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MNN. Oct. 3, 2017. What is our children’s legacy? kasotsra made the life we live. Our ancestors tried to retain a philosophy and principle of creation’s intent for us and for the seven generations. They paid a great price.

We need a true understanding of being onkwe-hon-weh, the true people of the land.

All dictatorships come down including the US Republic of War. The volatile nature of the white man can no longer be risked. They eradicated most of us. He has a disease. Its symptoms are hate, anger, rage and war. They lack true human emotion and can never be at peace. They think they must control human kind.

North American invaders are terrified to look at their real history and all the twisted criminal minds that dropped their evil seed all across turtle island.

We were murdered and incinerated without regard or guilt. Now the corporation is trying to process us for the final execution. We have to deal with that. Everybody inherits both the good and the bad.

Their language creates the meaningless phrases and words to ask us for forgiveness, which are feelings they don’t experience. Everyone in the world knows about the mass murder of our people.

Before they came we no longer had wars, prisons or murder. We live by our true senses following our instincts to survive according to the original instructions of creation. The kaia-nere-kowa, great peace, that was handed down for everyone worldwide, has to be told.

The white man’s republic of war never wants peace. Their existence has no point. Ours is to feel. They don’t know the actions of true love for humans and life. They pretend but it always feels like a clock ticking.

Their future is continued insanity, hate, jealousy, rage, no true joy that could make the white people great. Karonhiaktajeh said, “I’m still waiting for that so-called civilization they promised to bring over here from the old country”. 


They want us to fall in line to more easily control us. Our mother has other instructions. They try to keep us regimented but they fail. Our mind, body and energy is meant for total freedom.

Buffy Sainte Marie sings about the strength of who we are: “GMO GMO has got to go. Power in the blood Power in the blood. No time for spin-doctors’ medicine. Corporation government selling me some cover-up. Weaponizing pesticides; poison in my groceries. Nothing but another drug, a license they can buy and sell”.

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