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MNN. Apr. 14, 2018. The Iroquois Caucus IC is made up of band and tribal council psycho’thugs. They serve the war mongers known as the corporation of Canada, the obscene Assembly of First Nations, and whoever greases their palms. They say their illegal agenda is citizenship, membership, taxation and the land of the people. The meeting is on April 17 & 18 at the IGA grocery store in akwesasne. We are being kept out of this secret meeting so we cannot be informed or asked for our consent. 


IC is a shadow organization of sell-outs from akwesasne, kahnawake, kahnesatake, oneida, Six Nations, tyendinaga and wahta.

The land they are wheeling and dealing is held by the clans throughout onowaregeh, turtle island. The women of the clans are the only decision makers regarding lands and members of the clans. This is an illegal meeting.

Longhouses have refused to jump on board to make them look legitimate. They mimic the rotino’shonni-onwe [Iroquois] Confederacy positions, titles and symbols. They want to become the gossips between the provinces and federal government. 


They want to control all our transfer payments from our Indian Trust Funds which they will disperse [to themselves], until the feds and provinces cut this off, when we become full fledged municipalities.

IC will collect taxes from the natives and non-natives who will swarm into our communities.

A new custom will allow leaders to stay in power for life, self-appointed and not accountable to anyone.  

Membership is the crux. The proposed membership and residency law will be recognized by Canada and given royal assent. Only those with four Mohawk grandparents are eligible for enrolment. Huron, Oneida, Onondaga, Abenaki, etc. ancestry doesn’t count. 70% of kahnawakeronen coming from our great peace adoption procedures will be disenfranchised. 

Mohawks became dominant because of our persistence in maintaining our language and culture. All who were adopted became naturalized and acculturated kanionkehaka.     

The objective of Canada will be realized. We will be dissolved, replaced by casinos, condos and corporation created pseudo indians.  

The council doesn’t follow the illegal private laws they create. It looks like the people can only protect ourselves through civil disobedience, like not paying the fake parking tickets and other fines, not showing up at their pretend courts. “Hey, judge, Your laws are a sham”. They are null and void.

Their goons cannot assure our safety. Complaints will have to go to the federal court of Canada to protect ourself from these corporate created gangsters. The plaintiffs will always win. All charges have to be dropped at the cost of the Council. They can be sued for imposing their fake laws. The court will go out of business.


The people are not being allowed into their secret get togethers to question them about our money, land and inherent rights. They steal our possessions as their company’s assets, which they use as collateral for their business deals. We have no voice or input. Law suits against them will be launched from as far back as the 1973 evictions. They can be charged with crimes like discrimination, damages, theft, violations of human rights, confiscation of funds belonging to each member they kick out. The band council will be bankrupt.

Those not qualified are forced to leave. The corpo council must give them their funds for housing, pensions, land, businesses, their share of the Indian Trust Funds and moral damages for their forced resettlement. If the council wants to get rid of them, they have to pay them from the day they were born. 

These people can set up communities anywhere nearby [as all of turtle island is ours] and continue to be recognized as natives and be entitled to all benefits.

HEY! HOW ABOUT HELPING US MAKE THESE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND! The originators of the Iroquois Caucus are Canada, Joe Norton, Billy Two Rivers, Bill Montour and R. Don Maracle. Find out more. Call Trevor Bomberry or Sky Deer call Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc. 450-632-7500. 

Buffy Sainte Marie always reminds us of where all the corporate money and taxes go, to the war racket:  “And that’s how it’s done. About every 30 years The rich fill their coffers, The poor fill with tears. The young fill the coffins. The old hang a wreath. The politicians get photographed with their names underneath. It’s the patriot game. It’s the war racket” 

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