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MNN. 26, 2015. The majority believe the official story about 911, that 17 hijackers flew the two planes into the buildings. The official story is the steel columns melted from the burning jet fuel. Steel melts at 2800 degrees F. Jet fuel maximum burning temperature is 1796 degrees F. Tony Rooke put his mind on the problem, as we all should. He voiced his concern to a judge regarding the BBC’s complicity in the terrorist act of 911.

The BBC reported 27 minutes before Building 7 fell. Everybody in the world saw this. The judge agreed and ruled against the BBC. Tony Rooke does not have to pay is tv bill because he proved the BBC absolutely knew it was going to happen.

Building 7 came down 27 minutes late. building 7

Super Tramp says: “Now they’re planning the crime of the century. Yes, its well worth the fee. Read all about their schemes and adventuring. Yes, it’s well worth a fee. So roll up and see how they rape the universe, how they’ve gone from bad to worse. Who are these men of lust, greed and glory? Rip off the masks and let’s see. But that’s not right, oh no, what’s the story? Look, there’s you and there’s me!? “ Just one of the crimes of the century …


911 fourteen years later.

Iceland banskters jailed. Obvious cops killing our women

** Family Compact & Chateau Clique private power setup.

Maine individuals suing Federal Reserve $600 million.

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MNN. Nov. 29, 2013. The banking “crime” families are the Fourth Reich. Ia’kon, we are told [and did not see it ourselves] that Jesus went to the temple in Jerusalem and found that the money-changers had turned it into a “den of thieves”. They were practicing usury, that is, charging interest on loans to people. It was immoral. He tipped their tables and exposed their debt scam to the people. A week later he was nailed to the cross.

He knew that the debt scam was a system of slavery.

He knew that the debt scam was a system of slavery.


In the Middle Ages usury was illegal in Europe. In 1080 the Knights Templar [the bankers] became the first international bankers. They instituted usury. On Friday October 13, 1307 King Philip of France and the Pope banished and kicked them out of Europe because of their illegal debt scam. They probably wanted it all for themselves! They landed on our shores. The 13 families then set up the corporation called the “crown”. Then their debt scam was set up here.  

This Nazi system of corporatism, masked as a country, to dominate the natural people started here on Great Turtle Island. It is all funded by genocide to steal our land, resources and funds.  

William Lyon McKenzie King was the longest serving Prime Minister of Canada, intermittently from 1921 to the 1940s. He was the chief executive officer of the Corporation of Canada and knew that: “Usuary once in control will wreck any nation”.  

We defend our Mother with drums ...

We defend our Mother with drums …

Prime Minister King knew of the dangers of private banks creating a country’s currency. He said: “Until the control of printing currency and credit is restored to government of the people, and recognized as its most conspicuous and sacred responsibility, all talks of the sovereignty of Parliament and of democracy is idle and futile”.  

In 1934 he created the Bank of Canada Act that kept the international bankers away from Canada’s door. In 1974 Pierre Elliott Trudeau illegally allowed the international bankers to get back into Canadian’s lives by printing money at interest.

We are 1 people. The Great Law of Peace instructs us.

We are 1 people. Our Mother and the Great Law instructs us.

We Indigenous ask people to help us to get rid of the money changers in the temple once and for all! In the following video Stewart Phillips asks everyone to support the Elsipogtog Mi’kmaq in New Brunswick.

We Indigenous will chase the money changers from Onenwaregeh. Stand with us!

We Indigenous will chase away the money changers from Onenwaregeh. Stand with us!

We the real people will stop this debt scam causing the destruction of Mother Earth. As Roy Orbison sang about victims not being close anymore, you [corporatists] aren’t wanted.  “It’s over, It’s over, It’s over, It’s over”. Everyone working for the crown in the provinces and Ottawa will be held accountable by the real people. T Ongwehonwe rising!  Roy Orbison. “It’s Over”!

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MNN.  Sep. 16, 2011.  Those criminals who murder and plunder the world are eventually removed by nature.  Their actions violate the natural world.  

EU Eurozone and its US and UK co-conspirators existed by leeching off the labor and resources of Indigenous people worldwide.  They invaded, built infrastructures and sent their people to run them.  Then the targets got a bill with inflated interest rates which they couldn’t pay.  War and oppression ensued and the people and their land were taken, exploited and destroyed.     


EU-US-UK money junkies are the enforcers of the theft of our resources and forcing us to work for next to nothing.  These imperialists think the minerals and oil that lie under us belong to them. 

EU-US-UK’s concern is the “risk of a vicious circle between sovereign debt, bank funding and negative growth” at home and abroad.  EU creates paper called money, backed by the military, to run the world economy. 

These crooks try to dominate us by persuasion, intimidation, bribes, fear, destabilization, denial of liberty, force, war, death and occupation.    

Old fashioned colonialism is not working.  EU-US-UK cannot pay their bills.  Their infrastructures look almost like bombed out war zones.  Their rusting, crumbling bridges, roads and ports reflect a dying empire.  

They are looking for other ways to steal from us and make us work for nothing.  The US suggests getting rough and tough with us!!!   

We are resisting. We are a negotiating block to be reckoned with.  The larger imperial powers can’t set the agenda and try to sell it to us by threats and sweeteners. 

We want freedom, protection of the environment, agriculture and to hang onto our resources and possessions.   They want these for themselves, without taking care of or sharing it.    

To run their international corruption, amoral bankers and their degenerate corporation buddies have to keep us in line, which is no longer possible.  

“A further reinforcement of bank resources is advisable”, meaning more worthless money has to be printed and shoved down our throats to make us give up our possessions.  

Global finance is in trouble.  Their fantasy of a planetary financial dictatorship is shattering.  EU-US-UK are warning us they can attack, hurt and kill us if we keep resisting.   

An anti-banking insurrection has started.  These panicking empires are dying and becoming third world countries.  They want war, not peace.  

Constant warfare is unnatural.  Nature will remain no matter what!  Those who don’t conform to the natural way are doomed.   

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WE ARE HOPING THAT COLONIAL LAND SCAMS ON TURTLE ISLAND WILL COLLAPSE FOR GOOD.MNN. Sept. 30, 2008. All is not lost. There is a good side to the economic “melt down” of the bankers’ attempts to continue their enslavement of the people. Thanks to the senators who refused to bail out these crooks, maybe we can save the planet. The U.S. dollar is going south hot on the heels of the U.S. reputation.

These swindlers believe that anyone who doesn’t have independent wealth has no claim to even the smallest crust of bread. The indigenous way is that nature provides to all. We have a right to the food we need.

We never surrendered our territories. Every square inch of Turtle Island is Indigenous. We are so glad the gluttony for our territories and resources may come to an end. We Indigenous are still here to issue our warnings.

European colonial incursion into Onowaregeh, Turtle Island, began with fraud and continued for 500 years, to the peril and detriment of the Indigenous peoples. In the late 1500’s the British issued illegal charters to land speculators such as Humphrey Gilbert and Walter Raleigh. They illegally sold 20 million acres of our land before they even set foot here. The scam continued to the present.

To stay in the colonial game everybody’s been forced to borrow. When the credit runs out the game is over for them. This is where these hacks took everybody. Now these “no goodniks” are still trying to scare everybody into submission.

President George Bush and his “crew” of obedient politicians and media “talking heads” thought that they could scare Congress into passing the bill to help out their banker friends. When it didn’t pass, the politicians and the media panicked. They ran around, pulling at their expensively coiffed hair and were lost for words. It turned out that Bush and company were lying to everybody yet again.

The U.S. lied and sold a bill of goods to everybody worldwide. Surprise! Surprise! The Europeans have been doing this to us and other Indigenous people for centuries. As a result of the fraudulent mortgage bundles the U.S. sold around the world, which the U.S. gave AAA guarantees to, local and foreign banks bought them up. They wanted to get in on the enslavement of the people. When the housing bubble burst, these bundles turned out to be totally worthless. They are stuck with them. This is all due to deception, greed and lying, something they often did themselves. Now the U.S. oligarchs are scrambling to restructure a new bail out proposal that would attract reluctant law makers and soothe the unnerved “Prozac ladened” financial markets.

The “giant suction cup” of wealth in the hands of a few swindlers is taking itself down. We hope indiscriminate mining, logging and oil exploration will decline. International trade is already affected. Canada ’s biggest trade export is to the U.S. They will not be able to buy from Canada like they used to. Who wants the U.S. dollar anyway?

It is criminal to raise money from the public on the stock exchanges putting up stolen land and resources as the collateral. We never gave our informed permission for anyone to access our territories and resources. This scam had to fall apart sometime.

Is this a catastrophe or a blessing? Can we hope that there will be no more oil and minerals taken out of our land; or water polluted and dammed; or trees clear cut and depleted; or skies, ground and rivers destroyed beyond habitation for us and everyone else; and no money to buy weapons to carry out wars and commit other human rights abuses. Fancy weaponry for the heavily armed police forces may have no bullets in them to shoot us with. Prisoners will be turned out of their cages.

Let’s look at it positively. People will have to learn how to live with less. Being poor will become fashionable. Second hand clothes will become trendy. Forget about that 52-inch TV you were thinking of getting. Get a smaller one. Better yet, save your electricity and stop watching TV. Get to know your spouse, family and kids. We have time for this because we don’t have jobs.

Our communities and relations with our neighbors will have to become stronger. We’ll find out that by working together we can not only survive but we can have fun.

Let’s declare a general strike and everybody can go to the thrift shop for our clothing and household appliances. The multi-nationally owned malls will be empty, full of goods and no one to buy them. We could sit on the benches, look into the windows and eat our brown bag lunches.

Local farming will be a must. We could have larger gardens because we’ll have time to look after them. The “survival sites” on the internet have a lot of great ideas for this. People won’t be able to get drugs or alcohol which some people used to relieve the problems created by the dog-eat-dog lifestyle.

Another good side of the melt down is that since the US dollar is worth less, or maybe even “worthless”, the investors will have a harder time to corrupt politicians or undermine us and our rights. Corporate, military and political heads will have to look at another way of making an honest living.

The exploitation and destruction of Turtle Island was by a certain elite who took advantage of everyone. It was a scheme that favored the most ruthless speculators. This time they failed to frighten the people. They are scrambling around to make the resuscitated bail-out look yummy and attractive. This could be financial ruin for these sharks. Let’s burn tobacco and hope for a strong wind to fan the flames to make sure they are dealt with properly.

Our great law, the Kaianerekowa, does have provisions for dealing with those who commit espionage, treason and conspiracy, similar to other societies. “It’s always interesting to see people who have murdered, lied and stolen to squirm, wiggle and tell more fantastic lies to keep their heads on their shoulders, their tongues in their mouths and their “hands” attached to their bodies when they realize they are ultimately going to be confronted by the peoples they defrauded. [ ]

The U.S. and Canada are guilty of killing and oppressing us to take control of everything we had. In exchange they gave us genocide, worthless treaties, empty words and now their debts. We were not the contracting party. They illegally used our land and resources to wheel and deal. We are not going to take responsibility for their debts. They have no credit or credibility with us. Let them implode.

We need to return to respect for the land and each other. Is it too soon to start the drums rolling so we can start dancing and singing?

Karakwine & MNN Staff
Mohawk Nation News

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