MNN. Sept. 13, 2019. We can’t be too careful. An “election” of the foreign corporation of the Government of Canada has been called. The immigrants and the traitors want to continue to plunder our land, our resources, and suck our blood. They are now traversing turtle island smiling and making false promises.   The white serpent is an invasive species to turtle island from pole to pole, ocean to ocean, that destroys nature. It must adapt to the way of turtle island or leave.  It refuses to let go of the stranglehold it has on the onkwehonweh. It has no natural imprints on turtle island. We will carry on creation’s will.  

The Human Genome Diversity Project of Stanford University in California is backed by pharmaceuticals. The film the “Gene Hunters” explains  why our cells and DNA are profitable to the white serpent. Watch and learn:

To the pharmaceutical profiteers, we are lab rats for profit. After samples of our blood, hair and body parts are taken to develop cures for diabetes, heart disease, alzheimers, impotence, we can be disposed of. Our cells will be stored in jars in drug labs for the benefit of the chosen. 

The white serpent cares not how we connect with the kasatstensera kowa sa oiera, the great natural power. Our way is in our head, body and energy.


Those who can adapt are welcome to remain. When the time comes Dekanawida said the black serpent will be fearful and will swim south never again to be seen by the onkwehonweh. The red serpent will see the sky world, will be fearful and will crawl north leaving a snaily trail behind. Part of the white serpent’s tail will break off and crawl to the hilly country to heal with the onkwehonweh. The rest of the white serpent will make a feeble attempt to swim toward the light and will never be seen by the onkwehonweh.  

This election is meant to continue the destruction of turtle island, to protect the corporation, and to continue the illusion of freedom to the people. Mostly the white serpent intends to control and exploit the only resource they have, the stolen lands of the indigenous people. Creation makes the final determination.

Ted Nugent states clearly about having a stranglehold: “Here I come again now baby, Like a dog in heat. Tell it’s me by the clamor now baby. I like to tear up the street. Now I been smokin’ for so long. You know I’m here to stay. Got you in a stranglehold baby”. box 991, kahnawake Quebec Canada J0L 1B0 contact