MNN. Mar. 23, 2013. Indigenous relationship with the land is the biggest threat to the economic royalist bankers. Destroying our communal land holding is to deny us our culture, life and identity. International law dictates that changes can only be made with our full knowledge and consent. Their think tanks funded by mining companies, oil companies and investment groups have plotted out how to part us from our land. The World Bank, government programs and the media want the sharks to come in on us.

Indigenous: "Smashing us with our own logs!

Indigenous: “They’re smashing us with our own logs!”

To steal the natural resources, we have to be removed so highways, railways, ports, wind energy, mines, agribusinesses, the tar sands and cheap labor plants can be built. Our livelihood is robbed so that we become non-viable people and can be used for cheap labor.  

Indigenous were depopulated. That backfired. Too many of us are around holding onto our territories and asserting autonomy, self-determination and human rights. 

Prime Minister Harper and his accomplices are pushing bills that will dissolve indigenous communities and resistance. Surveyors with their tripods and gear are mapping out our land so that it can be broken into pieces and privatized. 

Attawapiskat-DeBeers joint venture!

Attawapiskat-DeBeers joint venture!

Trained military and geographers are assessing our communities for resistance and defensive strength. Propaganda is spread that our communities are breeding grounds of crime and insurgency and must be done away with. 

Our communities are being deliberately mismanaged to force us into greater economic dependence. Our independence can only be achieved through our communal affinity with our land. 

Our corporate Indian sell-outs and their non-native accomplices argue that collective ownership is a monkey on their backs keeping them from making money. They demand privatization. Government, corporations, underworld and private citizenry are going through the back door where the doormen have brown faces. 

Corporate Atleo and friends!

Corporate Atleo and friends!

Not long ago there was a cry over multinational corporations taking over the potash fertilizer business in Saskatchewan. Canadians screamed against the foreign takeover of a valued asset to Canada on unceded Indigenous land. Now it’s uranium. Almost at the same time extreme individualism of home ownership almost put the world into financial ruin [2008 financial meltdown]. 

The crown refuses to give us the keys to our ever-growing $35 trillion Indian Trust Fund. The crown [bankers] is running Canada with it. They’re trying to get rid of their fiduciary responsibility by violating international law and passing illegal statute [corporate by-laws]. In this foreclosure scenario, they are trying to turn us over to the banks, lenders and provinces that are sharpening their claws. Fee simple land becomes taxable provincial land that can be seized. trillion

It’s a corporate hostile takeover bid of natural law. Do not recognize the corporate Indian sell-out band council [modern Indian agents] who are doing the banker’s dirty work to us. As Pink Floyd sang: Us and them. And after all we’re only ordinary men. me and you, got only knows, is not what we would chose to do.”

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