MOHAWK ACTION FILED IN COLONIAL COURT AGAINST IROQUOIS CONFEDERACYMNN. Feb. 18, 2007. A $4.3 trillion Notice of Action was filed Monday morning in Brantford at the Supreme Court by a group calling themselves “stewards of the Haldimand Treaty”. There is no such treaty. It is against those individuals and political organizations who they think are undermining the authority of the “Mohawk Nation of Grand River”, which also does not exist. We are a nation and Grand River is one of our communities.A national meeting of the Mohawk Nation is where these people can discuss their concerns. The colonial courts have no jurisdiction over this matter. It is violation of the Two Row Wampum and Silver Covenant Chain.Canada should disregard these people. They have gone outside the Mohawk Nation and Six Nations Confederacy. They have alienated themselves. In the Great Law it says if the Confederacy sees that individuals are confused, they have a duty to bring them back into the circle By going to this foreign court they have gone astray. As soon as they have come back and use the law, we will resolve these problems.The Haldimand Tract of 1794 was not “granted by King George III to the Mohawk Nation”. Nobody can grant us our own land. It is a promise of protection from all encroachment of our people who live on the Tract. The Tract is part of the vast Six Nations land. The “Mohawks of Grand River” are part of the greater Mohawk Nation. We, the Kanionkehaka/Mohawk are the “eastern doorkeepers” of Turtle Island, from as far east as Sorel of so-called Quebec, all the way out to the Grand River territory, all the way down to south of Albany, New Hampshire and Vermont.The British did not keep their promises. In 1924 Canada attacked, threw out the Confederacy Chiefs and installed the illegal “Indian Act” band council system. The Mohawk have not been left out of “present and past land dealings with the Crown and with the Canadian and provincial governments”. Canada and the Indian Act band council have disregarded us. When anyone joins the “Indian Act”, they give up their birthright. Those Kanionshoni’onwe who decide to follow the colonial way can only take their bodies with them. The land, names and birthright remains with the people. Mohawk Confederacy Chief Alan McNaughton sits on the Chiefs Council who receives the concerns of our Nation.

The Haudenosaunee Confederacy is on track. Such an internal matter doesn’t belong in the Canadian court system to be decided by a colonial judge. This violates the Six Nations constitution, the Kaianereh’kowa. They are welcome to attend meetings. The “fire” is the voice of our people. We have a peoples’ fire, a council fire, a clan fire, a women’s fire, a men’s fire and the chief’s council fire where our voices can be heard. Everyone has a responsibility to place their ideas into the discussions.

The Mohawks and other Six Nations too want a complete restoration of the original Confederacy and the Kaianereh’kowa. Many of our nations are attending Confederacy Chiefs meetings to unify our people. Our birthright and our freedom to travel throughout our homeland without inference is our foremost concern.

We are an intelligent people. We have our instructions to follow. We are working to preserve our constitution and trying to live it. We are working towards being the people we were meant to be.

Those few men who sit on those long house benches do not have all the answers. If they did, the Kaianereh’kowa would never have prescribed any duties to the clan mothers, the women’s council, men’s council or the clan council. These fires have been rekindled. We have to be responsible.

We support the men on the Confederacy Chiefs’ Council. The Rotiyaner/chiefs are trying to do a big job, to guide us to do our work. No free egalitarian truly democratic nation in the world can put all the weight on the shoulders of their leaders. We have to work with them, support them, advise them and help them stand up for our constitution. This is how our nation will continue to exist. As we always say, the door of the longhouse is always open for anyone to find their way inside.

No on can sell or give away our land. Any land of the Rotinonhsonni’onwe involves the whole Confederacy. If any of the nations no longer want to retain their territory, then it reverts to those remaining nations who continue to adhere to the Kaianereh’kowa. Kanionshoni’onwe means that the house belongs to those who follow the ways of the longhouse. As long as we adhere to our law, we remain the title holders to the land.

Canada continues to fraudulently create sales of our land. They are proving once again that they never can legally claim what belongs to us. All they can do is to continually steal from us.

These individuals have taken internal issues of the nation and the Confederacy to a foreign court. We remind the foreign court that it has no jurisdiction to entertain this matter. It is out of their jurisdiction. No nation has a right to judge another nation. Canada, we remind you that there is a law that governs all people that must be respected, our laws, your laws and international law. Leave this matter to the appropriate authorities, which would be the Mohawk Nation and other Rotinonhsonni’onwe. Sovereignty is our birthright. Use it or lose it.

Kahentinetha Horn
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BEWARE BEWARE OF COLONIAL PANICMNN. October 29, 2008. Who brought in the Aboriginal goons to do Canada’s dirty work in Tyendinaga? Does the fact that they’re “aboriginal” from Walpole Island and Moraviantown make them legitimate? No. Some of the goons on the “aboriginal” police force are non-native! Who are they? JTF2 and RCMP in disguise?

The pre-fab, state-of-the-art, high tech prison has arrived. Canada wants to plant it in the middle of our community. The Mohawks are at the site to stop the multi-million dollar prison from going up. The people were asked if they wanted it. The majority said “no”. But here it is anyway. Going against the wishes of the people violates both democratic and Indigenous principles. It is not legal.

Band council chief R. Don Maracle said the community wanted this and that the building is needed specially for “outsiders” with “criminal records” and “the jail will be built today”! This goes beyond arrogance.

Normally the RCMP is not invited into a settler community unless the elected representatives invite them. This can only happen in an Indigeous community with the full and informed consent of the people who live there.

As in Kahnawake, Six Nations, Akwesasne and Kanehsatake, the band council is a creature of the Indian act which was imposed under foreign colonial laws. Until 1951 the Indian act defined a person as an ‘individual other than an Indian’. Nothing set up under those terms is legal – unless “might makes right” is the law, which is not.

We saw the same situation at Kanehsatake in 2004. The police commission was charged with running the security. Canada gave James Gabriel almost $1 million to do an end run around this arrangement and to set up and impose a different police force under his personal command. He brought in outside aboriginal goons to impose his will. This was illegal. Just because the guys he brought in were aboriginal did not make it legal. It violated the laws of Kanehsatake that had appointed their own Commission.

The Ontario Provincial Police OPP are waiting for the “aboriginal” goons to say they can’t handle the situation and then they will swoop down on Tyendinaga.

What questions does this situation raise?

First of all, does this mean that Canada is following through on Madame Mireille Tabib’s Order from the Federal Court of Canada, dated October 23, 2008 in “Kahentinetha & Katenies v. THE QUEEN”? Has Canada decided to stop living a lie and recognize that it has no jurisdiction over any indigenous people, our communities or our territories? Is this why the OPP didn’t accompany the prison? Or has colonial society recruited a lot of “hang around the fort Indians” to do their dirty work for them?

Colonization is not legal even when it is in aboriginal dress. The only position we can take is to stick to the truth, remain calm and peaceful and don’t get provoked. But we must stand our ground.

We smell some rats here. Do they work in Ottawa? Do some of them have names like “Chuck Strahl” and “Stockwell Day”?

It looks like this whole macabre fantasy has been engineered by the “Halloween Cabal” in Ottawa. They are a law onto themselves. They treat democracy as a joke and give a sweet s**t about treaties, indigenous rights or the Canadian obligations to respect us. They all work together to plan these attacks on us. Here they are, unmasked.

– High up – Chantal “Who-Has-a-Dirty-Hand-in-Everything” Bernier;
– Margaret “Trying-to-Suck-Every-Last-Drop-of-Indian-Blood-Now-Wants-Her-Fangs-in-Tyendinaga-Mohawks” Bloodworth, “National Security Advisor” to Prime Minister,, 613-957-5466;
Indian Affairs sewer rats
– Walter “Whose-Billy-Club-Has-Been-Taken-Away” Walling,; Christian “Anti-Christ” Rouleau,;
– Andre “Turn” Cote,;
– Stuart “Swan-Song” Swanson,;
– Paul ”The-White-Man” Leblanc,;
– Zuwena “Squeal” Robidas, Indian Affairs mouthpiece, 613-993-2596;
– Helene “Parrot” Philippe, another Indian Affairs mouthpiece,;
– David “Economic-Hit-Man” Hillman, DG Econ. Dev. 819-953-0517;
More Emergency Preparedness creeps
– Jean “Lapse-of-Selected-Memory” Chartrand, 613-990-8470;
– Denise “Who-was-in-there-like-a-dirty-shirt” Charron, 613-991-1694;
Other excreta agents of the crown
– Yvan “Who-Maintains-Toilet-Supplies” Dery, for the Privy Council Office;
– Gilles “Pig-Shop-Keeper” Rochon, Aboriginal Policing, 613-990-2666;
– Emanuel “Little-Lamb” Chabot, 613-990-4353;
– “Slippery” Jim Beaver;
– Peter “Flat-Foot” Fisher, Police Services PSEPC fax 613-991-0961;
– Louise “Who-Doesn’t-Know-the-Half-of-It” Savage;
– Sylvia “Ambulance Chaser” McKenzie, Justice Canada 613-998-3952;
– Annik “The-Squeak” Pelletier, Justice Canada;
– Louis-Alexandre “Who-Sits-on-a-Very-High-Chair” Guay, Justice,;
– Phil Fontaine AFN;
– Brad Duguid, Ontario Minister Aboriginal Affairs;
– Angus Toulouse AFN Ontario Region 807-626-9339 Fax 807-626-9404
Help! Give a piece of your mind to: GG Michaelle jean; Stephen Harper, Prime Minister, Fax 613-941-6900; Chuckie “Baby” Strahl, Indian Affairs Minister, 819-997-0002, Fax 819-953-4941; Prothonotary Mireille Tabib, Federal Court of Canada 613-992-4238 Fax 613-952-3653; band council Mohawks of Bay of Quinte Band TELEPHONE: 613-396-3424 Email: reception@mbq-tmt-org Fax 613-396-3627; OPP Eastern Regional Headquarters 613-284-4500 fax 613-284-4597 L.G. “Who-Wants-to-Help-Set-Up-a-Feeder-of-Young-Offenders-into-the-Big-Pens-for-the-Old-Long-Termers” Beechey, Chief Superintendent & Commander, Smiths Falls; MBQ R. Chief Don “The-Warden-Wanna-Be” Maracle, 613-396-3089, CELL 613-391-9249 RDONM@MBQ-TMT.ORG 613-396-3424 ext. 106

We need to tell Canada and their agents to: (1) immediately stop their attacks, police brutality and trying to impose a prison on the Mohawks; (2) to honor Indigenous rights and jurisdictions; (3) to support the Mohawks struggle for self-determination; and (4) to get Canada and Indian Affairs out of Haudenosaunee Territory.

To help, please contact the Rotiskenekete: 613-391-4055, 613-813-4053,
Friends, allies and supporters: come immediately to be witnesses; bring cameras, camcorders, food, cells, phone cards and warm clothes, especially gloves. Directions: take the Trans Canada Highway 401 to the “Marysville” exit, head south on #49 all the way to #2 then turn right into the community. Call 613-813-1017, email

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Police Target Indigenous Youth

SIX NATIONS: Call-out for help! Arrest of two activists Police ‘target’ Indigenous youth – bring food and phone cards. People as witnesses needed at both construction sites (ASAP) and at the courthouse today and tomorrow. To get to the construction site take the 403 west towards London, Ontario, exit off Oak Park Road. Turn left and drive over the 403. The construction site is immediately on the right hand side. Brantford City Court is on 44 Queen Street.MNN. Sept. 11, 2008. Two native activists were arrested Wednesday in a traffic stop by up to a dozen Ontario Provincial Police and Brantford city police officers. The 19-year-old son of “Boots” was arrested, along with an unnamed “young offender”. The police have disregarded the presumption of innocence by calling them “offenders”.

Boots has been living in a teepee in front of these fraudulent development projects. He is trying to remind them that we own the territory. It is a project of the “First Northwest Business Park Ontario” [John Jones 905-363-3086,; Head Office, Century Point Corporate Center, 6860 Century Ave., E. Tower, Suite 1000, Mississauga Ontario L5N 2W5 905-814-6860].

Brantford is giving illegal building permits to international corporations to build on our territory, such as:

-“Hampton Inn Hotels” which is part of the Hilton chain [we need CEO name, headquarters address and contact information];ampton HotH

-“Fen Ridge Court” [we need CEO, address and contact info]; and -Kingspan Insulation, Dublin Road, Kings Court Co., Cavan, Ireland, registration #70776 Ph. +353(0)42 9698000, CE Gene M. Murtagh, Irish Stock Exchange

These companies have illegally laid claim to Haudenosaunee Territory. Some have represented that our unceded land is their collateral to raise funds on various stock exchanges. We have put them all on notice that the land is ours. They should be charged with fraud because of this knowingly willful violation of our rights and misrepresentations of their holdings in the public market. Unfortunately, the state authorities are complicit in the fraud. The city of Brantford issues the illegal permits.

Boots’ son has a bail hearing this morning, September 11th at the Brantford Court. The other youth is up for bail tomorrow at 9:00am. Both are charged with “mischief”.

Janie Jamieson gave the following report: “Today [September 10] at approximately 11:00am my one-year old son and I were leaving the “King and Benton” site of illegal construction site in Brantford, Ontario. My sister followed with the two youth. I stopped at a sign and then proceeded through. In my rear view mirror I could see my sister following close behind.

Then I saw a non-Native man with a closely shaved head pulling on her truck door with one hand while violently punching the window with a closed fist. I feared she was under attack by “skinheads” as there were several unmarked cars blocking her in.

I went ahead and turned around. When I got back all vehicles were gone, including my sister. I turned right. The same men were parked there but had changed into OPP vests and belts loaded with weapons. There were approximately 8 cruisers marked “OPP” and “Brantford City Police”. They were surrounding my sister and the two youth who were being handcuffed.

I told the police that according to our law our youth are under the authority and jurisdiction of the Ongwehonwe women and that our youth had EVERY authority to uphold our traditional laws. The police were told to cease and desist their armed invasions and kidnapping of our children. These tactics constitute declarations of war.

The cops said everything they were doing was “standard police practice” [in dealing with Indigenous people]. Why do they bother to wear uniforms? Are there any real “skinheads”? Or are they all cops trying to an end run around the law they swore to defend? Five officers then began searching my sister’s truck for “weapons”.

I put tobacco in the hands of the youth and told them to hold onto it. The police tried to stop me. The youth held onto it and were placed in separate cruisers and taken to the Brantford Jail.

Bawa Construction (Hampton Inn & Suites) has resumed illegal construction on our unsurrendered territory despite being warned by us to stop.

At no point have any of our people stepped out of the Kaianarekowa. The developers and the police continuously ESCALATE intercultural hostility by targeting our children, women (mothers and grandmothers) and men to protect the finances of local and international corporations.

We ongwehonwe will continue to uphold our great-great-grandchildren’s right to exist.

MNN Mohawk Nation News Staff

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Splitting the Sky, a Mohawk activist, actor and author will be one of the featured speakers at the March on Ottawa this Thursday, September 11, 2008. It is a commemoration of the massacre of thousands of people at the Twin Towers in New York city on September 11th, 2001. Mohawk ironworkers were some of the construction workers on the Twin Towers and continue to be concerned about this issue. Come hear the arguments to substantiate the allegations. 

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MNN. Sept. 1, 2008. THIS IS A CALL FOR HELP. 3 people are in jail. 5 more are surrounded by cops. They need support and supplies. Take #403 to Brantford, exit at Oak Park Road, turn left at the T Junction; take the first right onto Fen Ridge; the site is across from the Proctor & Gamble distribution facility.

The OPP have created chaos at Six Nations – Again! Suddenly yesterday, on Sunday August 31, 2008, reports starting coming to MNN about harassments and arrests. Highway 6 was blocked. People are being stopped from going to their homes in the Six Nation communities by the Caledonians and the OPP. Everyone’s worried because school starts tomorrow. What’s happening?

In Haida Nation and Taku River Tlingit, the Supreme Court of Canada reminded Canadian governments they have a duty to consult and accommodate all indigenous people who are defending legitimate property rights. This applies to the OPP [Ontario Provincial Police]. This law is being systematically broken.

Brantford continues to give out illegal permits to foreign corporations. Mega projects continue to be started on unsurrendered Indigenous land. These corporations fraudulently use our land as collateral to raise money at stock exchanges around the world from an unsuspecting public. No charges have been laid against Brantford officials or foreign corporations for breaking the law. Instead the cops are being siked on anyone who attempts to defend our legal rights.

Yesterday, a man was grabbed by the cops from his van and held incommunicado for hours. His 14 and 16 year old sons were arrested. The cops ransacked another van looking for something to charge the driver with. Eventually they charged him for driving without a license. Two more youths were arrested. None of the parents were allowed to speak to their children.

Today, at 7:00 am. Labor Day, the OPP raided the demonstration at the illegal construction site of the Irish company, Kingspan. This had been shut down by Six Nations defenders. Two more youths were arrested, according to sporadic reports.

Why has this situation degenerated so three groups are blocking Highway 6: the OPP, the Caledonians and the Six Nations? Is this is Canada’s idea of consultation and accommodation?

Every inch of land in Canada is unsurrendered native land. Canada doesn’t want to face this. Our property rights are extremely well documented. That’s a problem for them. The rights Canada and Ontario have been violating at Six Nations were documented before either the Canadian state or the province of Ontario were founded. Canada is a product of fraud. Is that why they don’t want to sit down and work out a reasonable plan for peaceful co-existence?

So far Canada’s response has been violence. Bring out the guns and bats!

Canada and the world knows this is wrong. They have no choice but to deal with us, the landowners. We are the legal trustees of Onowaregeh, Turtle Island. Each time they hit us, they remind us of our duties. We struggle even harder to uphold them.

The use of force can never produce a legal result. The Supreme Court of Canada and international law agree with our law, the Kaianerehkowa/Great Law. The only legal way to solve problems is through discussions, negotiations and understandings.

Canada must start listening to our legal reasoning. The violence against Indigenous peoples has got to stop. We know what’s right and wrong. The more they beat us, the more they make it clear that they are wrong. They must back off, stop arresting us, stop beating us up and stop shoving their kangeroo court documents down our throats.

On Tuesday, at 9:00 a.m., some of our people will be brought into the Brantford Court. There is no proof that it has jurisdiction over our people and our land. Many Indigenous people have been asserting our law. They have refused to attorn to the court. They have declared that they stand on the law of the land, the Kaianerehkowa. Or they have demanded proof of the court’s jurisdiction.

So far Canada’s colonial courts have all refused to provide proof for their authority. They know they have none. So they find some way of putting things off. They don’t know what to do when indigenous people who have been accused for political reasons demand proof of their jurisdiction or evidence of the valid termination of our law. They know full well that we never gave our informed consent to become Canadians. We are not Canadians.

If you can, please come to witness the court proceedings and provide support. We need to tell Kingspan of Ireland, Hampton Hotels of the U.S. all the other shysters trying to trespass on our land to go away.

MNN Staff
Contact: Sonehahs 519-761-8094

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URGENT! COPS SURROUND 6 NATIONS PEOPLE FOR TRYING TO SHUT DOWN ILLEGAL DEVELOPMENT OF “KINGSPAN OF IRELAND” ON HAUDENOSAUNEE TERRITORYMNN. July 14, 2008. 10:40 a.m. This morning the Brantford City police arrested a Six Nations Indigenous person at the construction site at Fenn Ridge in Brantford. At the same time Ontario Provincial Police are gathering on Highway 403, making way for cement trucks to enter the illegal construction site. More cruisers are arriving on the scene. They have laid spike belts on the road to keep Indigenous people on the outside. Ambulances and paddy wagons are arriving. There are men, women and children inside the site gates. All the workers have left.

This land is part of the Haudenosaunee Territory which was never surrendered by the Indigenous owners. This Indigenous land is being illegally used as collateral to raise money from the public on the Irish and other stock exchanges and constitutes fraud.

Kingspan manufactures insulation and is building a $4 billion plant on Haudenosaunee territory without consultation with or permission from the land owners.

Gene Murtagh, CEO, Kingspan Group
PLC, Dublin Road, Kingscourt Co.,
Cavan, Ireland; +353 (0) 42 969 8000;

The Six Nations people had agreed to let the company remove all their equipment on this day. Instead the
trucks are being used to run our people down. The Indigenous people refuse to move from their land. More are gathering. Help is needed. Bring cameras and camcorders. Witnesses are needed. Come prepared to stay and make sure you are self-sufficient.

Haudenosaunee Contacts: 1-518-358-3660;
1-519-865-9872; 1-519-732-6679;

Posted by MNN Mohawk Nation News
Posted July 14 2008 – 11:53pm EDT

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MNN. June 6, 2008. When is the abuse going to stop? This document says “For discussion purposes only”, but it looks like a “done deal”. It is illegal because it never went to the people as specified by international law. The Haudenosaunee position has been consistent since day one. Resistance to colonialism! Canada knows full well we would never give up our sovereignty and our possessions. The negotiators for Six Nations got this so called “draft” on May 14th 2008 and never told us about it. It was released to the press to go into affect in September 2008.

It’s beginning to look like Canada and Ontario sent in non-native ambulance chaser, Aaron Detlor, to set up this “shell” company, first called “HDI” and now called a “trust”. At the same time Detlor set up vulnerable people to stand at the front lines while he takes his name off the injunction and other legal documents. He doesn’t want to be around when the colonists come down on the Six Nations people with subpoenas, injunctions, warrants, arrests, the police and the army.

Detlor’s job appears to be to put our land into one of their “trust” companies and move our money around for the benefit of the colonists and a few of their “Indian operatives”.

In the past Canada set up such “trust funds” from leases, rents and royalties of our land and resources called “Indian trust funds”, the “Consolidated Revenue Fund” and the “Grand River Navigation Company”, to name a few. Canada dipped in to build Canada. Even the Law Society of Upper Canada had a finger in the pie.

This trust scam is old. The government wants to control it. They use those “Indians” they’ve set up in their colonial “Indian act” band system as their “fronts”. They stay away from the true Haudenosaunee Confederacy system. In fact, they’ve set up a new one called the “Haudenosaunee Confederate Council” which Canada controls. “Together” they are going to illegally appoint “trustees” for us to hold our land and our money and make administrative decisions without our knowledge or consent.

Canada says they want to “replace” the land they took from us. Wow! Where are they going to get this land from? Are they shipping their dung heap known as “Europe” over here?

The “Tripartite Lands Committee” sounds like another “baffle them Injuns” set up! The colonial thieves have rigged it so they have all the say. They will identify which of our Six Nations land is “suitable” for us and which lands are “surplus” to them. None of our land is surplus. They want us to have the swamp or garbage contaminated brown field sites or industrial waste lands.

The colonists say they want to give us back some of our stolen money so we can “buy back” some of the land they stole from us! Oh! Gees! What a deal! This sounds like a win-win situation for them and a lose-lose one for us.

Another carrot they think they’re holding in front of us is to give us our money so we can pay for what we are legally entitled to like health, education and safe drinking water. They’ll try to make sure we can’t get our funds unless they can tell us what to do with it. They think they’ve figured out how to take it from one of their pockets and put it into another of their pockets.

Canada, Ontario and their colonial band council will nominate two out of three trustees so they can outnumber us two to one. Do they think we don’t know any math, eh?

“Fee simple” is a foreign “rip off” concept to put the land into the hands of individuals without any protection so it can be taken off us. The land and anything built on it is subject to taxes to the Queen. Under this set up we will never own our land. Then it will be taken off us. Under our law our lands are held communally where everyone has an equal voice. This is how we managed to keep it.

Canada wants to appoint a “trustee” who will buy lands on a “willing seller-willing buyer” basis!! No one is willing to sell land that they got for nothing. We are not willing to buy back our own land. There is no will! The imperial land tenure system is European. Wouldn’t it be fun to throw Queen Elizabeth off her throne? Her greatest fear is that the mob will someday come and push her into the mud. The British monarch pretends to protect the people. In fact they are the major abusers. Their solutions was to dump all their problems on us. Now we have to deal with all their crap!

The ambulance chasers [lawyers] for the Six Nations will be those who have sworn to uphold the laws of the colonizers. Haudenosaunee appoint “spokespersons” who must report back to the people on a daily basis so no individual can be bought off or sell out.

Canada wants to change the number of trustees from time to time to influence the outcome. They want their band council to remove a trustee. Only the People can make such decisions using our consensual decision making process as set out in the Great Law of Peace. Canada wants the Trustees they set up to hold our property as Individuals on behalf of the People! We want to get rid of this colonial land theft system.

The Councils will decide on the salaries of the Trustees and give themselves raises anytime they want. Amendments to the trust agreement can also be made behind closed doors between the trustees and the councils! Two trustees have already been appointed by someone [we suspect it’s Canada] without our knowledge or consent – Lonney C. Bomberry and Bev Jacobs. He’s an ambulance chaser and she runs a government sponsored organization. What’s the excuse for this? Would Canadians accept trustees appointed by Britain? Not likely.

Haudenosaunee law, like international law, requires consensus. In our law we need two-thirds or the support or two out of three clans. The quorum Canada wants is 50% + 1 which they can manipulate?

This is how fascist regimes operate. They brainwash a few members of the society that is being colonized, then they co-opted them. As we are seeing, the “martial law” relationship between the police and the military is becoming more open. The fascist city of Brantford can now bring onto Six Nations the heavily armed JTF2, which took over from the RCMP on the pretext of “911”. All we are doing is demonstrating peacefully for the colonizers to be law abiding. They are getting bolder and bolder and are openly putting their guns to our heads. It’s a well practiced script. They’re trying to use us for target practice. They wanna play with their high tech toys. They wanna grab our wealth and property.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation news

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