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MNN. Oct. 25, 2017. A 15 year old native women had been seriously injured in a bicycle accident. The handlebar had gone into her vagina and pulled out her cervix. The reserve doctors pushed it all back in and sewed her up, telling her, “You will never have children”.

Many years later her community was secretly part of the Canadian government sterilization experiment. It brought down a third of the birthrate. She wrote letters to the government asking about the sicknesses of the women after childbirth and the potent birth control pills being prescribed to them. The Deputy Minister of Indian Affairs Robert Battle denied any such program.  These letters were found in the archives and are cited in a recent book.

Sterilization was part of the brutality of on-going colonialism, to stop our capacity to inhabit our land. The sequence is death in the beginning, then sexual assault which continues to this day and eugenics to root out those they decided were not to be part of the perfect race being created on great turtle island. We were going to be bred out of existence because we had deficits. Experiments were conducted on our women and young girls, mostly without their knowledge or consent. 

Our women were erroneously deemed as ‘conquered’ people. We were to be eliminated, not to be born, or our racial makeup was to be changed. 

In the beginning there were mass murders. Towns and cities were built on top of our bodies by the murderers who today enjoy the fruits of their crimes. Some survivors were going to be allowed to intermarry and be assimilated with the immigrants. 

In 1924 the Prisoner of War Camps were set up and run by the military called the reservation system of forced removal. 

This did not eliminate or assimilate us. So the residential school death camps were set up by the government and run by the churches. These were eventually shut down with a death toll of at least 100,000, probably a million.

Then in the 1960s and 1970s our children were scooped up from our families and given to foster care. Many of the caregivers continued the sexual assaults and murder of our children. Many went missing. Today they are damaged and confused. Unknown numbers were kidnapped that affect almost all future unborn generations.

The attack continues. They have got the peddle to the medal.

In the US the Indian Child Welfare Act set up agencies in the communities, under federal control.

Our people were not allowed to take care of the kids. As soon as possible the children are put into foster homes or institutions similar to residential school system death camps. Women are arrested for fighting back while trying to get out of their situation. Their children are seized never to be seen again. 

This abduction system is falling apart. Now the missing and murdered women is the strategy where there is no investigation.  

This woman with the injury decided to have as many children as she could even though she was told she could not. She had 7. Five live births, one died of SIDS and two miscarriages. An attempt was made to remove her first child immediately after she gave birth. She was outspoken and was black listed by mainstream media. 


The genocide system is based on killing the female. They know better. They allow a hunter to shoot two bucks with no penalty but needs special permits to shoot a doe!!  


An Act of Genocide: Canada’s Coerced Sterilization of First Nations Women

Neil Young sings about the beginning of the genocide program on great turtle island: “He came dancing across the water. With his galleons and guns. Looking for the new world. In that palace in the sun… He came dancing across the water. Cortez, Cortez.What a killer.”

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