MNN.  8 May 2012.  An expensive amateur propaganda and slick video by APTN,  “Canada Will Get No Warning Next Time We Strike”, Says [one] Mohawk’, is a joke!  We have no guns, bombs, armies, nor threaten anybody.  We advocate peace and non-violence.

Our truth is terrifying the world’s corporate rulers.  To them we are scarier than Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Tamil Tigers, Hezbollah, Islamic terrorists, even Quebec Separatists, Lone Wolf operatives like the underwear bomber, multi issue extremists,  environmentalists, anti-capitalists and animal rights activists.    
We are called ‘Aboriginal extremists’ because we have always defended ourselves when attacked, at Oka in 1990, Caledonia land reclamation at Six Nations, Tyendinaga Quarry and wouldn’t let border guards carry weapons in Akwesasne.
Self-defense is called terrorism.  When the masses understand us, the British divide and conquer card is trumped.        
The masses want answers from the bankers and their foot soldiers. Where’s the money?  Democracy?  Our future?  How did you become so filthy rich while we have hardly anything?
We’re hitting the Canadian economy, which is based on theft of our land, resources and genocide.  The liars’ club includes CSIS, RCMP, CBSA, Public Safety, DND, CBC, CTV [the thought police] and others. 
The program is called “Ordo ab chao”, order out of chaos.  It’s not working anymore.      
Strangers enter our communities, saying they’re vaguely related to us. They answer to outside handlers. The elders who ask questions are discredited.  Radical rhetoric and actions are started to create confusion and division.  We get targeted.         
The Mohawks can revitalize the Iroquois Confederacy.  In 1784 Deseronto, settled in Tyendinaga.   Joseph Brant left Tyendinaga with 17 families to start Brantsford on the banks of the Grand River, Six Nations. 
Both took orders from the European oligarchy, bankers and mind controllers.  Mohawks constantly resist.  To further try to divide us, an “imaginary line” called the border was put between the corporations of “Canada” and “US”. 
Their ultimate prize is for every person on earth to bend to their will, to kill off 75% and to decide who lives and dies. 
Thirty years ago Che Quevara, a true warrior, said, “I envy you North American Indians.  You’re living in the belly of the beast.  Your greatest fight is yet to come”.   
The evil system brought to Great Turtle Island in 1492 is shutting down. In “Masters of War” Bob Dylan said:  “And I hope that you die and your death will come soon.  I’ll follow your casket in the pale afternoon.  And I’ll watch while you’re lowered down to your deathbed.  And I’ll stand over your grave til I’m sure that you’re dead”. 
Deception always has to hide in darkness. Truth can withstand the scrutiny of daytime and light.  Unlike corporate tyranny, Mohawks have nothing to hide. 
Corporatism of 51% is finished.  The Kaianerehkowa of one mind shall lead the way.    
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  1. Beloved Mohawks: I am chaplain to Veterans, Native American Churches (Cherokee/Comanche) and some Orders of Hospitallers (St. John’s, St. Lazarus). We stand Vigil regularly, praying the Great Spirit lead and guide the Mohawks into safer and better times. we pray for the return of your ancestral lands and for your wisdom and knowledge be used to guide us forward as the world is plunged into darkness and greed. The Iroqoi Confederation has sold out to gambling interests, feeding the greed consuming every country in this hemasphere. Pray with us, and keep Creator at the forefront, which is where Earth Mother opens for us all, Native American and Caucasian alike. We need some items of Mohawk material to apply to our tipi ground cover and will search your store for what we need. Any flag or patch that can be sewn on the ground cover will do to have you prayed over when we stand vigil. You are much loved and not forgotten. Peace and perserverence are yours to distribute liberally, especially to our common enemies. Our love over all, from brother Paul.

  2. thank you for your validation of this video. In my eyes, it is just more Art Manuel bullshit trying to portray himself as being on the side of the ‘resistance’. — AJ/cs

  3. Mohawks, remember that all who claim ancestry are walking in the shadow and not the light. Down here, Wakan Tanka rules in the hearts of all true Native Americans and those walking the dark path expose themselves as faux “Injuns.” Without the Great Spirit attending, they fall, and the blanket covering their backside flips up and shows their butts. RCMP knows the truth and may go after the rabble rousers just to prove they have the facts. stay tall, and walk the straight path for the people! Civilized Tribes of Oklahoma are with you!

  4. First Jane Smith is not my real name and second my web site is not completed or really active yet. Have to get my crappy computer programs up to snuff and frog hides are slim pick’ns. SO>>>>
    Hey Megwitch for the dialog. Sometimes I feel all alone in the world, except for nature…the plants, birds trees and the beauty of it all. Open season on wolves coming up here in northern Minnesota. An Ojibwe prophecy says, ” Watch what happens to the Wolf and thats what will happen to our people”…doesnt look good does it. Northern Minnesota is the last natural habitat in the lower 48 States for the Wolf to roam in packs and up until now they have been protected. On one hand Minnesota legislature vis DNR prompting makes war on the Wolf and a week later crys about deer over population! Does this make sense?
    I keep pondering what can be done to bring Unity to our people and what can we do for our future generations. When and how will we make a Strong voice on the World Medicine Wheel?

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