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March 12, 2016. The kanekota undertaking began in November 2000. It is the northern portion of the Haldimand Tract, northwest of Toronto, at the source of the Grand. In the 17th and 18th century, the rank Captain General held the power of the king to make laws and proclamations. Sir Frederick Haldimand was the last military general to hold that rank.  In 1784 he staked a Proclamation setting up a permanent protectorate for the ‘Mohawk’ on our vast land we call ganienkeh “for any of the Mohawks who choose to settle in that quarter”, defended by the British military.crazy horse

Being an onkwe’hon:weh, I moved to a farm near the source of the Grand River at kanekota.  My first winter was harsh. The first snowfall was in the first week of November and stayed until  the first week of May. Bell Telephone had a monopoly and charged me 2$ a minute to call Toronto. Rent was $1200 a month. By July I, 2001 my management consulting business was moving along. In August I was in a car crash that left me in a coma. When I awoke on September 11, 2001 the main news was the burning towers in New York City. My family moved me to Toronto. A year and a half later I returned to the farm in Kanekota. The brain injury limits my mobility. I recorded “Power & the Peace” at that time.

I moved to Hornings Mills on the banks of the Pine River one mile from the source of the Grand River. Foam was constantly leeching into the creek. The Ministry of the Environment and all regulatory agencies were unconcerned. The library and museum provided some information. A story was published by Mohawk Nation News MNN. This was the only time that Prime Minister Stephen Harper responded to over 900 emails.  http://thahoketoteh.ws/2007/07/pine-poisoning/

During that summer a woman visited me. She asked if I was an original inhabitant and knew a certain family. She had been raised in the mansion built near the pond at the source of the Grand River in 1947. Her father was stationed there after the war. I found people who remember the army constructing the “by-pass” around Hornings Mills and digging the pond.greenwash

Consumers Gas decided to put a pipeline underneath the polluted Pine tributary. We issued a cease and desist order. Shortly thereafter the landlord gave me a termination/eviction notice and 3 months to leave. My neighbours shunned me. While packing a strange call came from an undercover police officer who had read our coverage in MNN. He visited me. At the door I read him the Royal Proclamation and showed him the survey map and my claim for Lot 1 Concession 11. I asked him why he pretended to have jurisdiction over me on this “British Protectorate” for the Mohawk. He shrugged.

My 15 year old son and I moved to Shelburne. One month later the property manager served us with an eviction notice. 30 days later another arrived. Then 30 days after that another one was serve on us. The Ontario Rental Tribunal found the landlord in contempt.

The next summer I visited my former landlord at Hornings Mills. He told me that while I was in Kahnawake, the CEO of Consumers Gas told him and the neighbors the pipeline could not be built through Hornings Mills because of the resistance of the “one Mohawk in your basement”.

Source of the Grand River.

Source of the Grand River.

Who was the hidden hand behind this? Was it federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty? He had purchased a part of my 360 acre claim and erected a big home. I informed the Toronto city councillors I would attend Council Chambers to pick up the keys for the abandoned “Etobicoke Outdoor Education Centre” which is on my property. On my way to Toronto city council Rob Ford called the driver. Ford diverted us to the Etobicoke council chamber. He alluded that he had the keys. At the meeting when I ask him for them, he shook his head “no” and said “It’s a real sensitive issue. I can’t step on any toes”! It probably was the same hidden hand that was causing all my problems in kanekota.

'I'd like to thank you...at least I eat tonight.' or could have ..

.. or could have ..

The farmers in Shelburne organized NDACT to stop the proposed mega-quarry being built by the secretive “Highland Group”. NDACT organized a walk from Queens Park in Toronto to a farm in Kanekota. There I walked with them and volunteered to sing at the event they called “Foodstock”. They didn’t want me because they didn’t like my voice, so they said. After that a Unity Ride was organized from one NDACT farm to another, with paid INDIANS.

Then I filed a suit at Federal Court of Canada. The “Highland Group” had purchased 8,800 acres of farmland in kanekota to dig a mega quarry. When I asked the court for a list of the shareholders of the Highland Group, their plans for the quarry were withdrawn.

General Wall: Do your job overseeing Kanekota, the kanion'ke:haka protectorate.

General Wall: Do your job enforcing kanion’ke:haka protectorate.

I called General Sir Peter Wall at Whitehall in the UK to remind him of Captain General Haldimand’s order. I requested that he send a regiment to occupy the mansion at Hornings Mills. The corruption runs deep. It can be assumed many ex-prime ministers, premiers, etc. are members of the Highland Group.

I met the KAIROS group of residents in kanekota. They asked me to help them understand the Truth and Reconciliation Commission inquiry. Then I explained the kaia’nere:kowa, the law of the land. They now wish to reconcile the crimes of the past.

De-colonization problems are worldwide. Three emails were sent to Carolynn Bennett, the new Minister of Indian affairs. She has not responded. She wants to become the Minister of Reconciliation!

Lot 1, Concession 11, Nottawasaga Township, will be repossessed by the Mohawk, to establish a longhouse. We will put crops in this year. The power is the people.

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