JUNE 29 LOOKIN’ MORE LIKE A SNARE TO TRAP USMNN. June 21, 2007. The AFN and the RCMP set up the “AFN/RCMP Joint Task Force” among themselves with a mission to work together to curtail something that has not happened yet? The cops are assuming [hoping] that crimes will be committed on the June 29th day of mourning for the unacknowledged holocaust and the desecration of Turtle Island. We have given no indication whatsoever that we intend any violence. How do they know in advance that there will be crimes committed? Phil keeps giving out dire warnings about people breaking Canada’s law. Are the police arranging it? Are they sending in agent provocateurs to create them?

The June 20th Globe and Mail reports, “Flanked by some of the top police officers in the country, Phil Fontaine issued a clear warning yesterday to aboriginal protesters plotting a wide range of mischief in the coming days. And if they so wish to engage in civil disobedience, they can, as long as they’re prepared to accept the consequences.” Said Phil Fontaine. What mischief is he talking about? To demand respect for our jurisdiction? What about the mischief Canada’s is up to.

This is where we see it’s a set up. We know whose side Phil’s on. We can tell it’s all planned.

Phil’s warning to us came after a ceremony at his office in Ottawa where the AFN/RCMP JTF3 agreement was signed. There too were Bev “Scapegoat” Busson of the RCMP, Julian “Little Mouselini” Fantino of the OPP and Stéphane “Frenchy” Chabot of the Sûreté du Québec. All these police forces are being or have been recently investigated and found criminally responsible for theft and murder. They’re trying to divert attention away from themselves.

Phil Fontaine of the colonial Assembly of First Nations is part of the obfuscation conspiracy to make this happen. For weeks he was promoting the demonstration and initially announced it. Now he’s telling us we can all be arrested. This is a classical case of entrapment. This time it involves all the Indigenous nations.

Millions of government funds are being spent on orchestrating this demonstration across the country. Phil, as co-conspirator, should be arrested immediately for inciting violence. He is creating a situation where crimes are going to be committed.

The police usually hire the agents where crimes are likely to be committed. They’ve always done that. We notice that some conspirators do a lot of law breaking but never get charged. This is the up front tactic, to give them immunity. The cops tried to create chaos again and again without success at Six Nations, Akwesasne, Tyendinaga, Kahnawake, Kanehsatake, Gustafsen Lake and Ipperwash to name a few.

Phil’s sidekick is a known imposter, Guillaume Carle, head of a phony “Indian” organization, the Confederation of Aboriginal People of Canada CONK. Phil and Guillaume are working to get rid of Indian affairs. Even though Indian Affairs is not doing it, its their obligation to protect our interests. Phil and his gang of real estate and development brokers want to be the middle men in all land claims negotiations and resource development and sales in the future. They want to make the deals with the international investors and get commission for doing so.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said that we have been handled with “kid gloves” by the previous governments. He’s going to “lay down the law. We are going to show them who is the boss!” Does that sound like a threat? Even at its height the British Empire weren’t so blunt.

Guillaume “Paid-to-be-an-Indian” Carle, has deep pockets. He’s canceling his “mega-gathering” in front of the Indian Affairs Building known as the “Tower of Terror”. This guy’s been unmasked as a phony and kicked out of Maniwaki, Barriere Lake, Kanesatake, Akwesasne and elsewhere. He wants his picture taken with real Indians so he can get some kind of recognition as a “Metis”.

Carle staged a March to blockade Quebec’s Route 117, waving warrior flags. No Indians were there. One showed up to see what was going on. Carle says he represents ‘all’ off-reserve aboriginals! He sells Indian status cards for $23 a year, or $46 for two years. He’s committing fraud and the cops turn the other way. Why? Because he’s not an Indian.

He says his “constitutional rights” are being violated because his phone is tapped and he is being watched by the police. If he’s claiming to be a native, he doesn’t have any constitutional rights. No native would own up to that phony constitution.

Mr. Carle was joined by Guy Frigon, who leads the Quebec wing of CONK. He says he’s a member of the Mohawk Warriors Society. We checked him out. None of our men ever heard of him. We checked Interpol. Carle and Frigon are not on the list, so they can’t be Indian.

Police want control. Phil has been hired to help them. Who’s pulling their strings?

They are going to do their best to provoke us into committing a violent act. If one of their agents sucker punches us, are they expecting us to turn the other cheek? One response from us might result in a bloodbath.

This June 29th “Day of Protest” is a government project being erected at the expense of the taxpayers. They hired Phil Fontaine to set it up. Since Phil is the organizer and head conspirator, if any wrong doing takes place, he should be the first one arrested for inciting violence. Okay cops, get the tiniest handcuffs ready for him.

The public needs to stand with us and be witnesses to who the real criminals are.

Commissioner Fantino said the day will go smoothly, but the OPP expects [to create] a few “exceptions.” We are all fair game to them.

We need to keep our eyes and ears open. We could be trapped into being involved in someone else’s law breaking so that the cops can go after those they want out of the way. They are out to harass their enemies and it is us.

Fontaine is nervous about how events will play out because he’s the front man for the government. He’s doing their dirty work. Watch out, folks. We don’t need anything else to mourn about.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation news


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