MNN.  10 May 2012.  The UN North American Caucus made a 5 minute statement on the blatant lie known as the “Doctrine of Christian Discovery”.  It is factually, legally and morally wrong.
The doctrine was created in 1493 .  It was a Papal Bull.  The Pope issued an edict which become Christain law.          
John Kane, of Cattaraugus, and “Native Pride” commented, “The only thing he [Steve Newcomb] got wrong was the suggestion that our birthright was given to us by our ancestors. It comes to us by creation. To suggest otherwise would mean that they could give it up for future generations. I am glad he made the reference to “birthright”.  It is inalienable to Ohnkwe Onweh [the true people of Great Turtle Island], naturally bound. It is not inherited from our grandfathers or transferable. 
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