MNN. June 6, 2008. When is the abuse going to stop? This document says “For discussion purposes only”, but it looks like a “done deal”. It is illegal because it never went to the people as specified by international law. The Haudenosaunee position has been consistent since day one. Resistance to colonialism! Canada knows full well we would never give up our sovereignty and our possessions. The negotiators for Six Nations got this so called “draft” on May 14th 2008 and never told us about it. It was released to the press to go into affect in September 2008.

It’s beginning to look like Canada and Ontario sent in non-native ambulance chaser, Aaron Detlor, to set up this “shell” company, first called “HDI” and now called a “trust”. At the same time Detlor set up vulnerable people to stand at the front lines while he takes his name off the injunction and other legal documents. He doesn’t want to be around when the colonists come down on the Six Nations people with subpoenas, injunctions, warrants, arrests, the police and the army.

Detlor’s job appears to be to put our land into one of their “trust” companies and move our money around for the benefit of the colonists and a few of their “Indian operatives”.

In the past Canada set up such “trust funds” from leases, rents and royalties of our land and resources called “Indian trust funds”, the “Consolidated Revenue Fund” and the “Grand River Navigation Company”, to name a few. Canada dipped in to build Canada. Even the Law Society of Upper Canada had a finger in the pie.

This trust scam is old. The government wants to control it. They use those “Indians” they’ve set up in their colonial “Indian act” band system as their “fronts”. They stay away from the true Haudenosaunee Confederacy system. In fact, they’ve set up a new one called the “Haudenosaunee Confederate Council” which Canada controls. “Together” they are going to illegally appoint “trustees” for us to hold our land and our money and make administrative decisions without our knowledge or consent.

Canada says they want to “replace” the land they took from us. Wow! Where are they going to get this land from? Are they shipping their dung heap known as “Europe” over here?

The “Tripartite Lands Committee” sounds like another “baffle them Injuns” set up! The colonial thieves have rigged it so they have all the say. They will identify which of our Six Nations land is “suitable” for us and which lands are “surplus” to them. None of our land is surplus. They want us to have the swamp or garbage contaminated brown field sites or industrial waste lands.

The colonists say they want to give us back some of our stolen money so we can “buy back” some of the land they stole from us! Oh! Gees! What a deal! This sounds like a win-win situation for them and a lose-lose one for us.

Another carrot they think they’re holding in front of us is to give us our money so we can pay for what we are legally entitled to like health, education and safe drinking water. They’ll try to make sure we can’t get our funds unless they can tell us what to do with it. They think they’ve figured out how to take it from one of their pockets and put it into another of their pockets.

Canada, Ontario and their colonial band council will nominate two out of three trustees so they can outnumber us two to one. Do they think we don’t know any math, eh?

“Fee simple” is a foreign “rip off” concept to put the land into the hands of individuals without any protection so it can be taken off us. The land and anything built on it is subject to taxes to the Queen. Under this set up we will never own our land. Then it will be taken off us. Under our law our lands are held communally where everyone has an equal voice. This is how we managed to keep it.

Canada wants to appoint a “trustee” who will buy lands on a “willing seller-willing buyer” basis!! No one is willing to sell land that they got for nothing. We are not willing to buy back our own land. There is no will! The imperial land tenure system is European. Wouldn’t it be fun to throw Queen Elizabeth off her throne? Her greatest fear is that the mob will someday come and push her into the mud. The British monarch pretends to protect the people. In fact they are the major abusers. Their solutions was to dump all their problems on us. Now we have to deal with all their crap!

The ambulance chasers [lawyers] for the Six Nations will be those who have sworn to uphold the laws of the colonizers. Haudenosaunee appoint “spokespersons” who must report back to the people on a daily basis so no individual can be bought off or sell out.

Canada wants to change the number of trustees from time to time to influence the outcome. They want their band council to remove a trustee. Only the People can make such decisions using our consensual decision making process as set out in the Great Law of Peace. Canada wants the Trustees they set up to hold our property as Individuals on behalf of the People! We want to get rid of this colonial land theft system.

The Councils will decide on the salaries of the Trustees and give themselves raises anytime they want. Amendments to the trust agreement can also be made behind closed doors between the trustees and the councils! Two trustees have already been appointed by someone [we suspect it’s Canada] without our knowledge or consent – Lonney C. Bomberry and Bev Jacobs. He’s an ambulance chaser and she runs a government sponsored organization. What’s the excuse for this? Would Canadians accept trustees appointed by Britain? Not likely.

Haudenosaunee law, like international law, requires consensus. In our law we need two-thirds or the support or two out of three clans. The quorum Canada wants is 50% + 1 which they can manipulate?

This is how fascist regimes operate. They brainwash a few members of the society that is being colonized, then they co-opted them. As we are seeing, the “martial law” relationship between the police and the military is becoming more open. The fascist city of Brantford can now bring onto Six Nations the heavily armed JTF2, which took over from the RCMP on the pretext of “911”. All we are doing is demonstrating peacefully for the colonizers to be law abiding. They are getting bolder and bolder and are openly putting their guns to our heads. It’s a well practiced script. They’re trying to use us for target practice. They wanna play with their high tech toys. They wanna grab our wealth and property.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation news

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