MNN. Nov. 29, 2013. The banking “crime” families are the Fourth Reich. Ia’kon, we are told [and did not see it ourselves] that Jesus went to the temple in Jerusalem and found that the money-changers had turned it into a “den of thieves”. They were practicing usury, that is, charging interest on loans to people. It was immoral. He tipped their tables and exposed their debt scam to the people. A week later he was nailed to the cross.

He knew that the debt scam was a system of slavery.

He knew that the debt scam was a system of slavery.


In the Middle Ages usury was illegal in Europe. In 1080 the Knights Templar [the bankers] became the first international bankers. They instituted usury. On Friday October 13, 1307 King Philip of France and the Pope banished and kicked them out of Europe because of their illegal debt scam. They probably wanted it all for themselves! They landed on our shores. The 13 families then set up the corporation called the “crown”. Then their debt scam was set up here.  

This Nazi system of corporatism, masked as a country, to dominate the natural people started here on Great Turtle Island. It is all funded by genocide to steal our land, resources and funds.  

William Lyon McKenzie King was the longest serving Prime Minister of Canada, intermittently from 1921 to the 1940s. He was the chief executive officer of the Corporation of Canada and knew that: “Usuary once in control will wreck any nation”.  

We defend our Mother with drums ...

We defend our Mother with drums …

Prime Minister King knew of the dangers of private banks creating a country’s currency. He said: “Until the control of printing currency and credit is restored to government of the people, and recognized as its most conspicuous and sacred responsibility, all talks of the sovereignty of Parliament and of democracy is idle and futile”.  

In 1934 he created the Bank of Canada Act that kept the international bankers away from Canada’s door. In 1974 Pierre Elliott Trudeau illegally allowed the international bankers to get back into Canadian’s lives by printing money at interest.

We are 1 people. The Great Law of Peace instructs us.

We are 1 people. Our Mother and the Great Law instructs us.

We Indigenous ask people to help us to get rid of the money changers in the temple once and for all! In the following video Stewart Phillips asks everyone to support the Elsipogtog Mi’kmaq in New Brunswick.

We Indigenous will chase the money changers from Onenwaregeh. Stand with us!

We Indigenous will chase away the money changers from Onenwaregeh. Stand with us!

We the real people will stop this debt scam causing the destruction of Mother Earth. As Roy Orbison sang about victims not being close anymore, you [corporatists] aren’t wanted.  “It’s over, It’s over, It’s over, It’s over”. Everyone working for the crown in the provinces and Ottawa will be held accountable by the real people. T Ongwehonwe rising!  Roy Orbison. “It’s Over”!

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1 thought on “FOURTH REICH!

  1. Interesting article but very misleading in who are the real culprit in the Native Holocaust. Some have estimated over Hundred Million Natives where exterminated in “The 500 Year War”. This continues even today but this is not the result of “Nazi system of corporatism”.

    The word “Nazi” was not used by Hitler, his party or the 3rd Reich. They used the term National Socialists or NS for short. “Nazi” was a hate meme manufactured so that the Deutschen Folk would be treated as sub human savages. Since they were savages they had no rights. They could now be invaded. Tens of Millions of Deutsch where exterminated for their land, technology and patents.

    More importantly the Banking System of the 3rd Reich was a threat to the USURY INTERNATIONAL BANKSTERS. Deutschland after the WW2 had the highest unemployed of all western nations. To fight this unemployment Deutschland revolutionized it’s Banking system. Instead of relying on a Debt-Usury System of the International Banksters, it spent its currency into circulation thru work projects. These work projects took 6 million unemployed and in 2 years had them employed. In National Socialism “corporatism” was at the service of the Nation and not its master as we can see in the West today.

    In International Transactions the 3rd Reich, used a barter system that by passed the MONEY CHANGERS and things like using the American Petrol Dollar as a “reserve” currency. Thru this NATIONAL SOVEREIGN Banking system, Deutschland prospered and became a leading industrial nation in the world, while countries like America where still fighting a manufactured Depression by the International Banksters.

    It was not the “Nazi system of corporatism” that is responsible for the “The 500 Year War” that holocausted the Natives. The 3rd Reich was a bad example, not for Natives but for the International Banksters. Deutschland had to be destroyed and the truth needs to be continually demonized.

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