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MNN. DEC. 10, 2016. Archie Archambault, the corpo chief, should be questioned. Is it all threats? People’s lives are being risked. The blizzard didn’t chase everybody away. The council fears more liability to their coffers. When the Oceti Sakowin camp is cleared, then the DAPL can come in and put down the pipe to save their investors’ money. Nobody trusts the US government or the corporation.

Archie: "Better watch out! Better not pout!"

Archie: “Better watch out! Better not pout!”

Archie told Jughead, “I been to the ocean and never saw so much water. And I only looked at the top of it!” As a grad of the BIA School of Dirty Tricks with a major in ‘Pass the Buck”, pulling out the port-a-potties is a low blow. So is spraying the water protectors with chem trails.

The Army Corps of Engineers has rumored they will raise the water level at Lake Oahe, where the Missouri River flows into the lake. This would prevent Energy Transfer Partners from drilling underneath the lake.

Preparing for the flood.

Preparing for the flood.

At the same time U.S. District Judge denies #DAPL a quick ruling on whether to overturn the Army’s denial of a permit. The investors contract ends on January 2, 2017 when they can exercise their out clause.

Chairman Archie, Governor Jack Jughead Dalrymple and the Army Corps met to plan raising the water levels by unplugging the dam upstream. This could result in the flooding the largest camp.

"Hey, Archie, Today's national Atheist day.' 'I don't believe it.'

“Hey, Archie, Today’s national Atheist day.’ ‘I don’t believe it.’

Archie’s job is to get them to move and go home. They won’t. Then the blizzard happened. Some protectors moved into Archie’s casino. Then they moved the port-a-potties. These were quickly replaced by compost toilets inside tents with a small cozy fire. Now the threat of the flood. AssimilateArchieArchambault always wants to look good.

That's more like it!

That’s more like it!

The grass is taking root across the land. Only we, the people, can deal with these non-human corporate entities, who have more rights than human beings. Archie represents only his crew, Veronica, Betty, Jughead and Reggie.

The government wants everybody in the world to think Everything’s Archie [Archambault in Standing Rock]. The people see Archie like a red-headed stepson: ”Archie’s here, Betty’s here, Veronica and Reggie are here. Hey, Jughead, where are you? We wanna dance. We wanna sing.”


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Tribal Chairman Archambault of Standing Rock.