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MNN. Aug. 5, 2014. An old Iroquois story reminds us of what is going on in Gaza today.

Disembodied head takes root in a host & tries to kill it.

Disembodied head tries to take root in a host & kill it.

Once upon a time there was a young ongwehonwe hunter. He gave all the game he caught to the needy, widows and orphans. One sunny day he took his new arrow and two dogs and left for the other end of his nation’s territory. On this day life in the forest seemed to have vanished. No birds were singing. No rabbits crossed his trail. Even the brooks were silent. Strangely his dogs stayed close to his feet. As he made camp he heard a strange wailing cry from the north. His dogs growled in fear. They warned him in their language that the hunter understood that a terrible monster was nearby. “Run back to the village before he harms you”, said one terrorized dog.

He turned and ran back to his village. He could hear the long, piercing wail as the monster got closer. The hunter looked back. He saw a fiery head with large round yellow eyes, a long hooked beak, and huge open mouth. The creature had fiery wavy hair and no body. Attached underneath were two scale-covered paws with long curved ugly claws. The monster jumped from tree to tree leaving a wide burnt path through the forest. Soon the hunter could feel the creature’s hot breath. One dog said, “I am going back to fight it even though I will never see you again”. The hunter could hear his dog bark, growl and scream in pain as he was eaten by the flying head.

As he got near the village he could hear the wailing cry of the creature. Sparks from its mouth surrounded him. His other dog said, “I will go back to fight it”. Once again he heard his dog’s yelp of pain as he was devoured. Then he heard the wailing monster getting close. Its breath burnt a path through the forest. He could feel its huge eyes on him. He ran to a clearing in his village, stopped and looked back. The big head bounded to the edge. Sparks flew from its mouth. Its yellow eyes glared in fiery hatred at the people. The people stood up against the evil facing them. With a terrible cry of anger the monster suddenly turned and disappeared over the dark forest out of existence forever.

Creepy disembodied head steeped in evil.

Creepy disembodied head steeped in evil will soon cease to be.

The Palestianians are those people in this story. The flying head is the Israeli war machine. They will be going over the hill soon never to be seen by the Palestinians ever again. Just like in the Iroquois legend of the flying head. Tehanetorens. Legends of the Iroquois. Book Publishing Company. Summertown TN. 1998.

Frank Zappa describes the horror the Palestinians face: “Flies all green and buzzing in this dungeon of despair. Prisoners grumble and piss their clothes, and scratch their matted hair. A tiny light from a window hole a hundred yards away is all they ever get to know about the regular light in the day. And it stinks so bad the stones been choking and weeping greenish drops, in the room where the giant fire puffer works and the torture never stops”. The Torture Never Stops.

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Private armies.

Israel attempts genocide copying Canada.