MNN. Jan. 3, 2014. Oneida comedian and American Indian Movement AIM advocate, Charlie Hill, left us with many great insights. He said that we Indigenous have the “owner’s manual” to Turtle Island. We can fix it because It’s ours. The Kiainerekowa, Great Law of Peace, is our owner’s manual. Our job is to pass along the peace to the rest of the people in the world. We lay out the white roots for people to find for themselves, to trace them to their source.

CH: "Spiritual energy is strongest .. we never do anything nice and easy!"

CH: “Spiritual energy is strongest .. we never do anything nice and easy!”

Dekanawida, the greatest teacher to ever come to this planet, taught each person how to figure out the path in their own mind. He knew we would never get it if he just told us everything. The Great Peace will bring everyone to one mind and put an end to all war. As warriors, we chose the weapons of natural truth, equality and a voice for everyone.  

Cutting our will and minds from control by the ruling hierarchy can be done. By design people are dependent on the system that controls every aspect of our lives. People wait to be rescued, which the system teaches them. Those who resist are an anomaly.

Devastation surrounds them. Branches lie on the ground, on top of cars and in the middle of their houses. When a camera approaches, they start crying for help. They are taught to ask for prayers so that some magical help will arrive as long as they actually believe.   

Do they have a prayer?

Do they have a prayer?

Cold winters and hot summers are natural and many of us enjoy them. In the winter Mother Earth provides herself with a good blanket of snow and enjoys a deep sleep so that she can heal herself. She is always in the process of balancing everything.   

Chinese proverb: When wee have a problem, the first thing we do is get p out of our chair".

Chinese proverb: “When we have a problem, the first thing we do is get up out of our chair”.

As Blind Faith sings about belief versus knowledge: Following the shadows of the skies or are they only figments of my eyes?/And I’m feeling close to where the race is run/Waiting in our boats to set sail, sea of joy/ … “Sea of Joy”. Blind Faith.



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