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MNN. Mar. 26, 2018. We natives were healthy and happy on great turtle island. We and all life took care of each other. Then predatory unconscionable people washed upon our shores.

The leaders were oligarchs called “ollies”. They were loan sharks and totally controlled their people. Today the ollies control Hollywood, the banks and the world mortgage business. Their followers are called the “barefooted booboos”. They all benefitted from the genocide of our people.


We watched them and would not tolerate their system of slavery. Then they started to covet all our possessions, which is everything on, above and beneath great turtle island. Millions of us were tortured, murdered and defiled to steal from us. We are still faced with annihilation. They sure benefited from the slaughter.

We tried to expose the fraud and banish them back to ohn-tsa-ka-ionon, “old spooky land”, where they came from. To stay here they tried to mimic us, hiding behind a veil of niceness, sweet talk and meaningless “sorry” kisses. They always hid the big stick they always held behind their backs. Many native “booboos” went along because they were given candies and wanted to be with their masters, the ollies. The genocide gave them all the booty they had. 


The ollies set up an empire that kills people wholesale. They are the largest arms dealers in the world. Their deceptions are being exposed. The ollies are reorganizing their deceit. “Yeah, we’ll put the children out front!” they say. The ollies send the children to school without teaching them to live in peace and equality with the natives. After graduating they teach them how to become paid professional killers in their militaries and businesses. The media teaches them guiltless violence condoned by the parents. They want the people’s guns to be taken away, but the ollies and their select booboos will keep theirs to protect their stolen bounty. 



False flag marches and rhetoric fool the people. Resisters are called “terrorists” and tortured. Many ollies have gone underground and hide behind their booboos and sometimes in plain sight. The booboos can be riled up to attack. They infer they don’t want people to be killed by guns, but by other means.

Unfortunately many natives are waiting to be saved instead of saving themselves. The true natural people have the idea to activate our greatest weapon, the ka-ia-nere-kowa, the great peace combined with the real truth. Our  children are mounting the great white roots of peace.

When the buttons are pushed, Americans will obediently goose step into action as they’ve always done. RUSSIAN DIPLOMATS EXPELLED AMERICAN CHILDREN MARCH AGAINST GUN VIOLENCE

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