MNN. June 22, 2007. The Red-X was apprehended by the special “anti-terrorist” forces constituted by the U.S., Canada and Europe to institute terror. They have taken Red-X for special “attention” and to get him out of the way for the June 29th “Phil Fontaine Day”. Without giving him any reason or charges, he was taken away under some new law to a state that excels in torture. No one heard from him for several days. Once in a while, we heard static and beeps coming into our minds but nothing more.Suddenly a telepathic message flashed telling us how he was tortured by a special squad. They were dressed in black with black hoods. They looked something like Darth Vader’s gang. They used all the old tactics like inserting large objects into his rectum which he expelled into their faces, knocking out one eye. They siced beasts on him to frighten, bite and anally rape him. These animals ended up trying to help him and even licked some of his wounds, which drove his tormenters nuts. They also tried to put a computer chip in his brain so they could track him. They were unsuccessful because his body rejected it. He did not have the necessary anti-rejection chemicals in his system. It fell on the floor and broke into a thousand pieces. Derogatory terms were constantly hurled at him, like “dirty red sand nigger and maggot”, “Wagon burner, “big papoose” and “chief”.

They squashed his testicles which bounced back like silly putty. “You’re part of the resistance”, they kept yelling at him in frustration.

The U.S. has some of the most refined torture methods in the world. They want to show our people what they can do to us if we resist them. They deprived him of all his senses and tactile contact, in the hopes he would go crazy. That didn’t work either because he knows they can hold onto or destroy his body but they can’t touch his spirit. He will always know who he is.

They want to convince our people who they consider to be “rogues” to hand over all our oil, minerals and natural resources to the U.S. and whoever is controlling them without a fight.

They think if they can get the Red-X, then everybody else will fall. The colonists don’t know we do not have leaders. Another favorite from their arsenal of torture is “water boarding”. He was strapped to a board, turned upside down and immersed in a wet towel to simulate drowning until he lost conscious. The trouble is that the Red-X is consciousness, so he couldn’t lose it.

Another one was a drip from the ceiling onto his forehead for days on end. He drank up all the water and regenerated himself.

“They tried to behead me but saw the scar on my neck”, he said. They decided against this because they figured that the Third Dimension would come and sew it back on like they did before. That happened when he was beheaded as an 8-year old at the residential school run by the churches for the colonial government.

‘They told me that they’re going to put their flags on Turtle Island once and for all, whether we like it or not”. They told him, “That means we’ve conquered you”. Then they continued bullying the Red-X.

We have been under sanctions for 500 years. It has killed millions of our men, women and babies. Is it possible for us to forgive them? We are the only ones that have the capacity to do that because we are still human. The invaders lost that ability a long time ago. They desensitized their conscience so they have no more sense of morality. They don’t seem to know what is right or wrong. They’ve lost their souls. That’s why they were and are able to commit all this cruelty against us and our land. That’s why they can’t sense the pain they inflict on us when they torture us.

Do we want the corporate butchers to completely ruin us and our land? Can we let them sell off all our assets and control our resources?

We want freedom and independence. What can we do about our saboteurs? We want the colonists to leave and to take the traitors with them. Turtle Island will never be theirs. We will always resist this illegal, immoral occupation.

The occupiers are causing us harm, sickness, poverty and lawlessness. We need clean drinking water, good hospitals, food on the table, safety in the streets, and our homes not to be attacked by foreign trespassers like the RCMP, OPP, SQ and their “Indian” police henchmen. These troops are making sure that our lives will have nothing but misery, poverty, disease and fear. The trauma suffered by our children are some of the most brutal strategies ever devised by man. The residential schools holocaust has lasted for generations.

We survived that. We are capable of overcoming any atrocity because the peacemaker, Dekanawida, gave us that ability. We cannot become like our oppressors. One day can we drive them out? Peace over Turtle Island could drive them all away. If the colonists keep up their cruelty, we could end up hating them. We can’t wait to see them all on those sailing ships leaving New York harbor going back to where they came from. We’ll stand on the shore and wave good-bye to them.

The Red-X implicitly stated previously that, “We should be very mindful of why Phil of the Assembly of First Nations is calling for “resistance” on the June 29th ”Phil Fontaine Day”. He is in reality working with the enemy class to smoke out any opposition to them, as they did in Gustafsen Lake in 1995 and Kanehsatake/Oka in 1990”.

MNN received a vivid image of the Red-X nursing his wounds and a light tear rolled down his hooded cheek. This came to us from the porthole of the Third Dimension. The tears he shed were not for himself. It was for the people who must continue in the meantime to endure this misery of everyday existence under colonial rule.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

poster: katenies