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MNN. SEPT. 23, 2019. Climate change is happening because the multinational corporations are deliberately destroying the world by poisoning the waters, trees and the people. The UN and global Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 are drafted to eventually establish the taxing of every breath we take, disguised as a carbon tax.

The climate change movement is the common denominator for the people who are trying to implement the New World Order. What are the global change marches supposed to do? Lots of media coverage. Momentary leaders and spokespeople rise up. The issue of climate change and its causes are brought forward for the moment. Lots of overtime for the police. 

The issue is like the wind. It is felt for the moment but nothing happens afterwards. 


Canada has been celebrating the genocide of the onkwehonweh for 152 years on July 1 every year! The owista disease is caused by the corporate 51% majority rule elective system. It matters not if you vote left or right. They are all controlled by the same bankers. The only solution is to not take part in the corporate vote. Your only real choice is to vote for the corporate system to continue or not to vote so the corporate system will falter. 

Everyone must get educated on the issue. There are repercussions such as arrests, lifelong police files, police terror, stigma, etc.

It is now the weather war. Canada is not decolonized. Its aim is to dispossess the natives of land and rights. It wants to keep its unlawful extractive society. Selected trouble makers like those who interfere with corporatism and settler colonialism will be surveiled. The march could be volatile, disruptive or passive. All names are put on the surveillance list and can never be removed. Files are created and available to the cops and the state for their extensive data bases. The security state of Canada is national security and policing agencies, industry and corporate partners, bureaucracies and intelligence data banks. The movement can criminalize anyone that challenges the extractive industry, demands self-determination or contests provincial and federal claims for our lands and resources. 

owista is the most dangerous disease on the planet. it is caused by the 51% majority rules. The cure for owista is kaianerekowa.

Jimi Hendrix hit the nail on the head with this song: “White collar conservatives, flashing down the street, pointing their plastic finger at me. Pretty soon their kind will drop and die. But i’m gonna wave my freak flag high”. [if 6 was 9] box 991, kahnawake Quebec Canada J0L 1B0 contact