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MNN. Dec. 27, 2016. A tyrant doesn’t suddenly take power. The people hand it over, out of fear and a desire for safety. At Standing Rock the army is attacking and trying to kill us” for our own safety”! FAKE NEWS IS PROPAGANDA!

Steps to fascism.

War is tyrannical power based on lies, to get the power they sought in the first place. False flag terrorism leads to setting up dictatorial empires.

The rulers create the crisis, ask for emergency powers, suspend civil liberties and do away with the true democratic process. Emergency powers outlive the emergency.

Civil disorder is anti-government terrorism and race wars, like white cops killing black people and state/corporate theft of resources or unexplained fears of certain races, other states and even outer space aliens. THREATENING PROTESTORS & PETITIONERS IS FASCISM!

Trump says in effect: “I’m a liar because I’m a politician. So what!”

The government that plans to seize power practices open in-your-face corruption.

The patriotic sounding leader conducts endless conflict. Artificial crises are generated from inside and outside for the government to respond to. Civilians are attacked. Internal critics are silenced.

Justice is almost non-existent. An oppressive police state is welcomed. Liberty is taken away little by little. Slavery is delivered unnoticed through thunderous applause.

The soldiers coming from the front become the jackboot oppressors. DECLARING A MINORITY AS AN INTERNAL ENEMY AND CALLING FOR MILITARIZED UNITY IS FASCISM! They murder their own people in civil disobedience scenarios. The state exonerates them from punishment. Concentration of power under one ruler is fascism.

Enemies worldwide are created. World war is called for. The same corporate interests for both sides create weapons and the rules of war. A super military is set up.

Only the persistent telling of the real and full truth can counter lies. The public must understand the emotional, psychological motives and financial interests of the corporation. They must know the facts about us.

State terrorism exploits the fears of the people. Temporary power with great promises are offered. Unlawful orders are passed for unlawful wars. Martial law – order, security and efficiency – are imposed. Former President Bush declared in effect, “If you aren’t with us, you’re a terrorist?”

The US and Canada are rogue states. The wars they serve are unlawful. The current standoff at Standing Rock is illegal.

The perpetrators must be arrested for terrorism and looting of our property and resources. The fraudulent tribal and band councils are the corporation’s foot soldiers at the grassroots. Floyd Red Crow Westerman sang about the fraud, “We are not your INDIAN anymore”:

Censored News Update of shootings at Standing Rock

LET’S TELL THEM WHERE WE STAND: Politicians, Corporatists, Band & Tribal Councils and sell-outs that are cooperating with pipeline companies;

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Archie & Lakota corpo tribe – Rock Industries. loran & francis these tactics being used by the west in syria