MNN.  Sep. 16, 2011.  Those criminals who murder and plunder the world are eventually removed by nature.  Their actions violate the natural world.  

EU Eurozone and its US and UK co-conspirators existed by leeching off the labor and resources of Indigenous people worldwide.  They invaded, built infrastructures and sent their people to run them.  Then the targets got a bill with inflated interest rates which they couldn’t pay.  War and oppression ensued and the people and their land were taken, exploited and destroyed.     


EU-US-UK money junkies are the enforcers of the theft of our resources and forcing us to work for next to nothing.  These imperialists think the minerals and oil that lie under us belong to them. 

EU-US-UK’s concern is the “risk of a vicious circle between sovereign debt, bank funding and negative growth” at home and abroad.  EU creates paper called money, backed by the military, to run the world economy. 

These crooks try to dominate us by persuasion, intimidation, bribes, fear, destabilization, denial of liberty, force, war, death and occupation.    

Old fashioned colonialism is not working.  EU-US-UK cannot pay their bills.  Their infrastructures look almost like bombed out war zones.  Their rusting, crumbling bridges, roads and ports reflect a dying empire.  

They are looking for other ways to steal from us and make us work for nothing.  The US suggests getting rough and tough with us!!!   

We are resisting. We are a negotiating block to be reckoned with.  The larger imperial powers can’t set the agenda and try to sell it to us by threats and sweeteners. 

We want freedom, protection of the environment, agriculture and to hang onto our resources and possessions.   They want these for themselves, without taking care of or sharing it.    

To run their international corruption, amoral bankers and their degenerate corporation buddies have to keep us in line, which is no longer possible.  

“A further reinforcement of bank resources is advisable”, meaning more worthless money has to be printed and shoved down our throats to make us give up our possessions.  

Global finance is in trouble.  Their fantasy of a planetary financial dictatorship is shattering.  EU-US-UK are warning us they can attack, hurt and kill us if we keep resisting.   

An anti-banking insurrection has started.  These panicking empires are dying and becoming third world countries.  They want war, not peace.  

Constant warfare is unnatural.  Nature will remain no matter what!  Those who don’t conform to the natural way are doomed.   

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