QUEEN IS DEAD. POPE IS NEXT. Revised Post – Audio

REVISED SEPT. 14, 2022.

LAST QUEEN, LAST POPE was first posted on Feb. 28, 2014. The knock out blow  to “dump the queen” gained momentum when Prince Harry and Meghan thrashed the monarchy, its racism, no concern for the people, genocide and general nastiness.

Harry & Meghan. spilling the beans.

The Queen is the main mask of the Crown as head of the Company/corporation called “Canada’, a Mohawk word for “squatters”. She is the major shareholder of the Crown based in the VatIcan which has false claims to own our mother, the earth. All mainstream media of the “Five Eyes” is through the Queen’s intelligence service MI5, “operation mockingbird”. We saw classy Meghan professionally take down the British aristocratic amateurs of “the firm”. Meghan gave the Nazi House of Windsor a good beating. Like the French Revolution the only way to be free is “off with their heads”.







MNN. Feb. 28, 2014. Soon the British monarch, her family, and her minions, as per the Magna Carta, will be removed by the people of England. When that happens, all her corporate assets – Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand – will revert to the true natural owners placed by creation. The “Crown” based in the Vatican and all their banking tentacles throughout the world will fall.  The Pope is the Emperor of Rome. Everyone who takes an oath to a criminal is a criminal. They will be dealt with.

Queen: "No. We wont trade jobs. Mine is to kill and pillage. Yours is to put away the money!"

Queen: “No. We won’t trade jobs. Mine is to kill & pillage. Yours is to pacify & salt away the money!”

The Kaianerekowa will then be applied on Great Turtle Island. The Onkwehonwe will deal with the “masters of war” using our law and new technology, to make them clean up their mess. These criminals will answer to the people for each one of the over 100 million Indigenous they murdered here.

The oligarchy teaches that whoever has the most money makes the rules. The revolution has begun in each person’s mind. We are each sovereign in our own mind. Anyone can tell us what they think, not what to think. The spiritual frequency changes that will occur on our Mother Earth will cause everyone to remember everything from every past life. We’re not sure who said this:

The waters of truth will clean everything. The oligarchy will be washed away. Once the earth begins her cleansing, there will be no more lies, murder or destruction.

We Onkwehonwe were to teach them to love and take care of each other and every living thing attached to the earth in our communities. The weapons of war will be buried under the Tree of Peace for all time.

The Black Wampum will be applied to all the criminals.

The black beads hit the floor. Then warrior smashes criminal's head.

The black wampum hits the floor. Then the warrior smashes the criminal’s head, tehonwatisokwariton, to smash out evil from the brain where it starts. The reason that the head is emptied to the ground is because that is where the evil exists and will be purified by the earth. 

They will have one last chance to become of one mind with us. When the War Chief drops the black wampum they can grab it before it hits the floor. If they do not grasp it, the men will bash in their heads with war clubs. Their brains will be on the floor next to the black wampum. This will happen in all Great Turtle Island communities. Genocide has always been their plan for us. The DNA memory of those who did the genocide will be erased from mankind. They and their weapons will be buried, never to be seen again.

Elizabeth and Francis will be the last Monarch and the last Pope. Good riddance!



As Johnny Cash foretold, the oligarchs will be cast into a burning ring of fire, and they will go down, down, down, and the flames will shoot higher. And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire! Johnny Cash. “Ring of Fire”.


Family names of Crown and Its Minions. The Crown & Its Minions.Wall Street.

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 US IS NOT A COUNTRY – IT’S A CORPORATION. https://mail.protonmail.com/inbox/YwAa8vIN-xHau6zSIKj9RWHZuJtnE0WojbHMZbAALdv-d8Dk3m_rb_avln5r8z-B2z-wNalHMQ_ESePZ4RyrfQ== 

THE AGE OF SOCIAL MURDER – CHRIS HEDGES. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/56409.htm



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MNN. Feb. 6, 2021. Spying is one of the biggest industries in the world. The United States is the Republic of War. Spies help plan and set up wars. The “Economic Hit Men” are the spies who go into a country and bribe the headman to do business their way, or else. Then the spy goes in to set up the payoff or the war.



The intelligence agencies in each country recruit, train and run the spies. MI5 in London controlled by the bankers runs all the spying conducted by Western intelligence. The “Five Eyes” controls CIA, et al. agencies of he Western empire.    

The United Nations is a private corporation owned by the Rockefellers. All countries are corporations that are signed on to the UN corporation. The Vatican is the CROWN, the world’s first corporation set up in 902 AD. the same year as Roman Catholicism was introduced. All the corporations are under the Admiralty system.  

They all have corporate numbers from the Vatican. ISO International Standards Organization numbers for corporations and companies come from the Vatican. Without this number no one or no company can get a bank account to conduct business. Everybody who works for money works for the bankers. 

Every spy works for money, ideology, blackmail or ego. All are expendable. North Americans are vulnerable because of their lust for money. US and Canada are corporations and not naturally part of the Western Hemisphere. 

The current covid restrictions keep everybody from trusting each other. Victimhood is an essential ingredient. Spies work together to keep the war going and keep people unsettled. The bankers keep everybody under surveillance.


During peace spying is unnecessary. We onkwehonweh figured out how to live in peace. We do have security to defend ourselves. If there is international peace, the most powerful agencies of the world would all go out of business. There would be no fear of the bankers, military, bombs, and so on.

Spies develop the business plan for “the war plan”. They know each other and work the same play from different sides of the stage. Their bosses in the “war room” take all their information and create the war. Without spies there would be no creation of war.


Russian Alexi Navalney works for MI5. He went to Yale for 6 years, the home of the Bavarian Illuminati, in America.  

Spies protect the country for the bankers. On turtle island, immigrants come from all over the world to help themselves to our resources and protect the indigenous property and resources they are helping to steal. They do all the dirty work. Americans make bombs and weapons and others set them off. The bankers finance it all. 

Spies carry out clandestine maneuvers, like hiding messages in human DNA or murdering the messenger or setting up killings of innocent men, women, babies and children.  Their handlers tell them how far to go to keep a lid on the ongoing war.

As an open society we conduct diplomacy openly. We learn each other’s languages, speak to each other and transmit messages well understood by all parties. 

Middle Eastern fighters disappear into the fabric of their society and disperse. It took 10 years for the US to find osama bin laden using informants and surveillance. This could have been done in a short time by a small operation.

Today the electronic setup to manipulate the earth is artificial intelligence. In Machine Warfare robots, machines, super sonic guns are used by trained assassins. Remotely operated robots fight each other so they never have to look directly at the face of the innocent victim.

The protagonists want our land and resources and to remove us because we are in their way. The manipulators are spectators sitting in their living rooms. Their drones see the target and a button is pushed to take them out.

Cryptologists Anonymous

Cyber cryptography is to shut down electrical systems. Large Western nations are vulnerable as they own the electronic based economy. They can turn off electronics, computers, info networks, send viruses, deny service or encrypt pre attack chatter. The big bankers own the broadcasters, governments, ministries, parliaments, ATMs, internet, militaries. Smaller targets in the West who defend themselves are called “terrorists”. 

They can shut down gas, food, medicines, infrastructure, power grids, water supplies, communications, transportation, financial services, nuclear power, power to houses, fridges, etc.

Something is developed in spies so they can carry out these unnatural atrocities. The evil shame of paedophilia develops an energy which can be manipulated. Eventually it becomes mundane, gross and bizarre so they can’t make that evil energy they need. It is not drugs, womanizing or even murder. The white man has learned to develop the energy to be fiercely evil through artificial means. Being nice is a facade conditioned by training, religious zealotry, and dangling carrots in their faces. When natives learn white ways like the government’s elected band councils installed in indigenous communities, they loose their native energy and goodness and betray their own people. The job of the spies in our midst is to take information to their handlers in Indian Affairs throughout turtle island. 

Oligarchs and their protege agree to do this. Our energy is placed in us by creation to protect and defend our mother.

A long time ago the peacemaker brought us the good message. In order for us to survive, we had to co-exist according to the kaianerekowa, great peace, and we had to bury the weapons of war. The invaders arrived uninvited. They were told they had to live by the great peace. They saw all the riches they could steal and started wholesale slaughter of the original people from east to west, pole to pole.

The master spy, Maxwell Smart, would probably say, “It’s time for the cone of silence, Chief”.

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MNN. 14 Jan. 2020. “Rule of Law” is Admiralty Law, imposed by invasion of Turtle Island. They can kill everybody on behalf of the banks, corporations and money! The pipeline financiers think they can win.




From allies/supoporters: “This morning we find ourselves bracing for another paramilitary attack on unarmed People of the Wet’suwet’en Clans, the Unist’ot’en, their Gitxsan neighbours, and allies from other Indigenous Peoples and settlers. 

“John Horgan, the premier of BC who recently made the token gesture of herding passage of a version of UNDRIP through the provincial parliament, is “pulling a white man” and refuses to acknowledge the supremacy of Wet’suwet’en law on lands neither he or Canada has ever made treaty to access. . . .” . .  to show his corporate backers that he would honour their investment over a bunch of stone age indians wearing colourful blankets and feathers getting in the way of “progress”.

“In the next few hours or days, we will see the inevitable breaking of 10,000 year old Wet’suwet’en laws for the expediency of enhancing shareholder value while killing the planet.

Muse say it all in “Uprising”: paranoia is in bloom. the PR transmission will resume. they’ll try to push drugs that keep us all dumb down and hope that we will never see the truth around [so come on]!!!! . . . they will not force us …. they will not degrade us …. they will not control us …. we will be victorious!




Now all you Canadians . . .  This has everything to do with you. Your Canada Pension money and tax dollars are supporting the breaking of Wet’suwet’en law and the reckless disregard for their Peoples who are now shut off by the starvation ring of the RCMP exclusion zone. This government is committing this crime against humanity on your behalf.

Canada has NEVER secured the right to access this land except at the point of a gun and mass of forces. 

This is what you support with your silence.

 Hiding behind their curtains and telling themselves a crime against humanity was none of their business because the “rule of law” said it was legal.


John HorganJustin TrudeauMarc Miller

wisk niwatsen tsata. wisk nikon kayenkwireh iohniron tsi skatneh tekaneren ne kenton tsi rahisaststeh ne wisk nihononwentsakeh tsi yatehonatieston, enskka wahonton, skanentsista, skayeronta tahnon skanikonra. skatne tsi enhotihyoten, enhatiyanerensehronni tanon skatneh enhatisenhayenstakeh ne  akotsennonnia ne tahatikons-tontie.

rotiynerson sjkatneh tenhontonteh enkneh sakaksa ne yori tsaniton ohtason. tsinikariwest tehonatskahon iatahonsteh nahoten ioio tihye, oen kineheh iatatahontatreneh tanon ahontenekwensariron. akwekon tsinahoton enhotenienten ne tosa ahontenekwensariron. 





CONTACTS: Media Coordinator, Jennifer Wickham, Gidimt’en Clan: yintahaccess@gmail.com (778) 210 – 0067. Professor Margot Young, Allard School of Law, UBC . Myoung@law.ubc.ca . (778) 926-6990#WETSUWETENSTRONG





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MNN. DEC. 16, 2018. G20 Toronto in 2010 is the play- book for the police brutality against the yellow vests in France today. 

The state tries to steer the revolution. France is the only true republic in Europe. The rest of the European states are still monarchies and the people are still serfs. The French people are taking a beating for all the serfs of Europe, right now. 


The seeds of the workers’ [serfs] revolution were planted in 1901 in Russia.  See “Trotsky” on Netflix.  


Billy Jack reminds us of the yellow vest people of France who are outnumbered and out gunned, but they will take down the tyrant: “Listen people to a story that was written long ago, about a kingdom on a mountain and the valley folks below”:

Billy Jack (One Tin Soldier)


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FRENCH POLICE ABOUT TO QUIT   https://www.thelocal.fr/20181210/french-police-warn-the-government-were-at-breaking-point?fbclid=IwAR0eQW8LTIN_kMMCrjj9tv4RNHsihtCH7EnwbGKAZfWr6M-aFubuCq3bMTQ

FRENCH SECRET WEAPON:   https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7948809/french-riot-police-secret-weapon-liquid-protesters/

CANADA IS NOT A COUNTRY. IT IS ONOWAREKEH, TURTLE ISLAND  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtPKe6w7DVw

PODCCAST “MA GOES TO CUBA IN 1959 JUST TO SEE”  https://www.buzzsprout.com/140716/891261-ep-10-cwmm-ma-goes-to-cuba-in-1959-just-to-see.mp3?download=true–


TRUDEAU’S FAKE RECONCILIATION PROMISE https://intercontinentalcry.org/indigenous-self-determination-land-rights-confronting-trudeaus-fake-reconciliation-promises/?fbclid=IwAR0ndZutdkKGeZooA7kuoywyAiztSpxRqZ5wm7dLUlY6xmyLPPxH5ezQtx4



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MNN. Nov.  27, 2018. For over 20 years we, sovereign onkwehonweh, exhausted the court system all the way through to the Supreme Court of the United States. [Jones v. Parmley 17-928]. Over 100 of us were viciously attacked on May 18, 1997, by the New York State “Indian Detail” on Onondaga land. Our human rights were violated at all levels of the court system [Federal Trial Court, Federal Appeals Court and Supreme Court]. The only corporate court left is the World Court, the International Court of Justice, at The Hague. 

We’ve been blocked from serving it on the World Court in violation of the UN Charter and the Declaration on the rights of Indigenous People. We need your help to file this case that is posted below @ https://tworowjusticevunitedstatesworldcourt.com/

atiatonhatstserraraken – Pure White Belt.

ne arihonnih karaken watston nehtsi ne enhakienterestakwe tsi iatahonton ne kahnikonrakson tohkani kahnohsatstera atiatenaktonni net rahotinikonrakon ne rotiianer tsi rotitsenhaien ahosennakon ne skennenkowa. karaken ne atehniententsera ne skennen, kahnoronkwatsera atahtitenron, tahnon ne saiaioton, tehonakwatasehton tahnon rohtnikonrareh ne wisk nihononwentsakeh.  kayoni #60, kaianerekowa.

**********READ THE ENTIRE CASE, WHY WE ARE TRYING TO SERVE IT ON THE WORLD COURT AND WHY WE NEED YOUR HELP:-  https://tworowjusticevunitedstatesworldcourt.com/

FORWARD YOUR COMMENTS TO: World Court Information Department World Court <info@icj-cij.org> information@icj–ij.org. Mr. Philippe Couvreur Registrar, International Court of Justice,Peace Palace, Carnegieplein 2, 2517 KJ The Hague, The Netherlands information@icj-cij.org. UN Secretariat of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (SPFII). Division for Inclusive Social Development (DISD), Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), United Nations Secretariat (29th Floor), 405 E 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017 indigenous_un@un.org 

 [Onondaga15] kahentinetha2@yahoo.com; 

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MNN.   Nov. 24, 2018.  On December 4, 2018. the corporation of Canada and their committees called ‘band councils’ are working out an illegal deal to steal our birthright. A few sell-outs will sign on behalf of millions of natives to relinquish our millions of acres of land and resources. It’s all fraud.

Our family of the Western Hemisphere, onowareken [turtle island] are part if all transactions. We have been placed here by creation. Over 250 million in south and central America are natives. They have every right to go anywhere where the kaianerekowa, great peace, prevails, which is anywhere that is clan-based and matrilineal. That is all of South America and North America, from the Arctic to the Antarctic. They can use any land to feed their families and live in peace without hindrance by any corporate usurper. They can work in the natural way to help us bring our mother back to health. Together we will survive the atrocities being inflicted by these criminals.   


We have been placed by creation on the Western Hemisphere. The invaders have no right to any of our birthright. Selling land is not our way. Like Israel, our land is under military occupation. Upon arrival the Europeans agreed to follow the kaianerekowa, great peace. They failed to follow the rules of the tewatatawi, how to carry themselves in the natural way. Our southern siblings have not been considered or consulted about these attacks on their birthright. We demand that every checkpoint by the artificial states be removed. 

For 500 years the intruders did not live up to their promises and agreements. Now all our people from all parts of turtle island must come together to heal the wounds that are deep in our mother earth.  


The invaders went to other places throughout the world to massacre and pillage the people, land and resources. We must stand together as one family.  

The United States, Canada and other corporate entities use their military to confine our movement. Indian Affairs is a division of the army. Trump and Clinton, Trudeau and Sheer all work for the exact same Rothschild controlled bankers. Their job is to continue the illusion of freedom so they can rape and pillage.

In the natural way, our southern relatives can and will migrate north if they so chose, like the butterflies, birds, geese.


When these European migrants arrived here dirty, tired, sick and hungry, we fed,  sheltered and taught them how to feed themselves. They helped themselves to everything we had and destroyed the beauty and harmony of creation. 

Robbie Robertson sings about how we were forced to hide our true identity to escape the continued genocide. “Pay no mind to his messed up hair. Pay no mind to the clothes he wears. It’s just the hours he’s been keepin’. Ain’t been doing too much sleeping. They dyed his hair and hid his feathers. And told him he was Latin. ‘Til he came chanting down the street Like a cannibal in Manhattan”.

 WE WILL MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD: https://www.afn.ca/news-media/


AFN is the government assembled playground of the warped. Assembly of First Nations, 55 Metcalfe Street, Suite 1600, Ottawa, ON K1P 6L5, Telephone: 613-241-6789, Toll-Free: 1-866-869-6789, Fax:  613-241-5808, Website: www.afn.ca

‘GREAT WHITE AUNTIE’ Carolyn Bennett, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, 10 Wellington North Tower, Gatineau QC K1A 0HA, minister@aadnc-aandc.gc.ca. 1-819-997-0002. (toll-free): 1-800-567-9604. 


INDIGENOUS WOMEN FORCIBLY STERILIZED FILE CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT  https://www.pri.org/stories/2018-11-23/dozens-indigenous-women-forcibly-sterilized-file-class-action-lawsuit-against

www.mohawknationnews.com kahentinetha2@yahoo.com Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page.  


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MNN. Apr. 16, 2018. Iroquois Quack’ers [also known as the Iroquois Caucus] is carrying military designed attacks against their own people called the “naturals”, the real kanionkehaka!


These mad betrayers without right have appropriated the name of the historic and honorable Iroquois Confederacy. They are our relatives. We grew up with them side by side.

We don’t know where or why they abandoned their culture. They have become corrupted and work to help our oppressors to destroy their family, our link to creation and our future.


Like rats they put their victims to sleep and then chew on them. Then they pull off a hunk of our flesh in the middle of the night.

The corporation of Canada rewards them with our Indian Trust Funds to carry out these crimes. They hide out to sanction decisions which are not theirs to make without the knowledge and consent of the people. On April 18 and 19 they are meeting in akwesasne in the former IGA grocery store.


The Iroquois Quack’ers pose as the Iroquois Confederacy by stealing our weapons, the kaianerekowa, our symbols, sacred ceremonies and titles. Canada gave them a gun and said, “Here, shoot your people for us”. 

The Quack’ers are briefed by their militarized corporation. All naturals are dishonored by their criminal activity. They may suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome where they fall in love with their oppressors. The enemy are users and abusers who will throw them away onto the dung heap when they don’t need them anymore.

When the Quack’ers see us, they turn away because they don’t want to face us. They keep us out of their planning meetings because they are unable to justify their conduct. They have no legitimate answer for their behavior. 

There is a story about people like the Quack’ers in olden times. They mixed with the people. Everybody watched them. At harvest time the people gathered. The Quackers were bundled, tied up, thrown on the fire and burnt. The naturals too were bundled, tied up, placed in the barn and protected. 


It is time for the Quack’ers to abandon their immoral ways and become a part of us again.

Iroquois Quack Quack Quack’ers, remember this? 

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THEY COULD USE SOME GOOD ADVICE: The originators of the Iroquois Caucus are Canada, Joe Norton, Billy Two Rivers, Bill Montour and R. Don Maracle. Find out more. Call Trevor Bomberryic.coordinator6nation.ca or Sky Deer kahennenhawe.sky-deer@2mck.ca call Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc. 450-632-7500. 

HEY, WORLD. YOU CAN HELP US MAKE CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES ALLY THEMSELVES WITH THE TRUTH. TOGETHER WE CAN BUILD THE MOMENTUM FOR PEACE: Prime Minister Hon. Justin Trudeau, 80 Wellington St. Ottawa ON K1A 0A2 justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca; and US President Donald Trump, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, DC 20500 USA 1-202-456-1111, 1-202-456-1414 whitehouse.gov and anyone you think of who can assist. nia-wen kowa.








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MNN. May 29, 2017. Toronto‘s Ryerson School of Journalism was founded by evil rotten scoundrel, Eggerton Ryerson. He was part of the Family Compact and Chateau Clique that created the current version of the colony called “Canada”. 

Ryerson helped design residential schools death camps to totally exterminate us. POW camps called “reservations” were set up where we were supposed to die. Now pipelines and toxins are covering our land with poison and schools are teaching how to murder us. 

Documents have just been published that mercenaries were sent to kill the water protectors at Standing Rock for DAPL. Academics prepare feasibility studies on how to rob us and sell our resources, then kill us and get away with it. 


The US Republic of War sends out their pushy henchman, called a president, to scare people into submission. He spouts his power and threatens to crush everybody. 


Trudeau does what he’s told because his father formalized the sale of our funds from our resources to the international bankers in 1974. His family became rich through thievery and murder. Justin Trudeau is beholden still to those same bankers. 

PM Trudeau stands by the bully who pushes, hits, scares, threatens and embarrasses himself in front of the world. All prime ministers past and present take their orders from the same shareholders who fraudulently own both corporations of Canada and US. 

The bar lawyers take an oath to the bankers through the Temple Bar in the City of London. 

In Canada two big issues are being investigated which the Family Compact and Chateau Clique want to keep under wraps. First, the residential school murders of our children by the government. They admit their guilt but will not punish themselves. Second, the government refuses to investigate themselves for the missing and murdered women and children.

The INDIAN traitors, municipal, provincial, federal, will be purged. We will be free from these monsters. The faithful INDIAN allies think their masters will save them, as they listen to the cries of the innocent. We don’t have to execute them. They have already buried themselves in their own filth. They will all be prosecuted for their crimes.

US and Canada are the most corrupt societies in the world. They always torture our children to have their way with us. They know that no one loves our children more than we do. Our war cry is, “Power is in the people”.

We imagine Alice Cooper would love to sing this song to Eggerton Ryerson: “Well, we got no choice. All the girls and boys, making all that noise cause they found new toys. Well, we cant salute you, cant find a flag. If that don’t suit ya, that’s a drag. Schools out for summer. Schools out forever. School’s been blown to pieces”.


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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2rbByedcds RYERSON OLD AND NEW WORLD ORDER 

HIDDEN FROM HISTORY http://canadiangenocide.nativeweb.org/genocide.pdf 


https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/missing-and-murdered-women-inquiry-could-target-indian-act/article31238356/ INDIAN AFFAIRS MINISTER BENNETT COPS OUT OF ENQUIRY INTO MISSING MURDERED WOMEN  

http://www.news1130.com/2017/05/24/national-public-inquiry-a-blood-farce-justice-ministers-father/ MINISTER JUSTICE SUPPORTS ENQUIRY FATHER CALLS ‘BLOODY FARCE’  

https://theintercept.com/2017/05/27/leaked-documents-reveal-security-firms-counterterrorism-tactics-at-standing-rock-to-defeat-pipeline-insurgencies/ LEAKED DOCUMENTS REVEAL COUNTERTERRORISM TACTICS USED AT STANDING ROCK TO “DEFEAT PIPELINE INSURGENCIES”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4Z-zu_S2-s&t=995s USA 1871 ACT EXPOSED US AS PRIVATE CORPORATION 

http://www.theroot.com/trump-shoves-nato-leader-makes-stupid-speech-and-embar-1795549457?utm_source=theroot_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow AMERICANS LOVE THEIR PUSHY PREZ 

http://yournewswire.com/putin-new-world-order-final-masterplan/ PUTIN’S WARNING ABOUT NOW. 

https://www.facebook.com/cnn/videos/10156670773116509/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED TRUMP’S DREAM WALL 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlogNfvbgJw RYERSON ARCHITECT OF RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS – accomplished killing of onkwehonweh 

http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/donald-trump-is-a-menace-to-the-world-opinion-a-1148471.html WORLD – TRUMP IS A SPOILED BRAT

https://dogwoodbc.ca/kinder-morgan-desperate-hail-mary/ DESPERATE KINDER MORGAN




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MAY 9, 2017. US President Trump is training the people to always get the short end of the stick. He thinks a good president dominates and everybody else submits. 

Several years ago some iron workers brought him to Kahnawake so a medicine man could fix his lifelong back problem. In three days he was cured. In New York he confronted the ironworkers working for him, and verbally abused them. 

He showed no gratitude, empathy, generosity, reflectiveness, conscience, or an inner sense of right and wrong. But he showed absolute racism against his best steel workers, the Mohawks. 


He has triggers. He is interested only in himself, in domination, lying, adulation and control. Addicts to power lust for the ultimate power of life and death over each individual they confront.

He can’t stand the Mohawks because they showed no fear of him. His only power historically has been controlling the purse strings. He continues on this path on the world stage as president of the US corporation. As Albert Einstein said, “When you do the same thing over and over again and expect different result, it is the definition of insanity” See Video:


He wants to revisit the Indian Removal Act to be rid of the INDIANS forever. His idol is the Indian killer, Andrew Jackson. 

Their whole corporate existence is a lie. The greatest fear of the pyramid is the circle, which is natural. To maintain the pyramid, he will endeavour to kill us, by deliberately poisoning our lakes and rivers, with nuclear wastes and pipelines.   

Americans believe in Trump. They say, “Who else you gonna get?” Like sheep they follow their leaders who have the most money.

We onkwe-hon-weh study the pyramid, by circling it to look at all angles. The circle surrounding the pyramid of power will create what everyone wants, peace on earth. 

The war will never end if the people do not join arms in the circle.  

The pyramidal scam is used worldwide to dominate people. Poor people are lured into buying services and products they don’t need, with the false hope that they will get rich like their masters. As long as they refuse to join hands in the circle they will remain in abject poverty. 

Illuminati smiley pyramid Circle

The western world is run off the backs of the slaves. Trump is desperately trying to make the pyramidal system stronger. 

tekentiokwenhoxta, the circle of the families.

Lazy people want a guy at the top to blame for anything that goes wrong. 

Trump wants praise. He’s trained to shut down his mind so that when he feels threatened, his adrenaline activates. He becomes irrational, reactionary, impulsive and desperate. He appears to be at the mercy of forces he can’t control. No one can disagree with him. 

The onkwe’hon’weh of New Zealand , the Maori, on the other side of the world, totally get it: “What’s the time, Mr. Wolf … the sun don’t shine. Momma, Poppa say you should go to school. I don’t know what for. Now that I have grown up and seen the world and all its lies” [What’s the time, Mr. Wolf from Once Were Warriors]. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOcza6L7SPQ

" What's the Time Mr Wolf ? " ( L'âme des guerriers) With Lyrics in the description

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http://aptnnews.ca/2017/05/08/kanesatake-hit-by-rising-waters-were-working-like-crazy-here/ MOHAWKS REFUSE HELP FROM ARMY 

RICHARD OAKES REMEMBERED http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/science-technology/807660/richard-oakes-activist-biography-death-michael-morgan-assassination-google-doodle  

ALEX JONES LIES FOR ISRAEL http://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/05/09/alex-jones-prison-planet-lies-for-israel/ 

WIKILEAKS REVEALS US ESPIONAGE OF MOHAWKS http://bsnorrell.blogspot.ca/2011/12/wikileaks-revealed-us-espionage-of.html?m=1

NO LICENSE TO DRIVE https://wearechange.org/u-s-supreme-court-says-no-license-necessary-to-drive-automobile-on-public-highwaysstreets/

http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/steve-ladurantaye-winnipeg-panel-1.4120886 DESIGNER NEWS 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4Z-zu_S2-s 1871 ACT FULLY EXPOSED THE U.S. 

http://www.neonnettle.com/features/923-archbishop-says-he-thought-it-was-legal-for-priests-to-have-sex-with-children ARCHBISHOP THOUGHT IT WAS LEGAL TO SEXUALLY ABUSE CHILDREN.



Perspective | I wrote ‘The Art of the Deal’ with Trump. His self-sabotage is rooted in his past.




Canada hoards history in secret archives.



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MNN. May 21, 2017. UN Agenda 30 is a global corporate takeover of the planet, with a fascist agenda to enslave humanity, to enrich a few globalist bourgeois. The shareholders of Canada, Australia, UK, USA and other dummy corporations are trained predators. 


The USA uses great turtle island and our resources for international warfare. We can never condone their psychopathic illusion of world domination. 

Our flesh and possessions are being offered to their monster god known as “money”. Since 1492 we have been in trench warfare and hand-to-hand combat with these criminals.  

The ruling elite are bankers, writers, politicians, reporters with one foot in the bank and the other on our heads. They produce a sickening society of greed and brutality hiding behind the “American Dream”. They have no borders. They profit from robbing us, jailing us or killing us. 

The journalists job is to destroy the truth. To lie, to create false flags, , to pervert, to vilify, to justify theft of our land and the murder of our race. 

The rulers give the band and tribal councils a permit to be the grassroots hangmen. The corporate hierarchy lays no blame on their march to totally exterminate us. 

The USA is the head of the serpent. They and their unseen handlers want the world to erase our identity so they can “own” great turtle island. They call us “human animals”. 

Wars are the harvest of the US republic of war. Over 100 million of us were murdered to set up the US war machine. They will be in charge of distributing privileges. A few will be spared to work the plow, to reap and to pray. 

Private property will be terminated so they can control the resources of the world. 

Their jails are full of resisters. Corporate designed “instructions” [man-made languages] have conditioned us into slavery. Our connection to nature and our mother, who reminds of the original instructions, keeps us connected to the planet. 

Their greatest fear is the truth. To rule the world, professionals, officers, engineers, priests, teachers, agronomists, academics, artists and writers not useful to the fascist agenda are being assassinated, imprisoned, destroyed or neutralized. 

The UN is the trapdoor to an immense concentration camp. The weapons is systemic discord, confusion, frustration and fear infused into our lives. 

The ruler’s energy for passionate hatred comes from fear and rage based on moral decay.  They try to destroy everything they fear. 

Creation does not send in killers to destroy its own creation, to rape, maim, create misery or havoc on us. 

Te-wa-ta-tawi, our power to carry ourselves, comes from creation. Our communication is our song with creation. All we onkwe-hon-weh have always been of the land, without boundaries. We were always self-sufficient. The invaders stole everything from us, our land, our resources, our lives. They never brought anything here that we needed. 

Colonial settler benefit from this atrocity. Now their ravages of true natural life are going to destroy them. 

The corporation broke us down into smaller separate units to make it easier to claim our mother. They sit at a table and we sit on mother earth. Man-made laws will never supercede the will of creation. Nature, the natural life and the true natural people will persevere. 

Bear Fox pays tribute to the iron working hubby, who leaves home, travels far to support the family while the woman stays home and takes care of the kids: 

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http://www.naturalnews.com/051058_2030_Agenda_United_Nations_global_enslavement.html# UN Agenda 30 corporate enslavement  

spot the reptile politicians https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2013/10/how-spot-reptilians-runing-us-government/354496/