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MNN, Oct. 29, 2020. The human race has been prepared for a long time to accept the brutality that’s necessary for the takeover of the the financial industry worldwide. People are being bored to death and distracted with confusing oppression.  The human race could be taken out of it with the snap of a finger by somebody who can show people the truth. The blinders must be removed.

The COVID virus is being conveniently used to put everybody on house arrest to bring the new world order into  existence.

Nobody must see the concerted effort to blind the eyes of the human race so they can be taken over by a small group of very financially powerful people, who are dividing up the world and will use the people as slaves.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is meeting in Europe with the New World Order to create the new system. He refuses to meet with the indigenous people who are being terrorized across turtle island. See “Trudeau, EU leaders meet ahead of US election to reinforce support of world order”. He did not consult the president of the United States or the prime minister of England. Trudeau is locking people into their homes again during this meeting. See link to “Biden and the two world order”. 

The world’s indigenous people are opting out as the great peace and two row agreement based on natural ways puts the European elites in their boat and we stay in our canoe. There is a great chasm between our cultures.

People have been put under the death delusion and made to feel vulnerable and silent. Hitler put people in a trance so he could do anything he wanted. He talked insanely. The Nazis had huge sinister looking night rallies. Wars were threatened everywhere. A few saw it and shook off the blinding blanket thrown over the world.

Some invaders see the power of the philosophy of peace and have threatened to burn down the longhouses.


Police are being used by governments to illegally oppress the people. Mark Miller, the Minister of Indian Affairs in Canada, a retired military commander, was sent into Six Nations to crush the resistance using military style style strategies in the Canadian army. Indian Affairs is a department of the military with a “war room” on the 14th floor. An armed camp has been set up to begin the takeover of Ontario and to stop native resistance across Canada. The new Minister of Quebec Indian Affairs is a former cop.  Attacks on indigenous people are being used as staging grounds to carry out their aggression and takeover.

In Akwesasne SQ officers are taking over native police. They can cross the Canada/US border without restraint using our border crossing rights.

US and Canada are more controlled when placed under military powers. A faction of the government want to disarm the people so they cannot defend themselves and their territories from an invasion. The UN have set up “cross policing’ between nations  because police are reluctant to shoot their own people.     

One project was to kill the old people. Soldiers were ordered to go into the old peoples homes in Ontario and Quebec where elderly were in critical condition, at death’s door, already dead or dying en masse. They reported to the federal government. Nothing was done about it.

Quebec is the staging ground for the European take over of Canada and the United States. They are in the strategic position, northeastern turtle island, north of all major cities in the US and the cusp of the Great Lakes. They are connected to France that has the nuclear bomb and have a French territory in the St. Lawrence gulf, the Anti-costi Islands. 

The infiltration started in 1965 prior to Montreal Expo 67. The French soldiers came over and became teachers and workers and stirred up the young people. Charles DeGaulle made the statement “vive la Quebec libre”, it was a separatist message to the French from France to start the subsequent FLQ crisis. A French bureaucrat living in Ottawa helped Pierre Trudeau with the crisis and then disappeared.

The war In Canada is the French [France] against the English, as before.  The Mohawks and indigenous are always neutral. They both vie for our support.

The US constitution was spawned by our great peace philosophy which is the basis of their republic. To take over turtle island, the indigenous people have to be annihilated, especially the clan mothers where the power of the people and the land  is vested. In the restructuring by the invaders, they intend to dissolve the true government of North America, the Iroquois Coinfederacy and all its friends and allies.  

United States and Canada have no home here. They are refugees under our protection. They violated their agreements with us. Their allegiance is to the European order.  They can’t celebrate the true natural culture of the indigenous. Their justice system is the common law of England and the European civil law. They have no language, property or culture. They are “foreigners”. 

They are avoiding the fact that turtle island is unceded indigenous land, from ocean to ocean and pole to pole. They are removing chiefs and clan mothers who are hereditarily caretakers and maintain jurisdiction of turtle island on behalf of the unborn babies.   

The US is split 50-50 between Republicans and Democrats. Read “Joe Biden on How I learned to love the New World Order”. Republicans and Ontario are right wing allied with the US and the British Commonwealth against the European community. Quebec is part of the European community.

On October 21 2020 the military flew over Kahnawake and Kanesatake without consent, knowledge or right. Every indigenous community is a “no fly zone” and natives have the right to defend themselves by any means. The planned fly over the following night didn’t happen. All of turtle island is unceded onkwehonweh territory under indigenous jurisdiction and is a “no fly zone”. No foreign military shall violate our air space. The military flyovers are never explained to us by the band council, military or government.   

All the maps of our territories are in Indian Affairs in Quebec and Washington.

Montreal is being rebuilt to house this new regime to be ruled by the Vatican. The office buildings are empty. The Vatican wants to create money and power from nothing, like the British banking system did.

Creation reminds us of the genocide of over 100 million indigenous people. Their invading descendants are once again attacking us and our mother earth to continue the genocide.

Our inspiration and guidance comes from the universe. Creation has committed us to taking care of our mother earth and our true natural family on turtle island. No one can split up creation. Science can’t be separated from the kaianerekowa. Turtle island belongs to the unborn. No one can sell or convey her to anyone. 

The great Johnny Cash has a song about these candidates: “Egg-suckin’ dog. 
I’m gonna stomp your head in the ground If you don’t stay out of my hen house
You dirty old egg-suckin’ hound…”






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MNN. July 5, 2015. The colony of Canada forbade the Potlach ceremony from 1885 to 1951. 45 people were arrested at Memkumlis. 20 men and women were sent to Oakalla Prison in BC for feasting, dancing, giving gifts and sharing everything. Prime Minister John A. McDonald saw that sewing money on ceremonial blankets and then burning them showed that the ongwe’hon:weh were not interested in capitalism or becoming industrious slaves for the white man. Potlach.

Money is soon gone. But land is forever.

Money is soon gone. But land is forever.


The European money system is based on the idea that the earth and our fellow man are cruel and merciless. Whereas the Ongwe’hon:weh of Great Turtle Island understood the complete opposite. European bankers have shown Greeks and everyone else the obscenity of their evil matrix. The billionaires’ ponzi schemes steal and squeeze money and property out of everybody. Perpetual wars and permanent power of a few are necessary to maintain this corporatocracy.

These beasts will eat anything!

These beasts will eat anything!


The Greeks have been paying for loans with interest to the billionaire bankster’s for money that did not benefit them. It went directly back into the pockets of the billionaires. When the Greeks could not maintain this extortion, their government and economy will be taken over by the bankers. Their standard of living have gone down even more. The old Mafia strategy is used. The victims are threatened with starvation, imprisonment or death for interfering with the power of the billionaires, who even place bets on the outcome. Greeks are human beings. Their ancient philosophy understand they will stay, eat together, live in their houses and have clothes on their backs.

...bids us dance.

..a strict law bids us dance.

The billionaires have to exploit and destroy the earth. Though there is no overpopulation, except of billionaires who cannot be sustained, UN Agenda 21 is enforcing its depopulation program. Dark people will be culled so they can hold onto their paper made wealth and power. Our mother earth has provided enough food for everyone. The natural world can rebalance itself perfectly when the billionaires are gone. Refugees overrunning Europe will be fighting with the populace, not the billionaires. In Canada it’s the fault of the Muslims, not the billionaires who are stealing fish, resources and destroying the land.

Equador disallowed an $8.7 billion dollar debt. [Breaking the Creditors Power by Fanny Malinen]. The IMF debt is Illegal, illegitimate and odious. We ongwe’hon:weh pay for our own money that is being lent to us, which is not legal under international law. The Europeans have no natural wealth. Canadians and Americans have no land or resources. They created an economy where the billionaires can decide who lives or dies.

The Great Peace was to maintain survival of all living things, humans, plants and animals. When we were satisfied and had what we needed, we went home. We fed ourselves, gave gifts and shared. We knew that our mother would provide for us. She could not be drained of her resources.


Opah! Today we refused to be slaves to the corporatists!

In 1958 a young kanion’ke:haka was working on the Cross Canada train with a young student from Alert Bay BC. They were invited to his community to take part in one of the first Potlaches after the ban was lifted. They drove there. The fishing fleet had an exceptionally good season. Over half a million dollars in gifts were being distributed. Families and nearby villages were invited. People were so happy. The joy was infectious. People ran into their home to share what they had. The train employee even gave away his car. Afterwards, the people said, “Now we can sleep better!”

This is the “one dish one spoon” philosophy. It past time for the Europeans to listen to the Great Peace if they wish to save themselves. We remember and live it daily.

Annie Lennox sings the message of change, money can’t buy it: “Take the power to set you free. Kick down the door and throw away the key. Give up your need, your poison seeds. Find yourself elected to a different kind of creed.”

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a strict law bids us dance

Michael Hudson. A new mode of warfare.








MNN.  Sep. 16, 2011.  Those criminals who murder and plunder the world are eventually removed by nature.  Their actions violate the natural world.  

EU Eurozone and its US and UK co-conspirators existed by leeching off the labor and resources of Indigenous people worldwide.  They invaded, built infrastructures and sent their people to run them.  Then the targets got a bill with inflated interest rates which they couldn’t pay.  War and oppression ensued and the people and their land were taken, exploited and destroyed.     


EU-US-UK money junkies are the enforcers of the theft of our resources and forcing us to work for next to nothing.  These imperialists think the minerals and oil that lie under us belong to them. 

EU-US-UK’s concern is the “risk of a vicious circle between sovereign debt, bank funding and negative growth” at home and abroad.  EU creates paper called money, backed by the military, to run the world economy. 

These crooks try to dominate us by persuasion, intimidation, bribes, fear, destabilization, denial of liberty, force, war, death and occupation.    

Old fashioned colonialism is not working.  EU-US-UK cannot pay their bills.  Their infrastructures look almost like bombed out war zones.  Their rusting, crumbling bridges, roads and ports reflect a dying empire.  

They are looking for other ways to steal from us and make us work for nothing.  The US suggests getting rough and tough with us!!!   

We are resisting. We are a negotiating block to be reckoned with.  The larger imperial powers can’t set the agenda and try to sell it to us by threats and sweeteners. 

We want freedom, protection of the environment, agriculture and to hang onto our resources and possessions.   They want these for themselves, without taking care of or sharing it.    

To run their international corruption, amoral bankers and their degenerate corporation buddies have to keep us in line, which is no longer possible.  

“A further reinforcement of bank resources is advisable”, meaning more worthless money has to be printed and shoved down our throats to make us give up our possessions.  

Global finance is in trouble.  Their fantasy of a planetary financial dictatorship is shattering.  EU-US-UK are warning us they can attack, hurt and kill us if we keep resisting.   

An anti-banking insurrection has started.  These panicking empires are dying and becoming third world countries.  They want war, not peace.  

Constant warfare is unnatural.  Nature will remain no matter what!  Those who don’t conform to the natural way are doomed.   

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MNN June 17, 2009. It was a currency fight between the Euro and the Dollar. 911 showed how vulnerable the US was. It looks like it was a pretext event to destroy liberty in the name of security.MNN received a number of hostile messages from some Germans and Austrians after the June 7, 2009 article, “MNN Two New World Order Camps Fighting for World Domination?” It was about the sneaky plans of two competing fascist camps, the European Union and the US. They both want the resources of Great Turtle Island and to enslave the people of the world.

As unemployment soars across Europe and the banking crisis spreads, member nations are squabbling about who should be bailed out. The June 22, 2009 Maclean’s Magazine issue features a misleading cover story, “The Return of Fascism in Europe”, by Jonathan Gatehouse and Mark Steyn. They describe fringe groups that gained votes by targeting the immigrants, whose countries the Europeans have raped. During WW II the rich financed the Brown Shirts to go after Jews who were their main business rivals. On Great Turtle Island the Indigenous are being scapegoated where all the resources are inherently Ongwehonwe.

Historically, Germans were the workers and had the iron and coal to build up the steel industry for the military, rail, automotive and ship building. The Austro-Germans have been exploiting Africa and South America since the mid 1800’s, especially Brazil. Ever since German steel giant, Krupp, lost some of its holdings after WWII, these industrialists have been trying to steal it back.

The Europeans have very little resources and are after the Western Hemisphere, which is all Indigenous. They are working with their French buddies to get the European Union to compete with the North American Union for global control. German Chancellor Angela Merkel cut a deal with Canada’s Magna to save 35,000 German jobs at Opel. Just how “Canadian” is Magna?

Frank Stronach, (nee Franz Strohsack) owner and founder of Magna, is a true colonial corporatist. He fled war torn Austria for Great Turtle Island. He has the usual rags to riches life story. In fact, he’s just another pirate who got rich by stealing our land and resources.

Stronach controls Magna. He started out in tool and die making. He promoted the sale of parts to General Motors. Soon he was the sole supplier of important components. Like other billionaires, Stronach ruthlessly merged and acquired companies. Today Magna makes $16 plus billion annually and employs people in 25 countries worldwide.

Frank lives in Austria. He has received awards and honorary degrees for his business activities from Haifa University in Israel; the B’nai Brith; Order of Canada; the Ernst & Young Award”; the Austrian Gold Medal; and the Canadian Yves Landry Foundation Award.

His daughter, Belinda Stronach, was both a Liberal and Conservative Member of Parliament. She is now at the Privy Council Office where the real decisions are made by the Canadian government.

There are 13 board members of Magna including Frank and Belinda. Others are listed at the end of this article.

According to the Macleans story, things are getting worse in Europe. These fringe parties can be shut down by denying them public funds to which they are entitled. The Europeans are becoming desperate making it possible for a dictator to emerge to carry out a global conquest, like Bismarck, Napoleon, Hitler, Louis IV and so on.

Are the Germans rebuilding their military? The Federal Republic of Germany wants our resources. They are lending $1.2 billion to Baffinland Iron Mines. Resource Capital Funds of Colorado and Australia are the main shareholders. The proposed Mary River Project in the far north will produce 18 million tons of iron ore a year for 25 years for German steel mills. It will consist of open pit mining using conventional technology. In March 2009 they signed a memorandum of understanding with the Inuit. Their role in international mining in gold, copper, uranium and coal is growing by leaps and bounds.

The Macleans cover shows screaming youth gangs in fatigues wearing black berets carrying semi automatics. The headline is in black on a blood red flag. It gives the impressions that everybody’s gone crazy so they have to crack down on them. What will the Europeans and US be fighting over next? Our water!
As the Daily Finance stated, “Whisky is for drinking. Water is for fighting.”

Kahentinetha MNN Mohawk Nation News,

Tom Barlow, June 17, 2009.

Mike Harris, former Ontario premier who ordered the killing of Dudley George. Cabinet buddies Jim Flaherty and Tony Clement, now in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s cabinet. Sits on boards of Augen Capital, ENMAX, First Service, Canaccord Capital, EnGlobe, Chartwell Seniors Housing REIT, Grant Forest Products, Mount Royal College Foundation and Fraser Institute neo-conservative think tank which supports corporatist fascist leaning dogma.

Lady Barbara Judge, 62, Board Chairman or member of UK Atomic Energy Authority, School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, U.K./U.S. Task Force on Corporate Governance, International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants, Ditchley Foundation, Trilateral Commission, Bekaert NV, Massey Energy Inc., Friends Provident, UK Financial Reporting Council, U.S. Securities Exchange Commission.

Gregory C. Wilkins, 52, heads Barrick Gold Corporation, TrizecHahn Corporation owned by Peter Munk.

James D. Wolfensohn, 74, Wolfensohn & Company, private investors, advisor to corporations, governments, Citigroup’s International Advisory Board. Since Citigroup went bankrupt, so much for Jim’s advice! World Bank Group from 1995 to 2005; Special Envoy for Gaza Disengagement.

Erik Eberhardson, 38, OJSC Russian Machines; GAZ Group; Volvo Construction Equipment in Russia and Volvo Ukraine.

Louis E. Lataif, 70, Dean Boston University School of Management, Ford Motor Company, Ford Europe, Interaudi Bank and Iacocca Foundation.

Siegfried Wolf, 51, Co-CEO of Magna; Österreich Industrieholding AG (Republic of Austria holding and privatization agency), Siemens AG Österreich (Siemens Austria) and HGI Beteiligungs AG.

Lawrence D. Worrall, 66, Director Greater Toronto Airport Authority; VP & Director General Motors of Canada.

Donald J. Walker, 52, Co-CEO of Magna; Intier Automotive Inc., Canadian Automotive Partnership; founded Yves Landry Foundation.

Donald Resnick, 80, Magna; Consolidated Mercantile Inc. and Genterra Inc.; and Deloitte & Touche.

Franz Vranitzky, 71, Director Touristik Union International and Magic Life International; Federal Chancellor, Republic of Austria (1986 to 1997); Minister of Finance (1984 to 1986); Board Chairman, Österreichische Länderbank AG; and Creditanstalt-Bankverein Bank., Terry Audla, Qikiqtani Inuit Assn. 416-975-8400; President Gordon McCreary of Baffinland 416-814-3163

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