MNN.  Jan. 22, 2013.  All the money to run the Corporation of Canada comes from interest on the Indian Trust Fund. This revenue comes from exploitation of our land and resources.

In 1907 Canada declared us as non-persons so they could control our money, lives and future.  They gave themselves power of attorney without our permission. According to the Trust Fund Management System, the Indian Affairs Minister can manage our money as if he was our parent. He can collect, receive, hold it, decide how to manage and spend it without our knowledge or consent.

Indian Affairs cabal manages Indian Trust Funds.

Indian Affairs  Trust Funds managers.

The shareholders of the Corporations of the United States, Canada and the UN are getting filthy rich playing with our trust funds. Very little comes to us.  Most goes to their friends, corporations and governments.

Indian Affairs website states that “any licences, permits and other instruments to individuals and organizations” that exploits our resources belongs to us. Otherwise, there would be no need for a cabal known as Indian Affairs. They distribute 10% or more of the interest to the Vatican, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, international banks, the Queen and the bloodline families.

Indian Affairs suspense accounts are from businesses run on our behalf by the Corporation of Canada. Public Accounts of Canada monies cannot be disbursed or given to us.

The Environmental Studies Research Fund Accounts belong to us. Special Accounts are individual and band accounts which we never see.

Indian Estate Accounts are from deceased Indigenous, or those deemed incompetent and “missing”.  They collect and hold money on dead Indians.  On every child monies due is collected and kept.

Not included are the vast royalties from deals between the provinces and multinational corporations for our natural resources. The following table shows what Indian Affairs admits to taking and distributing to each province. They answer only to the bankers.

Our payouts to provinces of oil, gas, royalties, rents & bonuses.

Payouts to provinces of oil, gas, royalties, rents & bonuses.

It’s all ending.  These new omnibus bills like C45 shows that the Corporation of Canada is trying to steal whatever it can and then flee with the loot.  We will not be extinguished through their new fascist bills.

We will put in place a fair distribution system for our people to take control of our land and resources.

Sir William Johnson, King George’s representative in North America, told him that the Iroquois were not his subjects. “Any man who dared tell us we are subjects of a foreign power, no sooner were those words spoken would his throat be split. You better have a good army at your back if you make that claim.  We are slaves to no one.”

band/tribal councils fall between canoe & master's boat.

band/tribal councils falling between canoe & master’s boat.

All resources are ours. Our funds are illegally held in trust for us by some very untrustworthy people. Remember that the colonial band and tribal councils are all incorporated and the councilors are chief executive officers. They try to steer the canoe for the boat master, violating the Guswentha.

As Mick Jagger sang:  “Just as every cop is a criminal, and all the sinners saints.  As heads is tails, just call me Lucifer.  I’m in need of some restraint.”  Misdirection, confusion, greed, will all be cast down.

Rolling Stones: Sympathy for the Devil

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See Elyse Bruce



MNN.  Jan. 15, 2013.  Shawn Atleo, of the Assembly of First Nations, is on sick leave after the disastrous January 11 meeting between him, the corporate chiefs and Prime Minister Harper.  While you are resting, we hope you will become of a good mind with the people.  They wanted the corporate chiefs to listen to them.  The CEO puppet master did not want to talk about the treaties, or scrap his genocide laws meant to terminate us.

Get well soon.

Turning very white.  Advanced stage of owistah.

Betraying the women, who bring together the minds of the people, causes the owistah disease. It’s our AIDS that brought us to the victimized state we’re in.  The corporate chiefs job is to infect us with the virus of debt to the bankers.   It causes hierarchal pyramidal mental constriction. They deliver the owistah diluted blankets from the economic hit man to us.   He reminds the corporate chiefs that you have to think only of yourself and your family.  The main symptom of this sickness is, “Me, me, me.  I, I, I”.  The cure is “We”.  
CEO Stephen Harper of the Corporation of Canada wanted his corporate chiefs to swing the corporate sword at us to divide us. The corporation can exist only when our minds are separated. We were to be delivered to Harper and his handlers [the bankers].  Soon other corporate chiefs will start showing symptoms of owistah, like Atleo. 

Western democracies are based upon control through corruption and bribery. Payouts to secret bank accounts are the cause of the Owistah disease.  The only cure is the Kaianerekowa.  

The corporate chiefs could not remind Harper of the “Indian Trust Money” as they are part of the swindle.  Only Indian money from our resources pays to operate the cartel known as the corporation of Canada. 

In the 1800s millions of Mohawk money was taken from our trust funds to build Osgoode Hall, the seat of “legality” in Ontario.  McGill University was also built with stolen Mohawk money.  Both never repaid us.    

The rich don’t work.  They rule and take their cut from every transaction that goes through the bank, as the current Quebec corruption scandal proves.  

British opium wars in China.

British victimize China in opium wars.

The British architects of this debt scam made vast fortunes from the opium wars in the 1800s. Then they came to Great Turtle Island with their drug money and set up the American banking cartels [Rockefeller, Morgans, etc.]  Today these drug dealers are running the criminal agenda to create the male hierarchical system under a totalitarian global government. 

The international cartel gets a 10% cut of every deal made in Canada forever.  

Atleo, for a full recovery, go back to one mind generated by your women.  You and your corporate counterparts must resign your positions and your adherence to the genocidal Indian Act.   The traditional people will stand up our councils to bring peace to everyone. The illegal corporation of Canada will obey the law of the land.    

All Indigenous on the earth are shedding our corporate overlords and getting a booster shot from the Idle No more movements.  

Atleo should listen to Mick Jagger singing:  “Oh, help me, please doctor, I’m damaged.  There’s a pain where there once was a heart.  It’s sleepin’, it’s a’beatin’, can’t you please tear it out, and preserve it right there in that jar?”Stones: Dear Doctor

Hearts of Corporate Chiefs.

Hearts of Corporate  Chiefs.

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MNN.  Jan. 14, 2013.  Canadian Prime Minister Harper has adopted the US “Termination Act” of 1953.  [Public Law 280]  C-45 copies the US version of Hitler’s “Enabling Act” 1933.  Indigenous were deemed a burden. Congress ended federal recognition, sovereignty and all obligations to 109 Indigenous nations.  Previous treaties and agreements were revoked.  2.5 million acres of land was no longer protected. The Federal government took over tribal land rich in resources, turning much of it into national parks and refuge systems.Another legal precedent

AIM against 'termination'

AIM resists ‘termination’

Co-operative “White” chiefs [tribal councils] helped the termination process to ”encourage assimilation into a modern individualist society rather than a savage tribal mentality”.  

Indigenous lands were converted to private ownership without their consent.  They could be sold by individuals to non-natives.  Indigenous jurisdiction was ended.   

They had to pay taxes and were governed by state laws.  States did not provide services for lack of funds. Health, education, economic development, policing, housing and fire fighting obligations were ended as they were no longer Indians.  

Money was withheld until they agreed to termination.  Afterwards the land and money was transferred to a corporation. Natives became shareholders, receiving 100 shares of stock. Much went to lawyers.  

Children could receive shares only through inheritance, which could be inherited by non-natives.  Shares could be sold.  Non-natives controlled the corporations. Corporations owned the surface and regional corporations owned the resources.    

Taxes put native enterprises out of business, falling below the poverty line. 40% were unemployed. If they were given something from the forced sale, they were not eligible for welfare. More land was sold to buy food.  Valuable resources made them not eligible for benefits.    

Termination was devastating, forcing them onto welfare; 75% school drop out, states closed down schools in communities. Termination caused alcoholism, suicide, low education, family break ups, poor housing, high drop out, high imprisonment, and decreased life expectancy.  

Indigenous were excluded from the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ higher Indian education funds as they were no longer “Indians’.   Hospitals and clinics were closed as they did not meet state standards.  Infant mortality rose by 300%.  No dental or eye care were available.  

US army APCs at Wounded Knee.

US Army APCs at Wounded Knee.

Youth resistance groups like American Indian Movement AIM rose up to protest termination.  [AIM song A.I.M. song

Presidents Nixon and Johnson declared that forced termination was clearly devastating. On July 8, 1970 an anti-termination bill was signed.   

Mel Thom, Paiute said:  “The opposition to Indians is a monstrosity which cannot be beaten by any single action, unless we as Indian people could literally rise up, in unison, and take what is ours by force.  We are fighting for the lives of future Indian generations.  

Against termination.

Resistance to Indian termination.


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MNN.  Jan. 10, 2013. Time to drop the Black Wampum.  The Indigenous People charge the Band Councils, Assembly of First Nations, provincial and territorial native organizations and all ‘Indian’ entities of the Corporation of Canada with “conspiracy” and “fraud”.

Wampum 44 of the Kaianerekowa, provides that the Women are the “progenitors of the soil”. Our duty is to preserve the land’s integrity on behalf of all our relatives.    

Traditionals carry out penalty for treason

Traditionals carry out penalty for treason

Wampum 58 provides that as you knowingly betrayed and violated the will of the People, you have conspired to commit treason. You worked with a foreign entity to try to dissolve and destroy our title and birthright. As corporate agents of Canada you have no authority to enter into any agreements or contracts for any of our lands or possessions with them or any corporate entities.  You represent only yourselves and those who voted for you. You are helping them to fraudulently use our land and resources as collateral to raise money on the international stock market to come in and rape our land.  

“Any chief or other persons who submit to laws of a foreign people are alienated and forfeit all claims in the Iroquois nations, and to those of our Indigenous allies who abide by the law of the land, the Kaianerekowa”.  These traitors are not in but out of the canoe.  

Your connections with these foreign entities should be thoroughly investigated, starting with the shareholder list of the Corporation of Canada.  

If the Corporation of Canada wishes to enter into any formal agreement with the true Indigenous People, they must go through proper protocol with their Queen.  Order-in-Council UK [1704] affirms that a new impartial court can be set up to hear the land disputes on Onowaregeh.  We would be in agreement with countries such as Venezuela, Iran, Panama, Netherlands and Estonia setting up this impartial third party court.  

When Canada has no traitors, the corporation cannot trade the resources they have been stealing from us.  

Corporate traitors on the hunt.

Corporate traitors on the hunt.

Senator Patrick “House Injun” Brazeau said that the chiefs have to be prepared with a “business plan solution”.  Our solution is to get rid of assimilated Indians like you. 

The settlers to legally enter our land made agreements according to The Great Peace of Montreal 1701 based on the Guswentha. The Royal Proclamation 1763 affirmed this arrangement.  Parliament represents the party that agreed to live here, but reneged on it. At this point we have no choice but to control our own destiny.  

Traitors are worse than the enemy, the lowest of the low.  Every culture loathes them.  They help foreign governments overthrow, make war against and seriously injure their own people. They undermine us from within.  

Traitors have been punished by public execution, hanging, shooting at dawn and beheading. Russians shot their traitors in the head and made the family pay for the bullet.  In our way, the women make the decision to drop the black wampum in front of the traitor. Traitors would be banished and shunned forever, their name never to be heard ever again. Their family has no rights and no voice.  The seed dies.  

Among many, one of the foremost traitors among us is Oren Lyons from Onondaga.  He requested Canada to send the army on us in the 1990 Mohawk Oka Crisis.  We were peacefully protesting the expansion of a golf course on our burial and ceremonial site. 

As the Field Warriors say:  “You want a statue, or get an Order of Canada, be a traitor.” 

Indian Traitors soon to be extinct like dodo bird

Indian Traitors soon to be extinct like dodo bird

Dedicated to the soon-to-be-extinct corporate Indian traitors,  Mick Jagger sang:  “I’m on the run, I hear the hounds.  My luck is up, my chips are own.  So good-bye baby, so-long now.  Wish me luck, I’m going to need it, child.  The hand of fate is on me now.  The hand of fate is heavy now”.  Stones: Hand of fate

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MNN. Jan. 9, 2013.  We are confronting the Corporation of Canada.  Start by shutting down your foreign [band council] embassies in our communities immediately.  Traitorous chiefs, your foot in the canoe will be removed.  Red apples will no longer be tolerated.

Moving band office/Canadian embassy

Canadian embassy removal


Idle No More is the worldwide freeing of indigenous people. Listen to the thunder of the masses.  We are destroying the dungeons of oppression, heading for the higher hills of freedom.  This Tsunami is the beginning of the greatest liberation in history.  

Corporate murder, aggression and colonialism are over.  All wars will stop.  The earth will be fairly distributed. Our Mother is reminding us of our birthright, to shake off the colonial bondage, to strike the death blow to fascism.    

Our greatest weapon is truth and courage.  Anyone who continues to turn a blind to genocide is guilty of complicity, according to the UN Charter.  Corporations and artificial people will become nothing but faded memories.    


Who's in or out of the canoe?

Who’s in or out of the canoe?

The 600,000 Metis, the newly created Indians under the Indian Act, here’s the test.  You are true Indigenous if you stand with us, not with the corporation of Canada that gave you your corporate Indian status, to help them continue the illusion of legality.     

You want to be an Indian!  OK.  No more putting one foot in the canoe and one in the boat, violating the Guswentha.  You better not participate in the colonial defunct system. Come into our canoe.  We will welcome you with open arms. Come and be of one mind with us under the constitution of the Great Peace.  

The condor has met the eagle.  No more corporate identities or entities.  These birds fly very high.  We are united in the same sky along the same path.  Bankers beware. eagle&condor

Robin Trower sang:  “I watch for the love, living in the day of the eagle.  Eagle, not the dove”.  

Robin Trower: Day of the eagle

Global day of action

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MNN.  Jan. 8, 2013. We subsidize every last thing in Canada.  The meeting on January 11th in Ottawa between Prime Minister Harper and his traitorous pet Indians is not valid.  Your puppet strings will be pulled tight.  Your arms will be permanently up in the air, palms up, and your knees will be under your chin. You will be plied with money, liquor and female or male companionship, filmed for future blackmail purposes. You “turn the other cheek” Indians do not speak for us.

At the Westin, Ottawa

At the Westin, Ottawa

Harper has something on most of them.  They’ve all been bribed and sold their souls to the devil.   Everyone in the Canadian system too.  Harper is screaming,  “Shut up and play the corporate game”. 

Harper's corporate outfit

Harper’s corporate outfit


Canada is one of the world’s largest countries with a small population. Half the exports are raw materials, minerals, fuel, metals, ores, wood, pulp and paper, agriculture, fish, shellfish and hydro, while they rape Mother Earth. 

The federal government usurped control over us; the natural resources were turned over to the provinces; they provide transfer payments to the feds. The province deals with the predatory multinational corporations, who don’t have to speak with us. We do not get any money from our resources. We can’t fight the multinational corporations.  We’re forced to accept our own money like crumbs.   

Canada takes $9 billion in taxes and royalties from companies mining our resources, a tiny fraction of the whole amount; $3.8 billion from exports of hydro; 60% from harnessing our water; $1.2 trillion from tar sand extraction for 35 years;  $38.2 billion from forestry.  [2006 figures].  

Spending on Indigenous land and resource owners is $5.36 billion:  $7,200 per Indigenous compared to $14,900 per non-native person. 

All Canada’s wealth is based on the value of our resources. This theft has caused us incalculable suffering.  Torture in jails, suicides, forced confessions, capturing and fining our youth so they have a lifetime criminal record, brutal persecution of our traditional people and genociding our children.    

We have a right to exist and resist.  Large scale land and resource theft needs to exterminate us. We will stop the brutal program to erase us and our connection to our land.  This is just the beginning.  We will take care of our Mother, protect our land,  rivers, lakes, forests and oceans because that is what she instructs us to do. 

Our traitors will be given false promises and “death dealing” trickery. We have been watching you stuff yourselves while keeping our plates empty. That’s going to change.  We will take our possessions and distribute them fairly.  Not another tree is going to be cut down.  

Canada thinks they are immune to protests and economic reprisals.  Canada, get used to the idea that we are your landlords. What happens when you don’t pay your rent? The sheriff will come and lock the door.  You won’t even have time to get your things. Any money we receive comes from the Corporation of Canada, our tenants.  Now they are demanding to know where their landlord spends the rent money.  

Countries all over the world disapprove of Canada’s brutality.    Warrior unity flags fly everywhere to support our resistance to the New World Order.  

The time has come to use non-violence through a massive international boycott involving Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany and Japan to stop white domination.    

Harper, the truth will bring you down.  We are going to reclaim our natural possessions. The Corporation of Canada has nothing to negotiate, except to leave Great Turtle Island.  And to give us its shareholder list of those who have been murdering us. Especially the 100,000 children murdered by the clergy in the residential school holocaust.  Degenerate clergy, the gauntlet awaits you.

Protecting the People

Protecting the Children


The band council offices are embassies of the Ottawa cartel.  These modern day barbarians are going to be impoverished.  The good times are over.  Their opulence and power is approaching the sunset.    

Keeping Canada white through white domination smacks of Naziism.  We will stop Bill C-45, the murder machine, from annihilating us.  The Canadian Reich is unsustainable, toxic, evil and bankrupt. 

As Leonard Cohen said:  “Everybody knows that the dice are loaded.  Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed.  Everybody knows that the war is over.” Leonard Cohen: Everybody knows

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MNN: Canada, This is the End


MNN.  Jan. 5, 2013.  You know everything is ours.  It’s the end of the road.  Corporate Canada, you and your photo op Indians will no longer show off how well you’ve done from the genocide of our people.  It’s over.

Foreign corporations own nothing.  You cannot claim one acre of land under our law.  We Indigenous hold the debt on US and Canada like no other country in the world.  We are calling it in.  We are sending you and your accomplices an invoice for all the stolen wealth you owe us, 200 years of theft plus the interest, according to your own bankers’ system.  You cannot pay it.  You’ll have to claim for bankruptcy and become insolvent. Then you have to leave Great Turtle Island with nothing, the way you came.pockets 

We will care for our Great Mother as she was meant to be.  The Council of Men will stand up.  The Women will take over the communities. There will be no war. Every mother shall call their sons and daughters home to live in peace. The masters of war will not do business anymore anywhere on Great Turtle Island.  

Follow the roots

Follow the roots

The subjects of the defunked corporations of Canada and US can take shelter under the shade of the tree of peace, the true law of the land.  They will come to the same mind as us.   

We are travelling toward the head of the serpent that created dismarmony and almost devoured everything.  The corporations are at the tail end.  Strange bugs and beetles from the ground will attack the serpent.  It will leave never to be seen again.  Mother Earth is calling us to come together to restore balance and harmony, to renew our friendships.  Our mass consciousness is expressing truth and love.  Plants, animals, fish and all of creation are waiting for us to hear again.

Serpent of disharmony

Serpent of disharmony


Violators of the Two Row and Great Law know what they have done as Creation gave everybody the ability to reason.  They chose their path.  

Listen to our farewell song to you Canada.  It is “The End” as sung by The Doors in the movie Apocalypse Now at the death scene of Captain Kurtz: “This is the end, beautiful friend. The end.  Of our elaborate plans.  The end.  Of everything that stands, the end.  No safety or surprise, the end.”  “It hurts to set  you free.  But you’ll never follow me.  The end of laughter and soft lies.  The end of nights we tried to die.  This is the end. Doors: The End


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MNN.  Jan. 4, 2013. Harper, take some food to Chief Theresa Spence now, she’s hungry!  Canada’s Prime Minister did not call in the Haudenosaunee or the traditional people.  He doesn’t want to hear the truth. 

Harper wants poverty in the midst of plenty.  So on January 11th he is calling in his band council puppets to tighten their strings inside a cozy warm meeting room.  Not outside next to Chief Spence’s wigwam. Harper’s worried because his subsidiary corporation, AFN, is screwing up his timeline for his genocide business plan.   

Harper's puppets

Harper’s puppets

Harper wants to change “Idle No More” to “Indian No More”.   It’s a PR nightmare for him, the Corporation of Canada and their bankster shareholders. He and his puppets have all taken an oath to the Queen of England.  They need ever more money to control us and stop our disobedience. 

bankster boss in City of London

bankster boss in City of London

His Indians won’t demand the re-negotiation of the Guswentha, or for us to govern our continent, or to relinquish their power.  They left the canoe and jumped onto the colonial ship.  All the buckskin and feathers won’t bring them back. Having one foot in each vessel is forbidden.  Their job was always to divide, conquer and continue the illusions.  They broke our laws of survival.  

We want nothing less than national liberation, freedom and independence! The bankers’ empire will be eliminated.  We call for their orderly withdrawal from Great Turtle Island. The Two Row Wampum/Guswentha of June 25, 1701 gave the settlers the right to live here in peace.  This was breached.  Now they are squatters and have to legalize their presence here. 

Every dictatorship has to end.  No more plundering and murdering of innocent people, with the help of their artificial Indians. 

PM Harper & Chief Atleo of AFN

PM Harper & Chief Atleo of AFN

Canada knows their Indigenous landlords are ungovernable. They are threatened by our forthcoming independence on our own land. They don’t want us to be of one mind.  That will eliminate war. To protect their lie, they need another false flag to give themselves a reason to arrest us, suppress our human rights and freedom of speech and call us “terrorists”.

Our job is to carry the burden of peace. We won’t use bombs, burn buildings, cut electricity, sever transportation and lights, erect razor wire, fly over with choppers and jets, stab children as they did to us at Oka in 1990.  [See “Acts of Defiance” on MNN homepage]. 

We will be recognized as a sovereign state by the community of nations. Canada will hand over responsibility for foreign relations, security and immigration immediately to us, as was agreed in the Guswentha.   

Resistance is only beginning.  Our beloved land will be free and independent forever, as she was always meant to be.  We will be respected by every nation in the world for the great people we’ve always been.  We will take our proper place at the table of nations. No longer will the occupiers usurp our right to rule.   We will end the theft of our vast lands, our freedom and stop the unimaginable suffering of our peoples.  Only true indigenous thinking will bring us peace. 

As Robbie Robertson sang:  “In circles we gather.  Moonlight fires are healing, taking us back, just make us go back.  Beating hearts as one, you’re in Indian country.  This is Indian country”. Robbie Roberson:Stomp Dance

Women stomping out foreigners

Women stomping out foreigners

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MNN.  JAN. 1, 2013.  Corporate band and tribal councils are falling.  A new day is coming.  Out with individualism.  In with collectivism.  The fraudulent corporations of Canada and the United States of America are duly put on notice that you will be soon dissolved. Your shareholders will be liable for all their crimes.  The strategy of corruption, deceit and death through their band and tribal council apparatus is over.  They are all going down.  There will no longer be a means to apply the genocide program on us and everyone else in the world through this fraudulent corporate business plan.sun never    

The band councils job is to help Canada and US kill us, destroy us, buy us and make us give in. Through them we have been attacked militarily, politically, socially and ideologically. Illegal orders violating their own corporate constitutions, to totally exterminate us physically and psychologically, have never been rescinded. The Appropriations Act of l871 and the Indian Act of 1876 are illegal corporate by-laws.  Because traditional truths were passed to us by our elders, we are still here.  [Sun never sets on Indigenous people].sunlilght    

If Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat dies of hunger, it’s the symbolic death of these councils.  Harper and Obama rely on them to control us, our land and resources. When they fall, so do their parent Corporations, Canada and the US.    

We shall reclaim Great Turtle Island.  No more divide and conquer. Honest people here and the world know we are the land and resource owners.  Stealing from us to enrichment themselves is going to stop. Government prison guards patrolling the community cell blocks are sell-out Indian and paramilitary police. Any advance by them is an act of war.     

We will protect our communities, improve our living conditions and bring peace to everyone.  We are not the enemies or rivals. We did not commit the frauds and attacks that caused centuries of suffering to us and our Mother Earth.  Our visitors are welcome to live under the protection of the Guswentha and the Great Law, where our protection comes from.  They must come to one mind with us on the original agreements allowing them to live on Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island. 

The great natural power designed our ways to give us our instructions, energy and courage.  We will set things right without military weapons, death or destruction.   

Our Mother wants us to remove you corporate bloodsuckers.   You can leave with what you came with.  Nothing!

As Wilie Nelson and others sang, “Turn out the lights, the party’s over.  They say that all good things must end.  Let’s call it a night. The party’s over”. partys over



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MNN.  Dec. 30, 2012.
Our Mother Earth is instructing us to protect her from corporate Canada’s murder and rape. 
The “Idle No More” movement to stop Omnibus Bill C-45 is gaining worldwide momentum.  They too are listening to our Mother.

earthCanada’s chief financial officer, Jim Flaherty and CEO Prime Minister ‘Pudge” Harper have illegally signed the equivalent of the “Enabling Act” of 1933 that brought Hitler to power. [Below].

enazblingC-45 removes indigenous people and takes our land and resources to establish a dictatorship of the bankers.  Parliament provides the illusion of freedom to the masses.  Their band councils in our communities are being staffed or trained by “Nazi” agents. Distress and crisis are being created to declare martial law.  Arrests, torture and death are here.  Our concentration camps called reserves are under strict surveillance and control [Indian agents]. 

Non-Natives can steal our land through a legislated voting fraud set up by this illegal bill.  Funds for education, health and other essential services will be dissolved.  Everything is being transferred to provinces that have no responsibility for us.  Our education funds will go to non-native schools to assimilate and brainwash our children.  

Our constant marches and flash mobs are alarming Harper’s banker bosses in the City of London.   

We are all victims. When the masses turn their backs on the genocide, they are complicit in it.  Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat has been driven to this point of desperation where she may soon die of hunger. She could ask the Indian Act band councils to step down and forego their obedience to their colonial masters, or be banished from our communities to live with their corporate puppeteers. 

These well paid traitors and liars are helping our enemies try to tear us apart. Close them down!  Let our people go! Our law provides that their voices and that of their children are never to be heard from again.  As Chief Seattle said in 1896, “Man did not weave the web of life, is but a mere strand.  Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself”.  

The real revolution is spirit evolution.  To start it we must respect each other, other nations and all creation to bring peace and harmony to us and the world.   

Canada controls our stolen funds.  We won’t take up arms.  Flash mobs can appear on highways, railways, rivers, canals, at the headquarters of the multinational corporations that steal our natural gas, oil, minerals, logging and creates infrastructures to rape our Mother.  

As Karonhiaktajeh said, “People with fighting spirit shall not become casualties of psychological warfare”.  

When the Men declare martial law in our communities, our traditional fire will be rekindled.  The Great Law of Peace is our natural way.  Not artificial like banks and corporations.  We will be equal in voice and authority, to defend every member nation. Our Mother’s resources shall be shared fairly.  The foreign corporation of Canada will be dissolved and everything will be returned to us. 

The deplorable inhuman conditions in our communities will be removed.  May the superior, dedicated and good minds come forward.  If they don’t standup, who will?  Our supporters will not be inconvenienced.  We need you.   

We will stand the tree back up for all to see, that true peace still exists here. There will be one more war on Great Turtle Island, the people against the bankers.  No children will be bombed.  The attack of the predator bankers will be repelled.  

homelandOur Mother is pushing us to rise up.  We defend and thank her.  Harper, our death knell can never be sounded.  

Jimi Hendrix predicted Earth changing times in the song, “Up from the Skies”:  “So where do I purchase my ticket.  I’d just like to have a ringside seat.  I wanna know about the new Mother Earth.  I want to hear and see everything.  I want to hear and see everything.  I want to hear and see everything.  Yeah!”   

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