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MNN. Apr. 12, 2015. Military is moving weapons of war to the West. Trains are loaded with tanks, trucks, jeeps. armoured personnel carriers for the troops. The mainstream media mentions nothing to the public?

This army is how the pipeline police will look. At the same time ongwe’hon:weh communities are being visited by international energy corporations to “consult” us about their plans. Kinder Morgan visited Schoharie/Akwesasne . Two young people informed us that Enbridge had invited them to a secret meeting to talk about their plans for a pipeline through Kahnawake.


Now non-ongwe’hon:we are tracing the roots to the tree of peace. They are asking us to help them fight fracking and other environmental devastation.

jade helmThe US military is conducting a massive drill for martial law from July 15 to September 15 this year. [See Jade Helms Drill below]. During the drill, soldiers will operate “undetected amongst civilian populations” to see if they can infiltrate without being noticed. Americans will be encouraged to report “suspicious activity” during the exercise to gain the public’s trust.

Settlers getting ready for war.

Settlers getting ready for war.


Dekanawida said the enabling act of the Haudenosaunee is that all affiliated with the Kaia’nereh:kowa have access to the dish with one spoon.

As the Grateful Dead mention: ”Driving that train, high on cocaine,. Casey Jones, you better watch your speed. Trouble ahead. Trouble behind. And you know that notion just crossed my mind. Trouble with you is the trouble me. Got two good eyes, but you still don’t see. Come round the bend. You know it’s the end. The fireman screams and the engine just gleams”.


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Trains are moving:


Kingston Ontario Feb. 22/15.


Severn Bridge Feb. 22/15.





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MNN. Oct. 25, 2014. The false flag gunfight on Parliament Hill was Hitler’s Reichtag fire of February 1933. Canada’s new anti-terror law is the model for the Nazi takeover of the world. Within days democracy was shut down. Now martial law can be declared, armed soldiers sent into residential areas, free radio and TV stations and personal computers taken over, passes restricting travel, which was done to the Indigenous, and “activists” taken into custody or disappeared for their thoughts. Thousands of Indigenous women have been disappeared already. Interpol Internet Cyber Crime Unit

General Harper to Bibeau.

Herr Harper radicalizing the Islamists. 

How Canada is a Nazi state: a terrifying secret enemy is invoked. Canada’s version of thePatriot Act or Hitler’s Enabling Act of 1933, was passed. Canada has no constitution. It’s a military corporation. The fake global “war on terror” is to keep people in constant fear so they willingly give up their freedoms.

Even though Canada is at its lowest crime rate ever, Prime Minister Harper is building massive private super prisons. At first troublemakers, spies, “enemies of the people” or “criminals” are jailed without charge. Then civil society, like labor activists and alternative journalists will be targeted as new inmates.

Is this what Harper's false flag was all about?

Is the false flag?? 

Thugs like the “pipeline police” are contracted to scare, control and murder citizens for the corporations. These private armies are recruited globally and free from prosecution in the jurisdictions they’re sent to. Harper’s “Hail Mary” is the Patriot Act for the new world order team he is quarterbacking. Canadians have been given a version of the genocidal Indian Act that Canada exists on to this day. He wants all Canadians under his new Indian Act, which is, assimilation flipped backwards. They will fill his “prisoner-for-profit jails”! The thought crime potential has been announced. Watch for the new Indian agents trolling every community/reservation to harass, beat and disappear millions of Canadian boys and girls as threats against corporatism.

Streamline surveillance. Cell phones will be routed through local police. Neighbors will spy on each other as per George Orwell’s “1984”.

Infiltrate and harass citizens’ groups. Investigate their taxes. Leave Nazi supporters alone. Anti-war, environmentalists and other groups are infiltrated. Maintain a database of peace and any protesters. Terrorism is whatever they decide. Anti-war marchers are potential terrorists and put on a watch list. Once you are on the list, you on for good.

Civil servants who don’t agree with the fascist ideology will be purged. Hitler passed the Reich Law for the Re-establishment of a Professional Civil Service on April 7 1933. Harpers’ omnibus bills eliminated scientists, environmentalists, legalized the genocide and re-wrote history.

Ministry of Propganda is the mainstream media. Goebbels and Hitler are cheering Herr Harper from the grave. Soon the new anti-terrorism law will require that citizens raise their left arm and shout “Heil Harper”. Dissent is treason and criticism is “espionage’. The penalty is life imprisonment. There is no rule of law and no constitution. Only a police state.

3 steps

Canada was never a country. It has always and still is ISO #3166-1. Under international law they legally don’t have a land base or language and are thus not sovereign to Great Turtle Island.

The Canadian citizen is the new “Indian”. To survive they have to follow the white roots of peace, the Guswentha and discover the Kaianerekowa, the key to peace on earth.

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Read: Guardian comment on false flag.

Read: VO: Harper knew about false flag beforehand.








MNN. Jan. 5, 2014. The orenda [energy], oyendera [body] and onikonra [the mind] all work together to be healthy and to communicate with the natural world. We are spirit beings with inherent vibrations. Taking us off natural sound and natural time creates divisions in our mind so that we can be separated from the oneness. 

Pope Disney: "You take over time and I'll take over music and sound".

Pope Disney to corporatists: “You take over time and I’ll take over music and sound”.

The human cell is an electric magnetic field of possibility. Old indigenous languages are in touch with true consciousness. By design English does not generate those patterns. 

Physical healing can be aided or hindered by tone. Frequencies are deliberately altered to weaken the spiritual impact. Singing gets into deeper levels of the subconscious, accessing insights beyond artificial belief systems. Out-of-tune languages such as English vibrate at different frequencies. Many of us were beaten when we spoke our own language and forced into the English vibration.  

Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician, invented the 12-note chromatic scale that all Western music is based on today. The original sounds of nature that Creation communicates with are hidden between the artificial man-made chromatic scale to further disconnect us from nature. Some call the original scale “solfaggio”. 

Introducing the 12-note chromatic scale band!

Introducing the 12-note chromatic scale band!

Mohawk do the small condolence to connect with creation. We take the soft leather and wipe our yes, the eagle feather to clean our ears and drink the clearest water. The frequencies of our songs also connect us. The native drums connect us directly to Mother Earth. 

The sounds are there but we are not hearing it. They have been deliberately turned down and masked. “Owistah” prevents us from becoming of one mind. When we boost the volume on the natural frequencies, we will hear the vibrations and the consciousness of the universe. An old paradigm will emerge to heal all the separation that’s been artificially created. 

Memory is experience and intelligence stored in the cells of our mind and body, called DNA. With the right stimuli, sounds and frequencies, information is released from the true self. 

Music is for the secret ear. Changing the notes causes the matrix of thought and well-being to be squelched. Frequencies can turn grief into joy, cause people to connect to their inner source. These channels have to be kept open so the life force can flow. 

The Western music limited 12-tone equal temperament scale limits vibration. It creates boxed-in thinking, stuffed and suppressed emotions, anger and fear-based consciousness and war.

Mother Earth is changing her frequencies. So will every living thing.

Peace shall reign.

Peace shall reign.

At the deepest level we are together as a body, spirit and soul. Indigenous worldwide can lead us all back to healing ourselves in our own minds. When 5 of the Iroquois Nations figured this out in our own minds, our teacher, Dekanawida, left. He asked us to help the rest of the people in the world to figure out this simple formula in their own minds. He said, “te-ia-ta-te-wen-nio”, that each one of us is sovereign. 

Another great prophet, Jimi Hendrix, was the only musician to tune into the earth frequencies. His song, “Third Stone from the Sun”, [our Mother] is all about frequency and vibration. He said, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace”. Jimi Hendrix. “Third Stone from the Sun”.

Keshe. Timetable for taking our planet back”.

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Decisions, Decisions




MNN. July 27, 2013. How do we resolve issues using the Mohawk consensual decision-making process? Divide the group into three clans, Wolf, Turtle and Bear. Sit in a circle and face each other as equals. Use the basic criteria – peace, righteousness and power. 

Great Turtle Island decisions are in the best interests of all.

Great Turtle Island decisions are in the best interests of all.

The issue: pretend to be people of an Indian reservation where a train rammed into the center of the community. Ten people died. They are going to be overrun by the FBI, social workers, media, grief counselors, helpers, curious people, assorted authorities and the train company’s representatives. The people need to gather before the world spotlight is put on them. 

The Wolf Clan deliberates first. After discussing the many facets of the horrendous event, they come up with three good ideas. First, ask neutral observers to deal with the outsiders. Second, ask a neutral group to be on the front lines as a buffer. Third, the clans will deal with the victims, families and community. Everyone wants peace. These 3 decisions are passed over the fire to the Turtle Clan, who then discuss them. They agree with the three ideas and expand on the third one. Then it is passed over the fire to the Bear Clan who discuss it and sanction the decisions of the other two clans. 

Everyone is equal and everyone has a voice.

Everyone is equal and has a voice. All have a duty to put their ideas into the process to come to one mind – an agreement or a complete understanding.

This is a traditional Haudenosaunee way of resolving issues. Each person must participate so the level of knowledge is raised and discussed until it is understood. A resolution is reached which is in the best interests of all. It is essential that they come to one mind.  

The structure of decision making in international law and the rule of law come from the Iroquois constitution, Kaia’nere:kowa/Great Law of Peace. It is meant for the whole world to stop war. The US Constitution was based on this philosophy of equality and everybody has a voice. The tools for resolving issues is based on our relationship to the natural world. The problem is the US maintained their hierarchical commercial system within it. The Charter of the UN is based on the US Constitution with this flaw. Everybody has the duty to save the true rule of law for the world. 

In the corporate system the banker bribes everybody and makes the decision.

In the corporate system the banker bribes everybody, keeps information and makes the decision.

The decision-making process gives each a voice. Their thoughts and feelings are validated. They don’t wait for fabricated information and then decisions are made by a few people, which are then implemented by force. Each must seek the real truth. As the Mavericks sang: “I want to know everything..”

Consensus Decision Making




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MNN: Feb. 17, 2013. The following informative well-done article was posted by The Cohoes Falls and the Iroquois facebook page,

“According to Haudenosaunee stories, a male child was born whose destiny was to address the condition of continuous warfare. The story of this man, who would come to be called the Peacemaker, gave form and substance to a kind of revolution in thinking. peacemaking

In that time, people fought wars with clubs, traps, and bows and arrows. These were not what we today call weapons of mass destruction, but a solid club wielded by a skilled warrior was a terrifying weapon.

Any effort to seek peace had to be practical. In the days prior to the invention of states–just like in this current so-called age of terrorism–no one had the power to assure that everyone would stop the violence. There was an attention to practice, to how to make promises to one another that would be kept.

Under the Peacemaker’s guidance, the Haudenosaunee people developed a protocol to be followed when enemies first come together under a temporary truce. The protocol begins with a “condolence,” a short ceremony in which the two parties acknowledge each other’s humanity and the losses and sacrifices that each had suffered. The two parties would meet in the middle of the forest, and one side would say to the other something like this:

“We’ve been engaged in combat, and you’ve come out of the forest, and you’re covered in the bracken of the forest; we see that on your clothing.”

“So the first thing we do is we brush your clothing off, and clean off all the stuff that shows that you’ve been in a war.”

The next thing they do is they brush off the bench that the man is going to sit on, and make it clean and ready.

One side passes strings of wampum to the other, each string carrying a pre-set message. Your enemy then acknowledges these messages by repeating them back to you. They say things like this:

“With this wampum, I release the pressure in your chest. You’re feeling tight in your body from the struggle, so I release you from that,”

“With this one, I remove the tears from your eyes that you’ve been crying because of the people you lost in war.”

“And with this one, I release your vocal cords. I release your voice so you can speak strongly.”

They are addressing the conditions that can extend the truce. The first goal is to stop the fighting; a truce is not peace, but it is a small step in that direction.

The peacemaking process begins with some principles, one of which is symbolized by images of people casting weapons beneath a tree and burying them. This is, of course, entirely symbolic, just like modern disarmament is entirely symbolic, since you can always go out and buy more weapons. Likewise, the Indians could always go home and whittle more weapons, and in any case, they couldn’t give up weapons entirely because they depended on them for hunting and food gathering. So when they say they are putting the weapons of war under the tree, this is symbolic language meaning that they are not going to use them on each other anymore.

The second principle can be summarized in this statement: We are now going to put our minds together to create peace. The focus is on a desirable outcome that benefits everyone. One of the most famous quotations from Indians is from Sitting Bull: “Now let us put our minds together to see what kind of world we can leave for our children.” And another is out of the Haudenosaunee tradition now known as The Great Law of Peace: “Now we put our minds together to see what kind of world we can create for the seventh generation yet unborn.” Both of these are pragmatic constructions; both are about envisioning a desirable outcome and then negotiating the steps to go from here to the outcome that you want.”

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MNN: We are Women…


MNN:  Jan. 29, 2013.  More drone bases, more guns, more bombs, flying killer robots, more gas, more killing fields of women, men and kids, more hunger, malnutrition, starvation.  We Indigenous women are the “progenitors of the soil” on behalf of the coming children.  We are letting the war makers and profiteers hide in our territories, to steal our resources to make lethal weapons and to commit atrocities against everyone in the world. They and their accomplices live here in their high rises, dressed in fancy suits. Their highly paid band and tribal chiefs grovel at their feet crying, “Give me that paper.  I’ll sign it!”  They are always ready to push Harper’s fake laws to continue the bloodshed.

Please stop dropping bombs on us!

“Please stop dropping bombs on us!”

Our work must be supported and protected. Our duty is to stop the war problem forever, to bring peace on earth. To those profiteering and manipulating the war economy, get off our land! Take your band and tribal council pets with you. 

The council of the great peace needs the balance of the male and female energies within the consensus process. It is the basis of the interactions between all our communities. The men help the people to follow the law of the land.  

Council of Women.

Council of Women.

The Corporation of Canada is making a last ditch try to steal everything. Then they plan to flee with our $3 trillion Indian Trust Funds. Mark “Carnage” Carney, former Governor of the Bank of Canada, is on his way to England hoping to drop it at the feet of his royal economists. Indigenous have reported him to INTERPOL for investigation of the biggest heist in banking history.    

The lawyers, bureaucrats and developers show up for the sale. The bosses from Ottawa draw up the papers. The chiefs sign them and walk away with envelopes stuffed with money. National, provincial organizations and Band and tribal councils have been set up for no other purpose than to help with the theft and genocide. 

Assembly of First Nations and the band council’s job is to ignore our rightful requests for full consultation and consent. Municipal councils send a fax or email to the nearby band councils, who are not supposed to respond. Based on the non-response, contracts then proceed.    

If anyone doubts this corporate plan, ask your band council for their corporation number, corporate papers, minute book, shareholders list, business plan, chiefs’ and band bank accounts. 

We are not victims. We are the proud natural people of Great Turtle Island. Round dances are wonderful. Soon we will dance for joy when the blood suckers leave. Band councils, stand aside as you have alienated yourselves, according to our law. Canada, dissolve your illegal corporation because you aren’t going to steal any more of our resources nor our money. Mark Carney, drop that bag of Indian loot.    

Harper & his women.

Harper & his women.

Harper, did you ever meet a real woman who didn’t feel like slapping your face? 

As Helen Reddy sang:  “I am woman.  Hear me roar.  In numbers too big to ignore.  And I know too much to go back and pretend cause I’ve heard it all before.  And I’ve been down there on the floor, and no one’s ever gonna keep me down again”. Helen Reddy: I am woman

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MNN: IDLE NO MORE. Editorial

mnnlogo1MNN:  IDLE NO MORE.  Editorial 

MNN.  Dec. 12, 2012.  The Assembly of First Nations AFN and Iroquois Caucus IC merged their corporations on December 4th 2012. The Iroquois Caucus represents the band councils on the Mohawk communities in Canada, not the legitimate Mohawk people or Iroquois Confederacy.  They take credit for our grassroots activism.  In fact they worked behind the scenes to help their benefactors, the Canadian government, to try to silence us and continue the illusion of freedom.  

The AFN represents the other colonial band councils in Canada.  It appears that these two corporate branches are at the forefront of the ‘Idle No More’ movement or taking over the agenda. They are trying to give the impression that all Indians follow the Indian Act, which is a lie. 

The merger is supposed to be the start of a combative relationship between the AFN and the federal government.  How? Both lobby groups are being paid by the corporation of Canada. 

The Iroquois Caucus has nothing to do with resisting the colonists.  They are well paid to pacify, confuse us and make sure that the true Confederacy cannot institute the Great Law of Peace.    

They have no legal right to enter into any negotiations involving our people, land and resources.   They only represent the band council corporate Indians and the voters in the reserve elections.  Grassroots peoples will not be sitting at the negotiating table when these three corporations [AFN, IC and Canada] wheel and deal away our resources and place more genocidal restrictions on us. 

Prime Minister Harper is frustrated over AFN’s failure to shut us up and make us subservient.  His fascist bill C [whatever!] will create more starvation, imprisonment and death from economic, racial, cultural, spiritual genocide.  Every successful independent Indigenous business is criminalized.   Harper wants a new team of super obedient Indians.  As the Economic Hitman says, “Don’t worry about the people. Just think about you and your family”.  

The 1924 Indian Advancement Act placed us under the most oppressive economic sanctions of any people on earth, to try to starve us into submission.  The reserves were and still are prisoners of war camps.  To eat we are forced into oppression.  They want to remove us to take our resource rich land for the multinational corporations and to create toxic garbage dumps.  [Attawapiskat, Keshachewan, Akwesasne, Kahnawake, Tyendinaga, etc.].  

The “It’s-No-Use” AFN met recently in the Gatineau to tell us how bad and hopeless everything is and practically told us we had to keep on living with it.    

The delegates crossed the Ottawa River to march on Parliament Hill and tried to enter the House of Commons.  The scuffle was over in an instant.  The government knew it was their puppets and could slam the door in their faces.  According to the Indian Act the Indians are not allowed to go in.  


The true ongwehonweh of Great Turtle Island will not beg for what is ours. The visitors will be reminded of their illegal occupation of our land, theft of our possessions, the genocide and what they owe us.  

Why are our people fighting for treaties?  These illegal contracts are not worth the paper they are written on.  We don’t get anything.  They got the right to control us and take everything from us.  Every treaty has been broken, which makes them null and void.  

The only true treaty is the Guswentha in 1701 giving them refuge and to become of one mind with us.  They could never have any jurisdiction over us, our land, resources, air and water.  International law provides that when a treaty is broken everything reverts to one day before the treaty, June 24 1701. 

The occupiers issue corporate band cards.  The holders are deemed to be Canadian Indians under Canada’s corporate sovereignty and jurisdiction.       

If band cards were torn up tomorrow and Canadian corporations were renounced, only band council chiefs and those who vote in their elections would remain as their artificial corporate Indians.  The rest of us would be in the driver’s seat, not being part of the foreign corporations and having never given up anything.    

Canada loses $60 million a day, $22 billion a year, because of the discount prices they get for selling our oil to the US.  They want to sell it to Asian markets via the West coast.  We will never allow the pipeline to go through ongwehoneh land.    We closed down the Northern Gateway pipeline project.  In the 1970s we shut down the Mackenzie Valley pipeline.  Scumbags Enbridge was shut down.  The thieves don’t want to be honest with their landlords.  Instead they send their fake cops [police officers] to threaten us. 

The settlers came here with nothing, no common language, people or history.  They brought greed and a thirst for blood.  They are panicking, angry, frustrated and threatening us because they never thought they would be accountable.  It is time to dissolve the squatting illegal corporation of Canada.  Yes, we will tell foreign governments, corporations and their entities what they may or may not have.

We must work together as one inherent people of Great Turtle Island. There is a formula to come to a consensus so that we all survive.  If one goes hungry, we all go hungry.  Pushing for control of the interest on our resources is a start. 

all nations

We want peace, not pacifism.  We want control of our lives, our land, minerals, oil, water, gas, soil, eco-system, air and everything on it.   

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MNN.  DEC. 1, 1012.  On November 22, 2012, 138 countries voted for Palestine to be recognized as a UN state.  They can now use UN International Agencies, sign treaties and bring charges against war criminals. They ended the corporate bankers’ imperial war against Indigenous peoples.  Colonizers Canada, US and Israel voted against the bid. They warned there will be repercussions.  Boycotts, no aid, shunning us, crossing the street when they see us coming and maybe trying to continue to bully us. 

Israel was created by the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917.  Lord Balfour, the British Foreign Secretary and former Prime Minister, sent a letter to Baron Rothschild, the leader of the Zionist movement and the Rothschild international banking empire. The British promised to help the Zionists create “a national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine. The US entered the war and two weeks later the first boatload of armed Zionist immigrants landed on the shores of Palestine to destroy the people and steal everything.    

In 1923 Levi General, the Deskaheh, was sent to Geneva Switzerland by the Haudenosaunee [Iroquois Confederacy], to get membership in the League of Nations.  He reminded the Europeans of their obligations under the Guswentha, Two Row Wampum, the only agreement allowing foreigners to live here in peace.  The newcomers violated it, making their occupation illegal.  

Iran, Estonia, the Netherlands, Panama, Ireland and others supported us.  British and American threats against them and Deskaheh forced him to return home.  The League then made indigenous peoples worldwide into ‘domestic concerns’.  We had no right to seek redress for human rights abuses and theft from anyone other than our oppressors.  They tried to permanently victimize and annihilate us. 

Deskaheh’s efforts angered Canada.  In 1924 the RCMP forcibly removed the traditional Haudenosaunee government, and created the Indian Advancement Act, apartheid and the concentration camps called “reservations”.  The Canadian government set up ‘band councils’ to rule us.  They designated that “a person is anyone other than an Indian’.  

Deskaheh was warned to never return to Canada or he would be killed.  He was murdered in Tonawanda New York in 1925.  

Bankers are now panicking.  They monetized everything and created money to control the world.  The shareholders of the corporations of Canada and US profit from war, theft of Indigenous land and resources and enslaving us.  These corporations own the Canadian and American masses.  Birth certificates, drivers licenses, social insurance numbers, social security, a bank account, running a business, travel or any benefit needs the ‘mark of the beast’, which is the stamp of the bankers.     

The bankers send their agents into a country, destroy it and steal their natural resources.  Whoever protests gets bombed, starved and economic sanctions, which is war.  This time the heavily armed high tech Israeli army could not defeat poor weaponless Palest’Indians.  They did not wait for someone to free them.  They freed themselves.  

They set the precedent.  Soon the beast will not be in charge. Canada, US and Israel now have to deal directly with us, the owners of the land and resources.  

The UN is another bankers corporation.  It will crumble from within.  The Indigenous will never be subservient to the bankers again.  The imperial corporations will be beggars rather than the brutal lying thugs they’ve always been.  

After the women everywhere stop the conflict in their communities, they will begin to implement the Great Law of Peace.  Then the men will carry out the law.  It’s over for the corporate bankers.  They have to stand down or leave.  We, the real natural people, are going to assert ourselves. 

We insist on justice first, to join the International Court, file complaints against banker/corporatist war criminals and their agents, dismantle illegal settlements and settlers, sue the colonizers, return of our possessions and sovereign control of our air space, land, waters.  

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his sidekick John Baird rushed to the UN and showed us who they work for, the same banker who owns Israel and them.  

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.  [Jimi Hendrix]. 

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MNN: 2012 Eugenics Olympics


MNN:  JULY 26, 2012.         A picture speaks a thousand words.  In the Montreal Gazette of July 26, 2012, appears a montage of 277 athletes.  This is Canada’s Olympic team heading for London. It appears like Canada is working toward an almost 100% white team, with a few black, Asian and brown. 

237 athletes, or 86%, are of the white race. Whites are not 86% of the population of Canada.  People of color now make up almost 50% of the Canadian population. They will be a minority within 20 years. 

No Indigenous appear to be on the team, the people whose land this is.  Canada [Kanata] is a Mohawk word.  This is the best team that can be created by the restrictions set by the corporatist states.  The Olympics showcases the superiority of one group over another by awarding fake medals.   

These athletes are the children for the most part of the upper middle class, who have the opportunities.  Our children rarely make it in this system. 

Darwin, Malthus and others experimented in creating a superior white race.  It was found that three generations of inbreeding created nut bars or docile compliant people.  So what kind of experimentation is going on now?  Are Russell Williams, James Holmes, the Craiglist killer and others experiments gone wrong? 

Selective breeding is causing their men to become sterile and their women to become infertile.  They now have the lowest birthrate in the world, while natural people have the highest. 

Whites need technical apparatuses and artificial environments to give them an advantage, like pools, ski equipment and other gewgaws.  In a fair competition of natural abilities, people of color are stronger, more agile and have greater endurance.  What if white athletes competed fairly with people of color?  There might be a completely different representation.  Just look at football, basketball and other sports requiring stamina.  Other races excel.  

What if they had to work long hours picking food, or in a factory for a few cents a day?  What if they came from a society with a high infant mortality, almost non-existent sanitation, malnutrition, toxic drinking water, diseases, war and political unrest?  

What if basketball nets were lowered to give Japanese and Inuit the same access to the net? What if they had to compete with Indigenous in a boat race through the Amazon River? What if they had to cross the 50 degrees below zero tundra on a bobsled pulled by dogs?    

England refused to let our teams compete in England as a nation with our own passports. They demanded we be part of the colonial nations that are squatting on our land.    

London is the center of eugenics research.  They try to design how a few can continue to live off the theft of land and resources from those who cannot even hope to attend the Olympics.   

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MNN: Great Law Recital, Ohsweken

MNN:  JULY 27, 2012. Important Notice!  Come to Ohsweken to  understand our heritage, the laws of creation and the path we must stay on.  We have a way to counteract the confusion and deceit the invaders have inflicted upon us and our land.   We must bring our minds together for our future generations, to counteract the destruction.  The guidance is in understanding the Kaianerekowa, the Great Law of Peace.



August 10 – 19, 2012

Gaylord Powless Arena & Six Nations Community Hall

Ohsweken, Ontario

Daily Agenda

6:00 am Tobacco Burning

Ostohwako:wa:  Breakfast, Recital, Lunch, Recital, Dinner

Sponsored by:

1.  Rotiskennakehte tahnon

2.  Kononkwe Kontitsyehayens 

Support of the People is our destiny.

We welcome you all to the Great Law at Six Nations of the Grand River

Contact us for help in 

Camping and Billeting – Call 519-445-2001

REPLY to   

Please forward this notice to your interested contacts.  Nia:wen.

Directions:  Ohsweken is one hour west of Toronto near Brantford, Ontario.

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