MNN.  27 June 2012.   The Great Peace of Montreal was completed on June 25th 1701.  It is the treaty that established the invaders’ right to live here.  Canadian history omits it. 
The French sued for peace to end their 92-year war with us, called the French and Indian wars.  
This treaty legitimized their presence on Great Turtle Island. All immigrants agreed to live according to the Kaianerekowa, the Great Law of Peace, through the Guswentha, the Two Row Wampum.  They would stay on their boat, not interfere with us, live in perpetual peace and could never own any of our territory.
Our younger brothers agreed to become of one mind with the natural world.  The Kaianerekowa is the great medicine that comes from the minds of humanity, to create peace and take care of each other. 
This is the only legal means by which anyone other than an ongwehonwe can live here.   
From the Arctic, Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico  indigenous nations took part in the solemn ratification ceremonies. 
In July 1701 we took the wampums to the British at Albany, who had taken over the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam in 1684.  They agreed to the same terms.  From here the Nanfan Treaty 1701 gave the British permission to live with us in peace. 
In 1710 five Iroquois chiefs from each Haundensaunee nation went to Europe for the first and only time.  One chief died on the way.  They took the wampum belts to explain and ratify the Guswentha with the monarchs.  All 13 royal bloodlines attended.  Teeyeeneenhogarow, Sagaweathquatiethtow, Honeeyeathtawnorow and Etowohkoam were dubbed the “Four Indian Kings”.     
The hierarchical heads turned the visit into a big circus.  They didn’t want peace.  Only war, ‘ordo ab chao’.   
As a patriarchy they couldn’t let their women exercise female power.  Without it, the peace could not be adopted.    
The American Revolution was the first false flag.  It was waged to destroy the Great Law constitution of peace and turn it into the US constitution of war.  In 1779, the Americans sent 13,000 soldiers to Onondaga, the capital of the Iroquois Confederacy, to try to destroy the peace forever.  They could never extinguish the fire of the people. 
The British parked their ships in Quebec and took the year off so the Americans could try to finish us off. 
Under international law when such a treaty is broken, everything goes back to one day before the treaty was ratified.  In this case, June 24, 1701.  We never surrendered anything.  They reneged on living peacefully.  They are squatters.     
Once their hierarchy is gone and they give rights to their women, they can trace the roots to the Tree of Peace and establish peace with us.
Mohawks have not been to Onondaga since 1779.  We had to leave our home communities to save our people and maintain the peace.   Canada imprisons us here to continue their illusion of freedom, that this war was real.  It was all theatre.  The Mohawks will return to Onondaga to stand up the Tree of Peace. 
That’s when our traitors will have to return to a proper mind with us. The women will give three warnings to the errant leaders.  If they do not heed their warnings, the war chief drops the black wampum.  They may grab it before it hits the floor and redeem themselves.  If it hits the floor, the warriors smash in their heads with the war club to remove their errant minds. 
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5 thoughts on “1701 GREAT PEACE OF MONTREAL

  1. The TwoRow Wampum Treaty cannot be ignored, as their french claims hinges on its existence, but their french recollection of the facts are far from the truth. And from there France, the French people, had adopted to take their position as fraudsters, as history recalls including then and after start every worlg war to this day. I’ve said this before, once the europeans think that they got the winning fraud-scheme they will use it over and over again, and it has as shown in history along with the french cowardice. The 1701 Nanfan Treaty is not worth the paper its chichen scratched on. Along with the Quebec Act of 1774. It does make sense to need the Quebec Act and that is because over the 73 years Six Nation would not and did not agree to the Nanfan Treaty, therefore it went the same way as the Doe Doe Bird. Then the Great Peace Treaty that the french call it was really the TwoRow Wampum Treaty, the same one that does not grant one granule of earth of Six Nations Beaver Hunting Grounds. But you can find the description of the Six Nations Traditional Beaver Hunting Grounds in the Mitchell Maps of 1701. So when Six Nations defeated France in the Seven Years War France had to give up all its interests up, not to Six Nations, but to The British, the allies of Six Nations. This is hard to explain. How did Six Natiins get allied with England when Britain was suppose to be allied with Six Natiins? I explained as Britain got caught in their conspiracy to allow Six Nations to be defeated by France, but Six Nations had called on their warriors that were fighting at the Ohio valley have just defeated the 13 Colonies on 5 fronts. thus returning fome to run France out of the St. Lawrence Seaway forever. It was decided not to lkill everyone. Someone had to live to tell how they were spared to tell the it was Six Nations that kicked their lily-white asses, thus by conquest, Six Nations cemented their claim to their territory, Six Nations Traditional Beaver Hunting Grounds.

  2. Any Registered Aboriginal Indian cam file a complaint and according to our Residency Law the Elected Band Council has to discuss the complant and from their own sources, if the complaint has merit, then an eviction notice is sent out with the information details on what to do next and the expected time frame its suppose to be dealt with with no option to appeal, especially if its found that the complaint involves a non registered person(s).

    • Break News, just in last night from MNN – Mohawk Nation News. Its been defined how The Crown of Canada is just a front to keep expropriating Aboriginal funds out of the country bu such places as England, Spain, France, Britain and many individuals that claim they have ownership ofvour land without permission, withoit Consultations or Accommodations, without prior and informed consent. Now that its been verfied that tose acts of genocide are truly taking place with te establishing where Six Nations funds for the resources and land leases out of Canada directly in to the pockets of countries that at this moment hand out free health care at the expense of Six Nations and Others. Ithers as described at Attawapiskat suffer so royalties can be stolen out of Canada so other, foreign countriesvcan offer thosevthatvarecsworn enenmies of the Aboriginal peoples of North America aka TurtlevIsland.

  3. Another fact has come to light. According to Constitutional talks by way of the Supteme Court of Canada the playing field has to be leveled. As it is, according to an order by the S.C.C., ordered to level the playing field that of Aboriginal Governments, at the threat on such a level, a Constitutional level, the Supreme Law of the Land, that the fund requirements reflect the severity of the threat funded at a level that the Aboriginal Government can have in communications between each other, have the funds available to have all Aboriginal Members needed to be able at a moments notice to meet Prime Minister Harper

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