MNN. Oct. 21, 2013. Tribal/band councils are “corporate city-states”! Mohawk Council of Kahnawake issued a statement they are in effect a corporate city-state separate from the Iroquois Confederacy.Kahnawake Band Council a city-state.


Caregivers speak truth without fear!

Caretakers speak truth without fear!

RCMP authorized local “Peacekeepers” to warn us we could be arrested for standing in solidarity with the Elsipotog Mi:kmaqs of New Brunswick. They are resisting multinational corporate fracking by SWM Resources of Canada and US of our inherent land, which is NOT “crown” land. Mohawks of Kahnwake handed out flyers in support and to protect all children from the poison of fracking. We are overwhelmed with worldwide non-native support.   

To understand the dangers of fracking to our health and environment, go to MNN. “Pipe Dreams”.

See  MNN. “Warrior Cohorts” and the attached McDonald-Laurier think tank report “Canada and First Nations, Cooperation or Conflict”  It outlines the on-going Canadian and US government timetables for carrying out Indigenous extermination. They want to keep trying to steal our resources and transport them worldwide. Railroads are be smashed and destroyed to be replaced by pipelines, at the price of fires, explosions, human and environmental death.  

All have a duty to defend ourselves from murderers!

We all have a duty to defend ourselves from murderers!

Guns were aimed at unarmed women, elders and young children. the report depicts our toddlers as “baby warriors” who could point pacifiers at and scare the heavily armed cops and US forces!! Ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha!  

Agent provocateurs are infiltrating to start conflicts and destruction to be blamed on us. The corporate media was cut off and starvation was commenced. Worldwide alternative media stepped up.  

Might is not Right. RCMP and US Forces attack Mi'kmaq on behalf of multinational energy corporations.

Might is not Right. RCMP and US Forces attack Mi’kmaq on behalf of SWM Resources multinational corporate thieves.

The corporate cops couldn’t find our non-existent leaders. We are lead by Kasatstensera kowa so oiera, the Great Natural Power.  We are mandated by the Great Law of Peace to protect and defend our land and our People.  International law provides we have a right to full consultation and permission, based on the Two Row Agreement. 

We unarmed people gather everywhere in our communities on Great Turtle Island and the world to demand peace. Watch video: “Showdown Mi’kmaq Blockade – the Real Story” Our message is, “Thou shall not steal!”


How does it feel to beat, aim guns and shoot unarmed people for protecting our possessions?

How does it feel to beat, aim guns and shoot unarmed people for protecting ourselves, our Mother and the environment?

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