MNN.  DEC. 1, 1012.  On November 22, 2012, 138 countries voted for Palestine to be recognized as a UN state.  They can now use UN International Agencies, sign treaties and bring charges against war criminals. They ended the corporate bankers’ imperial war against Indigenous peoples.  Colonizers Canada, US and Israel voted against the bid. They warned there will be repercussions.  Boycotts, no aid, shunning us, crossing the street when they see us coming and maybe trying to continue to bully us. 

Israel was created by the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917.  Lord Balfour, the British Foreign Secretary and former Prime Minister, sent a letter to Baron Rothschild, the leader of the Zionist movement and the Rothschild international banking empire. The British promised to help the Zionists create “a national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine. The US entered the war and two weeks later the first boatload of armed Zionist immigrants landed on the shores of Palestine to destroy the people and steal everything.    

In 1923 Levi General, the Deskaheh, was sent to Geneva Switzerland by the Haudenosaunee [Iroquois Confederacy], to get membership in the League of Nations.  He reminded the Europeans of their obligations under the Guswentha, Two Row Wampum, the only agreement allowing foreigners to live here in peace.  The newcomers violated it, making their occupation illegal.  

Iran, Estonia, the Netherlands, Panama, Ireland and others supported us.  British and American threats against them and Deskaheh forced him to return home.  The League then made indigenous peoples worldwide into ‘domestic concerns’.  We had no right to seek redress for human rights abuses and theft from anyone other than our oppressors.  They tried to permanently victimize and annihilate us. 

Deskaheh’s efforts angered Canada.  In 1924 the RCMP forcibly removed the traditional Haudenosaunee government, and created the Indian Advancement Act, apartheid and the concentration camps called “reservations”.  The Canadian government set up ‘band councils’ to rule us.  They designated that “a person is anyone other than an Indian’.  

Deskaheh was warned to never return to Canada or he would be killed.  He was murdered in Tonawanda New York in 1925.  

Bankers are now panicking.  They monetized everything and created money to control the world.  The shareholders of the corporations of Canada and US profit from war, theft of Indigenous land and resources and enslaving us.  These corporations own the Canadian and American masses.  Birth certificates, drivers licenses, social insurance numbers, social security, a bank account, running a business, travel or any benefit needs the ‘mark of the beast’, which is the stamp of the bankers.     

The bankers send their agents into a country, destroy it and steal their natural resources.  Whoever protests gets bombed, starved and economic sanctions, which is war.  This time the heavily armed high tech Israeli army could not defeat poor weaponless Palest’Indians.  They did not wait for someone to free them.  They freed themselves.  

They set the precedent.  Soon the beast will not be in charge. Canada, US and Israel now have to deal directly with us, the owners of the land and resources.  

The UN is another bankers corporation.  It will crumble from within.  The Indigenous will never be subservient to the bankers again.  The imperial corporations will be beggars rather than the brutal lying thugs they’ve always been.  

After the women everywhere stop the conflict in their communities, they will begin to implement the Great Law of Peace.  Then the men will carry out the law.  It’s over for the corporate bankers.  They have to stand down or leave.  We, the real natural people, are going to assert ourselves. 

We insist on justice first, to join the International Court, file complaints against banker/corporatist war criminals and their agents, dismantle illegal settlements and settlers, sue the colonizers, return of our possessions and sovereign control of our air space, land, waters.  

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his sidekick John Baird rushed to the UN and showed us who they work for, the same banker who owns Israel and them.  

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.  [Jimi Hendrix]. 

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