MNN. April 30, 2007. Since the “911” hit on the Twin Towers of New York City, where are the Indigenous people of Turtle Island fitting into the political and economic shift that is taking place worldwide? We have the resources that everybody wants. Could 911 be a deliberate strategy to destroy Turtle Island as a sanctuary or safe haven not only for people but for money?

Just prior to 911 the “Euro” currency was going to be launched within days. It raises suspicion as to who did 911. Issuing the Euro could have devalued the U.S. dollar while raising the value of the Euro currency.

Someone once said that to move your agenda ahead, you have to create a crisis. After 911, the financial capital of the world was shifted from New York City to London. London was already set up to take over banking on the wings of this power shift. Regardless of how 911 happened, that was the result.

The internet constantly shows the destruction of the Twin Towers and other attacks of that day. Investors have become nervous to invest in New York City. Money will move and not take chances. Other players want to cash in on the fall of New York City such as existing megatropolises like Tokyo, Shanghai and London.

The oil sheiks have since quickly converted a desert into a modern mega city. What kind of power structure is being planned in Dubai? Haliburton, for one, is moving its operations there.

It’s only 5 to 6 years of consolidation. If it is Dubai and companies start going there, U.S. interests will have to follow. Other interests are looking for ways to cash in. Dubai and other metropolises are getting ready to handle this shift.

The U.S. is trying to bring the focus back by using our resources as one of the enticements.

The U.S. has blacklisted Canada as a partner, which they want merely as a resource hinterland under their control. The U.S. is already entrenched in Canadian policing, military, governments, the intelligence community, communications, and whatever it takes to control the country. It’s got Canada lock, stock and barrel!

Toronto and Hamilton as the “Golden Horse Shoe” were once a worldwide economic center. They have been downgraded. Toronto is yesterday’s newspaper. The powers that think they are want to set up a new center that will be more attractive to investors and people with money. That is probably why they toyed with the idea of moving the stock exchange to Calgary. Toronto has to be destroyed so that any financial windfall that comes this way will fall on New York City.

Nonetheless Canada is a natural ally to the U.S. Without Canada’s resources the U.S. can’t move ahead. We see the usefulness of the U.S. building up the triangle of Montreal-Cornwall-Ottawa which is closer to New York City.

The U.S. does not finance anything. Buying a company is not the same as coming in and building one. They just come in, take over and buy up companies like Bell to gain control over Canada’s telecommunications. So the U.S. gains control over all communications with access to all private and financial records of the citizens of Canada. Soon it will be worthless to have all our conversations recorded. We might even be released from bondage and regain our freedom. This is what we’re hoping for.

It is an “Americanism” to give Indigenous People the right to demonstrate peacefully. Canadians are not seeing this. They want to shut us up. The U.S. actually wants us to win this war against Canada because it is against the Canadian government, which they have infiltrated. Should we get everything we can while we can? We want control of Turtle Island. The U.S. want Turtle Island. If they side with us to defeat Canada, no doubt they may turn on us. The U.S. ambassador recently said at an Indigenous conference in British Columbia that they are “keeping a close eye on all the activities of the Indigenous People of Canada”. You can be sure they are not doing it for our benefit.

The U.S. has to shift money back to Turtle Island to get our natural resources off us. They don’t want the big money to buy up oil shares, energy and communications in other parts of the world. This will turn Turtle Island into a third world. We, the indigenous people, have the land and resources, which is what the fight is over.

There are also a lot of resources in the China-Soviet Union interior which have not been exploited. A lot of money is going there. All of these activities will decide where the next power base will be. Our land base and resources are being used as trinkets to invest over here. While they’re busy signing away our natural resources, they hope the chips will fall back on New York City. Don’t think for a moment they have any interest in enriching the owners of the land and resources, us.

People shouldn’t forget that US dominance is primarily post World War II. It might be time to shift it somewhere else. Shouldn’t the license to oppress be spread around instead of just focusing on us here? We’ve had enough of their plutocracy [rule of the wealthy for the benefit of the wealthy]. If hierarchy has to exist, it’s time for someone else to take their turn at being oppressed.

The Akwesasne Mohawks are a fly in the ointment. The Mohawks here are well set up and in somebody’s way. Make no mistake. No one will give up Akwesasne. The U.S. know they will never win against us. Indigenous from everywhere will show up and help us defend it. So the U.S. would prefer to work with us. This is something we have to be very careful of.

The colonial band council puppet system will go the way of the do-do bird. We are presently getting back all our people. This is what frightens Canada and its minions.

We need to start laying down the laws right now. The U.S. wants a beachhead they can control. We aren’t going to allow that. They know it. The Canadian politicians have already been bought out and are under U.S. control. But we are not.

We have to watch when they start to develop and implement infrastructures to support their interests. They will box us in and horde those infrastructures. As soon as they consolidate their power back in New York City, that infrastructure will be abandoned. We need to be cautious where infrastructures go and who owns them.

The push will be on. They will make it look like the second coming. We know already that the Indigenous People will not be benefiting. The drive will not come from within our communities. Canadians are asleep at the switch. Someone else is driving their train for them. They have been hypnotized into complacently accepting everything that is happening.

Another thought is that if the U.S. ever gets the idea that it was the Europeans who knocked down the Twin Towers, are we looking at retaliation against them? Will the U.S. do the same to some European infrastructures? If the U.S. is cornered financially or in any other way, if they have the ability to attack, will they do so? That doesn’t exclude London, Paris and other big cities. We don’t know what’s coming.

We have come a long way and we have not fired a single shot. We’ve just been firing our bulletins.

Kahentinetha Horn

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