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MNN. DEC. 6, 2016. Don.t  allow anyone to extinguish our fire. We must continue to kindle it, not let it turn into a smouldering cinder again. In the early 1970’s Wounded Knee’s fire was extinguished when the corporate chiefs told AIM, American Indian Movement, to leave. The world was focusing on the human rights, murders and treaty violations. A man was killed. We all know that could happen.

We have our their duty no matter what the corpo serpents says.

We have our duty no matter what the corpo serpents say.

Now Green Peace, celebrities, human rights, environmentalists, allies and millions of our people have come together creating pressure across the world about inhumanity, injustice and criminality. We are standing together to fight against the corporation.

The Army Corps of Engineers won’t give the Dakota Access Pipeline a permit to dig up our bodies and our mother!! DAPL says, “This changes nothing”. If there’s nobody there, they’ll go ahead.15284016_1431111013580575_337099425702183690_n

Corpo Tribal guy, Archambault, says, “Winter’s coming. Go home and spend Christmas with your family”. Winter always comes. The corporation knows that once they leave they can’t return. Many have their families right there.

It’s taken almost 45 years to get this momentum going again. Are we going to wait another 50 years to do this again? In 60 years there will be no viable land to plant on to feed the people.

The chief tries to talk down to the people.

Chiefs try  to talk down to the people.

Archambault say there was a victory. We are celebrating prematurely. Our morale was temporarily lifted. For the first time the veterans of all colors are standing with us and creation. We have to save the water. It’s causing stomach cancer among people, animals and plants. .

Archampault refers to Obama as his president and the North Dakota politician as his governor. He’s admitting he’s an agent for the government. He does not represent the Lakota.It is perfect for the corporation when the sheep control themselves. The ultimate form of slavery is when slaves believe they are free. Archambault is the sheep dog for the corporation.

Obama’s last executive order should be: no new pipelines in the US.  Laws of the land are being  broken. They are making the laws that say we have no free use of our land, water and air. FEMA concentration camps are ready for the water defenders. Donald Trump is getting ready to ride in as General George Armstrong Custer did. Their political games are always about money and control. Religion is mind control, money is debt, Your government is a corporation and the shareholders all have names and addresses.

The fire has been kindled and the paths have been laid from all directions.

As Jimmie Rodgers sings: “When a woman gets the blues, she hangs her little head and cries. she hangs her little head and cries. When a man gets the blues, he hops a train and he rides. Everytime I see that lonesome  railroad train, everytime I hear that lonesome railroad train, it makes me wish I was going home again”.


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LET’S TELL THEM WHERE WE STAND: Politicians, Corporatists, Band & Tribal Councils and sell-outs that are cooperating with pipeline companies;

ENERGY TRANSFER STRATEGIST: Michael (Cliff) Waters, Lead Analyst 77002 (713), 989-2404 Michael.Waters@energytransfer.com

NORTH DAKOTA: Office of the Governor Jack Darymple: 701-328-2200; Morton County Sheriff’s Department: 701-328-8118 & 701-667-3330; Allen Koppy Morton County Attorney 701.667.3350; N.D. National Guard: 701-333-2000; Army Corps of Engineers (202) 761-5903

U.S. Embassy Worldwide & Ottawa, 490 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 1G8: (General): 613-688-5335, (Emergency): 613-238-5335, (Media): 613-688-5315 Fax: 613-688-3082, US Embassy of the United States, London UK, Switchboard: [44] (0)20 7499-9000, White House Washington 202-456-1111 or (202) 456-1414

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Call Bernie Sanders202-224-5142; Call Hillary Clinton 646-854-1432—

Tribal Chairman Archambault of Standing Rock.

Trump sells his shares in DapL 

DAPL will meet Jan. 1 deadline.

Trudeau’s trough line.