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OBJECT: Public Consultation on the Former Royal Victoria Hospital. This brief was served on McGill Royal Victoria Secretariat on October 15, 2021.

FROM: The rotisken’raketeh of kahnawake, ohsweken/six nations of the grand river, akwesasne, and kanehsatake, on behalf of the kanien’kehá:ka kahnistensera (the mohawk mothers).

ATTENTION: Laurent Maurice Lafontant, Adjoint administratif, Office de Consultation Publique de Montréal 1550 Metcalfe Street, office 1414. Montreal, H3A 1X6 ocpm.qc.ca/Royal-Victoria; 514 872 8510; 1 833 215 9314

ABSTRACT: The kanien’kehá:ka kahnistensera (mohawk women), “the umbilical cord connection between mother and child” and between “human race and mother earth” the caretakers of thequenondah (two mountains/mount royal), demand the immediate suspension of all reconstruction plans for the Royal Victoria Hospital and Allan Memorial Institute sites on the campus of McGill University, for the following reasons:

1]The site is unceded kanien’kehá:ka territory; 2) The site contains archeological remains from the original precolonial Iroquoian village; 3) The grounds of the Allan Memorial Institute must be investigated for potential unmarked graves and proof of atrocities committed during the MK-Ultra program, between 1954 and 1963.


This brief will be presented on November 10, 2021, via Zoom for 10 minutes, to the Office de Consultation Publique de Montréal. It will be presented by members of the rotisken’raketeh (men’s council fire) of kahnawake, ohsweken/six nations of the grand river, akwesasne, and kanehsatake. The video of this meeting will be posted on MNN.

Following traditional protocol, the rotisken’raketeh will carry the words of the kanien’kehá:ka kahnistensera (mohawk mothers), who are the caretakers of onowarekeh (turtle island), in custody for the tahatikonhsontóntie, “the future generations still in the ground of mother earth”. This brief is an objection to the plans of the corporation of McGill University and its affiliated institutions to violate the circle of life on our ancestral land at thequenondah (mount royal). As members of the rotino’shonni iroquois confederacy, we have the following vested interest in the Royal Victoria Hospital reconstruction project under the following:

According to the kaia’nere:kowa (great peace), which is the precolonial constitution of the rotino’shonni iroquois confederacy, the kahnistensera (mothers) are the progenitors of all life on onowarekeh (turtle island) since the beginning of life on earth. Their duty is to carry out the will of creation, embodied in the original circle of 49 families (tekentiohkwenhoksta). Our alliance protocol, the teiohateh (two row wampum, Appendix 1), provides that we survive and coexist with all life as siblings with our mother, the earth. All of turtle island is the unceded birthright of the onkwehonweh (original people) to caretake future generations1.

1Information on the tehiohate and kaianerekowa can be found at these two links:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z0qKkAht5s&t=277s and  https://mohawknationnews.com/thegreatlaw.htm

On September 12, 2015, a Notice of Seizure of McGill University was sent by kahentinetha, a kanien’kehá:ka woman of the waksarawakeh clan, to McGill’s Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Suzanne Fortier (Appendix 2). Addressed were multiple violations of the kaia’nere:kowa (great peace) by McGill University, whose campus is on unceded kanien’kehá:ka territory, and was built using funds borrowed from the rotino’shonni:onwe, and which were never repaid. The kaia’nere:kowa supersedes the Constitution and Charter of Rights of the corporation of Canada both historically and legally. McGill acknowledges on its own blog that its campus is located on unceded indigenous land. Despite McGill’s creation of a Task Force on Indigenous Studies and Indigenous Education in 2016 (of appointees or employees by McGill), no official response was provided to this Notice of Seizure. A second letter (Appendix 3) was thus sent in May 2021, informing McGill’s Board of Governors that their failure to respond to the 2015 Notice of Seizure meant that they admitted by default that McGill illegally sits on kanien’kehá:ka land. Unless McGill University abides by the kaia’nere:kowa (great peace) and the teiohateh (two row wampum), it is considered as trespassing kanien’kehá:ka land. No agreement is valid without the consensus of the original sovereigns of turtle island. The kahionni 44 (hiawatha belt) of the kaia’nere:kowa provides the duties of the women as caretakers: kononkwe ne konwatsirineh ne kanakerasera. ne enkotiyatakwehnyyokeh ne onwentsa. ronnonkwe tahnon ne konnonkwe ne enhatihsereh tsiniyakotaroten ne ronwatihnistenha. “Women shall be considered the progenitors of the people. They are the prime caretakers of the land and the soil. Men and women shall follow the status of their mothers”.

The private “indigenous consultation” firm Acosys hired by McGill University has not received permission from the kanien’kehá:ka kahnistensera to repurpose our land known as “the Royal Victoria Hospital site”. This permission is the first step towards any planning. The kahnistensera are still waiting to be provided with the information on who was improperly consulted on their behalf. Acosys must use the proper kaia’nere:kowa protocol. As caretakers of thequenondah, including the site of the Royal Victoria Hospital and Allan Memorial Institute, the kahnistensera hereby inform you that our protocol has been violated and that the project cannot proceed.

Our demands are based on the following considerations:

1-The kanien’kehá:ka land on which the Royal Victoria Hospital site is located is said to have first been transferred by the Sulpicians to private owner Pierre Raimbault as “concession 637” in 1708. No information has been provided to us attesting to the Sulpicians having acquired the said land from the rotino’shonni:onwe iroquoian peoples who have lived on this land since time immemorial. Jacques Cartier first encountered our rotino’shonni:onwe ancestors in 1535 (Appendix 4) and indicated that the village of “Hochelaga” was located at thequenondah (mount royal). Given our people’s practice of safeguarding the environment by moving our villages regularly throughout our territories, the village had been temporarily left to natural regeneration when Samuel de Champlain came back to the site, in 1603. When our people returned, they saw a group of strangers had moved onto our site and learned that they called the settlement “Ville Marie”. Unable to use the land to meet regularly with indigenous peoples from all directions of turtle island, our people renamed the location tionni’tio’tià:kon, “the place where the people separated”. This name indicates that the kanien’kehá:ka people could no longer meet on this site, because it had been unlawfully occupied without notice by the kanatiens, “those who squat on our land.” As no proper land deed or certificate of cession of this land has ever been shown to us, the site is considered unceded kanien’kehá:ka land, as often publicly acknowledged both by McGill University and the City of Montreal.

2-Only the kanien’kehá:ka’onwe, the “people forever of the flint”, can make decisions on the use of our land, in accordance with the kaia’nere:kowa (great peace), our ancestral constitution which supersedes all colonial legislation. In the absence of any proof of the land being ceded, the only juridical foundations of the colonial occupation of onowarekeh (turtle island) are racist ideologies: the right of conquest and the right of discovery. These false doctrines underlie the Europeans’ invalid right to commit genocide of our people to the present day. Under the kaia’nere:kowa, we have a right to survive by any means. As unceded kanien’kehá:ka territory, the only valid legal framework on thequenondah is the kaia’nere:kowa, accompanied by the two historical agreements between the rotinoshionni confederacy and the British Crown: the teiohateh (two row) and the silver covenant chain (Appendix 5).

3-McGill campus on thequenondah is widely acknowledged as the original site of many of the precolonial iroquoian villages today referred to as “hochelaga”. As stated in Arkeos’ 2016 archeological survey (Appendix 6), the large number of precolonial indigenous burial sites throughout the thequenondah and Royal Victoria Hospital sites demonstrates that the remains of our indigenous ancestors lie beneath its surface. As their heirs, it is our duty to determine how these crucial archeological sites will be treated in any change to the thequenondah site. It is an extreme offence to disturb our ancestors.

4- In 1847, McGill College cashed a loan of £2000 ($8000) from the Iroquois Trust Fund. This fund, intended to compensate the use of aboriginal lands, was kept in trust by the Federal government under the racist pretext that indigenous peoples were unable to manage their own funds. This sum, which built part of the McGill campus, was never paid back to the rotinoshionni confederacy. With 10% compound interest, the amount owed today is $5,584,800,717.46, based on the value of the gold standard at that time (Appendix 7). This full amount must be immediately remitted to the rotinoshionni to stop the accumulation of interest which is compounded from sunrise to sunset every day.

5- In addition to archeological remains, the kanien’kehá:ka kahnistensera have been aware of allegations that indigenous and/or non-indigenous children may be buried in the vicinity of the Henry Lewis Morgan pool, and in adjacent grounds of the Ravenscrag gardens of the Allan Memorial Institute. The Henry Lewis Morgan pool was built in 1961 during Dr. Ewen Cameron’s unethical psychiatric experimentations on mind control, carried within the Allan Memorial Institute between 1954 and 1963, and funded by the Canadian government and the CIA’s MK-Ultra project.

An audio taped conversation with 80-year-old Winnipeg resident Lana Ponting, who is one of the few remaining victims of these experiments, has confirmed several aspects of these allegations. Lana Ponting has stressed three points: 1) That indigenous peoples were victims of these experiments, as she remembers seeing at least one indigenous individual receiving intense shock treatment in the Allan Memorial Institute during her stay, in April 1958; 2) That underaged children were victims of these experiments, as Lana Ponting witnessed many minor individuals in the building, and as she was herself 16 years old at the time. It is also public knowledge that several MK-Ultra sub-projects included psychiatric experiments on unwitting children (Sub-projects 102, 103, 177, and 122, see Appendix 8); 3) That the rumor that the experiments’ victims were buried in the Ravenscrag gardens surrounding the Allan Memorial Institute was already in circulation amongst its patients as early as 1958. Notably, Lana Ponting recalls that suspicious activities were conducted outside the building at night. Lana Ponting has agreed to have her eye-witness testimony included in this brief (Appendix 9) and mentioned on tape that her doctor will provide a letter attesting that she is of sound mind. Lana Ponting and many other family members of psychiatric experiments at McGill University have strong suspicions that unmarked graves, potentially including indigenous children, will be uncovered beneath the grounds of Ravenscrag.

The kanien’kehá:ka caretakers of thequenondah take these allegations very seriously, as should McGill’s Board of Governors. Indigenous children who were kidnapped from their families and put in Residential Schools were legally deemed “wards” of the State of Canada. Given this status, many of these children were used for experiments, including on nutrition and starvation (Appendix 10). It must also be noted that before coming to the Allan Memorial Institute, Dr. Ewen Cameron practiced psychiatry in Brandon, Manitoba, where he likely had access to indigenous patients. Another important fact bolstering our suspicions is that underage Duplessis Orphans, who had a similar status as indigenous children in Residential Schools (e.g. “wards of the State”), were subjected to extreme psychiatric torture experiments in psychiatric wards. Many died and were interred in unmarked graves, including numerous human remains found in the pigsty near St-Jean-de-Dieu hospital, in Montreal (Appendix 11). Electroshock torture was also practiced on children in residential schools, as the revealed by the Ontario Provincial Police’s inquiry on Fort Albany’s St Anne’s Residential School (Appendix 12) 2 .

The families of the indigenous victims of mass murder want closure. To investigate these allegations of unmarked graves around the Allan Memorial Institute of McGill university, the kanien’kehá:ka kahnistensera have set up an investigation team that includes a surveyor, a geologist and a search dog, assisted by Geoview Pro software. A zone potentially containing unmarked graves has been identified (Appendix 13). Before unmarked graves of indigenous children were actually found across Canada, the widely circulated stories of their existence among indigenous peoples were dismissed as rumors.

The kanien’kehá:ka kahnistensera, careholders of thequenondah are concerned that the current Royal Victoria Hospital rehabilitation project could destroy evidence of the unmarked graves of their siblings, depriving them of proper identification, repatriation and burial. It is McGill University’s responsibility to provide the funds and the expertise necessary for an immediate and thorough kanien’kehá:ka led investigation of the Allan Memorial Institute site, which must be considered a site of crimes against humanity. All files concerning MK-Ultra experiments conducted in McGill University’s psychiatry department must be released without delay and made available to the public without restriction.

Considering the above points, on behalf of the kaia’nere:kowa and in the name of  children of the past, present, and future, the kahnistensera careholders of thequenondah, formally request:

a. The immediate termination of any work or planning activities concerning construction on site. 2 On St Anne’s Residential School, see “St. Anne’s Residential School [1941-72] Fort Albany, Cochrane District, Ontario, Canada, “Turtle Island” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcgLDvR32p0

b. That McGill University, now considered a potential crime scene by the kahnistensera, is shut down within 28 days (wahnita, “one moon”).

c. That the site be thoroughly investigated by a kanien’kehá:ka led forensic and archaeological team to confirm the existence of unmarked graves or other evidence of unlawful activity.

d. That all people and institutions responsible for the suffering of patients in MK-Ultra experiments in the Allan Memorial Institute be charged with crimes against humanity.

e. That the kaia’nere:kowa (great peace) is the only legal framework currently applicable on site, and that the kanien’kehá:ka kahnistensera have the final say in any decision pertaining to the land. McGill University and the Royal Victoria Hospital are the property of the kanien’kehá:ka people, as they have been built with our funds and resources.

f. That McGill University should be renamed with a proper kanien’kehá:ka description, and be governed by the kahnistensera to address and remedy the inappropriate connection of this institution to John McGill, a slave owner and trader, and a thief of kanien’kehá:ka land and funds; kanien’kehá:ka place names shall replace all names on campus.

g. That the corporation of McGill University, the Allen Memorial Institute and all affiliate institutions engaged in the raping, pillaging and murder of our mother earth and its children immediately cease and desist their occupation of onowarekeh (turtle island).

h. That the corporation of McGill University, the Allan Memorial Institute and all affiliate institutions respect the kaia’nere:kowa (great peace) and the teiohateh (two row) as the basis of our relationship to the earth. tehiakwen’wehnniokenteh, “We have spoken”.

karakwine, rotinahton

kahentinetha, wakskarewakeh

kawenaa, wakskarewakeh

karennatha, wakskarewakeh


Here’s an old classic critique of demon Capitalism by Max Fleischer’s 1936 cartoon “Greedy Humpty Dumpty”. “Higher, higher. more bricks”.


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Today, May 17, 2021, the Mayor Valerie Plante, City of Montreal, and the Bronfman Family and their illegal businesses tried to unlawfully remove our allied family, the Inuit, from unceded Mohawk land at Cabot Square in Montreal. Now the forced removal date has been set for late June 2021. You and your co-conspirators, never went through proper great peace protocols to use or reside on our unceded land of turtle island. Your actions have never been sanctioned by any of the onkwehonweh nations on turtle island, from ocean to ocean, pole to pole. In Canada, you are known as the ‘cana’jon, the “squatters” and are trespassing on tiani tiotiakon Mohawk land. All your infrastructure belongs to the kanienkehaka Mohawks. You must remove yourselves immediately from our property.

The big scandal is that this project was premised upon providing low income housing for those in need. Instead they evicted the poor homeless to an empty field called “The Plateau”. People gave them tents and food. They slept on the ground in the freezing weather. Meanwhile Bronflman and his developers decided to create a Dubai of Canada playland for the filthy rich. Zoning was changed. The Inuit are asking the public for socks and shoes because they have no housing and have to walk the streets all day long. 

Cabot Square where the Childlren’s Hospital was built, on traditional Mohawk land, was torn down to build social housing. Instead Mohawk land was illegallly transferred to highrise developers, mostly nonresident international investors. Meanwhile the Inuit are about to be genocided without any consideration for their fundamental human rights. [housing, social services, schools, health, welfare, education, cultural centers and economic well-being]. They were displaced and relocated by the James Bay Project, the DEW Distant Early Warning and other acts by Canada to falsely claim sovereignty over indigenous land North of 60 without any consideration for the wellbeing of the Inuit.  Over 50% of them died and the rest were culturally genocided because of it.

You, Ms. Plante and M. Bronfman,  must explain why you are circumventing the great peace. Only the real natural people can decide all activities on turtle island. The puppets of the invaders, the band council, are fellow ‘cana’jon [squatters].

Our jurisdiction starts from the beginning of time immemorial. The women are the “progenitors” of the soil of turtle island, according to the great peace, kaianerekowa, and the two row teiohateh. The kasatstenera kowa sa oiera, the great natural power [creation] placed the natural people on turtle island as caretakers. 

Each indigenous is sovereign . “tewatate’wennio”. We are each part of turtle island. Our duty is to care for our mother earth. Corporations are a non-sovereign entity, not persons, which is meant to shield government elected and unelected “leaders” from any accountability to the original sovereign people of the land. 51% majority rules and 49% have no voice is not a democracy.  

According to the great peace and two row, onowarekeh turtle island cannot be conveyed, sold or transferred to anyone. It will always belong to the future unborn children and all life natural to turtle island.

In our first Notice of Eviction, we kohntiokwennio demanded that you, Mayor Valerie Plante and the Bronfman Family and your associates, provide us the kanienkehaka Mohawks, ‘the keepers of the eastern door’ of turtle island valid proof based on the great peace and two row of your claim to our land. By your default in not responding to this request, your immediate eviction must happen forthwith. 

This notice of jurisdiction applies to all projects by any immigrants from anywhere. Anything they do to our land, water and air without our knowledge and consent is criminal and void. 

Everything over, upon and below turtle island, the Western Hemisphere, continues to remain with the original people. The British Crown cannot legally convey our property to anyone as the Crown never got a proper conveyance from any sovereign indigenous person as this is impossible pursuant to the great peace and two row.  

There will be no eviction of our Inuit family by the canadien [squatters]. The squatters must be evicted according to the great peace and two row. They were given an opportunity to respond to our original Notice of Eviction. They did not respond in anyway. By default they have conceded that they must be evicted.  The eviction will be immediate and final!

We order that you must stop all work on the super structures as they now belong to us and not to interfere with us. The kanienkehaka Mohawks shall stand with the Inuit  as we are one people. No municipal, provincial or federal  government has any jurisdiction over turtle island and has no authority to make any decision about turtle island. Only we the caretakers placed here by creation have jurisdiction over each and every part of turtle island.

The Inuit have every right to utilize Cabot Square Mohawk land.  Inuit are being portrayed as creating their own problems, [blame the victim] which is not the case. Their displacements have brought them to Montreal and every level of colonial government has abdicated its responsibility to act according to our human and ancestral rights. 

The disrespect shown by the City of Montreal and the Bronfmans and all the developers to the sovereign onkwehonweh proves that you know that there is no dispute that the land is ours,. You are trespassers and you must leave immediately.  

Govern yourselves accordingly. Justice for the Inuit on kanienkehaka/Mohawk ancestral land.  

On behalf of the past, present and future ancestors and descendants of the Mohawk Nation,

kahentinetha, [clan] roti’scare:wakeh

karennatha, [clan] roti’scare:wakeh

kwetiio, [clan] roti’scare:wakeh

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BACKGROUND https://mohawknationnews.com/blog/2021/05/07/attempted-removal-of-inuit-may-17-21-cabot-squ-audio/

MOHAWKS DID NOT GIVE PERMISSION FOR THIS DEVELOPMENT https://www.mtlblog.com/en-ca/money/google-plans-to-open-a-new-facility-near-montreal-with-dozens-of-jobs

This Notice of Objection & 2nd Notice has been sent to: Bronfman Family, 1001 Sherbrooke W., Montreal 514-398-4000; Mayor Valerie Plant, Montreal City Hall, 275 Notre Dame E., Montreal.qc.ca. 514-872-3101; Inuit Tapirisat, 75 Albert, S-1101, Ottawa, on K1P 5E7 1-613-238-8181 media@itk.ca; Governor General?, Rideau Hall, Ottawa, Ontario; Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Canada, Richard Wagner, 301 Wellington St. Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0J1 613-995-4330; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 284 Wellington St., House of Commons, K1A 0H4, President Putin of Russia, Accredit@Gov.ru; Pope, Francis https://www.newwaysministry.org/advocate/contact-pope-francis/ ; Queen Elizabeth, Royal Communications Office, Buckingham Palace, London, SW1A 1AA;  Assembly of First Nations, 55 Metcalfe St., Suite 1600, Ottawa ON K1P6L5, 613-241-6789; National Congress of American Indians, 202-466-77671616 P St., NW, DC 20005; Quebec Premier Francois Legault, 1-877-644-4545, 835 Rene Levesque E, Quebec City, G1A 1B4; Denis Coderre deniscoderre@yahoo.ca; Hon Bob Rae, Ambassador, United Nations, 760 United Nations Plaza, New York 10017; World Conference of Indigenous People indigenous_un@un.org,  President Joe Biden, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC 20006, Jody Wilson Reybold, M.P. Jody.Wilson-Raybould@parl.gc.ca, Kamala Harris, Vice President US, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington DC, 20006, Village Voice, 2151 Dupont Drive, S-240, Irvine CA 92612, https://www.villagevoice.com/about/email-us/?category=Send%20Us%20Feedback;Dominique Anglate, Liberal Party, Quebec, 581-628-1854; South Africa, 1103 Arcadia Street, Hatfield, Pretoria, South Africa; Cuba Gov. Calle 30, Miramar, Habana, +53-204-2516 haban@international.gc.ca; Dominique.Anglade.SHSA@assnat.qc.ca; 

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MNN. May 2, 2021. The following is in effect an eviction notice from a kentiiatehkwennio, a woman who is as one with the earth. Every woman has the duty to protect our mother,  onowarekeh. The land across from the Montreal Forum belongs to the indigenous people, as does all the land of turtle island from ocean to ocean and pole to pole. This meeting place in the center of tiani tiotiakon, of kanienkehaka. is for all our allies. The kanienkehaka have always been the protectors of the ‘eastern door’ of turtle island. Any of our family may come here to council with us and with each other. No one can remove us or our land and allies.

The new luxurious $400 million condos built on our land without our permission, was the location of the Children’s Hospital at Atwater and Rene Levesque. This was torn down by the Bronfmans, who are the financial backers of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to build a luxurious condo. These immigrant intruders want the Inuit to be removed from their sight which they now consider as their front yard. The land and  building belongs to us as it is on our land. We never gave them permission to build there or anywhere. The immigrant intruders should be relocated. Not our people! The whole city of tiani tiotiakon [the gathering place of the indigenous], now falsely known as Montreal, is our land. These intruders should go back from whence they came and stop bothering us and our people. The inuit are under the protection of the Mohawk nation. Any dealings with inuit have to include us. The kentiiatehkwennio, when our women speak, the earth speaks. They are as one.


We kanienkehaka/Mohawks consider the Inuit to be our family and it is our duty  to take care of them. The tents, clothes, food and security are provided to our allied family. They are under our protection and of the great peace. The inuit have every right to be there and the Mohawks say so. We remind these immigrants to get out of our town instead of dictating to our people where we can reside. 

The invaders have been here fo 200 years. We have been here from time immemorial. Canada, which means ‘squatters’, does not exist except as a corporate illusion. They have nothing to say. Their decisions are meaningless. They have no jurisdiction anywhere on turtle island. We have jurisdiction over the land that creation placed us on.

The new normal is that we are going to stand up to them and do what we are suppose to do, protect our mother earth. For the Bronfmans to remain “You must live in peace and harmony according to the great peace and two row. If you do not wish to do that, you must vacate our lands immediately. You will leave all of turtle island and take what you came here with. Nothing”.

These principles of the kaianerekowa and teiohateh two row applies  to everywhere on turtle island. We declare that all of the fraudulent land claims of the squatters are eliminated. We own everything. Cases in their private courts are meaningless. They have no jurisdiction on onowarekeh, turtle island. They call themselves ‘canadien’ [cana’jon] which means ‘squatters’. Their jurisdiction is on the other side of the big pond. [Atlantic]

All help to enforce the kaianerekowa from only the good people of the world is welcome. 

Alvin and the Chipmunk serenade the Bronfmans having a bad day, as we wave good-bye to them leaving turtle island forever: “Had a bad day. Had a bad day. Had a bad day”.

MNN mohawknationnews kahentinetha2@protonmail.com  PO Box 991 Kahnawake [Quebec Canada] J0L 1B0.

THE POWER OF THE WOMEN https://fb.watch/5cptvU1Zf3/

Shelter for inuit at cabot square Montreal:



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DROP OFF men and women’s clothes, food, bedding, at first lane south of Mcdonalds at St. Catherine and Atwater. The Bronfmans should be able to help out, eh! 







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MNN. NOV. 16, 2020. AUDIO:

So it is said, the source energy of all creation comes in our mind. Using this power makes each of us creators. No one can tell us what to think. We become as one with the universe. No matter the size of the mind, we are an important part of the whole. tewatatewenní:io means we are each sovereign people and  we are to roam our land free as the thunder.  For 500 years the settler colonial intruders refuse to stop controlling, stealing our resources,  destroying our mother and mistreating us. They refuse to live by the great peace, and can no longer squat on onowarekeh, turtle island.  They say they love our land but they pollute it. Or they stand by like careless drunks watching our mother earth being poisoned.    

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON Mar. 24, 2015. What happens to plutocrats and their followers when colonialism is over? A great big hangover. After centuries of oppression these unconscionable parasites suffer in agony from dehydration, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, hyper-excitability, anxiety and remorse. They can’t stop preying on us, our lives and blood. Their fake matrix is falling apart and can’t sustain them. They need pacified and scared slaves to operate their resource grab. The ‘beast of war’ is hysterical and waging last ditch colonial wars to continue their deadly illusion of power.

Wow! Heard the pyramid disappeared.


The West is suffering from the morning after hangover. They fear losing the greedy colonial lifestyle. They benefit from the unempathetic theft and can’t operate without their compliant slaves. They will do anything to keep running their old rapacious game. France, England, Spain, Holland, Portugal and Germany are the biggest predators. They rampaged, raped, murdered and pillaged ongwe’hon:weh [natural people of the world]. They accumulated through blood lust, warmongering and chaos. Now the US colony is colonizing Europe. Russia is once again caught up in their fascist aspirations.

'I won't be around, but think, Billy - you will see the end of this race in your lifetime!'The oligarchs enjoy inflicting pain. The victims are protecting themselves by disappearing, missing work, low job performance, reduced productivity, poor achievement and less spending [WHILE THE COVID 19 VIRUS CHASES THEM].

Some complications of colonial hangovers are the ascent of China and Russia, throwing a wrench into the plans of the West. They do not follow the pyramidal power structure of the Vatican controlled corporations. Russia is preparing for their defence because they have seen the West at its worst in two world wars. We as Kanion’ke:haka/Mohawks thank the Russian people for ending the banker created World Wars I and II. Nia:wen kowa! They refused to be part of the biggest genocide carried out by the monarchies of Europe upon the native people of turtle island. up in smoke

Jigosaseh warned Dekanawida about the dangerous men who “eat humans” and stand in the way of peace. Dekanawida said that it is each ones duty to end such evils so that all people may go about from place to place without fear.

As the Irish Rovers sing about the hangover that the “rich cats” are feeling: “Could have been the whisky. Might have been the gin. Could have been the 3 or 4 six-packs. I don’t know. But look at the mess I’m in. My head’s like a football. I think I’m gonna die. Tell me, me oh me, oh my. Wasn’t that a party”.

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COVIC CASES IN INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES https://www.sac-isc.gc.ca/eng/1598625105013/1598625167707

BEN FULFORD MOMENTS OF TRUTH? http://fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/government/new_world_order/news.php?q=1607966496



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MNN. Jan. 21, 2020.  All women throughout the world must stand up at this time for humanity. We are the givers of life. We bear the children. The communities where these children are born is the jurisdiction of the women, the progenitors of the people.


It is time for the women to take our place in the decision making process about how the male energy has created war for the last few hundred years.  No one knows a boy better than their mother. That is why only the women should chose the male leaders. 

We can bring peace in each community that adopts this philosophy until it engulfs the entire planet. We women say ‘no more war’ in any of our communities.

kanistensera, kotihaweh ne rotiyaner kahsennasonha, ne enkowatinatonkwake oyaner tsinenweh tokani otiyaner.natives

 The woman is the “good path maker”.  We will not allow anyone into our communities that is involved in war. 

World on Fire, Sarah and Robbie tell us, we must take our place, “Don’t fight it, ignite it, this much I am sure. It is time to set this world on fire. It is time to push it to the edge. Burn it to the ground and trip the wire. It may never be this good again”.

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Meanwhile, a two-hour water and land Wet’suwet’en support protest early this morning (January 20) that blocked the road outside of B.C. Ferries’ Vancouver Island Swartz Bay terminal resulted in the cancellations of several sailings to the Mainland and the Gulf Islands before ending peacefully at about 9 a.m. 


I’m not being disrespectful, I’m just saying be realistic’: Horgan defends not meeting Wet’suwet’en chiefs 


“I TRY MY HARDEST NOT TO THINK ABOUT IT”: 12 year old recounts handcuffing at BMO 

DANGER!!! DANGER !!!! WARNING!!!!!! WARNING!!!!! THERE ARE COLONIZERS IN THE HOUSE!!!! ADAM OLSON GREEN PARTY https://www.facebook.com/ThohahenteWakeniathen/posts/10156539335782455

toka ne taharatats ne rariwenhawi tsi takonneh ne ratinatakaryas tahonteriyosereh, ne teharatats tehohenrehtanionne tsinienhenre “kwa-ah! Kwa-ah! Tekeni yatekayenteh tanon tentatnanehta, kennikariwehsonsah toneh onen enkariwehsonsekeh. Kayeri wason enska.



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MNN. 14 Jan. 2020. “Rule of Law” is Admiralty Law, imposed by invasion of Turtle Island. They can kill everybody on behalf of the banks, corporations and money! The pipeline financiers think they can win.




From allies/supoporters: “This morning we find ourselves bracing for another paramilitary attack on unarmed People of the Wet’suwet’en Clans, the Unist’ot’en, their Gitxsan neighbours, and allies from other Indigenous Peoples and settlers. 

“John Horgan, the premier of BC who recently made the token gesture of herding passage of a version of UNDRIP through the provincial parliament, is “pulling a white man” and refuses to acknowledge the supremacy of Wet’suwet’en law on lands neither he or Canada has ever made treaty to access. . . .” . .  to show his corporate backers that he would honour their investment over a bunch of stone age indians wearing colourful blankets and feathers getting in the way of “progress”.

“In the next few hours or days, we will see the inevitable breaking of 10,000 year old Wet’suwet’en laws for the expediency of enhancing shareholder value while killing the planet.

Muse say it all in “Uprising”: paranoia is in bloom. the PR transmission will resume. they’ll try to push drugs that keep us all dumb down and hope that we will never see the truth around [so come on]!!!! . . . they will not force us …. they will not degrade us …. they will not control us …. we will be victorious!




Now all you Canadians . . .  This has everything to do with you. Your Canada Pension money and tax dollars are supporting the breaking of Wet’suwet’en law and the reckless disregard for their Peoples who are now shut off by the starvation ring of the RCMP exclusion zone. This government is committing this crime against humanity on your behalf.

Canada has NEVER secured the right to access this land except at the point of a gun and mass of forces. 

This is what you support with your silence.

 Hiding behind their curtains and telling themselves a crime against humanity was none of their business because the “rule of law” said it was legal.


John HorganJustin TrudeauMarc Miller

wisk niwatsen tsata. wisk nikon kayenkwireh iohniron tsi skatneh tekaneren ne kenton tsi rahisaststeh ne wisk nihononwentsakeh tsi yatehonatieston, enskka wahonton, skanentsista, skayeronta tahnon skanikonra. skatne tsi enhotihyoten, enhatiyanerensehronni tanon skatneh enhatisenhayenstakeh ne  akotsennonnia ne tahatikons-tontie.

rotiynerson sjkatneh tenhontonteh enkneh sakaksa ne yori tsaniton ohtason. tsinikariwest tehonatskahon iatahonsteh nahoten ioio tihye, oen kineheh iatatahontatreneh tanon ahontenekwensariron. akwekon tsinahoton enhotenienten ne tosa ahontenekwensariron. 





CONTACTS: Media Coordinator, Jennifer Wickham, Gidimt’en Clan: yintahaccess@gmail.com (778) 210 – 0067. Professor Margot Young, Allard School of Law, UBC . Myoung@law.ubc.ca . (778) 926-6990#WETSUWETENSTRONG




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MNN. June 6, 2019. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights says: “All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.”


The immigrants own nothing. They stomp our rights to put funds into their pockets and pay their “Indians” [“First Nations”, “Band Council”, Assembly of First Nations” and other national and territorial corporate entities] to commit the genocide. This months they hope to sign a false declaration between the corporation of the government of Canada and their puppets. They think the onwekhonweh will be no more.

When the immigrants ignore teiohateh [two row], the only instrument that gives them conveyance to ‘occupy’ our land, they must leave.


The non-Admiralty ‘Permanent Court of Arbitration’ is the first world court and is the dispute resolution court for countries.

We are turtle island! Our interest in our land is hidden by the false “crown assertion” that ignores the onkwehonweh’onwe original title placed here by ceeation. We are the people of the forever. The immigrants are signing the fraudulent Framework Agreement to try to steal turtle island and disappear us. This letter was sent to the Queen, the Pope, Zionists,  Canada, The Prime Minister, Parliament Hill and National Security and Defence. 


Shekon tewatkwanonweraton,  tawetawata tekon tsi ni kari wane nahon Tewakariwa raneh tsi natetewa ereh. Aion karioni ne te ion kwa ta te nentsa wakon Ne takarihonniateh Wa tsiiakatenokonna renTeion tateh’nikon nare Ne tsi ion kwati raseronni en ion karonni Tsi nitsi ronneh sonkwe ta shon  ha


-Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Mountbatten- Windsor, Buckingham Palace, London, England , W1A 1AA United Kingdom

-Jesuit Pope Francis Jorge Mario Bergoglio

dob 17, December, 1936 Southern Hemipshere, Buenos Aires, Argentina Head of the Catholic Church and Sovereign Vatican City State

-World Zionist Organization Eitan Ori Behar, Director Center for Diaspora Communications and Countering World Zionist Organization הסתדרות הציונית עולמית Telephone: 02-620-2296 EitanB@wzo.org www.iZionist.org

-Government of Canada

Registered Number  0000230098 CANADA DC SIC:  8880 American Embassy 1746

Massachusetts Avenue, North West Washington, DC 20036 United States of America 

-The Prime Minister of Canada, Canadian Confederation July 1, 1867 Office of the Prime Minister 80 Wellington Street Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A2 Canada facsimile:  613-941-6900

-National Security and Defense The National Guard 

Parliament Hill Ottawa, Ontario 

Canada K1A 0A2 information@forces.gc.ca 


RE: en skweh ia ra kwen

 I the undersigned,______________________________, as a Kanienkehaka of the Kaianere kowa Kanonsesne (original free human being of Turtle Island) are making it clear to your entity that any positions you take on your path does not cross my path and does not pertain to the Iroquois. The Rights and Reconciliation Framework that Your governing body is attempting to implement and the Indian Act Band Councils along with the Assembly of First Nations are in direct interference with the Two Row path. Your ancestors and ours have sacrificed much to come to this agreement.
Your subjects are violating Teiohateh (Two Row) using the Framework process and during this ongoing infringement on our original relationship, Teiohateh, we continue to stand by our original agreement to live side by side in peace. We strive to restore the peace that has been broken. It appears that the Silver Covenant Chain needs to be repolished. We feel that there is an immediate need to address this infringement on our relationship and therefore violation of our original agreement.


Post Office Box 3, kawehno:ke email:ritasageloc@gmail.com

Like Sting, we’re watching you:

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Onondaga 15 case served on World Court tworowjusticevunitedstatesworldcourt.com



Actress, writer and producer Kaniehtiio Horn travels to Nain and Goose Bay to listen to community members, activists and leaders affected by the MMIWG epidemic.https://www.buzzsprout.com/276260/1208762

Ep 2: Nain and Goose Bay MAY 29, 2019 SEASON 1 EPISODE 2 The Truth Sharing Podcasts (Partage des vérités) 


SICKOS https://news.yahoo.com/gop-congressman-defending-accused-war-criminal-says-he-killed-probably-hundreds-of-civilians-in-iraq-combat-165704430.html?.tsrc=notification-brknews



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MNN. 23 MAY, 2019. WE ARE ONE PEOPLE PLACED BY CREATION on all of TURTLE ISLAND.We are one with our land, water, air and all life.  Come join us to rekindle the fire of our family for 3 days on July 26, 27 and 28.

We will discuss the renewal of our alliance. We are not a conquered people. The invaders are interfering with our peace, friendship and alliances by believing if he could divide us, he could conquer us. This is not so. We will unite our families. We will stand together to defend the birthright of our children and the future generations. As a united people we will overcome the aggression against the current attempt to totally annihilate us. 

We extend the hand of friendship to all our brothers and sisters throughout turtle island, from ocean to ocean and pole to pole.. onedish2019@gmail.com  


Chiefs Announce National Day of Action Against Canada’s Termination Agenda


‘No right to do that to us’: Indigenous protester interrupts Trudeau speech in Vancouver

US HOMELAND SECURITY AIMS TO ANNIHILATE NATIVES  https://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2019/05/us-homeland-security-aims-to-annihilate.html























ANOTHER WAY TO KAHNAWAKE: Tom Wilson of Kahnawake sings how he returned to his family in kahnawake: 

MNN P.O.Box 991, kahnawake [Quebec Canada] J0L 1B0 kahentinetha2@protonmail.com

CRISIS ACTORS ARE FOR REAL .  https://www.kurthaskell.com/blog/the-crisis-actor-fallacy?fbclid=IwAR3sGm7E9Lq3ObolW0xsNPYg29oOcddBC_96U03qdIC9Ows2WKnUINrNvzc

COFFEE WITH MY MA – EPISODE 11 kaniehtiio Horn “Ma & that asshole at Indian Affairs” https://episodes.buzzsprout.com/6EC8YeA5aGzE4m6mYMZVgrbw?response-content-disposition=attachment;%20filename=%27ep-11-cwmm-ma-and-that-asshole-at-indian-affairs.mp3%27;%20filename*=UTF-8%27%27ep-11-cwmm-ma-and-that-asshole-at-indian-affairs.mp3&response-content-type=audio/mpeg




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TWITTER @kahentinetha

Ion-ki ia-ta-ia tenni ne ro-ti-ri-waien ne te-ton-ha-ti-ri-si ne na-ho-ten ie-ti-so-ton-kon-ken-ha ne na-ho-ten ion-keriwi-sa-enni kwa-ka-ri-wes ia te–wa-tos en-tsi-wat-ka-tso en tsi wat-ka-so-tsi-ni ke-hen-ta-nies keh-en-ta-nies tanon ka-ro-ia-to-ta sotsi te-ka-ka-ken ra-ra-neh ion kwa ra ke son. Ia te-watosa-ien-kenta-neh-tsi- na-ho-ten ne-sa-oiera tsi seko ta-io-ton on-na-tie onen tsi wa ka-se ro-kwe. Onen se-we-neh ne na hoten sa oiera iken ne ne ko-nonweh ne onowarekeh te-si ia kwa tse ri non. Ne ne wat-rori tsi ko-non-we ta-ia-ta kwe nion. Our minds are still the same as this land.



Purpose for Indian Day school is extinction of natives and theft of turtle island.

“I am a sovereign onkwehonweh, true original person, responsible for myself, who has been placed by creation on onowarekeh, turtle island. I am sovereign and cannot be subjugated to any unnatural will. Like residential school, the Indian Day School annihilation program was criminally forced on us. This action was not a law. It was a policy. Physical and mental abuse was part of the policy.

Canada is a private corporation, not a country, as it has no land, no language, no culture and no constitution. The corporation of the Government of Canada planned the methodical criminal actions in the Indian Day Schools in the native communities of Canada to extinguish the original people. At 6 years of age I was part of the genocide program, designed by Duncan Campbell Scott, the Superintendent if Indian Affairs, called “the final solution to the Indian problem”. It was an experiment to break down the native children to be “absorbed into the Canadian body politic” so as to steal everything we ever had, our culture, our land, our existence, even wiping us out of their history books. 

We were and are deliberately placed in places of darkness so we cannot see what is going on. It is still inferred that our race will soon be extinguished [Framework/Reconciliation Agreement]. The systemic abuse was planned for all of us. The Government of Canada sent in their trained hit men, teachers, workers, Indian agents and military. Canada’s ongoing genocide and theft policies have to be stopped once and for all. 

The method is to instill utter defeat, with no solution but theirs. We could not talk our language, about our appreciation of life, our world view or about creation being the ultimate truth.

Canada admits its criminal actions towards me, a claimant, and has offered to pay me at least $10,000 of my own funds as hush money, it seems.

We were subjected to the violent whims of the priests, nuns, World War 2 vets, soldiers and missionaries who were employed under the direction of the military. They were trained to inflict pain, physical, mental torture and suffering on the children.

In Kahnawake we were separated into catholics and protestants. The rotino’shonni [longhouse] were deemed to be protestants. I was forced to go to the protestant church contrary to my upbringing. Canada committed the following crimes against children: 

Severe emotional and physical abuse, hitting, pulling ear and hair, strapping, choking, beating until loss of consciousness, impairment, treatment in hospital, sexual abuse, pulling teeth without novocain, emotional and mental abuse, character assassination and torture to force us to assimilate into Canada. Proper food and medical attention were withheld from us. 

Many defended ourselves. One soldier was beaten up. Some teachers became alcoholics and slept on their desks in the class room. One pregnant mother went to the school and beat up the principle for “picking on her children”. Some ran away from school. 

We will continue to persevere. Human rights of the free people placed on turtle island by creation were violated. We were taught the lie that we are the “Vanishing Americans” and would soon be extinct. Colonialism is still the basis of Canada’s policies on onkwehonweh. Canada has admitted its crimes and the long term damage this program was designed to cause. The policy was meant to kill, harm and destroy our minds and bodies. 

The teachers committed criminal offences on all of us and how to get away with it. Canada still wants to eradicate us as the true original people of turtle island. Canada pays, plans and executes the genocide. 

Its sadistic teachers were trained to commit criminal offences on all of us. The lawyers at Gowling told me they can arrange an “official apology” for me. 

Canada still benefits greatly from this devastating treatment. Teachers lived together and probably discussed what atrocities worked best. When we reported their disgusting behavior, we would be punished for reporting it. No one was ever held accountable. We learned to not report. 

In preparation to go to the day school, my father taught me to box at 5 years of age. He knew the school would try to beat us into submission. 

These day schools were glorified concentration camps whose sole mission was to eradicate the “Indianness in the child” by any means. 

Our race was destined for extinction, they told us. We are one people. Harm to one is harm to all. Our whole culture was almost obliterated. We are all affected. 

Payment of a token amount and the implementation of the fraudulent Framework/Reconciliation Agreement is the remedy being devised by the Government of Canada, without any input from the victims. We should have been part of this process from start to finish. 

No amount of money can erase the history of mental damage and anguish to me, my family and to my community of turtle island.

“When you get a chance, remember to ask God the meaning of life-it’s a riot.”

A perfect payment is for the intruders to vacate our land. turtle island is the birthright of the true onkwehonweh who live by the natural way of creation, the kaianerekowa, the great peace. Those who do not must leave. 

We are undefeated. I refuse to let the colonial oppressors present us to the world as a defeated people who have taken handouts of our own funds. Jurisdiction of our lands and funds will be returned to us immediately. They belong to the unborn children of the true people of turtle island. We still wish to educate everybody about the great peace. 

I despise what these invaders do to us. Canada is an enemy who will attack when they think their victim is on the cusp of defeat. We are not. The land and all natural life is us. The genocide policy to extinguish us for the profit of the corporation of the Government of Canada brought death to many of our children. We are never defeated. Everything that is ours must be returned. 

Canada must be tried in the International Court of Arbitration for its continuous criminal violations of our human rights. Their private court system is for financial settlements only which decides in their favor. Admiralty law of the Seas has no business dealing with this issue. kaianerekowah supercedes their invasion of turtle island since time immemorial.

I refuse to settle. As a sovereign person I was never contacted for my views on this issue, which violates international law. The court cannot settle without my prior knowledge and informed consent. 

The Framework/Reconciliaion Agreement is the current attempt to extinguish the “Indians” and to illegally possess our land so they can continue being a fictional  country. 

No Canadians tried to stop this systemic abuse. When they walk right by and allow it to continue, they are complicit. They hid it and made us think this brutality was normal for us. Every effort was made to confuse us and make us feel unworthy.

I learned not to trust authority figures. Canada is wealthy from the murder of our people and theft of our land, resources and possessions resulting from these crimes. AUDREY HORN

Contact: dayschools@gowlingwlg.com; 1-800-539-3815. Gowling WLG [Canada} LLP, 160 Elgin St., Suite 2600, Ottawa ON Canada K1P 1C3



FROM: AUDREY HORN Indian Status #0700822801 



For services rendered in the Government of Canada Genocide Experiment:

As a sovereign onkwehonweh, I was forced to be a victim of the “Final Solution Program” of the Government of Canada, I request an order for the payment of $13 trillion for services rendered in this genocide experiment: for the return of the stolen jurisdiction of turtle island; for damages from forced assimilation; for absconding with my possessions; for anyone on turtle island to be educated in and to follow the great peace; and to dissolve the corporation of the Government of Canada as it has no land, culture or language. 



SEND TO AUDREY HORN, P.O. BOX 991, KAHNAWAKE [QUEBEC CANADA J0L 1B0]. FORTHWITH. Govern yourselves in honesty.


Carmen McCrae ponders why some are so focused on having it all:Life is just a bowl of cherries. Don’t take it serious; it’s too mysterious. You work, you save, you worry so. But you can’t take your dough when you go, go, go. So keep repeating it’s the berries, The strongest oak must fall. The sweet things in life, to you were just loaned. So how can you lose what you’ve never owned? Life is just a bowl of cherries, So live and laugh at it all”.



Contact: dayschools@gowlingwlg.com; 1-800-539-3815. Gowling WLG [Canada} LLP, 160 Elgin St., Suite 2600, Ottawa ON Canada K1P 1C3

Audrey Horn.





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MNN. Jan. 14, 2019. We shall soon return to the state we were in before the Europeans arrived on great turtle island, to a sustainable world with acknowledgment and respect for all life with our relations on our mother earth. 


In Kamloops BC the invading immigrant, Prime Minister Trudeau, admitted that, “We have a long history that is terrible.” All original life on turtle island will live by the kaianerekowa and teiohateh, based upon the power of our minds. The illegal Corporation known as Canada shall no longer exist, Indian Act, band councils, the Indian Lands Acts of 1924, all colonial courts on turtle island, fiat currency, the POW camps called “reserves”, residential schools, christianity, treaties, immigration laws and immigrants, the entire horse shit called the Canadian constitution which has never been ratified by the Canadian people who presume to stand above us, all crown deeds from the beginning, everything that is connected to the colony of Canada in any way, however slight, are null and void.   


Prime Minister Trudeau at Kamloops on January 9, 2019 he pled guilty to all of Canada’s crimes against all life on turtle island.  He will be held accountable for his words. When they do not follow the kaianerekowa and teiohate they are to leave turtle island forthwith. We natives can now carry out our duties and responsibilities as determined by creation. Justin Trudeau has no self-determination to give to anyone. He admits that Canada violated kaianerekowa and teiohate.  


lTrudeau wants 1 million new immigrants to come to Canada. Every immigrant must pass a test administered by the true natural natives. We will decide who comes and who goes onto our territories. Those who don’t know the kaianerekowa and teiohateh and pledge to this personally cannot remain here. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the following comments at the Town Hall meeting at Kamloops, British Columbia, on January 9, 2019: At 45:43 to -51:29 remaining.

Prime Minister: “You in the striped scarf, yes”.

Question: “Hello, my name is Tilly. I come from the Stl’atl’lmx Nation, and I come here with my prayers and I come here with my ancestors, and today I want to ask you, what are you going to do to stop oppressing and holding our people under your colonization? When are you going to give us our rights back? When are you going to start giving a shit about who we are and not seen just for our land?”

Answer by Prime Minister: “Thank you for your question, Tilly. Canada has a long and terrible history in regards to indigenous peoples. We have consistently failed as a country to live up to the original word and intent of the treaties. We have not treated indigenous peoples as partners and stewards of this land. We have marginalized – behaved in paternalistic colonialistic ways that has lacked respect for the first peoples as the stewards of the land. We have much to apologize for and much to work forward on together in respect. [There’s the guilty plea].

“Okay. So yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity of sitting down in Ottawa with the leaders of self- governing and modern treaty first nations. Nations that had made their way out from under the colonial relic that is the Indian Act. [Those “leaders” are paid Canadian Indian Act band people that speak for Canada and cannot speak for the original people of turtle island. Legitimate decisions must be made by every native on great turtle island.] And we are working with them on full self-government and we are working with them to be able to make their own determinations about their land, how they care for their people, how they serve their people, how they move forward in responsible ways that are their choices. And that is why we are working on two levels on this issue. . . . [He’s talking to himself as they are his paid Canadian underlings. Their plans are to balkanize the western native people by creating unending conflict between us].

[response from audience) Prime Minister says: “I appreciate that. I am trying to answer your her question, am I allowed to answer her question M’am? Thank you.] . . . . So, Tilly, the two streams we are working on: 1. Indigenous services, and 2. Indigenous relationships. On relationships, we know we have to get out from under this Indian Act. [We will go back to before October 25, 1924 when we controlled all the land. We’ll start there.] We need to move to a place where you are in control of your communities, control of your territories, control of your future, control of your children once again, control of your destinies that has been through generations and centuries in Canada taken away from you. [He admits the crime and will do the time!]


And that is the work of, it took decades and centuries to break this relationship. It will take time to improve it, but we are making significant progress right now in self-governance, in new relationships, in support that is moving in the right direction. [The genocide can stop immediately when the women take their place as the kanistensera among our people protected by the men.] On the other side of things, there is a question of services. There is still far too many indigenous communities in this country that are existing under boil water advisories, that are not going, not having schools to go to, not getting parity in terms of the money we invest in young people in non-indigenous communities versus indigenous communities. . . .” [lHe asdmits Canada committed all these crimes]. 

Stopping the genocide and theft or our land and resources will be in an instant when you get off our backs.   

Corporate Canada’s new deal is to turn our communities into municipalities and make the original natural people placed here by creation into corporate tax paying serfs for the scavenging corporation of Canada. The new proposed deal called the “Framework Agreement” is presently on the floor of the House of Commons. They have no intention of honoring the teiohateh, the kanianerekowa, or the Great Peace of Montreal 1701. 

[Statement from Tilly]: ”. . . . everything you benefit from our oppression and our suffering. You are afraid to lose your comfort”. 

Prime Minister: “No I am not, Tilly. I am ready to walk in partnership with you in building the future. And that is what we have been doing over the past 3 years in renewing this relationship. . . . [indecipherable response from Tilly] . . . . I can understand your impatience. . . .” 

The new relationship is to put in the pipelines and rape and pillage our mother.

[Statement from Tilly]: . . . Why are they in our face. Why are you not putting those officers up to protect us? You are protecting a dirty pipeline. It is not honourable. . . . “ (indecipherable) [The RCMP arrested the wetsuweten people, not the pipeline lawbreakers and trespassers, not far from the Highway of Tears]. 

Prime Minister: “I understand the anger and passion that you have around this issue of protecting your land, absolutely to be heard. I respect that and I understand that. [The court judgment of Coastal GasLink Pipelines v. Huson says that we were not heard]. I also know that there are a number of indigenous leaders who have worked with and supported that pipeline project . . . .” 

Indian Act band councils and national “Indian” organizations are on 51% majority corporate election rules. A handful of Indians vote and falsely speak for us. 

[Tilly: “those are sellouts”] . . . .  

Prime Minister; “Now the question is, it is not for the federal government to decide who speaks for you. That’s not my job. My job is to try and work with everyone, work with all of you to make sure that you are taking back control of your land, your future, your people, your destiny. And that partnership is what we are working on. And it’s difficult. And it is difficult”.

These are the words of the leader of a convicted felon known as Canada. The BC government provided permits to cull the wolves who are the natural guardians of the forest for the security of the pipeline workers. 

[Statement from Tilly]: . . . . “You are not allowed to stand there and say this person gets to be the leader and talk on behalf of this nation . . . . You are going about it the wrong way. You actually come upon these lands and respect us. . . .” 

Prime Minister: “Okay. Thank you very much. Thank you very much for your questions. Thank you for sharing that. I understand your passion and your anger. I acknowledge it and I say to you that we will work together to resolve these issues. If there was – I can understand your impatience. I can understand your frustration. But at the same time I do want to talk about the indigenous – okay . . . . I am listening”. 

This is his version of fuddle duddle,.

[throughout indecipherable comments from Tilly]

Tilly: . . . .”I demand it on behalf of all my people. I want an ???. . . . I don’t want to see your crocodile tears. I don’t want to see you apologizing, I don’t want to hear you say sorry. I want to see that you are sorry. And I want you to start making better choices on behalf of everybody living on this land. That means those that don’t have a voice. I am talking on behalf of all the fish that are going through the stream and all the life that depends on the fish that go up that stream. I’m talking about entire systems that you want to break down and see as a little piece and that is not the way it works. You guys need to start understanding, we are living in a collective world, not a singularity, we live in a very safe connected world and you guys are breaking, you guys are … You guys are breaking so many laws, you have no idea what natural law is.”

[Other comments from Tilly and others in audience.] 

Prime Minister: “Okay. Okay. Tilly, I thank you for what you have said. I listened to what you have said. I would respectfully submit that perhaps you haven’t been listening to what I am saying. Okay. You haven’t . . . Tilly. We are working . . . Tilly, I am going to have to ask you . . . . please, we need to be respectful to everyone that came out tonight to engage in this conversation. That is not true. They have actually just removed the barricade. They did that this afternoon. That was a sign of respect right there. [!!!] They’ve removed the barricade. This is how this is supposed to work. Now, I think we are going to take a step back here. I’m going to take a step back here. [Force and intimidation.  ]

It was an act of belligerence, criminality, defiance. You plead guilty. We challenge you to meet us at the International Court of Justice at The Hague so we can place on the record that Canada was and is null and void from the beginning. Canada has no standing anywhere on turtle island. The corporation of Canada will soon be out of business! 

Prime Minister: “100 years ago, when the railroads were laid down. Nobody checked with indigenous peoples. Nobody checked with the people who had lived here for millennia, whether or not we could throw a railroad down in a given place. That is not the way we need to do things any more. That is not how we will continue to do things any more. We need to figure out a new and better way to do things. A way that is based on respect and dialogue and engagement. And that is exactly what we are working on. And there is going to be turbulence along the way which we are seeing. But we are also going to work very, very hard to get to a place of respect and trust as we do listen, as we do figure out what the best way forward according for you and your communities. So thank you very much for your question and your bringing this forward tonight. I very much appreciate your words. Thank you. I will take another question. . . . 

See the militarized attack at the westuweten check point. Remember October 25, 1924 when Canada unlawfully enacted  all of the Indian Land Acts that stole our land, gave our resources to the provinces, created the POW camps called “reserves”, the residential school killing machines, blood quantum, kidnapping our children known as the “60s scoop”, and other acts of genocide. 

As the prophet, Jimi Hendrix, says:”Well, I asked my friend, wheres that black smoke coming from? He just coughed and changed the subject, and said, Oh I think it might snow some. So I left him sipping his tea, sisters and brothers, daddies, mothers stand around crying. When I reached the scene, the flames were making a ghostly whine. So I stood on my horses back and I screamed without a crack, Oh, baby, why you burn your brother’s house down?”

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Progressive RCMP policy requires officers to recite land acknowledgement before seizing indigenous land


MORE THAN 100 ‘INDIAN ACT’ CORPORATIONS OF CANADA First Nations could purchase the Trans Mountain expansion pipeline. THIS IS A HOSTILE TAKEOVER BID OF OUR LAND AND RESOURCES.


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