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MNN. Oct. 21, 2015. “We are all in this together. All living things. When we all act as one, we’ll see what unity brings. Eliminate evil, war and grief. The good minded spirit would now be free. There’d be no more ‘I’. There’d be only ‘we’. And with creation we all would be. [The Tree, Thahoketoteh]. water cycle

Population control is UN Agenda 30. Poisoning our water is to modify our minds, to create fear among community members, to kill or maim all life. The bankers plan to make humans, animals and plants become disease carriers or dead. Then people will demand  water treatment systems, taking control of our water from the sewer to the tap will be created by the corporations. The corporations will make big profits from this deliberately designed fear. We must not comply.democracy hypocrisy

Objections launched:

Women file ‘Notice of Objection’ Oct. 7, 2015;

“Notice of Impending Obstruction”, Oct. 14, 2015 [MNN]; Notice made public at CN Adirondack Junction, Kahnawake;

Media spokespersons conduct interviews [Montreal Gazette, CBC) prior to the planned action, Thurs. Oct. 15, 2015. Contact the Family Contact/Chateau Clique whose banks are pulling the strings:

Montreal Mayor Coderre, Quebec Environment Minister and Environment Canada were given a deadline to permanently stop the dump that passed. Mayor Denis Coderre, 514-872-0311 maire@ville.montreal.qc.ca; David Heurtel, Quebec Environment Minister, 418-521-3830 info@mddelcc.gouv.qc.ca; Environment Canada, 1-800-668-6767; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau justine.trudeau@parl.gc.ca, 515-277-6020, 613-995-8872. SUZANNE FORTIER, McGill 514-849-4179 suzanne.fortier@mcgill.ca; Geoff Molson info@canadianclub-montreal.ca 514-398-0333

The Federal Government intervened in the Mayor’s dumping plans pending an independent federal study on negative environmental impacts. Obstruction delayed.

THURSDAY MORNING 10:00 AM, AN ACTION WILL OCCUR. CONTACT Facebook: “Protectors of the St. Lawrence. Time for change” https://www.facebook.com/The-Protectors-of-the-St-Lawrence-River-Time-For-Change-451363881709850/ and savetheriver@riseup.com.

Thahoketoteh reminds us about ‘The Tree’:

Globalist depopulation agenda.

Water wars coming: