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MNN. Dec. 18, 2018. Canada’s statutes state, “This statute shall have the force of rule of law”. They shall pretend it has the force of real law, when it’s actually based on genocidal acts in the Canadian version of law.  


The Indian Act band council issued illegal business licences to our people to conduct businesses in the community. They used the money to boost up the training and weaponry of their private police force. Now Indian Act chief, Joe Norton, hides in the police station where he says the people have to go to talk to him. 

Outsiders, Surete du Quebec, SQ cops raided and shut down some the businesses. SQ can only enter kahnawake if the chief and council [Commissioners] commission the outside military force to come in. Superior Court ruled these permits are not valid. The business people were fined, jailed and given criminal records. 

Indian Act chief Joe Norton didn’t help them. He allowed the pillage of the businesses to bring on the Trudeau framework of municipalization and taxation. 

The Superior Court already ruled that the Indian Act council is not a government that can make laws. They are a committee that answers to the generals who run Indian Affairs.  

Rather than fight a jurisdictional issue that Quebec would lose, the business people were charged as criminals. Soon all the other businesses using these bogus permits will be shut down.  They have every right to sue the Indian Act MCK, as well as sue the chief personally for his negligence.  


Trudeau’s Framework is already in play in kahnawake. kanionkehaka men don’t don yellow vests. They pick up their weapons and get ready to fight their invaders, protect their women and children and their homeland.

We kanionkehaka can do whatever is necessary to bolster our economies anywhere on turtle island. We are sovereign, as creation placed us here. In the past some businesses became strong through using our sovereignty.  owistah, the disease of the mind that transfers priority thought from ‘We’ to ‘Me’, is now an epidemic in kahnawake and other kanionkehaka/Mohawk communities.    

tekentiokwanhoksta, the power of the 49 families of the rotinoshonni’onwe/Iroquois Confederacy, is the way to protect the legacy of our children. The Indian Act council is setting up a system for everybody to pay tithes to them, not to the community and they will hand every cent over to London bankers through their handlers.   

The shop of one woman stays open because she does not comply. The kanionkehaka of khenteke/tyendinaga, Six Nation, kanehsatake and akwesasne are ready to stand up. We don’t think they’ll be donning yellow vests. 

Indian Act Joe basically set up a war between the men of kahnawake and the SQ, shades of Oka?  He says he can’t do anything to help the people because he signed the 10-Point Agreement giving municipal powers over kahnawake to Quebec. He forgets to mention that it only applies to him and the 300 people who took part in the band council election. They gave up their birthright. They will soon be migrating out of kahnawake.    

The Canadian version of law is not legal because it does not pass the test of international law scrutiny as it is based on genocide. The Oct. 25, 1924 Indian Act created all of the POW camps called “reserves”. Our lands were stolen by the provinces for resource extraction and all of our rights as human beings were taken away. Our people were rounded up like dogs and herded into these camps. 

Nazareth seems to know the conflicts between the SQ and the businesses at kahnawake when they sing: “Woke up this morning. My dog was dead. Someone disliked him and shot him through the head. Woke up this morning. My cat had died. I know I’ll miss her. I sat down and cried”. 

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JULY 12, 2015. At the dawn tobacco burning in the Pines of Kahehsatake, a vow was reaffirmed that we would always protect our mother. In 1990 our land, nursed to beauty, as is our way, the Kanion’ke:haka [Mohawks] was as ever coveted by Canada’s elite for a golf course, a playground. We resisted. The SQ came in with guns blazing. Then the RCMP followed. Then, as their system dictates, the Canadian army, the Royal Van Doos was sent in. All “INDIAN” communities, being sovereign nations, are regarded as Prisoner of War camps by the CROWN. The blood flowed.

Van Doos attack children.

Van Doos doing their duty.  

At the foot of the Mercier Bridge leading from Kahnawake to Montreal, our people stood to commemorate one bloody event among too many. The significance of this act is that all ongwe’hon:weh have the same mind, respect of the mother and the duty to protect her. The European way is to exploit and destroy her.

Lasagna aka Ronald Cross.

Lasagna aka Ronald Cross.

25 years later at the Kahnawake “Echoes of a Proud Nation” Pow Wow Grand Entry about 20 Royal 22nd Regiment [Van Doos], invited by someone, paraded in the Grand Opening.

We remember the Van Doos spat, insulted, beat, stoned, stabbed, shot, imprisoned, tortured not the least children and killed…. murdered ongwe’hon:weh elders.

How is this possible, in what world? We are a free and sovereign nation. They are our enemy. It can only be the oldest game. Our vast Indian Trust Funds, our land and resources could make the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc. get into bed with the Van Doos. The changes being masked by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission are to maintain the genocide. We resist every day. 25 years ago was a part of that.



They are here. We are ready!

Buffy Sainte Marie reminds us to be ever vigilant: “One step at a time, Polarity Hill. If the bad guys don’t get you, baby. Then the good guys will. With angels on the take And the gangsters in the yard. Hey don’t the wars come easy. Hey don’t the peace come hard.”



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Oka crisis survivor.








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MNN. Apr. 11, 2015. Quebecoise refuse to be victims of hard fascism. The students are resisting the corporate elite’s oppressive laws, austerity measures and high cost of living. Quebec’s P6 bylaw requires protesters to give their itinerary, or pay $640 ticket or jail time. They will be driven out of Quebec in buses and put in forced labor camps. Eventually others will be recruited into combat for Canada’s coming wars.

"Here's a one-way ticket for Vancouver!"

“Here’s a one-way ticket for Vancouver!”


CANSOFCOM is a private mercenary army, the former Blackwater. Department of National Defense says Canada hires them to save money. JTF2 is Canada’s version of “Delta Force”. While the Canadian special operations regiment CSOR is the “Green Berets” of the Canadian air force. Both fall under the command of CANSOFCOM.

SQ: "Support our strike or else!!"

SQ: “Support our strike or else!!”


Harper’s brainwashing program is targeting 10 to 18 year olds, just like the Hitler Youth Program. Boys trained for military service and girls for motherhood for the fatherland. They learn to follow all orders and never question any orders. Also, marching, bayonet drills, grenade throwing, trench digging, map reading, how to get under barbed wire fencing and other military tactics. All for the bankers who want war.

Harper's compulsory youth programming.

Harper’s compulsory youth programming.

“Violent Aboriginal extremists” defenders of the people and the land are targeted. The language of Harper’s anti-terror C51 could lump the entire community that takes direct action against oil companies as extremists. For example, the defenders of Burnaby Mountain went against Kinder Morgan. The entire community of Burnaby could be put under Martial law.

Since the 1701 Great Peace of Montreal the Quebecois agreed to live peacefully and sustainably, with the ongwe’hon:weh, based on the teio’ha:the, [Two Row Wampum]. They committed themselves to help us spread the peace to the world. Finally the students are doing this.

The solution to the settler colonial problem. After removal of the Indian act, there will be a one state solution. Everything reverts to ongwe’hon:weh, under our law. Everyone can live here according to the natural law, sustainably, forever. Dekanawida said, “It is everyone’s business to stop the shedding of blood among human beings”.

Alice Cooper could be one of the students as he sings: “Lines form on my face and hands. Lines form from the ups and downs. I’m in the middle without any plans. I’m a boy and I’m a man. I’m 18 and I don’t know what I want. 18, I gotta get away. I gotta get out of this place”. 


Corporate threats.

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Hitler Youth visits Wales.

Kostowi clad youth under arrest.

TwoRow & Venezuela Venezuelan ambassador visits Mohawks.


mnnlogo1MNN. March 12, 2014. Quebec Premier Pauline Marois promises a separate Quebec without borders and tolls. Pauline promotes Quebec tourism. Quebecor owner/billionaire, Pierre Karl Peladeau, has thrown his hat into the separatist ring. Like all Canadians that went through the brainwashing education system, he believes that the one with the most money makes the rules.

Pauline and Carl: "We're both on the same gravy train!"

Pauline and Karl: “We’re both on the same gravy train!”

Their main interest is in our land and resources. Pauline wants a majority government to be elected on April 7. MNN. “Who owes who?”

Only the Onkwehonweh are sovereign. Onowaregeh is our mother. Quebec cannot have our land and can’t be sovereign according to international law. They are a remnant of the French colonial misadventure. Unless they stand with us according to Guswetha, we are left to deal with them as per the Kaianerekowa. Acts passed by the government of Quebec are merely corporate by-laws. We are sovereign. They will never be sovereign! Quebec gets its pseudo authority from the Queen of England.

Pauline Marois home in Montreal North.

Pauline Marois’ home in Montreal North.

The ancestors of the Quebecois made a commitment on June 25, 1701, on the isle of Montreal to live in peace through the provisions of the Guswentha. Her posturing tactic will break this ancient agreement between all of the Ongwehonwe on Great Turtle Island and all the French-speaking immigrants here now. She and her officers and directors of the corporate government are accountable.

Quebec Foreign Legion: "It's your turn to talk to the "Mohawk Warriors!

Surete Quebec Foreign Legion: “It’s your turn to talk to the Mohawk Warriors!”

She laughs that she wants a European Union here, another violation of the law of the land.

When Jacques Cartier arrived in Quebec City in 1534, he kidnapped native boys who never returned. Today we await the return of these children and an investigation of those missing and murdered children of today. Samuel de Champlain was sent here to create the “divide and conquer” agenda. Upon first seeing the Mohawks, he opened fire at Saratoga on Lake Champlain in 1609, killing all three chiefs.

The French allied with the Americans. The British made illegal agreements in Paris to give free reign to the invaders to escalate the colonial land grab. Quebecers and Canadians proudly brag about the Revolutionary War grab of our land. This crime is part of their identity and history.

Quebecois agreed to live by the Guswentha/Two Row Wampum/

Quebecois agreed to live by the Guswentha/Two Row Wampum.

We gave  them the right to speak their language, practice their culture, have their own local government and the right to live on the land. We helped them survive. They have no right to steer our vessel or to impose any of their ways on us.

As Alanis Morrissette advises about life in general, “It won’t be as you think it is, Pauline,/it’s like rain/on your wedding day/it’s a free ride/when you’ve already paid/it’s the good advise that you just didn’t take/and isn’t it ironic, don’t you think? Alanis Morissette. “Ironic”.

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JUNE 29 LOOKIN’ MORE LIKE A SNARE TO TRAP USMNN. June 21, 2007. The AFN and the RCMP set up the “AFN/RCMP Joint Task Force” among themselves with a mission to work together to curtail something that has not happened yet? The cops are assuming [hoping] that crimes will be committed on the June 29th day of mourning for the unacknowledged holocaust and the desecration of Turtle Island. We have given no indication whatsoever that we intend any violence. How do they know in advance that there will be crimes committed? Phil keeps giving out dire warnings about people breaking Canada’s law. Are the police arranging it? Are they sending in agent provocateurs to create them?

The June 20th Globe and Mail reports, “Flanked by some of the top police officers in the country, Phil Fontaine issued a clear warning yesterday to aboriginal protesters plotting a wide range of mischief in the coming days. And if they so wish to engage in civil disobedience, they can, as long as they’re prepared to accept the consequences.” Said Phil Fontaine. What mischief is he talking about? To demand respect for our jurisdiction? What about the mischief Canada’s is up to.

This is where we see it’s a set up. We know whose side Phil’s on. We can tell it’s all planned.

Phil’s warning to us came after a ceremony at his office in Ottawa where the AFN/RCMP JTF3 agreement was signed. There too were Bev “Scapegoat” Busson of the RCMP, Julian “Little Mouselini” Fantino of the OPP and Stéphane “Frenchy” Chabot of the Sûreté du Québec. All these police forces are being or have been recently investigated and found criminally responsible for theft and murder. They’re trying to divert attention away from themselves.

Phil Fontaine of the colonial Assembly of First Nations is part of the obfuscation conspiracy to make this happen. For weeks he was promoting the demonstration and initially announced it. Now he’s telling us we can all be arrested. This is a classical case of entrapment. This time it involves all the Indigenous nations.

Millions of government funds are being spent on orchestrating this demonstration across the country. Phil, as co-conspirator, should be arrested immediately for inciting violence. He is creating a situation where crimes are going to be committed.

The police usually hire the agents where crimes are likely to be committed. They’ve always done that. We notice that some conspirators do a lot of law breaking but never get charged. This is the up front tactic, to give them immunity. The cops tried to create chaos again and again without success at Six Nations, Akwesasne, Tyendinaga, Kahnawake, Kanehsatake, Gustafsen Lake and Ipperwash to name a few.

Phil’s sidekick is a known imposter, Guillaume Carle, head of a phony “Indian” organization, the Confederation of Aboriginal People of Canada CONK. Phil and Guillaume are working to get rid of Indian affairs. Even though Indian Affairs is not doing it, its their obligation to protect our interests. Phil and his gang of real estate and development brokers want to be the middle men in all land claims negotiations and resource development and sales in the future. They want to make the deals with the international investors and get commission for doing so.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said that we have been handled with “kid gloves” by the previous governments. He’s going to “lay down the law. We are going to show them who is the boss!” Does that sound like a threat? Even at its height the British Empire weren’t so blunt.

Guillaume “Paid-to-be-an-Indian” Carle, has deep pockets. He’s canceling his “mega-gathering” in front of the Indian Affairs Building known as the “Tower of Terror”. This guy’s been unmasked as a phony and kicked out of Maniwaki, Barriere Lake, Kanesatake, Akwesasne and elsewhere. He wants his picture taken with real Indians so he can get some kind of recognition as a “Metis”.

Carle staged a March to blockade Quebec’s Route 117, waving warrior flags. No Indians were there. One showed up to see what was going on. Carle says he represents ‘all’ off-reserve aboriginals! He sells Indian status cards for $23 a year, or $46 for two years. He’s committing fraud and the cops turn the other way. Why? Because he’s not an Indian.

He says his “constitutional rights” are being violated because his phone is tapped and he is being watched by the police. If he’s claiming to be a native, he doesn’t have any constitutional rights. No native would own up to that phony constitution.

Mr. Carle was joined by Guy Frigon, who leads the Quebec wing of CONK. He says he’s a member of the Mohawk Warriors Society. We checked him out. None of our men ever heard of him. We checked Interpol. Carle and Frigon are not on the list, so they can’t be Indian.

Police want control. Phil has been hired to help them. Who’s pulling their strings?

They are going to do their best to provoke us into committing a violent act. If one of their agents sucker punches us, are they expecting us to turn the other cheek? One response from us might result in a bloodbath.

This June 29th “Day of Protest” is a government project being erected at the expense of the taxpayers. They hired Phil Fontaine to set it up. Since Phil is the organizer and head conspirator, if any wrong doing takes place, he should be the first one arrested for inciting violence. Okay cops, get the tiniest handcuffs ready for him.

The public needs to stand with us and be witnesses to who the real criminals are.

Commissioner Fantino said the day will go smoothly, but the OPP expects [to create] a few “exceptions.” We are all fair game to them.

We need to keep our eyes and ears open. We could be trapped into being involved in someone else’s law breaking so that the cops can go after those they want out of the way. They are out to harass their enemies and it is us.

Fontaine is nervous about how events will play out because he’s the front man for the government. He’s doing their dirty work. Watch out, folks. We don’t need anything else to mourn about.

Kahentinetha Horn
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