MNN. MAR. 6, 2014. This is what we know about the creation of the four human races on earth. Sky Woman created all of them. All four races originate on Great Turtle Island when it was the only continent out of the water. four racesThe black man was created from the dark earth. The yellow man from the bark of the elm tree. The red man was created from the red clay. The youngest brother was created from the salt in the ocean, the white man.  The white race was placed in the Caucasus Mountains in Russia/Ukraine. They are the white Indians who came from Great Turtle Island three suns ago.

The Hopi hold the red stone, have located the black stone in Kenya and the yellow stone in Nepal. The white stone is yet to be confirmed. The Hopi say they will soon be brought together.

The Ukranian women went to the Ukranian army base in Crimea. They told their men to put down their weapons and not attack their Russian brothers. This is a trait of women’s power they brought with them from Turtle Island.

White Indian Women "Just keeping our guys in line".of Ukraine:

White Indian Women of Ukraine: “Just keeping our guys in line”!

The white stone is somewhere among them. It will be found. That is why the western mixed breed white people have always invaded Russia. Like us they have a metis problem, French, German, British, etc.

Russia beats Hitler & Nazis.

Stalingrad: Russia beats Hitler & Nazis.

The mixed European corporations are always trying to turn white Indian tribes against each other. Soon the criminals will all be facing the music. The “white Indian women” of Ukraine will give the men an offer they can’t refuse. Godfather

Russia beats Obama.

Russia beats Napoleon. “You’re next Obama”.

Crimea Oldest Pyramid on Earth.  v=-aNLvFKPvPc

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