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MNN. Jan. 16, 2018. A bully is a coward with power. Bullying is not needed to resolve differences. The mind  and the natural defensive attributes of the native people is the power to repel bullying everywhere. A bully is defeated when people unite for a common good for all. We brought people into our home to become part of our family, living by the great peace. We never had poverty until the immigrants arrived. The invaders then used threats, force and murder to make us sign coercive agreements. They covered our land with grief.

Bullying is used throughout the world called “sanctions”, “cutting off foreign aid” and “war”. Many leaders of these poor nations live in grandeur and opulence. We are forced into this culture of possession making us vulnerable. 

The great peace, kaia-nere-kowa, is based on respect and collective interests. A few greedy racketeers set up private corporate structures to control everything and everyone. Our clans were disrupted and their goal then and today is to destroy the great peace. 

Our messenger, dekanawida, saw great suffering. He talked to the old people. He and ayonwatha, set out to bring the people together using the natural ways of creation. Language, songs, ceremonies and natural bonds brought back balance and harmony to the people, which is the law of survival. 

All corporate band and tribal councillors are te-ho-na-ton-koton. They are deliberate traitors who work to annihilate those they think are weaker, violating the great peace. They purposely help their corporate “handlers” to assimilate and disappear our people.  ion-kwa-ni-kon-iakon is when we die. The traitors carry out their own death wish. Their morally corrupt minds cause problems, io-te-hon-ni-kon-ra, trying to eliminate everything we need to stay alive. ka-so-tsra was established by our ancestors. ia-ne-wen-ton te-ho-na-ni-kon-ia-kon, our ancestor’s minds never strayed from the path of self-preservation of our species that creation put into our minds.  

The oienkwenton are coming! The oienkwenton are coming!

te-io-wa-ta-tawi is to make ourselves independent. All life is based on this power. 

Nobody wants to be remembered for being a big bully just because they think they can get away with. As Shinedown warns: “Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s 8 A.M. This hell I’m in. Seems I’ve crossed the line again For being nothing more than who I amSo break my bones. And throw your stones. We all know that life ain’t fair. But there is more of us. We’re everywhere. We don’t have to take this Back against the wall. We don’t have to take this We can end it all . . .”

Shinedown - Bully - Lyrics

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