mnnlogo1MNN. Jan 20, 2014. The following is a legally issued Mohawk Notice released in 2007 and is the law of this land. Everyone is required to read and abide by this notice according to Guswentha/Two Row Agreement. this-is-indian-landAlso, it has come to our attention in this Jesse Ventura video that corporations are violating international law. Nestle is draining the fresh water sources of the Great Lakes of Rotino’sionni:onwe territory. See:  Jesse Ventura. “Great Lakes World Wide Water Conspiracy”.

ship-of-foolsOn August 17, 2007, the Longhouse People of the Mohawk Nation [Haudenosaunee Rotinosionni Onkwehonwe Rotiskenrahkete Kanionkehaka Kanienke] – issued the “Notice of Navigation And Travel Restriction: 

A. With authority under Kaianerehkowa, Supreme Law of the Great Architect of Creation; 

B. Rotiskenrakehte “They who hold the Peace”, inside Kanienke, declare Navigation and Travel Restriction; 

C. Restriction shall start at Twenty-three hundred hours, eighteenth day said August, Two thousand seven until further notice, and shall apply to vessels of any nation or corporation engaging in commerce, commercial intercourse with corporate United States or Canada, from navigation or travel inside or upon navigable water, known to be Kanientarahwanoneh, said Cadaracui River, said Lac Saint-Pierre, said River Saint Laurence, said Gulf Saint Laurence and tributaries, beginning point upon the Earth at Forty-three degrees, fifty-six minutes north latitude and Seventy-six degrees, fifty-one minutes, thirty-five seconds west longitude; thence along rhumb line to point at Forty-three degrees, fifty minutes, eighteen “seconds north latitude and Seven-six degrees, seventeen minutes, fifty-five seconds west longitude; thence east and north along land and course of navigable water Kanientarahwanoneh, said Saint Lawrence Seaway, to point at Forty-five degrees, fifty-three minutes, thirty-nine seconds north latitude and Fifty-nine degrees, fifty-eight minutes, twenty-one seconds west longitude; thence along rhumb line to point at Forty-seven degrees, thirty-five minutes, ten seconds north latitude and Fifty-two degrees, forty-one minutes, thirty-one seconds west longitude; thence along rhumb line to point at Fifty-two degrees, sixteen minutes, twenty seconds north latitude and Fifty-five degrees, thirty-five minutes west longitude.  

D. Air-space within one nautical mile of domicile or abode of Onkwehonwe shall also be restricted from use by government or private contracted security aircraft of said United States and Canada; 

E. For centuries Onkwehonwe and other aboriginal nations upon the Earth have suffered genocide, near total destruction of our Earth, way of life and the continued war of aggression by colonial invaders under de facto Papal authority, said Holy Roman Empire. Crusading British corporations said United Stats, Canada, Australia, France, England and others continue this genocide in pursuit of commerce and presumed Sovereign Dominion Over the Earth;   

F. In Unity with Algonquin People to stop uranium mining by Frontenac Venture Corporation;

G.In Unity with original People attacked and children taken, by British corporation of Australia;

“H. In Unity with original People upon Earth against Globalization, North American Free Trade Agreement and meeting between puppet leaders of the corporations United States, Canada and Mexico at Chateau Montebello on twentieth day of August;

“I. In response to corporations State of New York, United States Bureau of Indian Affairs and Catskill Development LLC, attempts to interfere with Ancient governmental structure of Kanienkehaka and unauthorized negotiations, to deprive of Ancestral Land;

“J. In remembrance of our past struggles and in unity with continued struggle of all original people upon the Earth at Chiapas, Oaxaca, Wayuu People, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Kenenhstaton and others against the Vatican’s terrorists;

K. Rotisknrakehte shall exercise and maintain explicit reservation of Right, have Authority to use all force necessary, with necessary means to maintain the Peace and stop the destruction of life on Earth, by this Navigation and Travel Restriction to vessels of any nation or corporation engaging in commerce, commercial intercourse with corporate United States or Canada;

L. Furthermore, Onkwehonwe may take prize of vessel and goods for breaking the Peace by violation of this Restriction;

“M. Rotiskenrakahte ask that the People upon the Earth, take notice of our right to Peace on Earth and unite with us to stop the destruction of Life. Rotiskenrakehte intent is to open eyes of the people of your world, to the War of Genocide pursued against original People upon the Earth;

With Authority under Kaianerehkowa, so be it our Minds.”

Multinational Corporatists returning to the Fatherland!

Multinational Corporatists returning to the “Fatherland”!

As Neil Young points out about Harper and the multinational oil junkies: “I’ve seen the needle and the damage done, a little part of it in everyone. But every junkie’s like a setting sun”. Neil Young. “Needle & the Damage Done”. 

Enbridge Line 9.

“UN Agenda 21”.

Harper’s water law Omnibus Bill Prime Minister Harper’s Water Law Omnibus Bill. 

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– A TragiComedy of Deadly Errors in Five Acts set in Haudenosaunee Territory, early 21st Century: THE BORDER ATTACK IN CONTEXT

MNN. July 1, 2008. Sharbot Lake of Haudenosaunee Territory is a huge land claims fraud orchestrated by Ontario, Canada and the corporations that want the minerals lying under the bushes of the region. The goal is to develop the area for purposes that have yet to be revealed, or perhaps for the great and celestial aim of development for development’s sake.Uranium is the official front. The script writers have been busy. The area they want is south of the Ottawa River watershed, between Lakes Ontario, Erie and Huron. Nine fake Algonquin communities comprised mostly of non-native settlers have been groomed to “negotiate” and “sign away” the land.

The Cast:
”Ambulance Chasers”: Chris Reid, Steve Reynolds, Robert Potts, Brian Crane, Neil Smitheman, Alan Pratt; “Handlers”: Michael Bryant, et al.; “Willing Assets”: Randy Cota, Bob Lovelace, Harold Perry, Doreen Davis, Earl Badour, Cathie Duchene; “The Complicit”: CCAMU (The Community Coalition Against Mining Uranium) Frontenac News, Green Party; Chumps” the cast of thousands who follow along and don’t ask real questions. Directed by Rem “Roman Polansky” Westland; the Chorus: the Christian Peacemakers [Pacifiers] Team; Producer: the Government of Canada; Writer: the USA.

The Sharbot Lake of Haudensaunee Territory puppet show is staged to fool us into thinking that they can make us relinquish our land and make it look like uranium mining will be stopped at Robertsville. All the players in this magic display are scurrying around like rats. Lawyers, handlers and their assets parade across their makeshift stage. They’ve all been assigned roles but are still fighting to be the leading ham in this dark tragedy. The one who seals the deal gets the most$.

In May and June it’s a 5-act festival scripted by the greedy puppet masters in Ottawa, Washington, London, Europe and the Vatican.

In Act I the Ontario Minister of Aboriginal Affairs strolls into Sharbot Lake to talk to the pretend “Algonquins”. Act II takes us into the courtroom where Indigenous are brought to colonial justice, patently recognizable as injustice. Act III is a flurry of mind boggling announcements. Act IV is the vicious attack on 2 Mohawk women at the Cornwall border crossing. They’ve been exposing their crimes? Their dogged expose of ‘Algonquin Gate’. Act V is the showdown. See who panics! See how they run!

Act I – Stirring up Confusion

Scene 1: April 2008. The Mohawk people at Tyendinaga are recovering from an OPP/SWAT assault. May 8. Big Chief Doreen Davis of the newly created Shabot Obaadjiwans band of Algonquins is hosting the Ontario Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Michael “Brylcreme and Lipless” Bryant.

The Minister was invited a year ago to meet the “NoGonquins” to discuss a uranium mine. Last July 2007 a phony protest was staged at Robertsville mine site, 42 miles north of Kingston, Ontario, by two groups of pretend “No’Gonquins and their settler supporters”.

At that time “B & L” B. was in the Attorney General’s office lobbying to get 12 years in jail on 6 counts of “mischief” for Mohawk Shawn Brant of Tyendinaga. B & L proved his hostility to Indigenous people and promptly got promoted to Minister of Aboriginal Affairs.

In Sharbot Lake, B & L was slick enough to speak privately with Big Doreen and her Warchiefs, Luanda “Miss Who?” and Earl “Green Eggs and Ham” Badour. He also spoke to the “Shabot Obaadjiwan Justice Circle”. He was fascinated to see the wampum of a real Algonquin, William Commanda of Maniwaki, brought there to try to legitimize the Shabot’s phony Algonquin land claim.

Big Doreen says she “pressed the minister for a negotiated resolution”. Though she sat on him to pressure Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, Minister of Natural Resources Donna Cansfield and Minister of Northern Development and Mines Michael Gravelle, no “particular action” was promised. In return she guaranteed the Shabots “will respect [her] rule of law”.

She grumbled about needing some of “these lands for our food, medicine and peace of mind”, forgetting to mention her main feed bag source is either Wendy’s or McDonalds in Perth.

Scene 2: In mid May, 2008, Frontenac Ventures Corp. had an Ontario Mining Act permit to conduct an extensive radiometric survey over their so-called 30,000 acres claim of unceded Haudenosaunee territory. FVC is in the midst of a 40-week drilling exploration schedule that started last October under Judge Cunningham’s ruling. There are 4 weeks of drilling left. FVC plans to dig over 100 test holes which could release harmful radon into the watershed and air. George “Dried-Up-Old-Prune” White, President and CEO of FVC, is coy about whether or not they have begun drilling. The Ontario Provincial Police provides round-the-clock security at taxpayers’ expense.

Scene 3: Elections were held in March 2008 for the ANR (Algonquin Negotiation Representatives) and the Pikwakinagan Council at Golden Lake. Most were selected and then acclaimed for 25 or 30 years. Robert “Who-Looks-a-lot-like-that-self-proclaimed-expert-on-Indigenous repression-Jim” Potts, is now senior negotiator for the Algonquins. He bosses everybody and sets out membership and dress codes.

Shortly before the ANR’s meeting, May 14-16, 2008, Robert Potts of Blaney McMurtry LLP, issued a directive that meetings with Crown representatives and ambulance chasers are not open to their clients, the “Algonquins”. This is such a bizarre interpretation of Indigenous and international law that it looks like a breach. Whatever happened to the idea of prior informed consent? But then these are pretend Algonquins! So maybe they only have pretend rights?

Potts hopes for an Agreement-in-Principal (AIP) by 2010. The No’Gonquins can try to find out what went on from their ANR. If they don’t like it, they can just “hit the road, Jack!” And sign up some new “No’Gonquins”. Compliance is a must. Unlike other nationalities, Algonquin memberships expire after 5 years.

Potts yells at anyone who asks uncomfortable questions. This made the Ardoch “All-Chiefs-No-Indians” split from the Ontario Algonquins. Randy Cota, who is an OPP and the chief, has the job of silencing the questioners. Potts directs People to the Algonquins web site run by Patrick Howe of CoreshellGroup in Toronto. MNN exposed this ring
of crooks in a March 13, 2008 article, “VIRTUAL ALGONQUINS” – MADE IN “CANADA”.

Two days of the ANR’s meeting were spent setting up more meetings, deciding where to have lunch and looking busy to justify their $50,000 a year salary plus expenses.

When the Ontario and Canada negotiators arrived on May 16, the ANRs bowed, scraped, jumped up and down with glee and clapped. They were then told that Parliamentarians need their long summer vacations. Nothing could proceed until “late fall”. The ANR’s were left to think about membership criteria, to compose a constitution and an anthem. Big Doreen is flying the Mohawk Unity Flag and the Confederacy Hiawatha Flag. She’s got no right to as a phony Algonquin. She’s supposed to give $1 to the Confederacy for every pack of cigs she sells. But we hear her pockets are getting real heavy!

Act II – The Courtroom Theatre of the Absurd

Scene 1: “FVC’s lawsuit against the Shabot Obaadjiwan for $77 million” was on the marquis. The Shabots filed a “merry-go-round” counter claim against Ontario and Canada on May 25, 2008. Money is taken from the taxpayers, put through the “Indians” and then placed into the pockets of the corporations and their helpers. On June 2nd 2008, Little Stevie “Raised-on-Wonder-Bread” Reynolds, the ambulance chaser for the Shabots, lead the mock charge against the Government.

Scene 2: The Christian Pacifiers Team has a gig at the mine site from May 25 to June 8. They have two weeks to influence people into inaction and complacency.

Scene 3: Robert “Hisses-like-a-Flat-Can-of-Pop” Lovelace is released from jail on May 28, 2008. He spent 100 days in Lindsay Correctional Facility. His groupies flock around him for the photo ops. The public relations spin him as a “hero/martyr”, if you will. Simpering Lovelace’s meandering comments and love letters are published widely by the mainstream Press and posted on the internet by his followers, the complicit CCAMU (The Community Coalition Against Mining Uranium) and Frontenac News. The real martyrs are the KI6 (Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug).

Scene 4: On June 2, 2008, the show moves into the Kingston courtroom. George “Dried-up-Old-Bones” White of FVC gets a chance to feign power. His attorney, Neil “Who-Advocates-the-Earth-should-be-Plundered” Smitheman huffs and puffs. He’s also counsel for Platinex, the destroyer and plunderer of KI territory and its people.

FVC drops the 2nd set of contempt charges filed in February 2008 against Lovelace and six non-natives. However, the “Jane and John Doe” warrant continues against anyone who might stroll by the mine gates. “Protesters” have to stay 200 metres away from the gates and FVC employees. As for the FVC’s $77 million lawsuit against the Algonquins, taxpayers will have to dig deep to pay this off. Actually it’s our money from the theft of our lands and exploitation of our resources.

Act III – Bla, Bla, Bla, Spin, Spin, Spin

Scene 1: On June 8th 2008 the Ardoch “All Chiefs, No Indians” No-gonquins hold a meeting at the local Maberly Hall. More non-native settlers attend than Algonquins. Cathie “Lost-in-the-Woods” Duchene makes her confusing pitch. She came from British Columbia to set things straight that she’s the title holder to this vast Haudenosaunee tract south of the Ottawa River. Both Cathie and Big Doreen claim to be descendents of Mohawk Francis Sharbot of Kanehsatake. She wants the government to deal with her, not the No’Gonquins. Then she aligns herself with the Ardochs, Lovelace and OPP Randy Cota!! She appears determined to replace Big Chief “DD” at the negotiation table. Documents and maps are flying all over the place. These could be forged or changed, as the colonists have always done from the beginning.

Scene 2: On June 11, 2008 The Shabots issue a press release to pacify detractors into a stupor, “Fighting uranium is what this is all about.” Big Doreen refers to Lovelace as “our colleague” and the Ardochs as “our sister community”. The Shabots and the Ardochs barely speak to each other. She says that, “understanding and trust are built up” when they “sit down around the fire and talk things through”.

Last summer, those who challenged the protest organizers were reminded about the colonial “chain of command” and told to “shut up”. Many good sincere supporters were driven away. Mohawks were told they were not welcome [on their own land]. Iakoha’ko:wa, a nearby resident, received a threatening phone call from OPP Brandy Wynters of ART [Aboriginal Response Team], “You are not welcome at the protest camp”. Randy Cota told people not to talk to Iakoha’ko:wa.

The Shabots want to stay in the “legal arena somehow”. [probably the colonial] and to “ensure full discussion within the Shabot community”. OPP Chief Randy Cota demands specific I.D. from those who want to attend meetings. Otherwise they are thrown out. Doreen posts “Algonquins only” signs.

“Because of the delicate nature of the discussions, we need to keep details confidential.” We’ll let ya know sometime [after we made the deal and get our cut!] This sounds like “war strategy” on how to make “behind-closed-doors” secret deal that benefit the greedy few and rob the rest of the “pretenders”. Big Doreen and “Warchief” Earl “The-Only-One-who-Looks-Native” Badour sign on. CCAMU and Frontenac News, the local propaganda rag, dutifully post the carefully contrived “news”. The Mohawks stay in the bush, watch and wait. They know the land isn’t going anywhere though the criminal scam artists might end up in jail, if any honest Canadians ever wake up.

The non-native residents “don’t want to tell the Natives what to do”. They are beginning to see that the whole scenario is being orchestrated by some filthy rich white men, some living in cottages in the area.

Scene 3: On Friday June 13, 2008, The Shabot Obaadjiwans release another “blowhard” [press statement]. Big Doreen says they’ve “won a key concession from Ontario”. Ontario, the fake Algonquins of Ontario and Frontenac Ventures Corp. “are developing a consultation process” on how they are going to pull off their scam. While rolling their eyes at each other, they sing, “We intend this to be a true dialogue”.

How will Doreen “address” FVC’s goal to cut open a swath of earth some 5 miles long to get at some low grade uranium? Mine or no mine?? That is the question. Big Doreen promises to keep sitting on the bureaucrats and politicians who shower her with new gas pumps at her cig shack at Silver Lake.

Scene 4: Still on Friday, June 13th, Cathie “Who’s-Now-Hanging-around-Sharbot-Lake” Duchene emails her own “blowhard” to a number of the “bottom feeders” involved in this scam, including Brian Crane (negotiator for Ontario) and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. Frontenac News publishes it on June 19. Cathie “Who-May-Not-be-a-Bear-at-All” Duchene arrived like a locomotive to stake her claim to Sharbot Lake. She is staying under the protection of the Sharbot Lake OPP detachment.

Her letter squeals about her alleged “Mohawk-ness” and being a “title holder under the Great Law”. There’s no evidence she ever listened to it when it was read. She also declares, “I fully support the Ardoch Algonquins, under their wise respected Honorary Elder, Harold Perry, who I have known for most of my life and remember when he visited us as a young girl.” Cathie previously said she had “never met the man”. Does she have a double personality?

Cathie thanks Randy and Harold and commends them for “practicing and living [their] traditions”!! Cathie invites all to call her so they can get more confused.

Scene 5: Still on Friday, June 13, Frontenac Ventures and Gemmill Sand & Gravel, a local outfit, are charged with “breach of environmental regulation” by the Ardochs. Road construction to the drill sites damaged “sensitive wetlands” when they “dumped fill into the waterways severing the natural flow of water”. MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) “appears” to be making FVC tow the line on their way to complete devastation of the area and watershed which reaches urban centers like Ottawa and Montreal.

Act IV – Trying to Silence MNN

Scene 1: Less than 24 hours later MNN’s editor and manager are attacked at the Cornwall border on Saturday, June 14. The brutal attack at Akwesasne that afternoon is well documented. They were beaten by Canadian Border Service Agency “goons”. Kahentinetha was hospitalized and Katenies was held incommunicado for 2 days.

Scene 2: That same Saturday night in Kingston, 1,000 people packed a hall for a Bruce Cockburn concert honoring Bob Lovelace and raising $20,000 for him. They are trying to help legitimize his part in the big land claims with the Ardochs, Big Doreen, the Shabots and all the criminal operatives of the Crown.

Scene 3: The next day, a few Shabots hold a rally 210 meters from the Robertsville mine site gates.

Scene 4: Monday morning, June 16 Katenies is in a Cornwall courtroom facing hokey charges of “running the border”. She carefully recounted the recent sequence of events and clarifies her position in a June 29 MNN article, “Katenies questions border at Cornwall Ontario court 9:00 am July 14 2008”. The mainstream media continues to boycott the entire history making event.

Scene 5: The Shabot cabal meet with bureaucrats in Toronto. After being wined and dined, they emerge full of s**t.

Scene 6: On June 21, 2008, after Lovelace has a few days of rest and gets his new instructions from his “handlers”, the Ardochs issue another blowhard. It’s Ambulance chaser Chris Reid drivel supposedly coming from Harold Perry, honorary chief. Chief Paula “Professor of Fake Algonquin History” Sherman, Chief Mireille “Affidavit Indian” LaPointe and Chris Reid are the contacts. They coin it the “four prongs of protest, education, legal action and political pressure” which has been playing out since last summer. Lovelace plays the “political prisoner” who has suffered trauma and can’t say too much at this time.

The Ardochs apparently got their pow wow site at Malcom Lake (approved by Ontario but NOT the municipality). They are in secret talks to get unknown acreage at Crotch Lake. There is the usual reference to the Royal Proclamation of 1763 and their opposition to uranium mining.

The fifth prong to their strategy is “healing”. The CPT act is being brought in to help kill any critical thinking that might still be floating around. Uncomfortable questions are labeled as “harmful” because it stops people from feeling the pain. Everyone is encouraged to put up and shut up in the name of peace.

Act V The End is Just the Beginning

Scene 1: Bright and early Monday morning, while out fishing, Big Doreen tells Jeff Green of Frontenac News that “a pilot consultation framework is slated to be announced by the end of this week” on June 27. It will involve lots of public meetings and “free food”! Two settlers might be picked to go into the bush with Big Doreen as “observers” of alleged uranium mining activity. If Jeff, a slight man with a mop top, gets picked, he’ll get sat on to give Big Doreen some credibility in his newspaper. Jeff ignores all the well-researched Mohawk articles, complaints and documents, even maps that prove this is Haudenosaunee territory and that the “Algonquin” claim is a fraud.

Frontenac News dutifully publishes on June 26th that Frontenac Ventures will start drilling on July 21. The ANR’s hold a “nation” meeting in Kanata on the same day.

Scene 2: Today people desire peace and security at any price. They are being convinced to give up their liberty and to abandon critical thinking. ANY criticism is denounced as “trouble making” or confrontational. People are threatened if they question or look into the deeper realities. They are side tracked that it is a “conspiracy theory”. Religion and other dogma are used to pacify people into inaction and to dull their minds.

The eagle at the top of the Great Tree of Peace has the sight to see for miles around and can answer a call from 20 miles or more away. Eagles remind us to connect the dots, to be vigilant over our freedoms and to protect the people we Love.


This play is based on real life events. Many choose to go along with the script that has been written for us trying to guide us to our doom. We can get creative and resist the corruption and plunder by opening our eyes and using all our gifts.

Katenies will be in the Cornwall courthouse July 14 to ask the question, “How and when did the Crown gain jurisdiction over us?”

Sharbot Lake
The legal challenge on the border issue will cost money. MNN has none. Canada has unlimited funds from exploiting indigenous resources. We need counsel that will not be intimidated by this display of power. Canada is apparently hiring top law firms to fight the Mohawks. Your financial help is needed. If you could send donations, it would be greatly appreciated: Checks and money orders to “MNN Mohawk Nation News”, Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0. Thank you very much.

Contact for Shabot Obaadjiwan and Chief Doreen Davis: 613 279-1970
Ardoch Algonquins and Chief Paula Sherman
Cell: 613-329-3706
Acting Chief Mireille Lapointe Phone: 613-273-3530
Christopher M. Reid Barrister & Solicitor
154 Monarch Park Ave. Toronto, ON M4J 4R6
Tel: (416) 466-9928 Fax: (416) 466-1852
Contact Cathie Duchene 613 484-1635
Dalton McGuinty at
Ministry of Northern Development and Mines
Ministry Contact Information
Minister’s Main Office Whitney Block
5th Flr Rm 5630 – 99 Wellesley St W. Toronto ON M7A1W3
The Honourable Michael Gravelle Phone (416)327-0633
Fax (416) 327-0665
Minister’s Northern Office (by appointment only)
Suite 404 – 189 Red River Rd. Thunder Bay ON P7B1A2
Minister: The Honourable Michael Gravelle
Phone 807-343-7808 Fax 803-343-7680
Deputy Minister’s Office, 99 Wellesley St. West, Whitney Block, Room 5630 Toronto, ON M7A 1W3 – Acting Deputy Minister: Don Ignacy
Phone (416) 327-0633 Fax (416) 327-0651
Ministry of Natural Resources: MNR
Main Office – Peterborough (Natural Resources Information Centre) 300 Water Street, P.O. Box 7000, Peterborough, Ontario, K9J 8M5 (705)
755-2000 (local) 1-800-667-1940 (toll free) 1-866-686-6072 (TTY – Hearing Impaired) Minister’s Office 6th Floor, Room 6630, Whitney Block, 99 Wellesley St. W., Toronto, Ontario, M7A 1W3 (416) 314-2301
Deputy Minister’s Office 6th Floor, Room 6643, Whitney Block, 99 Wellesley St. W., Toronto, Ontario, M7A 1W3 (416) 314-2150
Donna Cansfield provides a place to leave a message:


Posted: Saturday, July 5, 2008 – 12:15pm EDT

poster: katenies



By Rastia’ta’non:ha
MNN. May 27, 2008. This is a notice to the counterfeit Algonquins to immediately quit their claim to Haudenosaunee Territory and their claim to be Algonquins. They are “visitors”, not the “owners” either historically or culturally. By their swindling actions they are dissolving the treaty rights of the real Algonquins. They are also interfering with the treaty rights of other nations who are part of the 1701 “Peace of Montreal” with the French that set out trade and commerce relations; and the 1701 “Nan-Fan Treaty” with the British which respects the sovereignty of all the signatories.

Some help is needed on how to file an international complaint to stop these con artists. The “sting operation” is being committed by Ontario, Canada, the mining-military-industrial-banking complex and archeologists against the Haudenosaunee for the part of our traditional territory that is south of the Ottawa River.

Mother Joan Holmes, has been hired to create “Algonquins” out of thin air. That’s why we call them “No’gonquins”. She has helped them set up nine “Algonquin” Disneylands. They are about to illegally sell Haudenosaunee land and resources they have no claim to. Fronting this scam are Algonquin “pretenders”, “Chief” Doreen Davis, “chief” Paula Sherman, “chief” Harold Perry, former “chief” Robert Lovelace, “chief” Chris Nahrgang and numerous “Algonquin Negotiation Representatives” under the control of ambulance chasers, Robert Potts and Chris Reid and Ontario Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Michael Bryant. Brian Laforme, a Mississauga of New Credit, is also working on selling the Haudenosaunee land of Toronto. [See contacts at end]

Who are the “real” Algonquins and who are these fake “No’gonquins” that are giving the real ones a bad rap!

In 8,000 BC there were people known as the “Plano Paleo”. They hunted large animals with non-fluted spear points on the plains west of the Mississippi River. They lived there until 4,500 BC. As the climate warmed up and the glaciers melted, they began to move into the area known today as “Manitoba”, the “Lake of the Woods” and the northern plains of “Canada”.

They remained west of the Mississippi River. As they moved into the Canadian Shield area, they developed into the “Shield Archaic” and continued their “paleo” ways of life, as hunters, fishers and gatherers. They traveled and set up temporary camps and shelters. They were not an agricultural people. Like their Plano Paleo ancestors, they cremated their dead because the land was rocky and had little soil. Unlike the Iroquoian, the Algonquoians did not build burial mounds.

Just before 1,000 BC, there was another glacial age. They were forced to migrate back onto the plains, following the Missouri River to its source in present day Montana. After spending many years there, they decided to get further away from the cold by crossing over the “Great River”, the Mississippi, to the east and make their way to the other side of Onowaregeh, Turtle Island.

They followed the Missouri River down to the Mississippi River convergence. At that point they found a race of “Giants” known as the “Alleghans”, the ancestors of the Iroquois, living on the east side of the Great River. They built mounds for burials and ceremonials.

According to the Algonquoians, known as the “Lenape”, they had to get permission from the Alleghans to pass through THEIR land!! Just like they have to get OUR permission to stay on our land today! The Alleghans allowed them to cross until they saw the large numbers of Lenape crossing over. They had taken advantage of our goodwill.

The Alleghans became concerned they would be overtaken. Then a 100 year war broke out. It took the Lenape 700 years to pass through the Land of the Alleghans, which was from the Mississippi River to the East Coast. Finally the Lenape reached the mouth of the Susquehanna River at Chesapeake Bay, where they “settled”.

From the Lenape “settlers” sprang other Algonquian speaking people who continued their migration northward up the east coast homeward bound. Once again they returned to the Canadian Shield from where they had migrated westward so long ago. They finally arrived home.

From the attached maps the Lenape (Algonquians) never occupied any land in the Southeast, Southwest, Great Basin near the West Coast, Northwest Coast and the Arctic areas. They originated from the Great Plains, migrated to the Sub-Artic and to a very limited degree to the Plateau and some areas in California.

The Algonquian Language Family is known as the “Macro-Algonquian Phylum”. [Phylum means a member or tradition from a certain language family]. [See below for the list of Algonquoian language groups].

The attached maps and list of linguistic families prove that the Algonquians did not occupy the large areas being promoted by twistorians, anthro’apologists, and grave robbers [archaeologists]. Also the Algonquoians (Lenape) are not the “Alleghans” or “Ancient Mound Builders”.

Anthropologists have referred to the ancient “Mound Builders” by different names, such as “Adena”, “Hopewell”, “Lamoka”, “Cahokia” and “Mississippi, etc. We called ourselves the “Alleghans” or “Alligewi”. None of these names have any connection to the Lenape or the Algonquians. DNA sampling of the “Serpent Mounds”, near Peterborough, Ontario, determined irrefutably that the “mound builders” are Iroquois.

The petroglyphs at “Petroglyphs Park” in Peterborough are not Ojibway or Algonquian. The symbols on the rock are from the “Hokan-Siouan” linguistic family of which the Iroquois are a part. These are the same at Safe Harbour in Pennsylvania, Black Hand Gorge in Ohio and near the Circle Mounds in Newark. The maps also show the correlation with our evolution as Hokan-Siouan which includes numerous nations, beginning with the “Clovis-Folsum Paleo” and the “Laurentian Archaic”, the ancestors of the Alleghans, to the present day “Haudenosaunee”. We were never Algonquian, and never will be!!

The Laurentian Archaic [Iroquois], who existed below the Canadian Shield from 8,000 BC, were the first to begin burying their dead using red ochre. We continued this practice up to 100 AD. Our ancestors placed these mounds in the care of the Six Nations Confederacy. This is an old agreement under the KAIANEREH’KO:WA, GREAT LAW OF PEACE, between the Erie/Neutral/Susquehanna/Wenro and the Five Nations, later Six Nations Confederacy. No caretaking agreement was ever made with the Algonquians because they weren’t here. The land in question is under the trusteeship of the Six Nations Confederacy and governed by our law.

Under the 1701 Great Peace of Montreal, the Algonquians had no leadership status. They had to abide by the KAIANEREH’KO:WA. The Six Nations Confederacy has exclusive trusteeship over the entire “Beaver Hunting Grounds”, also known as the “Nan-Fan Treaty” of 1701. [See MNN April 28, 2008 article]

The imposter Algonquins and the real ones have no sole treaty rights to the territory south of the Ottawa River or the Ottawa River basin since this land is part of the 1701 Great Peace of Montreal. There are over 30 nations who share this treaty. Each has to consult all the other nations and the Six Nations Confederacy as the leaders to make any claim. Otherwise their claims are fraudulent. It also dissolves any rights they have under the 1701 Peace Treaty of Montreal because they are trying to violate the rights of the other nations. These claims to our land are, in our view, invalid.

Posted by MNN Mohawk Nation News


Macro-Algonquian Phylum- Northeast:
Abenaki, Algonkin, Chippewa ( Ojibway), Chowanoc, Conoy, Coree, Fox (Mesquaki), Hatteras, Illinois, Kickapoo, Lenni Lenape ( Delaware), Machapunga, Mahican, Maliseet (Malecite), Massachuset, Menominee, Miami, Micmac, Mohegan, Montauk, Moratok, Nanticoke, Narraganset, Nauset, Niantic, Nipmuc, Noquet, Ottawa, Pamlico (Pomeiak), Passamaquoddy,Paugussett, Penacook, Penobscot, Pocomtuc, Potowatomi, Powhatan, Roanoke, Quinnipiac, Sac (Sauk), Sakonnet, Secotan, Shawnee,Wampanoag, Wappinger, Weapemeoc
None in the Southeast Area- All are from Hokan-Siouan Linguistic Family
**Note: All Muskogean Nations of this language family belong to Hokan-Siouan, not Algonquian, and all Natchesan Nations belong to the Hokan-Siouan and not Algonquian, therefore leaving the southeast without any nations of any Algonquian linguistic stock. **Note on Southwest Area, No Nations of Algonquian Linguistic family has lived there. **Note on Great Basin Area, No Nations of Algonquian Linguistic family has lived there.
Plateau Culture Area- Kutenai Language Isolate-Macro Algonquian Phylum-Kootenai
Northwest Coast Culture Area- No Nations that have any definite Algonquian connection or phylum determination.
California Culture Area- Algonquian Language Family- Macro Algonquian Phylum Wiyot, Yurok
Great Plains Culture Area- Algonquian Language Family, Macro-Algonquian Phylum:
Arapaho, Blackfeet, Blood, Cheyenne , Atsina, Piegan, Plains Cree, Plains Ojibway (Chippewa), Tonkawa
Subartic Culture Area- Algonquian Language Family-Macro-Algonquian Phylum-
Chippewa (Ojibway), Cree, Montagnais (Innu), Naskapi, Beothuk
Artic Culture Area- No Algonquian Nations living in area. [Map of Algonquian Language Family attached]

The Hokan-Siouan Family is divided into 6 Divisions:

1.) Iroquoian – Neutral/Susquehannock/ Erie, Huron/Wendat,Cherokee, Tobacco Nation aka Petun, Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga, Tuscarora, Meherrin, Honnniasont, Neusiak, Nottoway, Wenro

2.) Siouan- Kansa, Sioux, Dakota, Lakota, Wahpekute, Mdewakantonwan, Wahpetonwan, Sisitonwan (who together formed the Santee or Eastern division, sometimes referred to as the Dakota), the Ihanktonwan, or Yankton, and the Ihanktonwana, or Yanktonai (who form the Middle division, sometimes referred to as the Nakota), and the Titonwan, or Teton (who form the Western division, sometimes referred to as the Lakota). The Tetons, originally a single band, divided into seven sub-bands after the move to the plains, these seven including the Hunkpapa, Sihasapa, Oglala, Hidasta aka Minitari and the Gros Ventre, Crow, Washo, Acoma and Leguna Pueblo,Tutelo, Saponi, Monacan, Eno, Woccon, Sugeree, Yuchi, Cheraw, Wateree, Waccamaw, Pee Dee, Ioway (Iowa), Kaw(Kansa), Missouria(Missouri), Omaha, Osage, Otoe(Oto),Ponca, Ofo, Yazoo Tunica, Biloxi, Ofos (Mosopeleas), Quapaw (Arkansa), Omaha, Catawba, Ponca, Winnebago, Iowa, Mandan, Assinboin, Cape Fear, Cheraw, Congaree, Keyauwee, Lumbee, Manahoac, Monacan, Moneton, Nahyssan, Occaneechi, Sante ( Issati), Sewee, Shakori, Sississpahaw, Waccamaw, Waxhaw, Winyaw, Yadkin, Opelousa, Patiri

3.) Muskogean-Choctaw,Creek, Seminole, Chickasaw, Coushatta, Cusabo, Tuskegee, Chakchiuma, Alabama, Yamasee, Apalachee, Taensa, Natchez, Houma, Chitimacha, Pensacola, Chatot, Tohome, Napochi, Chiaha, Hitchiti, Timuccua, Ais, Calusa, Tekesta, Caparuz, Ibitoupa, Jeaga, Kaskinampo, Miccosuke, Muklasa, Napochi, Oconee, Okelousa, Okmulgee, Osochi, Pascagoula, Pawokti, Quinipissa, Sawolkli, Tamathli,Tanggipahoa, Taposa, Tawasa, Tekesya, Chine, Chiaha (Chehaw), Guacata, Guale, Hitchiti, Ibitoupa, Jeaga, Kaskinamp, Acolapissa, Amacano, Apalachee, Apalachicola, Avoyel, Bayogoula, Calusa, Caparuz. SEE HOW MANY THE COLONISTS KILLED OFF!

4.) Caddoan-Caddo, Arikara, Pawnee, Wichita, Bidai, Atakapa, Kichai, Tawakoni, Tawehash, Waco, Yascani, Adai, Eyeish

5.) Yuman-Marricopa, Yuma, Mohave, Cocopah, Havasupai, Halchidhoma, Halyikwamai, Hualapai (Walapai),Kohuana, Kamia, Maricopa, Yavapaí, Quechan

6.) Hokan-Pomo, Akwaala, Diegueno, Kamia, Konoomihu, Okwanuchu, Shasta, Salinas, Achomawi, Atsugewi, Karok, Esselen, Chumash, Chimariko, Coahuiltec,

Send your comments to: QUEEN ELIZABETH II, Buckingham Palace, LONDON UK; M. MICHAELLE JEAN, Governor General of CANADA, 1 Rideau Hall, OTTAWA, ONTARIO; Hon. STEPHEN HARPER, PRIME MINISTER, CANADA, House of Commons, OTTAWA, ONTARIO; Hon. DALTON McGUINTY, PREMIER, ONTARIO, Queen’s park, TORONTO, ONTARIO; Chief Doreen Davis, 3102-RR #2, Sharbot Lake, ONTARIO K0H 2P0 ONTARIO MINISTRY of NORTHERN DEVELOPMENT & MINES, Whitney Block, Room 5630, 99 Wellesley West, TORONTO M7A 1W3; RICHARD MOORE, MDR Associates, 201-280 Albert St., OTTAWA, ONTARIO K1P 5b8 613-230-8671; CHRISTOPHER M. REID, 154 Monarch Park Ave., TORONTO ONTARIO M4J 4R6; STEVE REYNOLDS, 18 Byward Market Square, OTTAWA, ONTARIO K1N 7A1, 613-244-4488
Hokan -Siouan Language Family Lenape & Alligewi

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MNN. April 28, 2008. These colonists are floating over us trying to land, like a ship from outer space. They hover trying to gobble us out of existence. This is about a vast tract of Haudenosaunee land in eastern Ontario.How do we know there were any Indigenous people here? Archaeologists have found evidence of longhouses and burial mounds. Guess what? “No’gonquins” [Algonquins] did not build longhouses or burial mounds. The evidence shows that the pre-historic people who lived here were Iroquois, just like the people who live here today. That’s why Ottawa and Ontario are trying to take control of the burial sites so that no one can see the evidence that proves they’re Haudenosaunee/Iroquois.Ron “Boner” Williamson, the archaeologist hired by Ontario [Archaeological Services Inc.] states that “All “Archaic peoples are forerunners of the Algonquin people”. Is this a joke! Is he saying that all pre-historic people eventually turn into Algonquins? The colonial governments, corporate investors, mining companies, developers, bankers, military, academics, archaeologists, historians, churches and fake “Indian” communities want our resources. So they’ve set up a huge “twisted history” scam. All the history and maps of the area have been altered.

Whole communities of fake Algonquins have been created. Some of the prominent “No’gonquins” are: Doreen Davis, Robert Lovelace, Harold Perry, Paula Sherman and Randy Cota. [List of phony communities available].

Ron “We-have-a-bone-to-pick-with-him” Williamson says that the Algonquins, “occupied the whole area of Ontario”. This lie fades against the facts. The “Archaic People” were divided into two groups, the “Shield Archaic” who are the forerunners of the true Algonquin people and the “Laurentian Archaic” who are the forerunners of the Iroquois.

They know that the Haudenosaunee would never give up anything to anybody. We’ve been designated by the natural world to take care of this part of Mother Earth. To push the fake history Mother Joan Holmes has been brought on board. She creates Algonquins and “Metis” from non-native European stock with the stroke of a quill.

Chris “From-the-Germanic-Tribe” Nahrgang has become chief of the newly formed “Kawathra Anishnawbek First Nation, “wannabes” who have become “Sons-of-bees”. They were hatched by Joan “Queen Bee” Holmes. She is the Indian Affairs hired paper “Indian” maker. She imagines herself to be a historian and genealogist. She is neither. She concocts false versions of our history by twisting the interpretations of church records and not by scientific scrutiny.

Joan Ho’lmes is the “registrar” and “membership clerk” who helps band elections go the Indian Affairs way. In the 2005 Kanehsatake Mohawk election she put hundreds of non-native people on the rolls so the results could be in favor of the Indian Affairs nominees. Holmes has a list of signed-up 2,500 wannabe “Algonquins” who are purportedly the same ones listed for each of the 9 newly-created virtual Algonquin communities. Overlap!

The “Shield Archaic” inhabited the Canadian Shield, which is mostly rock with very little topsoil. They were mainly hunters, fishers and gatherers. The climate and rocks did not allow them to bury their dead. They cremated them and left no trace.

The true Algonquins are north of the Ottawa River. They support our struggle to bring out the truth. These Algonquins were part of the 1701 Great Peace of Montreal. Ron Williamson with Ministry of Natural Resources maps greatly reduced their land base. This map fantasizes No’gonquin territory as being south of the Ottawa, which, as we all know, is Haudenosaunee territory.

The Hurons, who are Iroquois, gave the Confederacy the rights over their land. But they never left. There are quite a few at Six Nations who have married into the Cayuga Nation.

The “Laurentian Archaic” are the “Alleghans” who are the ancestors of the Iroquois. They are much older than the Shield Archaic. They live south of the Canadian Shield. The climate and topography allowed us to develop agriculture. Corn was introduced to us from the south and was adapted to the northern climate. This stabilized our communities. We buried people in the ground in ceremonial mounds. These Iroquoian burial mounds exist on our territories, including Eastern Ontario.

The Kaianereh’ko:wa-Great Law territory is the eastern half of Onowaregeh, Turtle Island.

The Laurentian Archaics came about 11,000 years ago. Before that the “Palaeo”, “Folsom” and “Clovis” were in the area, who are also our ancestors. [Alan D. McMillan, Native Peoples and Cultures of Canada . 1995, p. 61]

The Algonquins were in the plains area in the Lake of the Woods, which is where Ontario and Manitoba come together. Their ancestors are a later group of Palaeo, the “Plano Palaeo”.

Then about 3000 B.C. there was a climate change that forced the Shield Archaic to migrate south to the head waters of the Mississippi. They followed it down to where the Missouri drains into the Mississippi and then went on to the northwest into Montana where they stayed there for a while. Then they followed the Missouri back down to the Mississippi. At that point they wanted to cross east over to the other side of the river. They knew there was a race of people there who were giants, the ancient mound builders, the Alleghans, who are Iroquois.

We gave permission for them to cross. After they started crossing, we noticed there were more than we had bargained for. Our people started to become fearful of being overtaken. A fight started lasting for 100 years.

“Bone-Head” Williamson is making the false claim that the “Serpent Mounds” and “ Petroglyf Park ” near Peterborough are Ojibway. These petroglyfs are similar to those found at Safe Harbor in Pennsylvania at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. An archaeologist found that the people that lived nearby and some of the symbols might relate to the Lenape who are Algonquin. The area is in fact the ancestral homeland of the Susquehannock in origin, who are Iroquois. [Donald A. Cadzo (1934) Petroglyfs in Susquehanna River near Safe Harbor Pennsylvania. 2001]

“White-Bone” Williamson invents Algonquin land as being from the southern tip of Georgian Bay to the farthest eastern convergence point of the Ottawa and St. Lawrence Rivers. This is where the Kanehsatake Mohawk community is located. There is presently a 250 sq. mi. claim to this Mohawk land being made by squatters, Canada and the Sulpician Order.

The oldest treaty in Canada is the 1701 Great Peace of Montreal which covers the Nan-Fan Treaty area. [Map attached]

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources uses the Ontario Archaelogical Society to promote its fake maps of the reconfigured treaty areas from Haudenosaunee to bogus Algonquin lands. For example, they’ve taken the NanFan Treaty area and cut it down to less than one-third of the original mass.

The Nanfan area is 1200 miles by 2400 miles stretching past Lake Michigan all the way to the east coast of Turtle Island, south to Florida and north to Hudson’s Bay. This 1701 treaty with the British was meant to protect us from encroachment by the invaders. The French were out to destroy, kill and rob us. Most of our villages and people were annihilated or we were enslaved. This was followed in August 1701 by the Great Peace of Montreal to regulate peaceful trade and commerce with the French and their native allies, the Hurons and Algonquins.

The Williams Treaty area of 1923 covers south central Ontario, which is also being officially designated by Ontario as Algonquin land. All of this is remains Haudenosaunee Territory.

In 1701 the Confederacy took over trusteeship of Huron lands because they broke the Great Peace. Huron land is north of Kincardin Ontario, north of Hawkesbury Ontario to Mattawa on the Ottawa River by Parry Sound. This is now designated as Algonquin land for the fraudulent land claims settlement. The Neutrals, who were Iroquoian, also gave stewardship of their original homeland over to the Six Nations. It was from Kincardon Ontario to Hawkesbury Ontario to south of Lake Erie.

Ontario is creating fake maps of fake treaty areas and trying to give the land over to the fake Algonquins. They are really settlers who have signed up to be “no-gonquins” and a few who may feel they have some native ancestry.

The fake Algonquins cannot lay claim to a huge land mass they never inhabited. The original Algonquins came to our villages during the winters and left in the spring. In the past this hospitality was known as the “bowl and spoon” relationship where we take care of each other.

Anyone who disputes these facts is threatened. At the May 10, 2008 archaeological conference at Trent University in Peterborough Ontario, the seat of misinformation, William “Dried-up-old-bone” Woodworth of Michigan emailed a questioner who had been sent there by the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. He had asked about their lack of consultation with the true Indigenous people and their false maps on the burial mounds. This expert told the Indigenous attendee, “You have no inherent “right” given your own ancestry and education, both native and non-native… I know enough about you to discredit you very quickly.”

The Jesuits tried to say we conquered the Hurons and Eries and annihilated them. We did not wipe ourselves out! For 400 years the Jesuits have tried to hide their genocidal tactics. Only people like Joan Holmes can look at their records. They were Catholic mercenaries and missionaries on the side of the French. They brought in troops to slaughter us, to bring diseases, alcohol, education and religion to break us down and reduce our population to less than 10%. There was no “conquest” and no “acquired rights”! We need to fight these “boogie men”. The Mississaugas are now trying to pass themselves off as “Neutrals”. We think they should call themselves the “Biased”!

Hey, church and state, the world is not flat! This program of lies is well planned and has been going on for a long time. The unethical conduct of these operatives must be investigated. Charges for criminal fraud should be laid against them.

Kahentinetha Horn, MNN Mohawk Nation News


(1). Joan Holmes & Ron Williamson testified at Ipperwash Enquiry on OPP murder of Dudley George

(2). Joan Holmes & Robert Lovelace [the fake Algonquin]

(3). Robert Lovelace & Chris Reid [the “class action” pro bono ambulance chaser]

(4). Robert Lovelace, Chris Reid, & Kris Nahrgang [the newly created Algonquin chief]

(5). Chris Reid & Joan Holmes [who set up the fraud]

(6). Chris Reid & Kris Narhgang [who pat each other on the back]

(7). Kris Nahrgang, Ron Williamson & William “Bill” Woodworth [who promote lies about Iroquois burial mounds]

(8). David Donelly, Heather Bastien, Luc Laine, Kris Nahrgang, Barb Harris, Cecil Sault [who are on Ron Williamson’s First Nations Founding Circle that promotes MNR fake maps and fraudulent land claims]

(9). Ron Williamson & David Donelly [who phonies that create anything fake]

(10). David Donnelly & Chris Reid [this ambulance chaser pops up everywhere]

(11). Joan Holmes & Mike “Jesuit” Swinwood [the Jesuit connection]

(12). Dr. Thomas H.B. Symonds [another Jesuit connection] From activities of M. Ricci SJ in 1584 to other Jesuits until 1721, …… 1576-1578 edited by Thomas H.B. Symons with the assistance of Stephen Alsford

(13). Joan Holmes & David Donnelly [everybody knows Mother Joan]

(14). Heather Bastien, David Donnelly, Kris Narhgang, Luc Laine, Ron Williamson [the awesome cesspool foursome}
Joan Vastokas contact info: VASTOKAS, Joan (Prof. Emeritus)
Romas Vastokas contact info: VASTOKAS, Ron (Prof. Emeritus)

Ron Williamson, Archaeological Services Inc., MAILING ADDRESS: 528 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2P9 PHONE NUMBER: (416) 966-1069
Fax: (416) 966-9723

Kris Narhgang RR # 4 Burleigh Falls, On. K0L 2H0 (705)654- 4661

William ” Bill” Woodworth Toronto, On. (416)504-7753

Luc Laine 1360 Rue Des Charmes Laval, Qc. H7P 3R7 (450) 963-9208

David Donnelly 416.703.1100 x 250 The Flatiron Building, 49 Wellington Street East, Toronto, Canada M5E 1C9

Heather Bastien 535 Chief Thomas Martin Wendake, QC.
G0A 4V0 (418) 843-5366

David Sanford aka “Grey Eagle” (416) 850-2489

Susan Jamieson University of Trent Anthropology Office: OC 130 Lab: OC 127
Telephone: (705) 748-1011 x.7627

Barb Harris
(905) 765-8512 1695 Chiefswood Rd. Ohsweken, On. N0A 1M0 (519) 445-2201
(519) 445-4208 fax

Jason J. Annibale LL.B., B.A.H. Associate Phone: +1 416 863 4795 Email: 1 First Canadian Place 39th Floor 100 King Street West Toronto, Ontario M5X 1B2 Tel.: +1 416 863 4511 Fax: +1 416 863 4592

Joan Holmes & Associates 7 Hinton Ave. North, Suite 200 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1Y 4P1 Phone: (613) 722-7675 Fax: (613) 722-0787

Petroglyphs in the Susquehanna River near Safe Harbor, Pennsylvania
(Mounds in Ontario)
(Lenape Migration) (Lenape, Mengwe & Allegewi)
=HPf0cLXiQAwF&icp=1&.intl=ca (Susquehannock)

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Algonquin ‘Nohawks’ get ready to be taken over

MNN. April 5, 2008. This is a “hypothetical hypothesis” or theory of what could happen to us Indigenous people if we are not vigilante. Let’s call her Chief Doreen “Whalebone” Davis, was recently created into a paper Algonquin by Mother Joan Holmes. We hear that soon Indian Affairs and Ontario are going to set up a “reserve” for the newly created virtual Algonquin “Nohawks”.

In October 2007 Whalebone had already minted her own currency known as “Doreen Dollars”which she claims is at par with the Canadian dollar. As far as we know, she’s not native. We real Ongwehonwe have our own lawful trade and commerce customs for dealing with the colonists. Her money can only be used at participating merchants of her choosing in the shopping mall she’s thinking of building up at Sharbot Lake. Doreen announced that she is going to try and set up these bogus banks in other Indigenous communities.

What is “Doreenged” using to back up her “Doreen Dollars”? It is only worth pennies. She appears to be making our Haudenosaunee Territory as her own “reserve” and using it as collateral. It could be development of the area as a tourist site with casinos, which is one of the biggest fronts for money laundering, we hear.

In November 2007 the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada issued a warning, No. 79, regarding the Anishinabewampum Bank, “They are not an authorized federally regulated institution”. They ordered this fraudulent entity to cease and desist from holding itself out as a bank. 1-888-495-8501

Yet Mother Joan Holmes who fraudulently creates “Indians”, ambulance chaser, Robert Plots, and the rest are still “churning the butter”, as they say. This whole scam needs to be criminally investigated, charges laid and people sent to jail. Today, the “Anishinabewampum Bank” website came down before we even had a chance to write about it. Lol! [But we have a copy of it.] Just like Coreshellgroup” [J. Patrick Howe] suddenly stopped its internet bragging, all their affiliate cohort websites came down within a day of the MNN story. Hmmm!

How can a “desolate front” be set up to transfer large amounts of money without being monitored? Through a shell game, of course! We found some of the peas! We believe that the U.S., Canada and other shady agencies and individuals always need a way to send their dirty dollars or money laundering somewhere else.

This is “dirty ops”. These corporate cons could have come up with an idea like setting up “Indian” banks to give a few dollars to the “Indians” and then send the rest somewhere else.

Doreenged has set up the Anishinabewampum Bank with an office at 110 Railway St., Kingston Ontario K7K 2L9 T613-541-1703 It is a small two storey brick building with one-way looking glass windows like in a cop shop. There was nothing in the rooms except a few desks and chairs and some old men roaming around like refugees from the nearby Milhaven Maximum Security Penitentiary with nothing to do, or waiting for the big “pay-day”. Some of the names are Doug Raymond, Ext. 227; Al Baldwin Ext. 226; Patricia Raymond Ext. 222; Greg Raymond Ext. 228; David Baldwin Ext 553; Cindy Mills Ext. 554; Shawn Raymond Ext. 550. There are others like “John” who did not want to give his last name; and “Brenda”in the office. Both Doreenged and John described their operation as a “clearinghouse”!!

When anyone phones them, a machine answers and asks for a message or instructs you to dial an extension. Anishinabewampum Bank shares the same address and phone number as the “National Savings Club”, which is a “private” buyer’s club. They said they are not looking for new members and they will always “protect” their members!!! [websites ]

An innocent investor went to Kingston on Friday, April 4th, to open up a bank account with Anishinabewampum Bank. They were asked for a minimum $6,000 deposit that was supposed to be used in an “off-shore” system in New Zealand. They later denied saying this and said, “It was just a misunderstanding!” This perplexed the investor. We think they saw him as a “Tonto with a JR complex” and decided to shake him off quick. In 20 minutes Tonto got surrounded and was “cautioned” to leave.

New Zealand has tax free “special purpose companies”, asset protection trusts, off shore companies, off shore corporations and banking. In other words, New Zealand is an off shore haven “for the rich”. This could be the “Algonquin trust” or “mistrust” that Robert Plots of Blaney McMurtry of Toronto may have set up with Doreenged Davis. We hear that Mother Joan Holmes is now trying to pass her off as a “Metis”!!! Doreenged looks more like a “Maytag” [money cleaner] than a “Metis”.

These Joan Ho memberships expire in 5 or so years! Virtual Algonquin Nohawks could sign away our Haudenosaunee land, make joint ventures with the mining and casino companies and set themselves up. Then their “Indian” or “Metis” cover expires, “We can make money and then disappear because we’re not Indian or Metis anymore! Whoopeee!”

The trust and its beneficiaries are non-taxable except on income made in New Zealand. They make money by avoiding taxes. That’s why all these “Metis” have a “Maytag” [money laundering] complex. Indian Affairs put $405,000 of seed money into setting up the “Algonquin Trust” which is really a “club”. The recent Supreme Court of British Columbia decision of Madam Justice Ann MacKenzie is that “clubs” are legal but “gangs” are not. [#522 Mar. 27/08]

To a lot of people it looks like a money laundering operation is in the making. The head of the club is probably the Queen who thinks she owns all our land and can appropriate our resources if she wants to. She then converts it into money and puts it into another commonwealth country.

As we see it, if someone was washing dirty money, they could funnel funds through something like Anishinabewampum Bank. An address of a main office is needed. Involved could be drugs, arms, prostitution or corporatized black ops like “Blackwater Inc.”, etc. Whoever they are don’t want people snooping around. Could organized crime benefit from this phony Haudenosaunee land claim? They might even think of going forward with legal gambling operations on our land.

As we have heard non-native business people say, “It’s always good to have an Indian friend to run an illegitimate business underneath them”, so they can use our sovereignty to their advantage and avoid taxes. If you don’t have a best Indian friend, you can create one”. In the end it is seen as an “Indian” organized crime.

Greed and larceny are not part of our traditional culture. Colonists see the loop holes and abuse them. It’s the fake Mother Joan Ho “Indians” who get blamed for criminality which then reflects unfavorably on the rest of us. Let’s not forget the “ Vichy ” Indian collaborators who work hand in glove with these fraudsters. As we have seen, it’s set up so we stay poor, they take everything we have and get off scott free! People like Joan Ho have experience in creating Indians in hot spots for Indian Affairs, like Kanehsatake to control the election results and Lubicon Lake to get around resistance to a land claim.

The threat of uranium mining exploration and drilling could be a diversionary controversy. To “legalize” land theft under NAFTA, the corporation sets up a board of directors and then sets up the business with the government. This agreement stands forever. It’s a typical magician’s sleight of hand. That’s when the gangster element and all their hit men become apparent.

It’s possible that Indian Affairs and the rest of the “bottom feeders” may be getting paid under the table. They help set up something that looks legal, run the money through bogus banks and bogus bank accounts and quietly line their pockets. We’ve had our fill of their Grand Chief Phil “Many Fortunes” of AFN who helps them sign away everything we have!

We are fighting big beasts. The greedy and rapacious golden serpent and the silver serpent are going to devour everything in their path and each other. In the end they will be devoured by the red serpent from the north who, like us, has the same ancient principles underlying their philosophies. We’d do well to put our wampum in the Bank of Hong Kong and not in Doreen’s purse!

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

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MNN. March 29, 2008. Our Haudenosaunee Territory is now infested with paper “Algonquins” and virtual “Algonquin” communities created by “Mother” Joan “Ho”lmes. She is the darling researcher, registrar, genealogist, membership clerk, judge, jury and would-be executioner of our nationality. She is the “gun for hire” by Canada or anybody that wants to become or create paper mache “Indians”. We understand she receives a large sum of money for each Indian she signs up. If the real Indigenous at Ardoch or Sharbot Lake want an Algonquin identity, according to our ways, they have to live on Algonquin land.

Mother Joan has also been known to write fake history about the Haudenosaunee that Canada uses to try to settle their phony claims to our land. She’s been hired to write the phony history of the Mohawks of Kanehsatake, Kahnawake, Akwesasne, Tyendinaga and Wahta. She even helped convince the ignorant Kanawake band council that our land was given to us by Louis XIV!!!

We are a bigger industry for these gangsters than General Motors! In the syndicates they set up, all the top jobs go to “non-natives” except for the figurehead, like Ellen Gabriel, who gets brought out for photo ops. She does not legally represent us. Only members of her organization vote for her. It’s like saying the head of the women’s auxiliary of the church represents all Canadian women.

Those Algonquin “Nohawks” who don’t follow the party line are called NLA, “No Longer Active”. We are informed that Mother Joan creates “Indians” with a five year expiry date. Is “nationality” like a driver’s permit! It looks sillier and sillier all the time. Right now about 20 people have up-to-date licenses and run the whole show. This gives them access to lots of money. They also have a “chief-in-training” who gets voted in by those few “Nohawks” who have active status. Mother Joan needs 125 virtual Algonquins for each community to be able to “conduct business” called “joint ventures”, which are run by non-native shell companies, like Coreshellgroup.

According to reports of witnesses who were in court, Judge Cunningham issued an order that the “Algonquins” cannot “speak directly or indirectly to anyone who they believe could be or is in contact with the Mohawks”!! How did this guy graduate from law school? They could get six months in jail for violating this order. How do they plan to monitor it? The Sharbot Lake “Nohawks” agreed to this condition. It apparently was requested by Neil Smitherman, the ambulance chaser [lawyer] for the uranium mining companies, Frontenac Ventures Corporation and Platinex, who want to mine in the area. An ambulance chaser for “Ardoch Algonquins”, consented to this decree. How can a court be making orders like this? It seems like they think they can do anything they want, that the law is something they can dictate.

In the meantime, Doreen “Wishbone” Davis, another “Nohawk”, is running a cigarette shop on Silver Lake, with Unity and Confederacy flags flying out front. The non-native girl working there said that the RCMP gave Doreen permission to run her store. The land is leased by a native guy from a non-native. This is not sovereignty.

The colonial perpetrators are panicking to cover-up their fraud and questionable activities. This whole scam needs to be investigated by the RCMP fraud squad and the Auditor General of Canada. They think their Shakspearean tragedy is still running, but it’s over. We’re hanging on to our vegetables that we should be throwing at these corrupt actors.

This order sounds like a prototype of the kind of controls that the colonists will try to put on the “real” Indigenous who stand up to the frauds being committed by the corporations, mining companies and colonial governments and their agencies.

We took over the Thurlow Aggregates Quarry in March 2007, to protest an age old robbery and injustice over the illegal infringement on our land without our informed consent. It is a clear violation of our authority and international law. At first the band council supported us. Then Julian “Who-was-born-in-Italy-and-thinks-he-knows-how-to-run-a-banana-republic-like-Canada” Fantino met with the Tyendinaga band councilors, Donald R. Maracle, Roy Brant, Trevor Lewis, Barry Brant and Blayne Loft. They denounced us and went to other communities and corrupted them against us.

Last April 2007 the Mohawks of Tyendinaga demonstrated on the CN Railway tracks. The trains between Montreal and Toronto were shut down for 20 hours. A Mohawk woman met with the Commissioner of the OPP, Julian Fantino. He asked her to try to get them off the rail line or “he would kill them”. They went through the police lines to speak to the demonstrators. The police pointed their weapons at the men, women and children.

Last July 2007 Randy Cota of the Ardoch “Nohawks” asked our people to go up to help them. Our men felt something was eerie about it. They went up and were alarmed when they saw the Ontario Provincial Police involved at the protest site. Cota forgot to tell our people that he was an OPP officer. It was almost like the Mohawks were being set up for an ambush by the OPP bush-wackers. There were no Indians locally, only the settlers all dressed up in their Ralph Lauren cottage wear. Something did not add up. They decided to get out. Since then these “Nohawks” have treated us with disdain.

Fantino publicly said last June 29, 2007, on the “Day of Protest”, “We want a peaceful day”. Behind the scenes he had lined up APCs, tanks, soldiers and paramilitary. He had everything ready to wipe us out.

CBC’s “The Current” got some handwritten notes by OPP officers on how Commissioner Fantino planned to raid the Mohawk demonstrators on the night of June 28 on Highway 401, Highway 2 and the CN Rail line. Actually, nothing was blocked. As promised the Mohawks removed their peaceful demonstration on June 29th. Shawn Brant turned himself in for “mischief”. The notes described how Fantino brought in the TRU Tactical Rescue Unit, SWAT team, Emergency Response and the Riot Squad along with police choppers and aircraft to watch the Mohawks. Even though nothing was going on, Itchy Fingers Fantino gave the site commander, Carson Pardy, the final call to go in, which they did not.

Mandy Smart of Tyendinaga said she saw the heavily armed OPP gathering in the area. The OPP wanted to use force. When she met with Fantino, he warned her that if the Mohawks did not leave by 6 a.m. on June 29th, there would be an attack. “He did not care if the men, women and children were behind those lines.” CN Rail which runs through disputed Mohawk land, suspended rail traffic between Montreal and Toronto for the day.

Last Monday, March 24th 2008, Shawn Brant went to court. Randy Cota has been trying to help make Shawn out to be the leader at Tyendinaga. On March 18th Cota forwarded a message to Shawn Brant from his OPP colleague, Nathan Leland. Leland had sent a memo to his operatives [JUS] to watch a video on Shawn Brant entitled, “Why has he not been arrested for terrorism?” It came from caledoniawakeupcall, a racist anti-Iroquois site run by one of their operatives, Gary Mchale.

Shawn Brant has been told that if he does not accept a plea deal of 12 years for “blocking” the railroad and the Trans Canada highway, they will put him away for 90 years. [ 416-925-6939]

We’re beginning to think it’s time for us to clean up our communities of these outside influences. It looks like this is what’s happening. We all want a clean peaceful community.

Kahentinetha Horn, MNN Mohawk Nation News

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