MNN. Dec. 10, 2013. Canada created the apartheid model in South Africa. Ambiguous Champion explains, “South African officials regularly came to Canada to examine reserves set aside for First Nations, following colleagues who had studied residential schools in earlier parts of the century.” The “pass system” criminalizing the movement of the Black people was based on the Canadian government’s “pass system” forced on Indigenous people until recently. Most totalitarian regimes were started and funded by the shareholders of the Corporations of CANADA and UNITED STATES to implement “apartheid” legislation modeled after the Indian Act. Apartheid is a system of racial segregation against the natural people of the land.

Band & Tribal Council Injuns being reassured that Indian Act will continue!

Band & Tribal Council ‘Injuns’ and global investors being reassured that Indian Act protection will continue!

Harper is in South Africa for Nelson Mandela’s funeral as the CEO of a corporation masquerading as a country. Canada still refuses to follow the 1948 “Convention on the Crime and Punishment of  Genocide”. Canada opposed signing onto the Nov. 30, 1973 “Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid”. Canada invented apartheid with the Indian Act and the modern legal definition of genocide.

Canada publicly opposed the racist system while doing business with the white rulers of South Africa.

Mandela released after 29 years!

Mandela released after 29 years!

Pierre Trudeau’s government (1968-1984) sympathized with the apartheid regime. Canadian companies were heavily invested in South Africa, enjoying the benefits of cheap black labor.  In October 1982 Trudeau helped Western powers gain the 51.9 percent vote needed to support South Africa’s application for a billion-dollar IMF credit. Canada argued that foreign investment brought progressive ideas! In 1986 Canada finally implemented economic sanctions but continued trading.

Leonard Peltier still in prison for over 36 years!

Leonard Peltier still in prison for over 36 years!

Trudeau publicly supported the international arms embargo against South Africa, but did not enforce it. Canadian-government financed weapons were sold to South Africa. Canadair sold amphibious water bombers for internal troop-lift operations. In the early 1970s the Montréal Gazette discovered that the RCMP trained South African police in para-military liaison and intelligence gathering.

Canada’s relationship with the African National Congress ANC was hostile. Ottawa wanted a guarantee that ANC would follow pro-capitalist policy. Ottawa wanted an IMF planning mission to “get things right” to promote the private sector. In other words, to allow the continuance of apartheid and genocide for the benefit of private profit.Natn-xx-Mandela

We all want equality, a voice and freedom. Jimi Hendrix sings about “freedom”. “Right on, straight ahead/Stay up and straight ahead/Freedom/So I can live it/Freedom/So I can turn around and give it/Freedom/So I can live it”Jimi Hendrix. “Freedom”!


Yves Engler. “Canada’s Role in Apartheid Struggle”.

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  1. Trudeau was in favour of South African APARTHEID, because it was what he was going to adopt for Kebec a few years later. What Pauline Marois is doing today was what Pierre-Elliott Trudeau was going to do in Canada, that was why he wanted to make Canada BILINGUAL. Everything that Trudeau adopted was RACE BASED.

  2. actually this started long before Trudeau, I saw the pics and Toronto Telegram article long ago. South Africa sent a delegation looking for a “legal wording” for apartheid, and they came here, and were feasted, and traveled to Our Communities, and then were sent home with special edition, leather-bound copies of “The Indian Act”, google the subjects “apartheid, South Africa introduces” and you should be able to get a closer date. O:nen

  3. none of this destruction will ever end until someone or some people TAKE the action of removing these ill intended people from the power and control they have had on the earth and its inhabitants….WE all talk PEACE but the only thing THEY hear is the violence that put them in power….either a few hundred years ago or just yesterday……Sorry but Im beside myself with anger and frustration at these scum…

  4. Investigate all State Courts for Financial Conflicts of Interest
    Petition by S. Moore

    To be delivered to Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, All Supervisors, Governor Jerry Brown, The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama

    We the people are requesting an investigation by the USDOJ to be conducted against all State Courts for financial conflicts of interest and intrinsic fraud..

    Based upon the Pope’s “Decree” regarding “Human Right’s Violations” we the people are asking for automatic reversals on all cases that were tainted by such conflict’s, particularly those that didn’t involve crimes against person’s, according to the “Original 13th Amendment..

  5. This kind of Franco-Amerindian (Kebecois) Apartheid has been the norm set on the Native Peoples of Canada by the Trudeau regime since it took office in April 1968. I will send you my article on Canadian Apartheid from a Maine website.

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