

In an Indigenous communal society we have a responsibility to openly look out for each other for the sake of our survival. Secret surveillance violates the code of survival as he is looking out for Number One and all his criminal cohorts.

Obama secretly watches others, in effect hiding in the closet, under the bed or looking through windows. It is illegal and can carry a hefty fine and jail sentence.

Such stalkers won’t take “no” for an answer and don’t think stalking is inappropriate. Stalkers are charming and think everybody loves them. Obama is upset that now no one trusts him.

Did Obama have cameras installed in the most intimate rooms, like public washrooms to watch women using the toilets or in store change rooms? Were these images transmitted to a monitor in his bedroom in the White House? He should be careful not to fall through the flimsy ceiling and crash onto the desks of his political friends and opponents.

German mural of "Obama the Stalker!"

German mural of “Obama the Stalker!”

With modern technology, Obama uses fancy means to spy on us. After he’s not the prez, he could start a service called “” to show other stalkers how to terrorize us.

Edward Snowdon let the cat out of the bag. He thinks snooping like this is not right. People could file police reports and get restraining orders against Obama. We can change our email addresses, phone numbers and passwords to get out of his clutches. Obama needs to see a therapist or a support group for his addiction.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Obama: "Get away from me, you creep!"

German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Obama: “Get away from me, you creep!”

It’s hard for ordinary people to stop the crime when the US president is committing it. He says he didn’t get any useful information! We know all Indigenous nations are on his list. [We’re going back to smoke signals!] We have nothing to hide. We can openly answer any one of your questions. Can you truthfully answer any of ours?

Obama should take Michael Kennedy and his friends advice:

“Please don’t burn our shithouse down/Mother is willing to play/
Father’s been run out of town/ 
And Nell’s in the family way”.“Please don’t burn our s–t house down”

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