MNN.  Dec. 30, 2012.
Our Mother Earth is instructing us to protect her from corporate Canada’s murder and rape. 
The “Idle No More” movement to stop Omnibus Bill C-45 is gaining worldwide momentum.  They too are listening to our Mother.

earthCanada’s chief financial officer, Jim Flaherty and CEO Prime Minister ‘Pudge” Harper have illegally signed the equivalent of the “Enabling Act” of 1933 that brought Hitler to power. [Below].

enazblingC-45 removes indigenous people and takes our land and resources to establish a dictatorship of the bankers.  Parliament provides the illusion of freedom to the masses.  Their band councils in our communities are being staffed or trained by “Nazi” agents. Distress and crisis are being created to declare martial law.  Arrests, torture and death are here.  Our concentration camps called reserves are under strict surveillance and control [Indian agents]. 

Non-Natives can steal our land through a legislated voting fraud set up by this illegal bill.  Funds for education, health and other essential services will be dissolved.  Everything is being transferred to provinces that have no responsibility for us.  Our education funds will go to non-native schools to assimilate and brainwash our children.  

Our constant marches and flash mobs are alarming Harper’s banker bosses in the City of London.   

We are all victims. When the masses turn their backs on the genocide, they are complicit in it.  Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat has been driven to this point of desperation where she may soon die of hunger. She could ask the Indian Act band councils to step down and forego their obedience to their colonial masters, or be banished from our communities to live with their corporate puppeteers. 

These well paid traitors and liars are helping our enemies try to tear us apart. Close them down!  Let our people go! Our law provides that their voices and that of their children are never to be heard from again.  As Chief Seattle said in 1896, “Man did not weave the web of life, is but a mere strand.  Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself”.  

The real revolution is spirit evolution.  To start it we must respect each other, other nations and all creation to bring peace and harmony to us and the world.   

Canada controls our stolen funds.  We won’t take up arms.  Flash mobs can appear on highways, railways, rivers, canals, at the headquarters of the multinational corporations that steal our natural gas, oil, minerals, logging and creates infrastructures to rape our Mother.  

As Karonhiaktajeh said, “People with fighting spirit shall not become casualties of psychological warfare”.  

When the Men declare martial law in our communities, our traditional fire will be rekindled.  The Great Law of Peace is our natural way.  Not artificial like banks and corporations.  We will be equal in voice and authority, to defend every member nation. Our Mother’s resources shall be shared fairly.  The foreign corporation of Canada will be dissolved and everything will be returned to us. 

The deplorable inhuman conditions in our communities will be removed.  May the superior, dedicated and good minds come forward.  If they don’t standup, who will?  Our supporters will not be inconvenienced.  We need you.   

We will stand the tree back up for all to see, that true peace still exists here. There will be one more war on Great Turtle Island, the people against the bankers.  No children will be bombed.  The attack of the predator bankers will be repelled.  

homelandOur Mother is pushing us to rise up.  We defend and thank her.  Harper, our death knell can never be sounded.  

Jimi Hendrix predicted Earth changing times in the song, “Up from the Skies”:  “So where do I purchase my ticket.  I’d just like to have a ringside seat.  I wanna know about the new Mother Earth.  I want to hear and see everything.  I want to hear and see everything.  I want to hear and see everything.  Yeah!”   

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