Police Target Indigenous Youth

SIX NATIONS: Call-out for help! Arrest of two activists Police ‘target’ Indigenous youth – bring food and phone cards. People as witnesses needed at both construction sites (ASAP) and at the courthouse today and tomorrow. To get to the construction site take the 403 west towards London, Ontario, exit off Oak Park Road. Turn left and drive over the 403. The construction site is immediately on the right hand side. Brantford City Court is on 44 Queen Street.MNN. Sept. 11, 2008. Two native activists were arrested Wednesday in a traffic stop by up to a dozen Ontario Provincial Police and Brantford city police officers. The 19-year-old son of “Boots” was arrested, along with an unnamed “young offender”. The police have disregarded the presumption of innocence by calling them “offenders”.

Boots has been living in a teepee in front of these fraudulent development projects. He is trying to remind them that we own the territory. It is a project of the “First Northwest Business Park Ontario” [John Jones 905-363-3086, jjones@firstgulf.com www.firstgulf.com; Head Office, Century Point Corporate Center, 6860 Century Ave., E. Tower, Suite 1000, Mississauga Ontario L5N 2W5 905-814-6860].

Brantford is giving illegal building permits to international corporations to build on our territory, such as:

-“Hampton Inn Hotels” which is part of the Hilton chain [we need CEO name, headquarters address and contact information];ampton HotH

-“Fen Ridge Court” [we need CEO, address and contact info]; and -Kingspan Insulation, Dublin Road, Kings Court Co., Cavan, Ireland, registration #70776 Ph. +353(0)42 9698000 admin@kingspan.ie, CE Gene M. Murtagh, Irish Stock Exchange info@ise.ie.

These companies have illegally laid claim to Haudenosaunee Territory. Some have represented that our unceded land is their collateral to raise funds on various stock exchanges. We have put them all on notice that the land is ours. They should be charged with fraud because of this knowingly willful violation of our rights and misrepresentations of their holdings in the public market. Unfortunately, the state authorities are complicit in the fraud. The city of Brantford issues the illegal permits.

Boots’ son has a bail hearing this morning, September 11th at the Brantford Court. The other youth is up for bail tomorrow at 9:00am. Both are charged with “mischief”.

Janie Jamieson gave the following report: “Today [September 10] at approximately 11:00am my one-year old son and I were leaving the “King and Benton” site of illegal construction site in Brantford, Ontario. My sister followed with the two youth. I stopped at a sign and then proceeded through. In my rear view mirror I could see my sister following close behind.

Then I saw a non-Native man with a closely shaved head pulling on her truck door with one hand while violently punching the window with a closed fist. I feared she was under attack by “skinheads” as there were several unmarked cars blocking her in.

I went ahead and turned around. When I got back all vehicles were gone, including my sister. I turned right. The same men were parked there but had changed into OPP vests and belts loaded with weapons. There were approximately 8 cruisers marked “OPP” and “Brantford City Police”. They were surrounding my sister and the two youth who were being handcuffed.

I told the police that according to our law our youth are under the authority and jurisdiction of the Ongwehonwe women and that our youth had EVERY authority to uphold our traditional laws. The police were told to cease and desist their armed invasions and kidnapping of our children. These tactics constitute declarations of war.

The cops said everything they were doing was “standard police practice” [in dealing with Indigenous people]. Why do they bother to wear uniforms? Are there any real “skinheads”? Or are they all cops trying to an end run around the law they swore to defend? Five officers then began searching my sister’s truck for “weapons”.

I put tobacco in the hands of the youth and told them to hold onto it. The police tried to stop me. The youth held onto it and were placed in separate cruisers and taken to the Brantford Jail.

Bawa Construction (Hampton Inn & Suites) has resumed illegal construction on our unsurrendered territory despite being warned by us to stop.

At no point have any of our people stepped out of the Kaianarekowa. The developers and the police continuously ESCALATE intercultural hostility by targeting our children, women (mothers and grandmothers) and men to protect the finances of local and international corporations.

We ongwehonwe will continue to uphold our great-great-grandchildren’s right to exist.

MNN Mohawk Nation News Staff www.mohawknationnews.com katenies20@yahoo.com

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Splitting the Sky, a Mohawk activist, actor and author will be one of the featured speakers at the March on Ottawa this Thursday, September 11, 2008. It is a commemoration of the massacre of thousands of people at the Twin Towers in New York city on September 11th, 2001. Mohawk ironworkers were some of the construction workers on the Twin Towers and continue to be concerned about this issue. Come hear the arguments to substantiate the allegations.
http://www.marchonottawa2008.org/ www.splittingthesky.net 

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