MNN. June 30, 2024. McGill is in the trenches with the robots! The state did not want indigenous around so they experimented on them to create the genocide plan sanctioned by Colonial law. The politicians and scientists who set up the “sleep room” at the Allan Memorial Institute during the 1940s to 1970’s “took orders” from those who own McGill and are trying to destroy creation. People now listen seriously to the debate of two top US robots who are vying to ‘run’ the world. Militaries are now creating robotic armies to fight each other. Allegedly a California designed robotic office worker committed suicide by throwing itself down a flight of stairs landing in pieces. McGill actually has “war labs” creating these weapons for their clients to murder people. The enlistment rate has declined drastically. The police use robots to attack people in their homes. Robots are not paid and so far have no drug or sex problems.  A robot is programmed to not deal with back stabbing, fork tongued murderers. A robot feels no pity, remorse, or fear. They don’t stop until their target is dead, or their battery dies. As Lakota activist Russell Means said to Congress, “Welcome to the reservation. You are now the new Indians!” 

Here’s “O Canajon” sung by a Mohawk Mother to remind or enlighten the colonists of their genocidic “100 year business plan” that comes due on October 25, 2024 called the Framework Agreement based on the “Indian Lands Acts”, whereby this title acknowledges that the land is totally owned by the indigenous. 

O Canajon

We will heal.

Now watch the “Sleep Room” on the tactics developed at the McGill Allan Memorial Institute under the direction of Dr. Ewen Cameron” to turn people into robots.

The Sleep Room   The CIA and MK Ultra in Canada


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