MNN.  10 May 2012.  The UN North American Caucus made a 5 minute statement on the blatant lie known as the “Doctrine of Christian Discovery”.  It is factually, legally and morally wrong.
The doctrine was created in 1493 .  It was a Papal Bull.  The Pope issued an edict which become Christain law.          
John Kane, of Cattaraugus, and “Native Pride” commented, “The only thing he [Steve Newcomb] got wrong was the suggestion that our birthright was given to us by our ancestors. It comes to us by creation. To suggest otherwise would mean that they could give it up for future generations. I am glad he made the reference to “birthright”.  It is inalienable to Ohnkwe Onweh [the true people of Great Turtle Island], naturally bound. It is not inherited from our grandfathers or transferable. 
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  1. I am Algonquin, Cree, Blackfoot and French on my fathers side, and English Irish Danish, and French on my mothers. I grew up as a foster adoptee in an English Irish family from birth, but met my natal mother at 19, and told my adopted mother about native blood, but she went into denial about this, but as an adolescent I revered “Ben Hunts – Indian Crafts and Games, and Ellsworth Yaegers, “Wildwood Wisdom”. As I grew out of childhood I looked more and more Native, (I was born with 4″ white hair all over my head, but it turned dark brownish red by 3 or 4, and tan real dark, but don’t burn easily)

    It took me most of my current 64 years to recognize the subtle racism for what it is and I stand proud to have native blood and features, to which I tell those who take exception that the more anyone tries to dress me up as a whiteman, the more I look like a F’n Indian, and if they still have a full head of hair at my age like I do which is about 18-20″ long tied in an almost foot long ponytail they can wear it anyway they like without shame or need to conform to the status Quo. It is usually the balding or thinning widow’s peak people who don’t like how I keep my hair. I tell them it isn’t a “60’s hippy thing It’s my native heritage, so get used to it as it is just part of the great mystery we all live by.

    I am an FAA licensed Aircraft mechanic/ inspector/ Private pilot/ Aircraft owner, and we need to reclaim our airspace over all reservations nationwide as this airspace is used by the military for low level training specifically to harass the NATIVES and we don’t get a penny for the use of it.
    I would love to see foreign Faa Repair Station’s for our youth to repair and overhaul aircraft components and learn to become mechanics and pilots to avoid driving through the whitemans lands, from reservation to reservation which are not in the US of A and they know it, but we need to stand up for our rights and reclaim this valuable airspace and get revenue from the commercial and military flights flying through.
    A High Tech Hobo working the FAA repair station contract circuit

  2. This is one example of many errors in the various churches, even though they be called Christian. In this case, we find one that seems to invalidate the right to inheritance, but what is meant by that? The only true inheritance of God is through the born again experience available through Jesus Christ, and the riches received are not of this earth, so this shouldn’t be about what land belongs to whom. Yes, inheritance is obtained not through ancestry, but through Jesus Christ alone. As for what this means in particular to native peoples, I really don’t know exactly; for example, before the white man arrived, did Jesus make Himself known and not unfairly reject the native people? I doubt that, because to me it sounds as if they had experience with the creator, who is only one and is in fact Jesus Christ. Still, you cannot enter Heaven and receive your inheritance, whoever you are, without believing on the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Guaranteed.

  3. I’ve had a lot of experience with the low level flying.. a group of young people and families were in a field harvesting some sacred tobacco..and vetables. mostly things like squash, cabbage, beans and tomatatoes we could see the faces of the pilot..I was scared. I almost started to scatter the group you never no what they will do but would have been too late anyway

  4. I can always tell just by looking when I see a Christian Indian. They look like a dead dried out hides. Poor suck ups.
    Papal Bull Shit!
    I wonder how the Caucasians got so brain washed out of their original teachings? They must have gotten fried by the Good Churchianity thugs. Oh Yeah they mass murdered 6 million of all the village Woman who were also the Medicine and Herbal Doctors. Womb envy. Then took their lands and built their churches on top of Sacred Sites. Remember the Inquisition. They are the blackest evil to hit the earth. Its how Evil spreads itself around the world. Who does all the warring on Earth? Good Christain slaves.
    All People of all Races have had Great Spiritual teachers down the ages that were sent to them but they never murdered them!
    I wish people would THINK and STUDY instead of mindless parroting BS.

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