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MNN. 8 April 2019. kahentinetha is beginning to live the 80th year of her life. She has a message.

Photo: Christine Fitspatrick

The corporation of the Government of Canada has made rules to finish us off so they can have a false country on stolen land. Like the residential schools, Indian Day schools, Sixties Scoops, CAS programs, jails, public schools and the continuing genocide, they are trying to erase the truth. The “Extinguish the onkwehonweh and Steal onowarekeh” program is called the “Framework Agreement”. 

The genocide will be precise and final, they think. We are being forced into taking mind altering drugs known as the education system and the electronic system. It is all mind control. Only corporate ids are accepted. Those who disagree are eliminated. There will only be First Nations Inc. traitors who will fraudulently sign away everything we are and pocket the money. Words like “conflict”, “fear”, “envy” and “hate” directed at the dictators will be expunged from the official language. New simplified Indian slave languages are being created and mandated to limit our ability to think and connect with our ancestors.

Only banking names can be used to help us forget who we are. Religions are designed to advance native society from nature to corporate control.

Planned disorder is called ‘harmony’. Misfits are sent off to the land of Work Houses, Prison Death Camps and forced Military indoctrination. Knowledgeable Elders are ‘retired’. Geneticists will continue to run sterilization programs. Family units are created by the state since implementation of the Indian Lands Acts of October 25, 1924. Children are assigned to ‘families’. We are trained to have no natural impulses. Those classified as trouble makers, intelligent, with integrity, courage, foresight and ability to stand pain are eliminated. Dangerous are resisters who can see beyond, ask questions, refuse daily conditioning, speak about the secret training and have no apologies. 

Only those who receive the man-made memory will be acceptable.   

Natural differences are beautiful.

onkwehonweh have our past buried in our minds which cannot be changed. These memories are reached through the ancient language. Together onkwehonweh receive instructions from the ancestors and learn the secret and true history of the world.

The Framework Agreement designates all training will be created and administered by the shadow government.  

We were trained to hold in the pain. The Framework Agreement is the plan for control. They try to create the boundary of memories for us by rewriting history. Real memories stay within us. When we cross the boundaries they’ve set, then the memories get free. We can see and hear beyond what they tell us.

We were taken off natural time by the imposition of the Gregorian calendar; and  then natural sound by the imposition of A440Hz. Music lives deep within the earth and is the basis of all healing. They don’t want us to think about what we are seeing and hearing or what’s reminding us of who we are. They want us to sit in chairs all day long, do nothing. Wait for their directions. Go home. Do it all over again the next day, and leave our children for them to be their generational slaves. 

Knowing what something is is not like knowing how something feels. To be alone. To be curious. To see beyond. Our power is a piece of source energy in each of our minds. That is how we are all sovereign. No one can tell us what to think. Only what they think.   

Memories are about the past that determines our future. The more we experience, the more we want to know. We know who our mother and father are. We had joy and pain. The owistah love of self disease brought tremendous pain, death and destruction.

We have reality, emotions and love. Love is being taken away and replaced by fear. 

We don’t want pain and loss of our mother and people. We remember our children being taken from us never to be seen again.  The light was taken from our eyes. The invaders know what it means to kill our young and old. They feel no warmth for us. They fear our stirrings and how it is in the forefront in our minds. They don’t like being reminded about the murder-death-kill cult that they are. Yet with the memory of what they did to us to get what they have, they still plan to eliminate us. 

We had total peace for thousands of years between all nations on onowareken until they brought back the war. The invaders are indignant that these memories are being brought forward. So they designed a plan called the Framework Agreement to kill us ofF once and for all. 

Nature gave us courage and strength. The traitors are watching us and reporting us to the corporation. We draw strength from who we are and give it to our children, to protect them. The First Nation band councils have aligned themselves with the invaders to help them implement their criminal agenda.

We want everything that was stolen from us, those things that were warm, nice and beautiful. The Framework Agreement Plan for our Extinction will never happen.

Canada will not celebrate their planned final genocide. We love each other. They tried to take that from us. They do not see any possibility of love or respect. Their owista disease has turned love into death and destruction, contempt and murder. When we are attacked, we will hold our babies close to us. We still feel joy, music and love. The invaders live a life of shadows and echoes, not knowing if they are real. Our memories are real. The corporations rules are all lies. The future is in our minds. We onkwehonweh won’t allow our minds to be murdered.

As long as the waters of the women flow, we will continue to fulfill our duties to creation: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page.