MNN. Dec. 18, 2013. The US dollar started with the theft of Indigenous land and resources here on Great Turtle Island. No one helped us resist. Now it’s a worldwide problem.  It will end soon! bankers funeral      




The only impediment to peace on earth is the 13 crime families now known as the bankers. When you follow the great white roots of peace to their source, the formula for living in sustainable peace awaits you there. Burn tobacco, watch the video and follow the white roots … Michael Rivero. “All Wars Are Bankers Wars”.

NOTES. Land and resources of Great Turtle Island are fraudulently being declared as private parks, falsely listed in the Corporation inventory. The illusion will continue as long as their subjects allow it in their own minds. Indigenous resistance is their biggest fear because everyone is waiting to follow their “Indians”. 

Cree Proverb: "You don't inherit the earth from your parents. You borrow it from your children to the 7th generation."

Cree Proverb: “You don’t inherit the earth from your parents. You borrow it from your children to the 7th generation.”

“The power is the people, not the money or the war. Let’s raise our voices so they hear us. Let them roar. No more killing of our own family. Let’s give peace a birth. Because we’re all in this together. We, the people of Mother Earth” 
Thahoketoteh. “The Power is the People”!

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