Sky is Not Falling

Sky is Not Falling

MNN.  Jan. 1, 2012.  No.  The world is not coming to an end.  It’s continuing.  We’re been lead to think that we are heading into a trap to be devoured if we don’t submit.  Terrorized people are afraid to take action.

The dishonorable gang of inbred elites try to run the world.  The upper middle class, their hired guns, have been replaced by machines.  They’re leaving Great Turtle Island.

The people of color are staying.

Republican presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, boasted, “You don’t have to become a drug dealer, pimp or a prostitute when you can wash our bathroom toilets and floors”.  [Is he referring to his filthy mouth?]


Some colonists want to join the Indigenous.   They know it’s all our land, water, air and resources.   Are they ready to live under the rules of nature?


They could follow the white roots to the source.  If their mind is clean and they agree to obey the laws of the Rotinoshonnionwe, they can take shelter beneath the tree of the long leaves.


The bankers are the pirates.  They invented the Maritime Admiralty Legal system to settle business disputes around the world.  They incorporated states like the US and Canada and illegally put them on Indigenous lands.  People who signed on became their property.  Their official flags can only be placed on buildings, not on Great Turtle Island, which was never surrendered.


The Haldimand Proclamation 1784 is unique.  A track within the vast Haudenosaunee Territory was set aside as a British Protectorate forever for the Mohawks.  Their agents of the crown [federal, provincial, municipal, etc.] that breach their supreme law are guilty of high treason.  The Military Court can punish them by firing squad or hanging.   Encroachers beware!


The bankers fear becoming obsolete should an infinite  free fuel be found.  They are blinding us by warfare.  Their worst is coming as they approach their death throws.


When they say peace, they really mean war.  Peace is uncompromising truth.  Nature is real and true.  They hope everybody is unnatural like them.


Their link to the world is through technology, while they try to disconnect us from the natural world.


Their corporations create supermen, that push the dooms day clock and threaten nuclear war.


The world will survive.  The bankers can’t buy mother earth.


They tried to turn Great Turtle Island into a prison where life and the environment are not precious.   For 500 years we’ve been penned up by these maniacs.  Now they are going, leaving behind our land and life.


Here’s an idea!  The head rulers can sit in a big room inside a bunker.  The walls are covered with hundreds of televisions.  They hold remotes and watch everything that’s going on.  They click, kill and neutralize those who might undo their position and power.

We let them think they are all powerful, while we go about our lives and ignore them.  They can flick all they want.  “Change the channel, honey!”  We’re in charge of the cable and what they seeing!


Their greatest fear is, “They will be cast down from whence they came for all eternity”.

They need to turn money into more money and to continue their illusion.


As Bob Dylan sang in 1963 “Masters of War”:  “Let me ask you one question, is your money that good?  Could it buy you forgiveness, do you think that it could?  I think you will find when your death takes its toll, all the money made will never buy back your soul”.


Their treasure has no real value.  Mother Earth and the great natural power are the dictators.


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