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MNN. Mar. 26, 2018. We natives were healthy and happy on great turtle island. We and all life took care of each other. Then predatory unconscionable people washed upon our shores.

The leaders were oligarchs called “ollies”. They were loan sharks and totally controlled their people. Today the ollies control Hollywood, the banks and the world mortgage business. Their followers are called the “barefooted booboos”. They all benefitted from the genocide of our people.


We watched them and would not tolerate their system of slavery. Then they started to covet all our possessions, which is everything on, above and beneath great turtle island. Millions of us were tortured, murdered and defiled to steal from us. We are still faced with annihilation. They sure benefited from the slaughter.

We tried to expose the fraud and banish them back to ohn-tsa-ka-ionon, “old spooky land”, where they came from. To stay here they tried to mimic us, hiding behind a veil of niceness, sweet talk and meaningless “sorry” kisses. They always hid the big stick they always held behind their backs. Many native “booboos” went along because they were given candies and wanted to be with their masters, the ollies. The genocide gave them all the booty they had. 


The ollies set up an empire that kills people wholesale. They are the largest arms dealers in the world. Their deceptions are being exposed. The ollies are reorganizing their deceit. “Yeah, we’ll put the children out front!” they say. The ollies send the children to school without teaching them to live in peace and equality with the natives. After graduating they teach them how to become paid professional killers in their militaries and businesses. The media teaches them guiltless violence condoned by the parents. They want the people’s guns to be taken away, but the ollies and their select booboos will keep theirs to protect their stolen bounty. 



False flag marches and rhetoric fool the people. Resisters are called “terrorists” and tortured. Many ollies have gone underground and hide behind their booboos and sometimes in plain sight. The booboos can be riled up to attack. They infer they don’t want people to be killed by guns, but by other means.

Unfortunately many natives are waiting to be saved instead of saving themselves. The true natural people have the idea to activate our greatest weapon, the ka-ia-nere-kowa, the great peace combined with the real truth. Our  children are mounting the great white roots of peace.

When the buttons are pushed, Americans will obediently goose step into action as they’ve always done. RUSSIAN DIPLOMATS EXPELLED AMERICAN CHILDREN MARCH AGAINST GUN VIOLENCE

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MNN. March 18, 2018. In the 1970s karonhiaktajeh Louis Hall wrote “The Warrior’s Hand Book” and “Rebuilding the Iroquois Confederacy” to help us realize that we must never take off our combat moccasins and always have our survival equipment ready. They have become classics in the native world.  MNN is posting the Warrior’s Hand Book for your enjoyment. Your comments would be appreciated. []: 

“INTRODUCTION. WHO MADE YOU? OR HOW SCIENTISTS CREATED THE RED RACE. The white man says Indians came from Asia by way of the Bering Strait. If they were Indians maybe. An Indian being a native of India. The particular Indian we’re talking about is the onkwehonweh, you know, the native American. They say the red man crossed over from Asia on a “land bridge” or stepping islands [like stepping stones]. Our mighty ancestors took mighty strides. The master story tellers say the time of this migration was 12,000 years ago. Since it’s a scientific estimation, therefore, it’s impressive. They came to the conclusion by “reading the rocks”. Now, you guys, you wanna watch out and avoid rocks. They can betray your passage even if you passed 12,000 years ago. The scientists can even detect, if slightly, your ancient fragrance that you left behind as you passed the rocks.

[Let’s read a little more…] “Another set of scientists, after much reading and smelling the rocks, said that many moons ago, there was an Ice Age that lasted about one million years and it covered the north American continent with a sheet of ice four miles high half way down to Mexico from the Canadian border. They estimated that the ice receded 10,000 years ago. If that’s so, then simple arithmetic tells us that the Ice Age had 2,000 years to go when the scientists say our ancestors crossed the Arctic waste and ice bound Canada over ice four miles thick. Let us envision the ancestors coming over in the rarefied air, four miles high and refrigerated atmosphere at least 100 below zero. In thermal suits and space helmets with bottles of oxygen strapped to their backs. It was a tremendous trip of thousands of miles. …


louis hall Warrior’s hand book (1)

For 500 years we resist to defend our lives.  


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MNN. Aug. 8, 2009. In the 1960s some Mohawks use to visit the Maliseet community of Tobique in New Brunswick. They visited us in Kahnawake to exchange ideas about the Great Law of Peace and how to resist colonialism. We looked up to our elder, Louis Karonhiaktajeh Hall for guidance. He designed the Unity flag, which became known as the warrior flag, and wrote books on indigenous history and revitalization. These people broke free of the capitalist system of exploitation:

“On Monday, June 8, 2009, some Maliseet walked peacefully into the New Brunswick Power Corporation [NB Power] hydro station. Stephen Red Feather Perley approached the employees and said, “You guys have fifteen minutes to pack up and get out.” They left. The Maliseets wrapped a chain around the gate and locked it. The dam was now the property of the Maliseet Nation of Tobique.

Tobique, the largest Maliseet community in New Brunswick, first rejected a developer’s bid to build a hydro dam there in 1844. Another was rejected in 1895. At that time, the Tobique River was “one of the greatest salmon river systems in the world,” (along with the St. John River and its other tributaries) with hundreds of thousands of fish swimming upstream to spawn each year. This defined them and their way of life.

By 1945, provincial and federal agencies started development. In 1950 New Brunswick’s Premier approved construction of a dam at Tobique without consulting the Maliseet. By year end construction began.

Tobique’s chief wrote to Indian Affairs, “If the dam cannot be stopped, we demand compensation.” He wanted “free electricity for all their domestic and business uses”. When the power lines were installed, they were billed. The Council paid for Elders and those on social assistance.

Today, barely any wild salmon make their way up the Tobique river. Tobique has high rates of cancer, due partly to the power lines over the community and to the toxic chemicals dumped and sprayed on their land by NB Power. The dam has eroded the community’s riverbanks. Trees being washed away and homes are in danger of falling into the river”. Many of the edible and medicinal plants are gone. The islands they grew on are underwater. Tobique residents are charged among the highest electricity rates in New Brunswick.

In the spring of 2008, Canada’s Indian Affairs Department put Tobique’s finances under third party management; the Council was purportedly $20 million in debt. They stopped paying the power bills. In April 2008 the elders and welfare recipients received bills for thousands of dollars. When NB Power threatened to cut off an Elder’s electricity, the community stepped in.

In May 2008, some Tobique activists set up a blockade denying NB Power access to the community and to the dam. Almost all Maliseet stopped paying their power bills.

In July 2008, the Maliseet began allowing NB Power access to the dam to do repairs and maintenance only. The employee had to check in with them and be escorted into the dam or community.

That month, NB Power forgave over $200,000 worth of hydro bills. In 2008 Paul Durelle, of Baie-Ste-Anne, NB died when NB Power cut his electricity because of non-payment during the winter. The Maliseet women sat at the blockade every day until New Brunswick’s no-disconnect policy came into effect.

In May 2009, an NB Power employee was caught sneaking around the community reading meters. [After kicking off the peeping Tom] on June 8th, the Maliseet took over the generating station. The blockade went by the highway in front of the dam.

On June 26, 2009 tensions escalated. A truck rolled by the blockade and into the station. The driver was talking on his cell phone. Stephen Perley told him to hang up and seized his truck.

The flustered driver was escorted to the blockade and given food and water. His employer refused to pick him up. The RCMP drove him home.

Today Maliseet women sit at the blockade every day playing cards and watching for NB Power trucks. Cars drive by, many honking in support. The dam continues to operate. NB Power continues to profit off from Tobique’s land and water.

On June 30th, 2009, the NB Minister of Aboriginal Affairs committed some money to restore eroded riverbanks and to clean up toxic and other wastes dumped at and around the dam.

Ottawa’s Department of Justice recently validated Tobique’s specific land claim, the largest in Atlantic Canada. Talks are underway.

The electricity being made on their land belongs to the Maliseet. The imperialist thieves have been hit in the once bulging pocketbook that they refused to share with the Indigenous land and resource owners. Also, they are fraudulently putting up Maliseet unsurrendered land as collateral to raise money on the stock exchange. Maliseets could soon learn to run these operations. So, New Brunswick and NB Power, stop panicking! Don’t do anything stupid or
desperate! Contact: Shawn

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