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MNN. 24 Mar. 2015. What happens to plutocrats and their followers when colonialism is over? A great big hangover. After centuries of oppression these parasites suffer in agony from dehydration, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, hyper-excitability and anxiety. They can’t live without preying on us, our lives and blood anymore. Their fake matrix is falling apart and can’t sustain them. They need pacified and scared slaves to operate. The beast of war is hysterical and waging last ditch colonial wars to continue their deadly illusion.

Wow! Heard the pyramid disappeared.

“Ow! I’m out of colonies, honey. Have you got anymore aspirin?”

The West is suffering the morning after hangover. They can’t live without colonialism. They have nothing without stealing and making everybody else do the work. They will do anything to stay in the old game. France, England, Spain, Holland, Portugal and Germany are the biggest predators. They rampaged, raped and pillaged Ongwe’hon:weh [natural people of the world]. They have everything through blood lust, warmongering and chaos. Now the colony of the US is colonizing Europe. Russia is once again in the middle of their fascist aspirations.

'I won't be around, but think, Billy - you will see the end of this race in your lifetime!'The oligarchs have less and less compliant slaves. The victims are finding they can protect themselves by disappearing, missing work, low job performance, reduced productivity, poor achievement and less spending.

Some complications of colonial hangovers are collective amnesia about their brutal colonization tactics. Their control mechanisms are disappearing because their underlings who do all the work are being rendered irrelevant. Bankers who know all the inner workings of the matrix are disappearing. Scientists who develop all the weapons of genocide are being eliminated.

China and Russia are on the ascendency, throwing a wrench into the plans of the West. They do not follow the pyramidal power structure of the Vatican controlled West. Russia is preparing for nuclear war because they have seen these people at their worst in two world wars. We as Kanion’ke:haka/Mohawks thank the Russian people for ending the banker created World War I and World War II. Nia:wen kowa!up in smoke

Jigosaseh, the mother of nations, warned Dekanawida about the dangerous man who eats humans and stands in the way of peace. Dekanawida said that it is each ones duty to bring such evils to an end so that all people may go about from place to place without fear.

As the Irish Rovers sing about their hangover that the oligarchs will be feeling. “Could have been the whisky. Might have been the gin. Could have the 3 or 4 six-packs. I don’t know. But look at the mess I’m in. My head’s like a football. I think I’m gonna die. Tell me, me oh me, oh my. Wasn’t that a party”.

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Dead bankers & scientists.

Police tracking video:

USD flash crash of things to come.








MNN. July 17, 2013. Prime Minister Harper’s former economic hit man within Indian Affairs, Jim Prentice, also known as “The-Dim-Apprentice”, is warning us, his Indigenous landlords, to turn over our energy and natural resources to the international bankers real quick, or else! Harper’s scam-the-Indians-and-get-a-commission right hand man left government to become a big cheese at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. It’s one of the banks that exists on deposits from the ever growing $350 trillion Indian Trust Fund. His job is to con us.

Dim: Such a sweeeet deal you can't pass up"!

Dim: Such a sweeeet deal you can’t pass up”!

He told the bankers that we are being given a chance to cash in on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The clock is ticking. Change of life is coming fast!

They have to fulfill the international law requirements of “duty to consult”. The true grassroots Indigenous are being avoided. They are going to talk only to their trained seals, the Band Councils Inc. and their other corporate Injun organizations. Their job is to sign away our resources and our “pesky” existence. The genocide can only happen with the artificial Indians’ cooperation. Their bonuses are already being deposited into off-shore accounts. This corrupt system is looking for another traitor like Joseph Brant to sell all our land to them illegally.

Dim said, “Hey, Injuns, we are giving you ‘incredible opportunities’ to let us steal your possessions. We will give you a few jobs. This is a chance for us to get rid of you for good. Step right up!”

Dim is scamming us everywhere dragging along his helpmates, Assembly of First Nations Inc. We’re going to incorporate you all then we’re going to have a hostile takeover of everyone of you.lying lawyer

Dim says he’s the “bridge” between us his landlords and our natural resource and his multinational corporate friends who are trying to steal it.

He alleged to AFN that economic benefits outweigh environmental concerns until all Indigenous resources are extracted.

Dim warned AFN to run fast to the conference at the picnic folding table to negotiate “constructively’. This means “sign here!” Some corporate Injun mouthpieces with forked tongues are being picked who will sign quickly, listen to government advisers and talk for us.

“Nation building” is liquefied natural gas terminals on the West coast to Ring of Fire [James/Hudsons Bay] to pipelines. Whether we like it or not, these are going to move ahead without us. They can’t have another tree! It was murder the Indians, now it’s murder everything on and under the land. CARS

Dim commented, “You’ve spent years in our Admiralty courts trying to get governments and companies to stop stealing your natural resources”.  It’s no use!

AFN Inc. has been told that business needs our cooperation, and their job is to deliver. All Canada belongs to us. AFN Inc. wants to generously share our resources with their owners, the bankers. Jim Prentice should listen to Ted Nugent sing: “Ooh, snake skin cowboys/Who the hell do you think you are? You’re dancing around with your high-heeled boots. Don’t think that should get you far…snakeskin cowboys


Battle of Queenston Heights 1812, when  the British left  the Mohawks to fight invasion of 3,000 Americans.

Battle of Queenston Heights 1812, when the British picked up their dead general and ran away. Then 92 Mohawks stood up and  3,600 Americans ran back down the cliff and back across the river.









Global News

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BROWN FACE, WHITE SYSTEM- the torture never stops




MNN. Apr. 25, 2013. Beware Injun Conferences where we have to listen to Indian Act or Federal Indian Law sell-outs spout the glories of colonialism. They are the “Finder’s Fee Indians”. The speakers are mostly band or tribal councilors, or those who are trained to conduct treason against our people. Serious issues are ignored. No comparison is made with true traditional law based on our inherent tie to the land. The speeches bore us to tears. Most leave empty-handed and empty-headed! These smoke and mirrors performances are meant to waste our time. In the evening we are entertained at an open bar. The next morning we don’t remember a thing. finders fee

Should you miss the Indian conference circuit for ten years or more, don’t worry. The next one will be exactly the same. The speakers never tell us how they are lining their own pockets by stealing our money or the government directly deposits it into their off-shore accounts. Their job is to make it look like we are in favor of land claims settlements and mega development. They get a casino or poker palace, owned and operated by white people as tax havens, in the name of native sovereignty. “We have to survive for another 500 years”, they tell us. 

Chief: "I signed so you would get this".

Chief: “I signed so you would get this”.

There’s no heckling because we listen and wait our turn. No opening is provided in the agenda. Speaker called “FinderFee” says, “Blah, blah, blah! Relations with federal, state, provincial and local governments have never been better” [to steal everything from us]. He’s really saying, “We’re looking for other brain dead people to work with”. Syracuse University and University of Victoria are giving fully paid scholarships to train sell-outs in their governance programs. 

Councilor “140-Acres” greets us with a fake heavy Indian accent. When he gets riled up, he sounds just like a regular New Yorker.  “I can go to Albany, Washington or Ottawa and mill around with those [crooked] politicians”! Councillor “Where’s-My-Finder’s-Fee” extols, “That’s how important we are”. casino

Speaker “Who-Never-Got-a-Finder’s-Fee” wants to send the government to the traditional council to sign away our rights!  As if! 

Another “Who-Lost-His-Finder’s-Fee” talked about how the government system dealt with his case to stop garbage dumps contaminating the water and environment. The court refused to hear it. 

For $35 the attendees get a T-shirt with a clenched FU fist on the back and a box lunch. Those who had fallen asleep were awakened in time to see an award being given to the Master of Ceremonies by his mother. People, some of us are getting tired of having our intelligence insulted. As Frank Zappa reminds us of the corporation trap: “Flies all green and buzzing in his dungeon of despair. Prisoners grumble and piss their clothes and scratch their matted hair. A tiny light from a window hole a hundred yards away is all they ever get to know about the regular life in the day; and it stinks so bad the stones been choking and dripping greenish drops. In the room where the giant fire puffer works and the torture never stops. In the room where the giant puffer works and the torture never stops. the torture never stops“.  sleeping audience

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MNN.  JAN. 26, 2013.  We are subduing the enemy without physically fighting them. Now he is ours. The bridge is there, but they will not be able to escape. Their only retreat is to jail or death.

Cul du sac!

Bankers’ cul du sac!


Our enemy is irritated because of their own arrogance, which is their greatest weakness. The paradigm is shifting.  Their “slaves” want to be free.  The path of their subjects leads to the Great White Roots of Peace. They are already coming to us to open their own minds. Once their minds awake to the truth, no one can put them back to sleep.  The peace will return to us and our Mother as our ancient teachings direct. This will be the end of the oligarchs here on Great Turtle Island.   

The pyramid will be taken apart from the inside. The bottom shall disassemble the top. The rest of the hierarchical system will collapse.  It is against the laws of nature.    

Row, row, corporate Indians!

Row, faster, corporate Indians!

Canada Prime Minister Harper’s main role is to ramp up resource extraction for their planet trashing plans. His corporate Indians [AFN, band councils] are all following the same business plan. The only time line that puppet Shawn Atleo is going to make is to get on the same boat as a galley slave with his masters and sail off to prison for the traitor that he is.  

Atleo wants to rejuvenate education [brainwashing] for the Indians, not himself. He knows the truth about the real brutal history of his corporate masters. His knowledge of the genocide and stolen trust fund will land him in a Nuremberg cell with his best friend, Herr Harper. He will say, “I was just following orders!”  But the orders did not come from the women of his nation. This is high treason against his own people.  All the other band councilors and the SS Indian Affairs system will be on the same big boat to Europe.  Since we won’t have prisons here, they will have to go home. They’ll be witnessing from afar the rebirth of our Mother Land, Great Turtle Island, from their jail cells in the Fatherland [Europe]. 

Iceland is now the only free country on earth because the bankers are all in jail and they’re printing their own money.  The banks collapsed because all the deficits owed to them were proven to be frauds. Private companies like airlines or other businesses fail when they are mismanaged or proven to be fraudulent. So they did.  Banks are high stakes companies, like casinos. They thought the house always wins.  Ordinary people should not have to pump up the banks through their taxes. The financial sector was huge and gobbling up all the professionals.  It is now the smallest, as it should be.  When financial sectors failed, other businesses blossom.  

Atleo wants to cooperate with economic growth, more trade with western countries to build weapons that continue the never ending war on terror throughout the planet. This goes against the supreme law of Great Turtle Island. He must go. 

Bankers & accomplices: You can't hide.

Bankers & accomplices: You can’t hide.


As Jimmie Rodgers wrote:  “Well, I Had a friend named Rambling Bob, who used to steal, gamble and rob.  He thought he was the smartest guy in town, but I found out last Monday that Bob got locked up Sunday. They got him in the jailhouse way downtown”. Original:Jimmie Rodgers: He’s in the jailhouse now

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MNN.  Jan. 23, 2013.  It’s “Nazism”. [Operation Paperclip]. Harper and his criminals are trying to get away with genocide and the biggest theft in banking history, our “Indian Trust Fund”. With the help of his band councils and provincial and territorial organizations PTO, Prime Minister Harper is trying to assimilate us, terminate our rights and end our identity as the original people of Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island, as if we never existed.

Harper & corporate Indians in the same boat.

Harper & corporate Indians in the same boat.


His ‘tables’ will force us to terminate ourselves.  If we don’t agree, the table will be folded and taken away.  The PTOs think they will get piles money for helping him.  Advisory services will be picked out to bypass our defending our lives and stopping the theft of everything we have.  

"Elites" heading for their hideouts.

“Elites” fleeing to their hideouts.

Former Bank of Canada head, Mark Carney, is in London to complete the theft of our $3 trillion “Indian Trust Fund”.  Our funds are meant to prop up their banking fraud and top up the blood line system [apartheid].  

Indigenous title will be extinguished. Underlying title will be turned over to the provinces.  Like the “Trail of Tears”, we will be forcibly removed from our homelands, thrown out on the snow in the middle of winter, with our children and elders. To get our homes back, we will have to register with the provinces.   “Leaders” will b selected for us.  

The Indian Act is illegal. To be interpreted by Harper and his puppets.  Our communities will be turned into municipalities. We will be separated and individualized.  Our communal society will be made illegal and dismantled. 

The final nail is:  neutralize us; taxation; provinces to get jurisdiction of us and our properties; eliminate our communities; impoverish us economically; dismantle all legitimate agreements such as the Guswentha [Great Peace of Montreal 1701].  

Band councilors are major consplrators to the crime. Harper’s corporate Indians are going to help him terminate federal trust responsibility, reduce spending, shift us to the provinces and get rid of Indian Affairs that holds our money.  He wants to renew the abusive relationship, not to remove the tarnish from the chain.  

This is the US termination Act and Canadian 1969 White Paper rolled into one. It is paper theft to accelerate the genocide and get away with it in the eyes of the world, so international bankers can continue to steal our natural resources. 

We are still here.  We will stop the theft and extermination attempt. We are a part of Great Turtle Island and always will be. Paper cannot remove us or separate us from our Mother.  Electronics cannot snuff us out. We are still on our land and will not let one single thing leave. Herr Harper, you will not be able to remove one single stone, tree or drop of water, from your jail cell in Nuremburg!  

Harper & Atleo:  We were following orders to commit the genocide.

Harper & Atleo: We were just following orders to commit genocide.

“We’ll hold our heads up high as we move along, thinking with one mind, as we sing our song.  We’re glad to say, we say loud and clear, through all the sadness, we are still here.”   Thahoketoteh: We are still here

Read Russell Diabo: Harper Launches Termination Plan:  As Negotiation Tables Legitimize Canada’s Colonialism.  

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MNN.  Jan. 2, 2013.  During the 1970s pipeline protests, the Department of Defense set up a secret “war room” on the 14th floor of Indian Affairs in Ottawa. The windows were blacked out, a large map of Canada sat on a table in the middle, with red-yellow-green flags on all our communities. Rooms with computers were at the side.

Indian Affairs war room

Indian Affairs war room

In 1990 the Quebec Police, RCMP and Canadian army invaded 3 of our communities, an act of war. Daily strategy meetings were held in the “War Room” attended by Indian Affairs, Defense, Canadian Intelligence Services, RCMP, Quebec government, Quebec Police, Ontario Government and police, New York State Police and National Guard and other Canada and US agencies, media, band/tribal councils and other sell-outs. State repression used our own people to carry out the aggression against us. 

The public joined us against capitalist exploitation. They were threatened and arrested.  Politicians yelled provocative rhetoric. Right wing forces were whipped up.  Ethnic tensions were ignited.  People screamed demands to attack and bring us into line.

Surveillance was constant.  Agent provocateurs were sent in to provoke trouble so as to bring in crowd control and violence against us.  ATMs in our community shut down so no money was available. The siege lasted for 78 days. 

Today Prime Minister Harper wants to bring down the “Idle No More” movement. We are demanding the immediate repeal of illegal law C-45 to steal everything from us.  Their banker bosses want this resistance under control now!  The predators need tactics to take us out.  

Promises to Idle No More will be made which they don’t intend to keep; laws may be passed to ban protests; media will be flooded with anti-Indian rhetoric to minimize our support; disinformation and nasty reports published to create fear and cause divisions.   

To prepare ourselves, every family should maintain our own security. Our healthy members are being listed to be rounded up when they come in for the final solution.  Newcomers should be scrutinized.

207 check point

207 check point

Indian agents may make us use passes to go in and out of our designated areas.  In 1990 military checkpoints were placed everywhere, even on the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers.

Quebec coast guard ready to chase Mohawks

Quebec coast guard ready to chase Mohawks


The state is asking, “What motivates those Indians.  We need to predict their moves. Do they have kids? Let’s stop the food, medical aid and other necessities of life. Do the old people need special care? What can we get away with?”

Our unpredictability is impossible for them to deal with. We use guerilla tactics.  They are bred to lie, misinform and use counter-intelligence. 

They know we have total unconditional sovereignty.  Mother Earth cannot be ruled. Their war room is cranked up. They watch us with drones, agents and infiltrators. They can’t put out our fire. Our young arrows are standing up for us.  We will do anything to defend our children.  When we dance, all our ancestors and future generations join us. 

As Seattle said:  “Tribe follows tribe.  Nation follows nation.  Like the waves of the sea.  It is the order of nature and regret is useless.  Your time of decay may be distant.  But it will surely come.  For even the white man cannot be exempt from the destiny.”  He too will get a dirt blanket.   

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MNN.  Jan. 2, 2013.  The “Indian” reserves are concentration camps for Indigenous people, designed to breed hopelessness, suicides and eventually death. The world is seeing hunger striker Chief Theresa Spence as a victim of this policy. 

The main function of reserves is genocide to purge Canada of their “undesirable elements”, the owners of the land, to get our resources. 

Oka Mohawk Crisis 1990

Oka Mohawk Crisis 1990

Fences were built around us.  We needed passes to get in or out.  Indian agents and band councilors were trained to be wardens.  These prisoner of war camps were set up on Oct. 24th 1924 by Duncan Campbell Scott, the Superintendent of Indian Affairs, the real power of the colony at the time. The Indian Act was the Corporation of Canada by law, to carry out the “final solution of the Indian problem”, that is the total extermination of our people.  By 1950 Canada proudly boasted there were only 89,000 of us left. 

Over 100 million of our people in the Western Hemisphere perished in the biggest holocaust in humanity.  

Prime Minister Pudge Harper and Jim Flaherty’s Bill C-45 is singling out our children for destruction. 

Flaherty & Pudge Harper

Flaherty & Pudge Harper

Our children were grabbed and taken to the residential school death camps.  Since 1924 almost half died from starvation, exposure, brutality, disease and murder.  In the 1930s Nazi doctors were invited by Canada to do medical research on our children and then kill them. 

Some death camps were near population centres to use us as cheap labor, for prostitution rings and sex slaves for the local elite and to be sacrified in ritualistic murders by the pedophile clergy.   

On Dec. 21, 2012 Pope Ratzinger said that, “… child rape isn’t bad.  It is normal back in his time.  Pedophilia isn’t absolute evil.  Child pornography is normal in society.  There is no good or evil.  Only better than or worse than.” 

The Nazis studied these extermination and death camps as a model for their concentration camps.  Their first ones were called residential schools.  Hitler told the US, “Don’t point your finger at me.  Look what you’ve done”.  

Band councils are the camp commandants, who run these camps for the multinational corporation of Canada, for the gradual disappearance of our people. The reason was to extract every resource beneath our feet.  

Indian Band councils knowingly facilitate the efficient disintegration of our people.  Near Chief Spence’s community of Attawapiskat the DeBeers Diamond Co. built a modern settlement with plumbing and hydro for the workers in the mines. The native people are being poisoned to death from the environmental destruction.  DeBeers wants them removed so they can destroy everything.  The CEO of DeBeers told the CEO of Canada, Harper, not to speak to Chief Spence.    

We will not use force of arms, arrests, prisons and assassinations even though the enemy is using brute force on us.  

Our power is in the home and the community.  To defend ourselves we need a strong military and civilian defence structure.  We have the right to protect ourselves.  We will never leave our land.  

Our men will safeguard our communities so that that our women and men can set up functioning councils. Our home communities will not be dismantled.  The genocide programs and their administrators will be dismantled. The Corporation of Canada and their band councils are criminal organizations and will pay for their crimes. If there is no apparatus to enforce their will, they can’t exist.  

periscopeWe will assert ourselves as the true people of Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island.  The Corporation of Canada is an illegal entity that is a homeless boat nation.  Maybe the defunk shareholders will find a new home to practice their Admiralty Law.  Like the Beatles sang, “So we sailed into the sun til we found a sea of green, and we lived beneath the waves in our yellow submarine”.  

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MNN.  Jan. 25, 2012.  That dance between Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his top Indian CEO, Shawn Atleo, at the phony First Nations Summit in Ottawa sends the same old “we’re-gonna-get-dem-Injuns” message.

This was the first public face-to-face meeting of Harper and his 400 corporate Injuns in Canada.  Their job is to continue the illusion that Canada is a legal country and to help the corporation make money from the extraction of Indigenous resources.

Harper got his Indians to threaten an Arab Style uprising so the military can come in and keep us in line. Is Atleo, of the Assembly of First Nations, going to stand in the bush and start tweeting to get the revolution going?  Canada wants someone to sell off our mother, Great Turtle Island, to the international bankers, and pocket the money.

The Mohawk Crisis of 1990, a true resistance, is always trotted out as a threat.  They want a controlled uprising “like the US Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s”!!! Are they kidding?  AIM stopped the army bloodbath at Wounded Knee. Many went to jail, were killed, and Leonard Peltier has been in jail for 38 years.

Here’s the script.  Harper, the foreigner, sets up the First Nations Land Management Act to privatize Great Turtle Island with the help of his fake Indians.

Meantime Harper pushes third world living conditions on the rest of us.  Out of desperation, we will be forced to sell our land to stay alive.

Then they cry about the integrity of the Crown!  What?  The crown is a corporation that took over the monarchy in a hostile takeover bid.  [1924 Ontario Indian Land Act when Indian Affairs and Ontario clandestinely put Indigenous on reservations for the first time. It was retaliation for Haudenosaunee applying to join League of Nations 1923.].

As Etowokam said in 1710 when he returned from Queen Anne’s Court, England:  “They rely on the written word.  That is how they will be judged”.  We rely on the wampum and the rule of law based on the natural world, not man-made orders.

Harper left Tuesday night January 24th for the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland.  The world’s elite were anxiously waiting to hear that we had been put back to sleep so they can continue their theft.

Instead we are louder than ever.  Canada and the world should answer to us, as everything they want is ours.

Instead the foreign usurpers are sitting in high chairs like babies bawling at the land and resource owners.  Everyone in the world is on to their bad act.

Yes, let’s discuss our birthright and that Mother Earth cannot be sold. Sure, put an end to the illegal Indian Act.  Respect the real relationship between us and the foreigners.

Their fake Indian idols complain we can’t use our land as collateral for loans from the foreign corporations that are squatting on our land.  Yet the Canadian government and corporations use our unsurrendered land as collateral to raise money on the global stock markets.  That’s theft, fraud and genocide.

Those fake Indians who want to be part of this foreign entity cannot usurp our sovereignty.  Why don’t you sign on with the immigrants and become the property of the shareholders of Canada, just like other Canadians.

There will be no “Aboriginal” Spring. Seasons change but not our minds or the dreaded truth.

As the song Waltzing Matilda portrays:  all the women [fake Indians] are standing around waiting to dance with the jolly swagman [Harper}.  “You’ll come a’waltzing, Malilda, with me!”

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MNN. Mar. 29, 2010. We Indigenous know that we are being monstrously targeted. We are scattered throughout Great Turtle Island. The colonial government is trying to create a reason to remove and scatter us.

Our communities are deliberately being made unviable, unlivable and mismanaged to create weakness, hunger and thirst. Fierce restrictions, cutbacks, no jobs and no economy are being imposed to create hopelessness.

Resettlement is part of the strategy. Many of our people already have been removed to concentration-extermination camp conditions: Mohawk to Wahta, Innu to Labrador and Inuit to the high Arctic. Curfews and passes were imposed. Food and necessities were rationed. Many died. Our children were removed to residential schools. About half were killed.

In 2005 over 60 Australian Aboriginie communities were placed under martial law run by the military.

For 500 years European invaders continue the genocide of Indigenous. They control the money, police, government, economy and military.

The corporate media does not expose these atrocities. Communication is controlled. The masses say little.

Many of our people join the aggressors or pacifist cults. Some support Canada and US extermination policies, especially the colonial band and tribal councils. They put down any resistance. They will be heroes for convincing us to go like lambs to the slaughter. Their Indian cops tell us it’s futile to resist and encourage us to be passive.

Our resources are being used to carry out the genocide. Hannah Arendt said that in WW II almost without exception Jewish leaders in Germany and worldwide cooperated with the Nazis to carry out the Jewish holocaust. They designed the camps, targeted resisters, compiled lists to send to the concentration camps, which properties to seize and distributed the yellow star ID badge that Jews had to wear. Their own money paid for their holocaust.

If the band and tribal councils do not help their masters, there will be unorganized chaos and less of us will be killed or affected. They will discourage resistance, sabotage rescue attempts and coerce us to re-settle. Our lands and properties are probably being promised to them. In the end, they will be put on the same trains with us. The Apache trackers who helped the US army capture Geronimo were all sent to the same prison in Florida.

Fascist thugs believe that natural law is based on violence and that brutal force can solve social problems; democracy is the enemy of the people because it inhibits brutality; life is a perpetual struggle for existence. Only the strong and brutal survive; and the world belongs to those who seize and control it. [Hitler: Main Kempf].

Anti-Indian racism, threats to our babies, young men and women are control tactics. Our interrelationship with the natural world must be renewed. Living in identifiable communities is necessary. Solidarity must be created between our families. Trusted supporters must be found.

In the end Hitler’s Jewish police were gunned down: “If you can do this to your own, what would you do to me?” Using our own against us is an old tactic. It‘s harder to resist when our own are trying to help eliminate us.

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JUNE 29 LOOKIN’ MORE LIKE A SNARE TO TRAP USMNN. June 21, 2007. The AFN and the RCMP set up the “AFN/RCMP Joint Task Force” among themselves with a mission to work together to curtail something that has not happened yet? The cops are assuming [hoping] that crimes will be committed on the June 29th day of mourning for the unacknowledged holocaust and the desecration of Turtle Island. We have given no indication whatsoever that we intend any violence. How do they know in advance that there will be crimes committed? Phil keeps giving out dire warnings about people breaking Canada’s law. Are the police arranging it? Are they sending in agent provocateurs to create them?

The June 20th Globe and Mail reports, “Flanked by some of the top police officers in the country, Phil Fontaine issued a clear warning yesterday to aboriginal protesters plotting a wide range of mischief in the coming days. And if they so wish to engage in civil disobedience, they can, as long as they’re prepared to accept the consequences.” Said Phil Fontaine. What mischief is he talking about? To demand respect for our jurisdiction? What about the mischief Canada’s is up to.

This is where we see it’s a set up. We know whose side Phil’s on. We can tell it’s all planned.

Phil’s warning to us came after a ceremony at his office in Ottawa where the AFN/RCMP JTF3 agreement was signed. There too were Bev “Scapegoat” Busson of the RCMP, Julian “Little Mouselini” Fantino of the OPP and Stéphane “Frenchy” Chabot of the Sûreté du Québec. All these police forces are being or have been recently investigated and found criminally responsible for theft and murder. They’re trying to divert attention away from themselves.

Phil Fontaine of the colonial Assembly of First Nations is part of the obfuscation conspiracy to make this happen. For weeks he was promoting the demonstration and initially announced it. Now he’s telling us we can all be arrested. This is a classical case of entrapment. This time it involves all the Indigenous nations.

Millions of government funds are being spent on orchestrating this demonstration across the country. Phil, as co-conspirator, should be arrested immediately for inciting violence. He is creating a situation where crimes are going to be committed.

The police usually hire the agents where crimes are likely to be committed. They’ve always done that. We notice that some conspirators do a lot of law breaking but never get charged. This is the up front tactic, to give them immunity. The cops tried to create chaos again and again without success at Six Nations, Akwesasne, Tyendinaga, Kahnawake, Kanehsatake, Gustafsen Lake and Ipperwash to name a few.

Phil’s sidekick is a known imposter, Guillaume Carle, head of a phony “Indian” organization, the Confederation of Aboriginal People of Canada CONK. Phil and Guillaume are working to get rid of Indian affairs. Even though Indian Affairs is not doing it, its their obligation to protect our interests. Phil and his gang of real estate and development brokers want to be the middle men in all land claims negotiations and resource development and sales in the future. They want to make the deals with the international investors and get commission for doing so.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said that we have been handled with “kid gloves” by the previous governments. He’s going to “lay down the law. We are going to show them who is the boss!” Does that sound like a threat? Even at its height the British Empire weren’t so blunt.

Guillaume “Paid-to-be-an-Indian” Carle, has deep pockets. He’s canceling his “mega-gathering” in front of the Indian Affairs Building known as the “Tower of Terror”. This guy’s been unmasked as a phony and kicked out of Maniwaki, Barriere Lake, Kanesatake, Akwesasne and elsewhere. He wants his picture taken with real Indians so he can get some kind of recognition as a “Metis”.

Carle staged a March to blockade Quebec’s Route 117, waving warrior flags. No Indians were there. One showed up to see what was going on. Carle says he represents ‘all’ off-reserve aboriginals! He sells Indian status cards for $23 a year, or $46 for two years. He’s committing fraud and the cops turn the other way. Why? Because he’s not an Indian.

He says his “constitutional rights” are being violated because his phone is tapped and he is being watched by the police. If he’s claiming to be a native, he doesn’t have any constitutional rights. No native would own up to that phony constitution.

Mr. Carle was joined by Guy Frigon, who leads the Quebec wing of CONK. He says he’s a member of the Mohawk Warriors Society. We checked him out. None of our men ever heard of him. We checked Interpol. Carle and Frigon are not on the list, so they can’t be Indian.

Police want control. Phil has been hired to help them. Who’s pulling their strings?

They are going to do their best to provoke us into committing a violent act. If one of their agents sucker punches us, are they expecting us to turn the other cheek? One response from us might result in a bloodbath.

This June 29th “Day of Protest” is a government project being erected at the expense of the taxpayers. They hired Phil Fontaine to set it up. Since Phil is the organizer and head conspirator, if any wrong doing takes place, he should be the first one arrested for inciting violence. Okay cops, get the tiniest handcuffs ready for him.

The public needs to stand with us and be witnesses to who the real criminals are.

Commissioner Fantino said the day will go smoothly, but the OPP expects [to create] a few “exceptions.” We are all fair game to them.

We need to keep our eyes and ears open. We could be trapped into being involved in someone else’s law breaking so that the cops can go after those they want out of the way. They are out to harass their enemies and it is us.

Fontaine is nervous about how events will play out because he’s the front man for the government. He’s doing their dirty work. Watch out, folks. We don’t need anything else to mourn about.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation news


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