MNN. Jan. 22, 2014. The common denominator of the corporations called “Canada” and “Israel” is, they are both founded on crimes against humanity bordering on genocide. 

"Corporatist dating service was right. We have so much in common!"

“Corporatist dating service was right. We have so much in common!”

Canadian CEO Harper falsely claims to speaks for the majority of Canadians while giving unequivocal support for Israel’s war policies. His election is being proven to be fraudulent, achieving only 30% of the popular vote. It reminds us of what Joseph Stalin said in one of Harper’s favorite books: “It matters not who wins the election. Only who counts the vote”.  

Our mother will be reclaiming  everything soon!

Our mother will be reclaiming everything soon!

The day of reckoning is coming soon. As Dekanawida said, according to the Iroquois prophecy, the white serpent that falsely claimed our land will be eliminated.  

The worst case scenario for the corporations of canada and Israel is to be tried in ICC for crimes against humanity and genocide. 

War victims of Masters of War!

Agony of the Palestinians.  

This is an educational film about how the Great Peace came to be at the time of the last appearance of the Sky World. The new world order agenda is like the snakes in the hair of Tadodarho. We will comb the snakes from the hair of the NWO Tadodarho and bring peace, as we were asked to do. History of Iroquois.

Johnny Rivers sings about what happens when you are not vigilant when dealing with snakes: “Take me in, tender women. Take me in, for heaven’s sake. Take me in, tender woman. Sssighed, the Sssnake.” Johnny Rivers. “The Snake”.

Even Zionists find Harper too Zionist.

Al Jazeera. “Baffling Politics”.

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2 thoughts on “PALEST’INDIAN ISSUE

  1. This much is certain. Germany is ‘contracted’ to draft 21,000 army recruits to serve specifically in Israel every year. With support from delinquent criminals hooting in Ottawa, in 2010 that minimum was increased to over 80,000 troops. By 2012 that number fell to over 40,000 troops. This trooping into Israel was fabricated by Canada (and the United States occupation as well) in the aftermath of World War 2 (Geneva 1) as a means to settle down millions of maybe not-so-bad Nazis. Germans still call their Israel draft, “The Nazi Trip”. If you cannot find any information about this war game using Region 3 Internet, that is because it is VERBOTTEN! here. But I watched a one hour documentary on German-Canadian colonial war-games on Aljazeera last month. Also Zabeena, a German citizen I work with knows all about Canada’s war game support. Murder is always a game for colonies in the Americas, who are simply doing their puppet dances as European policy trades murder for goods and services… Their economic backbone for over 5,000 years, their history books loudly proclaim. PALEST’INDIAN ISSUE is just one aspect of a more primitive, savage colonial policy. Intercepting and redirecting the primitive, bloodthirsty mindsets of European savages running and manipulating Empire engages a thousand snakeheads in every bite. Yes, it is clear, the rabid savages are biting themselves. They have decalred war on the homelands and the peoples of their Ancestral lands.

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